What Do They Get?

Though I’ve never run for political office, I know a little something about it. And I know enough about the personalities of those that do run to know, you don’t always just give something away for free. You usually try to get something in return. That’s the art of negotiation. Especially when you don’t want to do what the other party wants you to do.

Let’s look at the Democrat race for president as an example. It was about a week ago, you had Pete Buttigieg drop out of the race, just before Super Tuesday. Now, Pete had a few delegates in his pocket. He’d done really well in Iowa, and could have snagged some more in the fourteen states that were up last week. You know he would have done well in Indiana. But he got that phone call from DNC Chair, Tom Perez, who asked him to drop out and throw his support to Joe Biden. What did that cost the DNC? What deal was made for Buttigieg to drop out? It wasn’t just a “Gee, ok…for the good of the party, I’ll stop doing what I’ve spent the last year and a half of my life doing”. There had to be some quo to the quid in that one!

The next morning, Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race, and threw her support to Biden as well. Now, it made sense that both of these people were going to back Biden. They were two rather moderate candidates compared to the likes of Warren and Sanders. But again, I have to ask the question, what did Klobuchar get in return? She may have slipped up a bit and given a clue during a Biden campaign stop she was on in Michigan. She said, “I could not think of a better way to end my candidacy, as hard as that was to do with our beloved staff and everyone else than to join the tick….”


She stopped in mid-word. She was going to say “join the ticket”. That would imply that she is going to join Joe Biden as the Vice Presidential nominee. Was that what Amy Klobuchar got in return for dropping out of the race? I can’t believe that politicians at this level just leave and don’t get something in return. That most assuredly could have been Klobuchar’s angle. And it would have been a good angle for her to take.

Most people don’t believe that Joe Biden is healthy enough, or lucid enough to stay in control for four years. Was Klobuchar playing the odds that at some point in the first term of a Biden administration, she, as Vice President would have to step in and take over? It’s happened several times before…usually after the death of a president, the last time being John F. Kennedy, or the resignation of a president, as in Richard Nixon.

Now, my more liberal friends will point to the gaffe Klobuchar made and say she just misspoke. That may or may not be true. We will have to wait until the convention to find out. But regardless, it gives pause to the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden isn’t going to be able to make it four years if he is indeed elected…and that Klobuchar sees that as the way to become the first woman president in this country’s history (much to Hillary Clinton’s chagrin).

Not saying it’s going to happen. Not wishing that it will happen. Just saying what was said, and how Sigmund Freud could be smiling in his grave about right now!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Bernie IS Right On One Thing

I think Bernie Sanders is totally, 100% right on one thing, and I think it’s probably the only thing I would agree with him on.

The Democrat party is out to take him out again.

Let’s look at what happened in detail, shall we? Going into the South Carolina Primary, you have Joe Biden’s campaign on life support at best. Most said he was dead…me included. Then he gets an endorsement from House Majority Whip, Jim Clyiburn. Clyburn happens to be probably the most influential politician in the state of South Carolina…at least with Democrats. And when he comes out and endorses Joe Biden the day before the primary, it carries a lot of weight. And it worked.

Biden wins South Carolina by huge numbers. All of a sudden, with three days until Super Tuesday, Sleepy Joe receives CPR. And then Mayor Pete Buttigieg drops out of the race and throws his support to Biden. This was a guy that technically won the Iowa Caucus! And then you’ve got Amy Klobuchar change her mind on a dime, and say she’s dropping out of the race, and guess who she’s endorsing? Yup…Uncle Joe! That leaves Bernie, Joe, Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, and Tulsi Gabbard still in the running. What in the world is going on?

Well, the establishment of the Democrat party knows what’s coming up. If Bernie Sanders does well on Super Tuesday, he could vault himself into the position of not only being a front-runner, but uncatchable. So, you can bet that all weekend long, the phone lines were buzzing between Tom Perez, the DNC chair, and Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s campaigns. I’m sure it was explained to them that Sanders couldn’t beat Trump anywhere, and that Dems would lose big time if he gets the nod. So, they wanted those two to coalesce around Joe. And that’s what happened.

Was the fix in?

We will never really know. My hunch is, yes…the fix was in. How do you go from life support to the front-runner in three days with no organization, no money, and a bumbling candidate that thinks the Super Tuesday vote is going to take place on Thursday? You have to realize that neither Buttigieg, nor Klobuchar have a ghost of a chance to win, and that all they are doing is taking votes from a guy that has been around a LONG time, and probably deserves to be the candidate. I want you to think of Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney on the Republican side. Same thing.

The big difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that four years ago, it was the same thing going on in the GOP. They let it ride. Trump became the nominee, and won. The GOP let it play out. The Democrats want to put the fix in so that Bernie Sanders, who isn’t viewed as a Democrat doesn’t get the nod, and yes, they were scared he would.

Then come Wednesday, Michael Bloomberg…the guy that threw upwards of $800 million by the time you counted his paid staff, and ads, and everything else…just to get 50 delegates (a cost of $16,000,000 per delegate). He says on Tuesday night he’s “in it to win it”. On Wednesday, he drops out. AND he endorses Joe Biden. No funny business going on there, huh Mr. Mayor?

