End Of Civility?

I know, I know. I said that Hillary Clinton was irrelevant and didn’t deserve any more blog space. And I still kind of believe that. But the queen of Chardonnay has thrust herself back into the spotlight by a) announcing the “We’re Back” tour with hubby Bill, and b) making the absurd claim that because Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, it’s an end of civility with Republicans.


What is it that we’ve been watching over the last month? Is that what the snowflake left considers civil behavior? If so, they all need to be locked up and given refresher courses in Miss Manners. What we’ve seen from the left over the past month is nothing more than brutish, childish, ignorant behavior, and if Hillary Clinton is believing any different, all I can say is we are blessed that she didn’t get elected president. Every time this woman opens her mouth, I get down on my knees and thank God Almighty that she lost. Can you imagine someone with this lack of decorum and decent behavior elected president? And I thought Trump could be bad at times? Geesh!

Add to that the promise from idiot liberals that claim “This is not over!” because they lost. No…it IS over. He has been confirmed, and based on what I’ve seen in the latest polls, Americans feel that the behavior exhibited by Democrats was terrible and unfair to Kavanaugh and his family…and it wasn’t even close. Something like 60% said that they felt Senate Dems, and the protesters were out of line.

Want more fuel to add to the fire? The left wing TV moguls out there are doing their damndest to make sure Trump never gets any good news. 92% of the news you see on television these days regarding Donald Trump is negative. That by the way, is a new record. You have to go out of your way and make up stories to come up with 92% negative news about just about anybody. OK…maybe Ted Kaczynski or something. Maybe an Adolf Hitler. But any normal American? No way. This is a pure hatred of Donald Trump that we are witnessing that has not been seen in American politics in a very long while. In fact, I’d say it probably beats out the Thomas Jefferson/John Adams feud of the early 1800’s.

And there is a call for an “end to civility”?

Let me put this in the most succinct terms I know how. Elections have consequences. Snowflakes…you nominated a very flawed candidate in 2016. She was a worse candidate than Michael Dukakis. She was a worse candidate than Bob Dole or John McCain. And yes, she was a worse candidate than Donald Trump. I have always contended the two worst candidates in American history faced off in 2016, and I stand by that today. And because you nominated the most-flawed, worst candidate in history, you get what you get. You don’t get to choose the Supreme Court nominee. You don’t get to put judges on the appellate courts or the federal district courts. You don’t control Congress. You have to sit there and take it, just the Republicans had to from 2008 to 2010.

If you decide you don’t like it, get your fat ass off the sofa in your parents’ basement and get registered to vote. But I’ll clue you in on something. The behavior you’ve shown the world in this Kavanaugh confirmation has thrown any “blue wave” right out the window. You’ve energized the Republican base, and you’ve energized a bunch of Independents that frankly could have given a damn about this election before. Now they’re pissed and they’re pissed at you…the 30% of snowflake liberals that don’t know how to behave in public.

And we can all thank God for it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


What’s Next After “Kavanaugh”?

I am not sure you’ve heard the latest Democrat plot since the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh turns the Supreme Court decidedly right. Instead of impeaching the latest member of the High Court, Democrats are taking an old page out of FDR’s playbook… pack the court.

Back in 1937, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was disgusted with the way the conservative Supreme Court kept blocking his attempt at socialistic government. So, in an effort to get around them, he decided he would expand the number of justices that sit on the high court, and appoint liberals who would back his policies. That would require both houses of Congress to go along with it, and that’s where it died. The Republican led Congress rose up and squashed the bill.

Well, the leftist snowflake liberals have decided if it didn’t work the last time around, it’s worth another shot (kinda sounds like the Kavanaugh confirmation, doesn’t it?) What they are proposing to do is to take over the House in 2018, take over the Senate in 2020, and win the presidency. Then the new president can expand the size of the Supreme Court to 11, making it more even by adding two more liberal justices.

By the way…it’s legal to do that.

The Constitution makes no mention as to the size of the Supreme Court, and it’s size has indeed changed over the years. The problem the Dems have with this farce of a program is that when one side pulls something like this (they are calling this the “neutron option”), it usually ends up backfiring when the opposition takes over. Need an example? Look at Harry Reid’s blowing up the 60 majority rule and going with simple majority to get Bobo Obama’s appointments to the bench seated. It was great until all of a sudden, the GOP decided to expand that to the Supreme Court and voila…welcome Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the court!

