The Truth Comes Out

You know…the truth usually DOES come out…eventually. Sometimes it takes a few days, or weeks. And in this case, it took a little longer…but the truth came out.

So, why did Christine Blasey Ford come forward with her false accusations of rape and sexual misconduct against then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Well, the answer was revealed the other day by Debra Katz, a very progressive women’s attorney.

Apparently, it wasn’t to seek justice. Blasey Ford knew she hadn’t been raped or molested at some party. That was all an act. It was basically “to put an asterisk next to Kavanaugh’s name in case he ruled against abortion”.

That’s right. It has now come out that yes, the whole thing we watched on TV was a sham. Kavanaugh never molested or raped that woman. She did it because of her fear that he would end up ruling against Roe v. Wade. So, she lied.

She lied to Congress. She lied to the American people. She lied to herself and her family. It was yet another in a very long laundry list of liberal snowflakes believing that the ends justifies the means. And she’s dead wrong.

First and foremost, this woman needs to be brought back before Congress and be slapped with charges of lying to Congress. She needs to face criminal charges for filing a false claim and needs to spend some time in jail with a rather hefty fine. Because if she isn’t held accountable for lying to the American public on this one, every single snowflake out there is going to think they can lie and get away with it if they believe what they are doing is justified because it fits their political beliefs.

It makes me wonder how long the left has really been lying to us. It makes me wonder how many times we’ve been told one thing on purpose, with the left knowing it was a lie. We know damn well that the whole Russian Collusion thing was a set up and a lie. There was nothing factual about that. We know James Comey lied to the American people… and continues to lie to us to this day. We know Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and yes, Harry Reid all lie on a very consistent basis. We know Barack Obama lied to us constantly when he was president (If you like your doctor…), and continues to lie to us to this day (my administration didn’t have ANY scandals). We know Hillary Clinton lied to us throughout her campaign to be president. She lied about her email server and about no classified emails being sent on it. Hell, we know Bill Clinton lied when he said, “I never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”.

So, I guess the question then becomes, can we believe anything any liberal says or are they all lies designed to fake America into believing what they want us to believe? Are you saying that there’s no such thing as wiping the student debt away? Is there no such thing a “free college tuition for all”? Is “Medicare for all” a fantasy?

Only when we Americans hold these liars responsible for their untruths are we going to get back to politics as normal. Truth is, after all, the cornerstone and bedrock of any relationship, being it marital, friendly, work-related, or even political. When you lie, you lose all credibility (just ask the mainstream media!). And the left has shown time and time again that they lie to achieve their ends. They should be banned!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

They Didn’t Think This Through Very Well

I get it that Democrat Senators in Washington oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, and it’s obvious why. The conservatives on the Court will have a 5-4 majority, and there really won’t be any moderates like Anthony Kennedy that will flip flop. So, it’s pretty clear that Democrats really don’t want Kavanaugh confirmed. But there is a little fly, actually a gigantic fly in their ointment with the amount of opposition they are throwing up.

If Democrats were smart, they would have allowed the hearing with Christine Blasey Ford to go forward, and would have treated Kavanaugh with the same temperment that they treated Ford. They didn’t…and it could kill them up the road.

Think about this scenario for a minute, and I realize that a judge sitting on the highest court in the land probably would never be this petty…but you couldn’t blame Kavanaugh if he decided to be after the hell the Democrats have put him through. What if there is something that is coming before the high court that liberals really care about. IF (and again, it’s a big IF) Kavanaugh were any less of a person than what I’ve seen so far, could you blame him if he decided that he was going to stick it to the left and take away whatever they really were wanting?

I mean, abortion is an obvious want for the left, but there are tons of other causes they want as well. What if some abortion case came before the high court, and Kavanaugh said, “Screw it…they treated me like dirt, I’ll show them!” Well, he probably would never do it, but in this scenario, let’s just say he did. Could you blame him? Hell, I don’t know if I were in his position that I wouldn’t be all in for something like that.

This goes back to the Democrats’ total war against Kavanaugh and his family. If they were smart (and I’ve never said Democrats were blessed with an abundance of grey matter), they would have realized the odds of him getting confirmed were certainly a lot greater than 50/50. Even if only two of the three Senators that are waffles decide to back him, he still gets confirmed without one Dem because Mike Pence would cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. You’d think the left would have realized that and maybe rather than gone nuclear with the oppostion, they could have excited their base through ads, and campaigns, as opposed to this public display which left them looking like a bunch of spoiled two year olds…and I’m sorry to have denegrated two year olds in this example.

