Biden’s Next Broken Promise

Oh, it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, it isn’t scheduled to happen until probably the kids are all back in school. But trust me it WILL happen. That’s because the country can’t afford to not let it happen.

Joe Biden will break yet another campaign promise.

Biden campaigned vigorously in the fall last year that he was going to erase $10,000 in college loan debt. Students all over the country flocked to him. In fact, one could say, it’s probably what won him the election. At least one of the things. But just like having “the most ethical presidency in history and I’ll fire anyone who treats anyone poorly”, and then takes two months to wait for an aide to resign over poor behavior to a reporter…it’s failed. Just like promising that you won’t have any new taxes unless you make over $400,000 a year, and then woops… that became $400,000 per HOUSEHOLD. And then of course, it was Biden’s own Treasury Secretary that had secretly proposed and then publicly supported a 15% world tax on corporations that had a 10% profit margin or greater (which meant your prices were going to increase. Yeah, and this is the guy that promised he could “bring us all together” so we could have one big kumbaya party, and has failed. He had a 200 page plan to get rid of COVID. It failed. He ended up using Trump’s plan. He opened the southern border, and he’s fought for eliminating the filibuster in the Senate, though for 47 years he was against it.

And now, Joe Biden is going to be set to charge those poor students that bought his line of BS even more interest on their outstanding student loan debt. OK, let’s review for a second. When Donald Trump started closing everything down last February (while Nancy Pelosi was inviting everyone to “party in Chinatown”, and Joe Biden was still out campaigning), Trump decided to suspend interest and payments on student loan debt because of COVID. That has been in place since that time.

But COVID is waning all across the country. And now, as those kids are thinking about their next job, they are going to have their school bills coming due again. And it will be at a 1% higher interest rate than what they were paying last March. That’s all due to the inflation rate that Biden has caused. So, for every $10,000 in student loan debt these kids have accrued, they now need to pay an extra $529 or so in interest thanks to Biden.

Biden isn’t erasing the student debt. In fact, Biden has never erased the student debt. He postponed the inevitable. And because he’s fighting to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure package in Congress, and hoping to get some $6 trillion for a budget next year, he doesn’t have the money to deal with the student loan debt situation. They are going to learn the hard way not to listen to a politician’s promises!

So we can count that as broken promise #17 of 18 that Biden has broken in the first half year of his first term. How many more can he do? It’ll probably set a record!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!