Bernie Sanders is right. Unless and until the Socialist Party of the United States gets to be a major party, Sanders will never be the nominee for president. As far as the Democrat establishment is concerned, he’s an after-thought and won’t be counted on to win anything.

So, it will be Donald Trump against Joe Biden this fall. What do you think the outcome of that will be? Who do you think comes across better? Who has the more energy? Who draws crowds (Biden’s “victory” crowd Tuesday night was estimated to be about 250)? Meanwhile, Trump was drawing 30,000. And who do you think is going to be the better debater? I think you know the answer to that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Death Of The “Sure Thing”

New Hampshire wasn’t supposed to be where Joe Biden died. He wasn’t supposed to die at all. Remember, he said he wouldn’t do well in Iowa…he never has…and he didn’t this year either. But he was hoping for maybe a strong second or even a third place finish in New Hampshire. He didn’t even wait until the polls had closed before he skated to South Carolina.

Joe Biden is “Dead Man Walking”.

And he’s not alone. Elizabeth Warren’s speech after the polls closed congratulated Amy Klobuchar on a great run. It sounded every bit like a concession speech. Only she didn’t concede yet. In fact, as far as I can tell, there were only two concessions last night. Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet officially dropped out of the race. Deval Patrick will be throwing in the towel today.

But Warren and Biden aren’t far behind.

Oh, they both may make it to the Nevada Caucus a week from Saturday. Biden might even make it to South Carolina’s Primary the following Saturday, but they are both dead.

Just to recap last night, Sanders edged Buttigieg in New Hampshire, with Amy Klobuchar finishing a surprising third. Warren was a distant fourth, and Biden slumped to fifth, which was amazing considering he was in second just a week ago!

But when you call someone a “lyin’ dogface pony soldier”, as Biden did during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, even thinking you’re quoting John Wayne, you’re not going to do well. His exact quote was, “Iowa’s a Democratic caucus,” the former vice president responded. “You ever been to a caucus?” When Moore said she had, he responded, “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.” The woman asked what I thought was actually a pretty good question. It was basically, that if you can’t win Iowa, how can you win a national election?

The funny thing is, Biden has used this quote before, in North Dakota during a town hall meeting in 2018. And again, he attributed it to John Wayne when asked about it later. Quite possibly, the fact he told a guy in Iowa that he was a liar, and “you need to take an IQ test”, just a week before shaded what he thought was a funny quip. It turned out to be a Howard Dean yell.

Elizabeth Warren has been on the ropes for a month. In fact, I predicted four weeks or so ago that she would be the first major candidate to withdraw from the race. I still hold true with that prediction. Because I think that Biden could do better in Nevada, certainly better in South Carolina unless he shoots himself in the foot again.

But the overall takeaway from last night was, either Biden or Warren could drop out at any moment, leaving Sanders, Buttigieg and surprisingly, Amy Klobuchar to battle it out the rest of the way. And in the end, I don’t see Sanders getting the nod…at least not at this point. Buttigieg would prove to be a much tougher battle for Donald Trump. He’s a lot more moderate, and wouldn’t upset the traditional wing of the party. Sanders on the other hand is viewed by the traditional Democrats as toxic, and not a real Democrat. Of course, Bernie’ minions will all stay seated on the sidelines if he doesn’t win the nod!

Either way, it could be, as some of the pundits are saying, a brokered convention this summer. That’d be a blast to watch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Down To Two?

OK, so last night’s debate won’t knock out 10 Democrat contestants from the running for president, but it does beg the question if all but two are out of the running. Let’s face it, we started this charade with 27 wannabes and no really plausible ideas. We’re down to really two choices on that side of the aisle, and one is fading fast.

We are 110 days from the Iowa Caucus, and 118 days from the New Hampshire Primary today. That means in the next three months you are going to see a lot of folks officially “suspend” their candidacy for president. Last night’s debate really didn’t do anything to catapult anyone past the top two of Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Yes, Bernie Sanders looked better than he had in previous debates. Yes, Amy Klobuchar took shots at Elizabeth Warren, and poked her quite a bit. And yes, Joe Biden really continues to struggle, especially in answering questions about Hunter Biden’s role in a Ukrainian gas company.

In the end, there are three people in double digits. Warren has taken the lead over Biden in the latest national polls. And she’s been surging for the past two months while Biden languishes. Bernie Sanders is all but out of the picture, though he’s in third place. He had a good debate last night, but let’s face it…he got screwed out of a chance to win the White House in 2016 when the Democrat Party decided long before the primaries to nominate Hillary. He’s out of gas.

The rest of the field is just converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. And that’s not to say that Warren isn’t going to have a really hard time against Donald Trump. In fact, I think Biden probably would be the better candidate against Trump than Warren. She’s got a lot of baggage between the lies about her ethnicity, her losing a special ed teaching job, her “Medicare for all” plan that she refuses to say will raise taxes on the middle class, but we all know it will…and the fact she just has that “Hillary scream” down pretty well. Trump will have a field day with all of that.

No, Warren was right that attacking “Medicare for all” as Klobuchar did last night, is just giving the Republicans talking points, but they really don’t need them. Warren is so off base on a lot of issues that there really isn’t much Trump will have to do to bump her off. Once again, it seems that the Democrats are going to nominate the person with the most baggage to haul around. And that does one thing…makes the bellhop very, very tired!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!