The way these Senators have behaved, and the left over all has badgered those Republican Senators is shameful. Of course, they don’t have any shame, because it’s their entire religion on the line here. And they are willing to do virtually everything to sink the nomination. The sad thing is, this gives you some insight as to what will happen when Breyer or Ginsburg retire or die. You think this is Armageddon? Just wait!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What’s The FBI Finding Out?

I think this whole FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh nomination is hilarious. The snowflakes are upset because it’s only a one week delay and they wanted something that would take them through to January (assuming, of course that they would flip the Senate, thus denying Kavanaugh’s nomination). But they forgot that the whole Weiner laptop investigation took about two days, as did the Anita Hill accusation into Clarence Thomas.

And what’s being found out about some of the accusations? Well, apparently Ford isn’t as pure as the driven snow, as I pointed out here a week or so ago. She apparently has had some major issues in her life not stemming from sex abuse, but from just being a whack job. Even students who have had her at Stanford say she’s crazy. I’ll give her attorney a lot of credit for prepping her very well for the Senate testimony!

And what about the others that have come forward? Well, there is no corroborating evidence with either of them as well. In fact, Julie Swetnick, the one that Michael Avenatti supposedly had “evidence” on, appears to be even more of a whack job than Ford is. She told her ex-boyfriend, who got her pregnant, that she was going to kill the baby and he would never see the child alive. Yeah…that’s some real stability there!

And all of this swirling around a maelstrom of controversy that it doesn’t matter what the FBI finds out…the only Democrat vote that it MAY change is Joe Manchin. The West Virginia Democrat may be the only flipper on this one because West Virginia is strongly in favor of Kavanaugh, and Manchin is actually in a tight race with Patrick Morrisey. Today, Manchin is leading by 8 points or so, but the wrong vote on the Kavanaugh nomination could change things drastically for him.

It’s looking more and more like both Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski will be in the GOP camp, which leaves Jeff the Flake as the only one that is still flopping around like a fish out of water. Flake has said he’d vote for Kavanaugh IF they held the FBI investigation. But it seems every time he gets into an elevator, there is some liberal snowflake woman that is trying to get him to vote against Kavanaugh’s nomination. Flake needs to realize that the people of Arizona are watching this, and his political future (if he actually has one) is going to be tied to this vote. It’s his swan song, and he doesn’t want to go out like John McCain did…voting on the wrong side of an important issue.

So, it appears that come Friday, Mitch McConnell will have the FBI investigation wrapped up (I heard it may be done as early as today), and that the vote will proceed. And the Dems have absolutely nothing to do except cry in their beer over this one. They lost the election, they don’t get to say who the Supreme Court nominee is, and they don’t have the votes to overturn the nomination, thanks to Harry Reid and his nuclear option play. Yeah…these guys may play for keeps, but it doesn’t mean they win.

Oh, and just as an aside…if you take who’s winning in all of the various races so far, the GOP could actually pick up a couple of seats in the Senate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Flake Actually Pinned The Dems!

Who would have thought that a mealy mouth, no good, two-bit RINO like Jeff Flake (R-AZ) could actually take all of the Democrats’ positioning and stalling in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination process and pin them to a mat with no way to get up? Certainly not me.

It’s no secret I think Jeff Flake is pretty much a panty-waste. His politics are far to moderate for my liking. He’s rude, crude, and abusive, and from what I gather talking to people out here that know him, he’s not all that intelligent. I mean, he went to Brigham Young, which isn’t known to be a highly sought after institution for anything but Mormon studies. Anyway, I give Flake credit where credit is due this time around. He has painted the Democrats into a corner and there is no way out…unless they want to prove to the world this whole Christine Ford thing has been the sham that the whole world believes.

Flake gave the Dems what they were asking for…an FBI investigation. Now, Democrats felt that an investigation by the FBI certainly would take more than a month, and would get them by the midterm elections. However, they failed to realize that the Anthony Weiner laptop investigation only took a weekend. They failed to realize that when Clarence Thomas was investigated by the FBI, it took them two days to do that investigation. My hunch is they will have this finished before next Friday. They only have four people to talk to.

Here’s the beauty in all of this. As with Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill’s investigation, the FBI is not going to issue any definitive “he’s guilty” or “he’s innocent”. They don’t do that. They’re going to talk to four people, and spit back in report form to the Judiciary Committee what the four people said. They aren’t going to suggest that Kavanaugh or Ford were lying. They aren’t going to prosecute. They are going to investigate. And the Judiciary Committee has already done that.

