Biden’s Secret Obsession

Unlike J. Edgar Hoover, I really don’t see any indication that Joe Biden likes to dress up in Jill’s clothes. I really don’t think they’d fit anyway. But he does have an obsession, and I’m beginning to think it’s not all that secret.

Joe Biden is obsessed with COVID.

I know. You’re shocked, right? But I think this is becoming more than a pandemic in addle-Joe’s mind. I think it’s becoming an all-consuming topic. Everything swirls around COVID. Think about it. Biden has had several mandates, from wearing masks to getting vaccines, to getting booster shots, to lowering the age of who can take the vaccine (now a five year old can get one!) And if it just went to the mandate stage, I could probably excuse it. But it goes much farther than that. Biden came out last month and said he had ordered a half a BILLION test kits. Oh, these aren’t the test kits that you swab the back of your throat with and send it to a lab to process. These are the ones you do a quick five swipes inside each nostril, and wait 15 minutes. It’s got about a 40% chance of either a false positive or a false negative…so it really doesn’t tell you anything. At least not with any certainty.

But again, it doesn’t stop there. Biden has blamed inflation on COVID. It has nothing to do with the fact this guy is printing money faster than the New York Times prints newspapers. He is literally making millions of dollars every single minute of every single day. Biden blames the southern border issue on COVID. These people crossing the border, bringing COVID into our country (and not getting tested, even with the 15 minute test) are fleeing their country because they don’t have the proper care for Coronavirus. And there’s more.

We left Afghanistan because of COVID. We can’t pass Build Back Better because of COVID. The Senate can’t change the filibuster rules because of COVID. The voting rights act is being stalled, not because of Joe Manchin, but because of COVID.

His entire presidency revolves around this virus. And yet, he keeps the guy that funded research into COVID-19 in position as an expert that we are supposed to listen to. A guy that is worth over $400 million!

And now, Biden is is going to make 400 million N95 masks available to anyone that wants them for free. You can pick them up probably starting next week at your local pharmacy! These masks are about $25 each on if you want to buy one. That’s basically a BILLION dollars that Joe Biden is making available to everyone in America for free! Such a great guy!

My question is, where was he with this idea a year ago when he took office and COVID was still running rampant? And could he have saved the lives of any of the 600,000 people that have died under his watch in 2021? Probably not.

Democrats will figure out a way to blame something, ANYTHING on something other than themselves. When was the last time you heard a Democrat apologize for being wrong about something? You never do, and there is a good reason (at least in their eyes) for it. They don’t want to be seen as imperfect. They don’t want to be seen as wasting tax dollars. Because if they do, you’re not going to want to give them the power to tell you how to live your life. You’re going to start reacting to them like America has begun reacting to Tony Fauci. You’re going to call them hypocrites. You’re going to not listen to them. I guess it’s kinda like what we’re doing now with the federal government.

Isn’t it time we start turning the government’s attention toward the business at hand, and let this COVID thing run it’s course? We’re near this “herd immunity” that Fauci keeps talking about, and about 80 million or so people have already contracted the disease. Let’s start talking about inflation. Let’s start talking about fixing the problem at the southern border and seal that puppy up. Let’s start by recognizing that there a lot more serious problems than climate change and COVID. Until we do, we’re just spinning our wheels and throwing money down a bottomless pit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To Omicron

As if we weren’t weary of COVID already, it appears that a more deadly variant is already spreading across the world. Starting in South Africa, the Omicron variant has now spread to Australia, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Israel. And of course, you can’t get a word in edgewise about COVID in this country without Anthony Fauci weighing in on his latest take, even though he has basically lost most of his credibility on the subject.

The Omicron variant is supposed to be a lot more contagious than even the Delta variant, and is more susceptible to younger people, who until now have had relatively few problems dealing with the disease.

The State of New York has ordered a state of emergency, and is preparing to shut down in hopes of avoiding another prolonged COVID attack like the one the original variant swept through. Meanwhile, others are talking about more lockdowns, mandates, and social distancing when most Americans are fed up with it and just want to get back to a normal holiday schedule.

In his element, Fauci has addressed the situation, saying he’s convinced that the Omicron variant is already in the United States, and will most likely be spreading around the country at any moment. In China, they have announced they are going to clamp down on all travel for a while because of Omicron, and say that there is a “real possibility of a colossal outbreak” there.