In the overall scheme of things, messing with the numbers usually doesn’t lead to any permanent advantage because the balance of power in Washington is always shifting. Liberal snowflakes are upset now, because they see their last stronghold of unchallenged liberalism fading away. And yes, they’ll make it a campaign issue, and yes, they may try to pack the court. They may even succeed at that. But Americans see through that garbage and usually don’t stand for the cheap tricks they try to employ. I’m not saying the GOP is without it’s own cheap tricks…I’m saying the left doesn’t tolerate losing very well. Think of the spoiled kid that didn’t want to give up the touchdown in neighborhood football, and so he goes home and takes the only ball in the area with him. That’s today’s leftist. If they can’t win, they don’t want anyone to play by the rules…they’ll break the rules, change the rules, add rules, whatever they can to gain an advantage.

So, in a couple of years, I’ll be writing a blog that says, “I told you so two years ago!” Just sayin…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Wanted: Leader For Democrat Party. No Experience Necessary.

As I sit out here in the desert, breathing the clean air, and enjoying the sunshine…ok…we had the remnants of Hurricane Jimena sweep by over the past couple of days…but it hit me. The Democrats are all excited about “taking over the House”, which they may or may not do. But their strategies if they are victorious are rather dubious. Let’s explore, shall we?

First of all, let’s tackle the “Maxine Waters” incident. She’s been vociferous about “Impeach 45” since before Trump was elected. OK, let’s play her game. Let’s say the Dems take over the House of Representatives. What happens then is interesting. They want to impeach Donald Trump. There really aren’t any charges that he’s been found guilty of. There has been the Mueller investigation that has found no evidence that we know of, and none of the other investigations by the FBI or Senate or House committees have found one shred of evidence against anything he’s done wrong. Oh, the New York Times has made up a few articles, but they’ve lost all credibility, and really don’t count anymore.

If the House were to impeach Trump, then what happens is that the House files articles of impeachment…the same thing as bringing their charges as to why they are impeaching him. Then it goes to the Senate. The House has “managers” that will basically prosecute Trump, and he will have his own attorneys defend him. The Senate sits as judges and the process is run by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts. It requires a simple majority to impeach someone, but two-thirds majority in the Senate to actually convict someone. No one has ever been convicted in the Senate after an impeachment. Andrew Johnson escaped by one vote, and Bill Clinton had 45 votes to convict on the charge of perjury, and 50 votes to convict on charges of obstruction of justice. Both fell way short of the 67 votes needed. it’s unlikely Trump would ever be convicted.

Now let’s move to Kavanaugh. The worst that could happen to Kavanaugh if confirmed by the Senate would be to face the same fate, impeachment. Again, the House would get the articles of impeachment, there is really no evidence, so the Senate would never convict, and he gets off scot-free because of his innocence. Add to that only one sitting Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached…Samuel Chase, and he was never convicted. He ended up dying in the high court.

Everything else the Dems would do would be to obstruct Donald Trump’s agenda for two more years until the 2020 presidential elections. It’ll be kind of like what happened to Obama after 2010’s midterms. Now, is that necessarily a bad thing? Maybe. The wall won’t get built. There won’t be any immigration reform. Healthcare won’t get fixed, and will wither and die on the vine. And there won’t be any new tax cuts. Basically you’ll have gridlock. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Traditionally, I’d say no. The less Congress does in this day and age, the better, but those are things that need to be fixed, and the in-fighting will continue.

The problem is, the Democrats don’t have a leader, so they rely on Nancy Pelosi, who’s a dinosaur and not even assured she’d be able to win back the Speaker’s role in the House, and Chuck Schumer who has been a terrible Minority Leader for the Dems in the Senate. He hasn’t been able to do anything positive in his role since he took over from Harry Reid.

Overall, if you’d like to be the leader of that party, the job is open…you just have to deal with liberal wackjobs and Hillary Clinton constantly…but it pays pretty well, and you get to be on television all the time. Who knows? You probably could line your own pockets like the Clinton’s did, and throw the next Democrat’s primary to your bestest buddy in the world!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Now That Kavanaugh’s In, Can We Focus On Behavior?

There has been an alarming lack of decency coming from the left over the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. It came to a head while I was watching the live confirmation vote in the US Senate on Saturday. Vice President, Mike Pence, who was presiding over the session had to repeatedly gavel down ignorant and loud-mouthed protesters who wanted to shout their opposition to the vote. Time and time again, Pence had to ask the Sergeant Of Arms to restore order in the gallery. Meanwhile, outside on the Capitol steps, hundreds of protesters were screaming their angry chants.

Senators have been accosted in elevators, harassed in the airport, denied a chance to have dinner in restaurants because liberal snowflakes decided that their right to voice their displeasure and act like total jerks was more important than the Senator’s rights to lead somewhat of a normal life.

But the behavior of those on the left is totally hypocritical when you listen to the left complain that Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee was “conduct unbecoming a Justice of the Supreme Court”. It’s OK when Democrat Senators can call Kavanaugh and his family all the names in the book. But when he dared to question their ability to talk to him in a like manner, it was untoward.