Now add to the whole charade the fact that Mitch McConnell has already started the clock on the vote, meaning the four days of back and forth that needs to go on as far as Senate procedure is concerned. That means when Friday of next week rolls around (a solid month before the midterms), they will have the confirmation vote. And McConnell said on the floor of the Senate yesterday that all 51 Republican Senators were behind the nomination. That means, unless there is something brand new that the FBI uncovers, like one of the four people they are talking to admits to lying under penalty of felony, nothing new is going to come up…and the Democrats will be out of time.

Brett Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed and sworn in as Anthony Kennedy’s replacement on the US Supreme Court. That, my friends, you can take to the bank. The fun will REALLY start when Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat opens up. THEN you are going to see true Armageddon!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What Did We Learn?

Yesterday, if you were working, you were probably the only one. I can’t think of too many people that were busy at work doing what they should be doing to earn a living. Most people, kind of like on the first day of the NCAA Tournament, were glued to a TV set somewhere, trying to see whether or not Christine Blasey-Ford or Brett Kavanaugh was going to say anything to tip the scales their way.

As far as that verdict goes, I don’t think there was a clear winner either way. In fact, if you went into the whole proceeding thinking the Ford was abused and it was Kavanaugh that did it, you probably came out of the proceedings thinking just that way. If you thought Brett Kavanaugh was getting railroaded and it was nothing more than a Democrat smear attempt to get this thing pushed past the election, so the Dem’s could say (if they re-take the Senate) that you can’t have a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination now… you should wait until the new Senate is seated. And you probably came away thinking just the same thing as you went into the day with.

I don’t think either Kavanaugh or Ford did themselves any harm. Both sounded credible. Both were effective at communicating what they felt the whole thing was about. But there were winners and losers.

I think the GOP came out of the whole affair a winner. And that wasn’t the case early on. Having the woman from Arizona ask the questions of Ford was good, though she was obviously not used to the attention, nor the process. But by the time Kavanaugh was taking his turn, she was pretty useless. When the GOP Senators started asking the questions…or basically apologizing to Kavanaugh for all he and his family had been put through, things turned up for them. I thought that Lindsay Graham had the brightest spot of all, calling out the Democrats for the sham that the hearing was. And I thought my own Senator, Jeff Flake was a mealy-mouth loser. He comes out saying “there will always be doubt”. Thank God I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for him this year!

As far the losers, yeah, the Dem’s pretty much reeked when it came to questioning Kavanaugh. They constantly interrupted him…tried to ask “gotcha” questions, and when he wouldn’t fall for it, they would give the excuse that “My time is almost up so let’s move on”. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and several others did that. The left tried hard to make the tie that because Kavanaugh got drunk in high school and college, he probably could have possibly maybe blacked out and didn’t remember accosting Ford. That really didn’t work, and came across very weak. They also tried to get him to “ask the White House for an FBI investigation.” He didn’t fall for that, and several times, Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) slammed them for that.

The big loser on the Democrat’s side was Diane Feinstein. She was called out several times for sitting on the Ford letter from July and not bringing it up in a timely manner. She tried to defend herself, and all but blamed her staff. In the end, she look old, ineffective, and just plain partisan as hell.

Today, with any luck, the Judiciary Committee will be voting on this (the meeting was scheduled to start at 9:30am EDT, which means by the time you read this, they’ll already be meeting. The only fly in the ointment is Jeff Flake. If he “flakes out” again, as he is wont to do these days, the nomination will be voted down in committee, but will still go to the Senate floor next week. With any luck, Flake pulls on his big boy pants, and realizes that what he will always be remembered for in his time in the Senate will be this vote. And if he pulls a John McCain and wimps out like McCain did on healthcare, it will forever be his legacy. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

I REALLY Try To Find Something Else!

Looking back at the last couple of weeks, it appears there isn’t much going on in politics except for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. And of course, the Rod Rosenstein escapade. I really, REALLY like to spread the topics around a lot more than I’ve been able to lately, but it seems it’s the only thing going on…and the crap keeps hitting the fan.

The latest is that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer (how did HE get involved?) says he has “evidence” that Brett Kavanaugh and his “buddies” used to go on “gang-raping” expeditions. Well, that’s thrown a monkey wrench into the possible Thursday hearing with Christine Ford. Apparently, those in Washington don’t have the sense that someone clear out here in the desert has.