Apparently, the vaccines that you may have already gotten to combat COVID, apparently aren’t doing much to stop Omicron, though Moderna has said they hope that their booster shot which is already on the market will very soon have the ability to stop the Omicron variant. I don’t think we’ve heard anything from Pfizer yet on what they are planning.

So, it looks as if this pandemic is going to be around for a while. That means, Joe Biden will have something to blame his ineptitude on for at least another year or so. And we may end up going back to the days of lockdowns, shutdowns, and a lousy economy…worse than the one we currently have.

The good news is, if we shut the borders, we won’t be besieged by the hordes from Guatemala and El Salvador! But that’s not enough to make me feel any better.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Are We To Do With Fauci?

Anthony Fauci gained fame and glory (and probably a lot of money as well) when the COVID pandemic took place. He and Deborah Birx were at the podium at the White House like, every single day when Donald Trump wasn’t there thanking everybody and their cousins for their help in getting vaccines to the market quicker. But it turns out that Fauci was not the great guy he originally was thought to be.

Basically, Fauci has lied to us.

The problem was that Fauci denied that his group, the US National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases, had paid the Chinese money for work with COVID viruses. It was called a “gain of function”, which if you want to dig deep enough is basically Washington speak for mixing viruses together to come up with a biological weapon that is more deadly than just the two viruses by themselves. That was what was going on in the lab in Wuhan, China, and that was what Anthony Fauci ended up paying the Chinese for.

So, all along, Fauci knew damn well what was at stake here. He lied to the American people, playing dumb like he didn’t know where the virus was coming from anywhere in China. Actually, he knew. Chinese officials in Wuhan sent him an email asking him how to disinfect their work stations back in July of 2016! So, why did this member of the National Institute of Health deal with the Chinese as early as five years ago? Primarily because until 2017, it was illegal to perform “gain of function” research in the United States. So, Fauci went to China to do it.

And, Fauci apparently lied to Congress. Fauci had testified on more than one occasion that he had never funded “gain of function” testing or research. Yet, in a recently released email by the EcoHealth Alliance, written by Deputy Director of the NIH, James Comer, he stated that a “limited experiment” with bat Coronavirus had been run under a grant from the National Institute of Health.

So, either James Comer is lying or Anthony Fauci is.

And now, what do we do if we found out that Fauci has lied to us woe, these many months? I think for one, he should be placed on unpaid leave of absence. Second, if he is found to have lied to Congress and the American people about COVID, he should be sent to jail and fine very, very heavily (I’m thinking in the tens of millions of dollars here). What he did, if indeed he lied, is use his position, a very highly trusted position mind you, to defraud the American public and proceed illegally with testing of biological weapons that were illegal in this country, yet he funded in China.

That type of behavior cannot go unpunished, and cannot be swept under the rug. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) was on to something when he called Fauci a liar during the most recent hearing involving the pair. It appears Paul was right on this one, especially since the EcoHealth Alliance is funded by Fauci’s organization, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. They basically threw Fauci under the bus.

And the big question with that is why? Why would NIAID throw their top spokesperson and their Director under the bus? It would make no sense unless they felt there was more to this than we already know and they were afraid of extra stuff coming out…stuff that would be much worse than NIAID funding biological weapons research in China. I can only wonder what that would be. But you’d have to agree the reasons for such an organization to turn their back on their only funding source would have to be so serious that they felt the only option they had was the bite the hand that feeds it.

Facts are facts, and I don’t think we know all of the facts yet. And before we do, I think we need to divorce Anthony Fauci from any decision making role he may have in the Biden administration. Because if what the EHA is correct, and Fauci did indeed give the Wuhan lab even the smallest of grants to conduct experiments on bat Coronavirus, this becomes clear that the fox is in the hen house, and Fauci is one of the people to blame for this entire pandemic. That, anyway you slice it is criminal.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Fauci Losing Credibility

Anthony Fauci was at one time (along with Deborah Birx) the “leading” authority on COVID in this country. Last year, the nation hung on pretty much every word the guy had to say, and he had plenty to say. A lot of what he had to say contradicted what he had said earlier, but he still said it, loving his newfound position as being “the guy in front of the camera”.