The actions taken by protesters, Senators, and yes, even Christine Ford and her attorneys is unconscionable. They are rude, crude, totally obnoxious, and totally devoid of what is considered good behavior in this country. It’s one thing to protest, and I stand by their right to do that. It’s quite another to act like total morons because you didn’t get your way.

So, now that Kavanaugh is on the bench, and the confirmation vote is over, my question is, do you think the left is going to learn how to act in a civilized manner? Or, as I assume, are they going to be total jerks and asses that don’t know how to act. I have a lady that I went to high school with that used to lambaste me because I would call Barack Obama “Bobo” as in the World’s Second Most Famous Clown (Bozo of course was the MOST famous clown!), and she called me mean spirited for using the term “snowflakes”. I often wonder as she watched the behavior the left displayed over the past couple of weeks whether or not she was ashamed to have sided with that group, or whether she just felt the conservatives were still “mean spirited”.

I don’t think Donald Trump should have mocked Ford during a rally. That was unpresidential and wrong. And as I have said over and over again, it’s the one thing I wish he didn’t do. But then I realize it’s probably the one thing that got him elected over Hillary. Still, I really don’t appreciate that type of attitude from our president, and I think he should stop. He needs to set an example for the nation. By him bad mouthing and mocking the left at every turn, he basically is giving them permission to do the same. And it’s a very slippery spiral. It’s a downward slope I’m not sure we as a nation can come back from. And I hope I’m wrong.

But still, the way the left behaved during the past couple of weeks, the lies, the distortions, the accusations without any hint of proof or corroboration, complete with the name calling, all in the name of politics is completely wrong. I get it you don’t want another conservative on the bench. But that doesn’t give you the right to use any means necessary, as Chuck Schumer said, to try and torpedo the nomination. Republicans have never done that to a Democrat nominee. But you don’t have to go far to see this is just a page out of the Democrats’ playbook. It didn’t work the last time they tried it either. Clarence Thomas was approved for the high court after they had another sexual abuse claim…also false. And of course, the whole Robert Bork incident which led to Anthony Kennedy being nominated to the Supreme Court in the first place. Just think of how different this country would be had Bork been seated instead of Kennedy!

We can hope the left can learn to grow up and act like adults. Something tells me we’re doomed to watching them act like two year olds for quite a while!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Collins & Manchin Vote To Approve Kavanaugh

And with a long 50 minute speech, one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard Susan Collins (R-ME) give, followed by West Virginia’s Joe Manchin saying he would also go along to support confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, it’s over. Snowflake liberals are crying “shame, shame”, but it doesn’t matter.

And with that, months of in-fighting, out-fighting, two hearings, two FBI investigations, and whole lot of wrangling, the process of approving Donald Trump’s second appointment to the High Court is over.

So, what does this all mean, and what does it bode for the upcoming election? Frankly, it means exactly what Donald Trump hoped it would mean when he appointed Kavanaugh to the High Court. It means the court will be taking a turn to the right. Not necessarily a sharp turn, after all, it wasn’t Steven Breyer or Ruth Bader Ginsburg that left, it was a moderate in Anthony Kennedy. But it will most assuredly mean that the court now has five rock-ribbed conservatives. Any hope the liberals have of “legislating from the bench” can probably be dispelled for at least the foreseeable future.

And what does it mean for the upcoming midterm elections? Well, Joe Manchin probably solidified his re-election by his declaring that he would support Kavanaugh, the only Democrat to do so. Other than that, my hunch is that the Republicans will probably maintain and may even pick up a couple of seats in the Senate. As far as the House races go, we’ll have to wait and see. Most pundits think that the House will flip to Democrat majority, which tells me the GOP will hang on. That’s because in the last few election cycles, the pundits have been about as wrong as can be. What will the Kavanaugh confirmation mean?

That’s a really good question. And the short answer is not much to Republicans, because they expected it. To the Dems’ they’ll be angry, but the key factor here is how the Senate Democrats went after Kavanaugh. I think that may have an unhinging effect on this “blue wave”. More and more Republicans and Independents are angry at the way the left treated Kavanaugh, and forgot the presumption of innocence in this whole matter. Investigating and questioning witnesses is one thing. But the Senate Democrats went well beyond the bounds of decorum and good taste. Had the GOP treated Christine Ford that way, even though her story had more holes in it that a 50 pound block of Swiss cheese, you can bet the snowflakes would have been screaming bloody murder.

