Supreme Court Slaps Down Liberal Judges

The US Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision earlier this week decided they had heard enough of the latest tactic the left has been using to make sure that all immigration regulations are slowed to a crawl.

The high court ruled that Donald Trump’s executive order dealing with new rules for immigrants from Central America seeking asylum in the United States is legal to go on while the court hears the case. In the past, liberals have sought to either slow things to a crawl or stop them altogether while lengthy trials are held. In this case, it dealt with immigrants from Guatemala coming in through Texas. But instead of filing a federal lawsuit in the 5th Circuit, which is rather conservative (and covers Texas), snowflake attorneys decided to file the suit in the much more liberal 9th Circuit.

The 9th Circuit is the most liberal court in the land, and is often the place where liberals seeking “justice” from conservative ideas go to get their way. It’s also the most over-turned court in the federal judicial system. The judges there issued a stay saying that immigrants from Central American countries could not be denied asylum in the United States while the trial was going on. This sort of national moratorium was beaten down by the Supreme Court, who were obviously getting tired of this tactic.

And while the Central American immigration issue remains unsolved, long term, it does bring up an interesting legal point. The President of the United States is able to issue executive orders that, while being challenged in court by the opposition, can be allowed to continue unless and until they are proven to be unconstitutional.

The mere fact that the Supreme Court would find in favor of the White House on a 7-2 vote shows the idiocy of the leftist judges. The high court only has five justices that are considered “conservative”. And of those two (Kavanaugh and Roberts) have flipped to the more liberal side on certain issues. For seven justices to go along with this shows that when this action actually gets appealed to the high court, as it will, the odds are very good that the executive order will indeed stand.

So, count this as a slap against liberals. A much needed slap in the face of liberalism and socialism. It’s also a very solid move toward controlling our southern border and not allowing just anyone to come waltzing across saying that they want asylum.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!