Are Dems’ Fed Up With Harris?

It would seem that K-baby Harris is up to her neck in problems these days. She has been unable to hide from the bright spotlight that usually doesn’t shine on the Vice Presidency. But she’s caused most of it. Her lack of speaking ability has led to the phrase “word salad” being introduced into our lexicon. And the fact that she cackles whenever she can’t think of anything she feels is cogent to add to the conversation has made her a laughing buffoon. The question is, why was she chosen in the first place, and if Joe Biden IS seeking a second term in the White House, is he thinking of making her his VP choice again, or is he looking for someone else?

Democrats are starting to voice their opinions and it isn’t pro-Harris.

I guess it started with Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). She was doing an interview for Boston Public Radio, and mentioned that Joe Biden would put on the ticket “whomever he wanted”, leaving the world to think that she was calling for K-baby to be bounced. That brought screams from Harris’ camp, forcing Warren to apologize and say that it was taken out of context. But several other Democrats have come forward to say that yes, while Harris is a nice person, she doesn’t have the chops to sit in the Naval Observatory, and certainly doesn’t have the gravitas to sit behind the Resolute Desk.

Dropping a Vice President during a re-election campaign isn’t something new. It’s been done a total of four times in our history, the last time occurring in 1888. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to drop his VP when he got rid of Hannibal Hamlin in 1864 and brought in Andrew Johnson, who was a Democrat. Under Ulysses S. Grant, Schuyler Colfax got involved in a scandal and was replaced as VP at the 1872 convention by Henry Wilson. When Grover Cleveland was elected, he chose Thomas Hendricks to be his VP on the ticket. Hendricks died in 1885. Cleveland then ran for re-election, with Allen Thurman as his running mate, but they lost to Benjamin Harrison. Harrison had Levi Morton as his running mate, and when he ran for reelection in 1888, he switched things up by going with Whitelaw Reid, but he lost to Cleveland…so far the only president to be elected twice in non-consecutive terms.

Rumors continue to swirl around whether Biden actually wants Harris to be on the ticket with him, or whether he’s looking at someone new. There are arguments for both. Harris has been a trainwreck in all of the jobs she’s been given. Typically, a VP is there to do whatever the President doesn’t want to do, and that was the way it started out, with Harris being given the task of being the “border czar”. That hasn’t worked out so well. Neither has any of the other trips and duties that she’s been asked to fill. So, Biden may want to find someone better suited to take some stuff off of his plate. He will be 82 in 2024, after all.

But there is a reason that Biden may want to keep Harris around, especially in light of the classified document scandal, and the Hunter Biden scandal. If you’ve got a person that everyone feels is terrible, and you want to insure that you won’t be impeached, having a trainwreck like Harris on the ticket could be a solid enough reason to go that route. Even though Biden’s staff hates her, she’s had trouble actually keeping her own staff together, and most Democrats say, while she’s a nice person, but she can’t be trusted to do the simplest of tasks, she does serve a purpose. You don’t want her as president, giving Biden an extra bit of insurance.

Either way, we’re going to find out soon enough. If Biden sticks with her, it won’t be out of loyalty. It’ll be because he feels that he’s going to be toast at some point in his second term should he get re-elected.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!