In the end, the Democrats will have to learn a lesson that was imparted by former president Obama…Elections have consequences. We won, you lost. We get to nominate the Supreme Court Justices, and you don’t. Waaah.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

They Didn’t Think This Through Very Well

I get it that Democrat Senators in Washington oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and it’s obvious why. The conservatives on the Court will have a 5-4 majority, and there really won’t be any moderates like Anthony Kennedy that will flip flop. So, it’s pretty clear that Democrats really don’t want Kavanaugh confirmed. But there is a little fly, actually a gigantic fly in their ointment with the amount of opposition they are throwing up.

If Democrats were smart, they would have allowed the hearing with Christine Blasey Ford to go forward, and would have treated Kavanaugh with the same temperment that they treated Ford. They didn’t…and it could kill them up the road.

Think about this scenario for a minute, and I realize that a judge sitting on the highest court in the land probably would never be this petty…but you couldn’t blame Kavanaugh if he decided to be after the hell the Democrats have put him through. What if there is something that is coming before the high court that liberals really care about. IF (and again, it’s a big IF) Kavanaugh were any less of a person than what I’ve seen so far, could you blame him if he decided that he was going to stick it to the left and take away whatever they really were wanting?

I mean, abortion is an obvious want for the left, but there are tons of other causes they want as well. What if some abortion case came before the high court, and Kavanaugh said, “Screw it…they treated me like dirt, I’ll show them!” Well, he probably would never do it, but in this scenario, let’s just say he did. Could you blame him? Hell, I don’t know if I were in his position that I wouldn’t be all in for something like that.

This goes back to the Democrats’ total war against Kavanaugh and his family. If they were smart (and I’ve never said Democrats were blessed with an abundance of grey matter), they would have realized the odds of him getting confirmed were certainly a lot greater than 50/50. Even if only two of the three Senators that are waffles decide to back him, he still gets confirmed without one Dem because Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. You’d think the left would have realized that and maybe rather than gone nuclear with the oppostion, they could have excited their base through ads, and campaigns, as opposed to this public display which left them looking like a bunch of spoiled two year olds…and I’m sorry to have denegrated two year olds in this example.

The way these Senators have behaved, and the left over all has badgered those Republican Senators is shameful. Of course, they don’t have any shame, because it’s their entire religion on the line here. And they are willing to do virtually everything to sink the nomination. The sad thing is, this gives you some insight as to what will happen when Breyer or Ginsburg retire or die. You think this is Armageddon? Just wait!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is He Draining The Swamp?

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, one of his campaign promises was he was going to “drain the swamp”. It’s one of the campaign promises he has failed to deliver on. But, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing has certainly shown all of the weird and utterly useless critters that are populating the swamp. There are a lot. In fact, they aren’t all in DC!

Take a look around the country, and you see evidence of “the swamp”. These are liberal snowflakes that just can’t get over the fact that THEY lost the election. Hillary Clinton is still out there screaming that America needs to get rid of the Electoral College (because she lost). However, had the situation been reversed and she won the Electoral vote, but lost the popular vote, you wouldn’t hear a word from her on this. You’ve got liberals interrupting people’s dinner in restaurants, taunting Republican Senators at airports, basically badgering people for their beliefs and political thoughts. That, my friends, not only is rude beyond imagination, it’s terribly caustic to our society today.

Let’s look ahead a few years and see what becomes of this type of behavior that liberals are perpetrating today, shall we? Think about what happens in 2024 when a Democrat is elected to the White House, and the Democrats control Congress, but not with enough votes in the Senate to do anything on their own. What’s going to happen when that President nominates a strict liberal to the Supreme Court? Will that nominee have their life, and their family’s lives torn apart? Will salacious and unsubstantiated rumors fill their confirmation hearing? Will they be unable to actually confirm anyone because the Senators are squabbling over something that happened forty years ago?

Will the conservatives be hounding liberals at every turn? Will they chase our Representatives and Senators down the street…forcing them to have body guards and Secret Service protection? And what type of person will actually want to run for Congress knowing that they are going to be cornered in an elevator somewhere, and they don’t have the spine to say “No!” (I’m looking at you, Jeff Flake!).

Liberals don’t seem to care if society itself crumbles around them, as long as they destroy the life of a guy who by all accounts, hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, as has been pointed out here, there is more proof that the three women that have come forward with stories of sexual harassment have a more promiscuous sex life than he has ever had. Is that taken into account? And are we going to believe the women over the men when the politics are reversed and it’s the Democrat on the hot seat? If so, why wasn’t Bill Clinton arrested and thrown in jail? You DO know that guy has taken trips to that island off the Bahamas where they have sex orgies with underage girls, right?

Drain the swamp? No…Donald Trump hasn’t done that, and I seriously doubt he’s able to. All he’s been able to do is get the water level low enough to show us all of the bottom feeders and lowlifes that are actually populating the swamp. And yes….it stinks.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!