Of course, Fauci and Trump came to odds more than once, and I think Trump was getting ready to fire him, had he not lost the election to “Brandon” Biden. Since that time, Fauci’s comments have been more about getting himself in front of a camera, ala Adam Schiff, than anything else. His most recent escapade was to let the world know he HOPED we could be together for Christmas this year, but maybe not this year.

And America has made Fauci the brunt of a lot of jokes.

Late night talk show hosts have roasted Fauci over his inane comments, his do what I say, not what I do behavior, and his contradictions that make Brandon Biden look like Socrates next to him. America has been watching, and according to Rasmussen, his numbers are like Biden’s… totally upside down.

Now, a plurality of Americans (45 to 41%) say that Fauci has lost all credibility. I think they’re probably right. You can’t be in front of the camera as much as this ego maniac is, and not lose some credibility with normal Americans. That just doesn’t work. Why do you think that people like Trump had such a low approval rating? He was always in front of a camera. Same for Nancy Pelosi (MUCH worse than Trump’s rating), or Chuckles Schumer (ditto). It’s even worse when you either don’t have anything to say, like Pelosi about 95% of the time, or you sound like a blathering idiot like Schumer (about 99% of the time), or you are like Fauci and you keep changing the story hoping people will buy it.

I’m afraid that Anthony Fauci’s 15 minutes of fame faded long ago. Most people in this country don’t think much of him, he’s become the butt of jokes everywhere, and the longer he stays in his current position, the worse it gets. Want to know the worst part? This guy is 80 years old. He’s just a stone’s throw away from people like Bernie Sanders, Brandon Biden, and Nancy Pelosi. He’s ancient history, and he needs to step down. He should have retired a good solid 15 years ago. That would have insured that we could have had someone more prepared to deal with COVID than what we’ve seen with him.

It’s time for Fauci to go. And if Biden doesn’t do it, maybe his successor will!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time For Fauci To Go?

There is a “circle of life” type of thing that goes on in basically everything. Anthony Fauci is finding that out the hard way. The guy that was one of two heads of Donald Trump’s COVID team and has since basically thrown Trump under the bus, and gotten on board the Biden train, has realized that he may have stepped in it up to his neck…if not hire.

It may be time for Anthony Fauci to go.

Fauci has been at the forefront of a LOT of criticism lately. More and more mainstream media types are waking up to the realization that Donald Trump was probably more right than wrong over the COVID virus coming from that lab in Wuhan, China. As it turns out, Fauci was more involved than previously thought with that lab. First of all, he has admitted that the United States gave that lab money to do research. That would have been a major red flag in most people’s worlds when it was learned that the Coronavirus came from Wuhan. But wait…there’s more.

Fauci it’s now learned, has a trail of emails with bunches of people that had the similar thoughts as Trump early on. Fauci basically dismissed their ideas as conspiracy theories and nonsense. But it’s looking more and more (we don’t have, and probably never will get positive proof) that the Chinese lab started the whole pandemic. And we are learning that Fauci was more involved with it than originally thought.

Look, this guy has never come clean with America. First he’s telling us that masks aren’t the answer. We certainly don’t need to wear masks…save them for the front-line workers in the hospitals who are treating people. Then of course, we rush out and buy tons of masks from where? China. Oops. Then Fauci says we SHOULD be wearing masks. It’s the safe way to get through the pandemic. Then he’s photographed at a ballgame of all places, WITHOUT a mask on.

Fauci has flipped and flopped more than a freshly caught bass that’s just been reeled into the boat. He hasn’t been long on facts, he’s been long on BS. And there’s a problem when someone that is supposedly one of the top people in his field resorts to BS. It means either he’s on the take and doesn’t want the truth to be learned, or it means he just doesn’t know and doesn’t want the world to realize how ignorant he is on a subject he’s supposed to know a lot about.

No, it’s time for Anthony Fauci to retire, or quit, or be fired. However Joe Biden and his team decide that Fauci’s tenure in government should wind down, this guy is bad news and has to go. Unfortunately for Fauci, he isn’t able to hide behind extremely partisan voters in his district like other incompetents such as AOC, or Ilhan Omar, or Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters, or Adam Schiff….I could go on and on.

The time has come, Anthony. Resign now and at least save whatever little face you have left. You’ve become a laughing stock and nobody believes you anymore.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

When Does Congress Get Back To Work?

