EXTRA! Revolution?

In what only can be described as an attack on the United States Government, a group of people breached the Capitol in protest over allegedly Donald Trump’s presidential loss. Now, I need to say that first of all, no one has come out and said that it was indeed Trump’s supporters, but the people that were milling around the Capitol building were waving Trump 2020 flags, wearing Trump clothing. Donald Trump released a statement calling for the protesters to leave and stop the takeover. As I write this, there was one woman apparently shot, and is alive in critical condition. No word whether it was someone that was supposed to be in the Capitol, or one of the protesters.

From what I was able to see, several people were seen sitting behind the various desks of the Majority Leader on the Senate Floor, the Speaker’s position in the House, and also various offices of the Representatives and Senators. Several of the intruders have been arrested. As I write this in the afternoon and before the 6pm (EST) curfew that was put in place, there isn’t any indication that the Electoral College acceptance will continue today, though several Representatives and Senators stated that they hoped it would work.

Now, the question I have isn’t why the Capitol was breached, it’s why the Capitol police, and the DC police weren’t more prepared. When Black Lives Matter and Antifa were rioting and protesting, DC police had cordoned off streets and had police everywhere. None of that was seen today. So, the question is why in the world weren’t those who’s job it is to keep the peace weren’t prepared? Obviously, it’s a sad occurrence, and demonstrates that yes, both sides of the political spectrum has this type of violence in their playbook. But why those in charge couldn’t tell that the Trump supporters who felt the election had been stolen from them weren’t ready for this is beyond me. They knew there would be large crowds mobilizing and protesting the whole Congressional acceptance of the Electoral College vote.

Now, I’m not at all saying that these protesters were right. They weren’t. It’s a travesty to see this happening. Actually, I have to wonder whether this is the beginnings of a revolution, or whether or not this is just a protest, much like the riots that Antifa and BLM were guilty of holding earlier this year. And I’m not saying that either of those protests, this one or Antifa and BLM’s was right. Both were violent and wrong.

The one thing I will say is that what makes this stink to high heaven is that it’s usually been the left that holds these types of protests and criminal behavior. You don’t see the right doing this. And I hope that we get back to law and order as quickly as possible and that all of those folks that caused this mess are held to the highest prosecution possible. This is totally unacceptable. Anyone that doesn’t think so needs to analyze their position!

If Joe Biden thinks it’s going to be easy “uniting” the country after his election, I think he’s got his work cut out for him.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!