They apparently don’t have the brain power to detect that this has all been a Democrat ploy to delay confirmation vote on Kavanaugh with the end goal of “Borking” him. You’ll remember Robert Bork, right? He was nominated to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan back in 1987, but the Dems didn’t want anything to do with him, even though he’d probably be right up there with Samuel Chase and Felix Frankfurter as far as Supreme Court justices go. So, they brought out all their guns and shamed him into a losing confirmation vote 42-58. Anthony Kennedy was then named to the high court as his replacement. What a world of difference it would have been had Bork been confirmed!

Well, we’re seeing the same thing today. This “win at all cost” attitude that the left has, has dragged out the same playbook. And of course, with an attorney like Michael Avenatti, who is about as anti-Trump as you can get, this thing will drag on forever. That is the Demcorats’ plan and dream. Get to the mid-term elections, win the House and Senate, and then deny anyone that is remotely conservative a seat on the bench.

It’s really sickening the politics the left is playing. And it’s had an effect on America’s thought. With the media doing nothing but covering this thing 24/7, and taking less than a kind view toward Kavanaugh, his approval numbers, which were always evenly divided, have slipped to a 10 point negative. This proves the old Bill Clinton argument that if you lie often enough, people will start to believe you.

Look, Brett Kavanaugh has had an incredible career on the bench. He’s been a stellar judge, and the left can’t attack that. So, they have to trump up some stupid charge and find some idiot snowflake liberal to come forward and say that 35 years ago, where there isn’t any evidence, there isn’t any credible witness, there isn’t even a consistent story, he did something wrong. And when THAT story looks like it’s wrapping up six weeks too early, they trot out another story. And mark my works, when Avenatti’s story falls apart, as Ford’s is, there’ll be another story. And of course, IF the Senate flips, you’ll be hearing the cry that it’s not fair to confirm Kavanaugh now, we must wait for the new Senate (Democrat controlled) would be installed in January….just wait…you’ll hear it if they win!

No, what Kavanaugh has gone through should be a lesson to Republicans the next time there is a liberal nominated for the high court bench. You lie, you cheat, you steal, you get rid of them. Because it’s obvious, that’s the only way the Democrats know how to play. Christine Ford was never raped by Brett Kavanaugh, especially after sleeping with 64 people between high school and college. More likely, if anybody was “raped”, it was Kavanaugh!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Some Background On Christine Ford

I was online the other day, and someone on Facebook of all places, wrote a comment that made my jaw drop. Her comment was that she had read that Christine Blasey Ford, the woman that is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of allegedly raping her, apparently was rather easy in her early days. The lady said that the article outlined that Ford went to a high school where partying was really the major, and that between college and high school she slept with 64 guys.

I found that hard to believe.

But I went in to do some research. Turns out that no one (not even Christine Ford) remembers how many guys she slept with…but apparently there were several instances). And her yearbook from her high school, Holton-Arms, a female prep school, was scrubbed from the internet on 9/17/18. Hmmm…that’s curious. Well, you know the old saying…once on the internet, always on the internet, right? I happened to find several redacted pages of a yearbook from when Ford was in school. Here is just a sample:

Ford's yearbook

Now, in truthfulness, it doesn’t say that Christine Ford was actually one of the party people, though she admits to be drinking at the party that she recalls getting “raped” at. Of course, she also told her therapist in 2006 there were four other people in the room at the time. Now she is saying there were only 2. She contends the therapist got it wrong. I don’t believe that for a minute. Therapists are detailed-oriented folks and they ALWAYS make sure they get stuff like that correct. But more and more information is surfacing that shows Ms. Ford may not be telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I’ve been scouring the internet to find the source for the “64 guys” comment, but so far it remains an unsubstantiated rumor. Still, when people have a lot of loose morals for alcohol and drug abuse, they tend to have a loose moral when it comes to sex as well.

What bothers me in this whole instance is how Chuck Grassley and his staff would cave on so many points. Since when does an accuser get the right to “negotiate” their testimony? If this woman is telling the truth, and is concerned with being correct in coming forward, and not being at all political with this as she claims, there would be no negotiation. There would be no back and forth. She’d show up and she’d testify. Playing the victim card is popular in this day and age, but frankly, no one backs up her story, and it’s becoming more and more doubtful anyone exists that will side with her that is credible and was there.

Thursday is now the day that this woman, along with Judge Kavanaugh will show up and testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And, if Democrats will remember one thing about this hearing it should be this. We are innocent in this country until PROVEN guilty. Not just thrown around with some Anita Hill accusation. If Ford has proof, bring it. If not, tell your sob story and head back to the land of fruits and nuts. Fade back into history as the flea you appear to be. Republicans on the committee won’t be so flippant about that, but I can be. I’m not running for political office.
Carry on world…you’re dismissed!