The COVID-19 virus has really thrown a monkey-wrench into a lot of what we as Americans, hell, we as world citizens do. It’s kept a lot of us home from work, some, without a paycheck. It’s closed down millions of businesses around the world at a time when the economy was going gangbusters.

And it’s evidently closed Congress down as well.

So, I have to ask the question, instead of all of these “investigations” that never seem to end, and never seem to come to any specific conclusion, when is Congress going to get back to work and do what We The People elected them to do?

I was sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee, wondering about the various bills Congress could be debating right now. There’s a bill on immigration reform that is well overdue. There is a bill on getting rid of Obamacare once and for all and giving insurance companies the ability to design their own healthcare insurance plans. They need to start discussing how we are going to fix our crumbling infrastructure, and how it’s going to be paid. They need to tell us how we’re going to get around these massive bailouts that we’ve undergone over the past two months, and how it’s going to be paid for.

Of course, it’s an election year, and we all know nothing ever gets done in an election year. This means that the House of Representatives works basically half of the time. Less than that by the time you figure they aren’t a “full-time” organization to begin with. And they’re making $174,000 a year! The average number of days Congress is in session is 146.7…based on an average from 2001 to date. That’s basically one day of work for every 2 1/2 days. Somehow, I don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth!

Now, let’s look at what the House of Representatives is focused on. They’ve spent the last 3 1/2 years investigating. Oh, they’ve investigated the Russian Collusion situation that went on from 2016 through February 20th of this year. They had the Mueller Report investigation that was a separate part of that. They had the impeachment hearings, and now, they want to do an investigation of Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx and the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force to make sure that a) everything was done in a timely fashion, and b) all of the money (about $2 trillion so far and counting) will go where it’s supposed to go.

In the end, we’ve found out through the Mueller Report, and the FBI, and the DOJ, and Congress that there wasn’t any Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. We found out that there wasn’t any impeachable offense, even though the House voted impeachment. The Senate voted it down, and there was never any real doubt as to what the outcome would be. Now, we are looking at another six months to a year of investigation into the Coronavirus Task Force.

My question is, when is the House of Representatives going to get back to doing the work of We The People?

It’s time to stop petty politics, and start doing some real work, which has been sorely lacking under Nancy Pelosi for the last 16 months. It’s time the folks in the House start earning that $174,000 and stop piddling around with meaningless investigations that don’t lead anywhere.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See? I Told You So!

I hate blowing my own horn when I bring something up here and it happens. But it happens a lot recently. And it happened again over the weekend. Last Friday, Donald Trump’s advisors pulled him aside and said, “Enough is enough!”

They want him to stop doing the daily briefings.

Now, if you’re relatively new here, you know that I’ve been railing about this for a while. His part in the briefings have become nothing more than a “thank you” to companies that have helped in the effort to stem the Coronavirus. He has been the national cheerleader, and while that was good at the beginning, it’s turned into a circus. The media asks inane gotcha questions designed to make Trump look bad, and he calls the media out on it. Neither has anything to do with COVID-19. And I said early on that his poll numbers would start to go down if he kept up the charade.

It’s happened.

And his advisors have taken notice. Either that, or they are reading my blog or watching the videos on YouTube, and I don’t think that’s the case. I certainly hope not. They’ve got a LOT more important things to do! What they have told Trump is that his ratings are going down because the Senior Citizens that are basically watching get scared on a daily basis and don’t like watching him fight with the media.

Their plan is to have him show up sporadically. They want him to show up on occasion, not on a set schedule. His job isn’t to answer questions, but to announce victories in the COVID-19 scare. And they say he should leave the details to the professionals and the medical community to talk to the press and the nation about.

It’s almost like they were actually listening to me!

Trump’s approval rating on, which takes all of the approval polls and averages them together hit a recent high of 45.8% back on the 1st of April. Since then, in three weeks’ time it’s slipped to 43.4% a 2.4% drop. His advisors say it’s because there isn’t much new news to bring to the public, and it’s becoming boring and predictable and that he’s over-exposed. These are things I said three weeks ago!

If Trump were smart, he wouldn’t show up at all. Stay out of the Coronavirus escapade all together. Leave it to Mike Pence, who he put in charge of the task force, and let Pence, Fauci, and Birx be the faces of the task force. That would be the best way to handle it. Let Joe Biden keep doing his daily briefings from his basement, which also don’t say anything new. Then HIS ratings will go down!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!