The Only Way To Deal With It

Democrats are still today, trying to figure out a way to funnel trillions of dollars into their pockets so they can “solve the climate change problem”. Of course, if you are sensible, if you have followed this scenario closely at all, you know as well as I do that the whole thing is a hoax.

No, there IS a climate change happening.

What’s not happening, and this isn’t according to my unscientific mind…it’s according to ecologist and former climate change champion, Michael Shellenberger, and a growing number of world scientists, it’s not being made by man. It’s totally cyclical.

If you go back into the history of this planet, there are several instances where the planet has entered ice ages, and have warmed to get out of those frozen periods. Each has taken tens of thousands of years. In fact, many scientists believer we are now coming out of the ice age that formed the Great Lakes many years ago. And if you go back that far and really look at it, you’ll realize the earth has a way of correcting itself. It wasn’t man at fault, because it was long before we came along. There were other incidents, including a meteor that supposedly ended the dinosaurs life on earth. That happened somewhere near what’s now Cancun, Mexico. There have been other things that have happened throughout the earth’s history that have either warmed or cooled the planet. None of it was caused by taking Jimmy to soccer and Jenny to dance class in your SUV. And this one isn’t either.

So, we have to go into this discussion with the postulate that what scientists claim is a “climate change” of catastrophic proportion is actually a computer simulation, nothing more. And there really isn’t anything man can do to change it. How are you going to throw money at a situation that you aren’t the cause of and have nothing, or at the very most, very little to do with? The answer is, you’re not.

Just like the “War on Poverty”, which has thrown over thirty trillion dollars into the trash, climate change is another leftist snowflake boondoggle. But I do have a solution.

We get the left, worldwide to agree to the following. You give us the date when we are going to see a cooling in the earth of an appreciable degree (open for negotiation), and get us back to where we were before all of this “warming” began. We give you the money you’re looking for to combat it. If on the date that you give us, the goal has been met, we have saved earth, and you are forever our heroes. However, if on that date, we haven’t met the goal, the left will cease and desist with all of their stupid wealth redistribution schemes and power grab attempts. They will also have to reimburse those people that have contributed to this scam and add 50% as a penalty. So, if this were applied to say the War On Poverty, then the Democrats would have to return to the American people some $45 trillion dollars. That means every man, woman and chld living in the US would get $128,572. And that money would be tax free and not come from any local, state, or federal government. It would come from the politicians and those that have back this crazy scheme. We would do the same thing with climate change.

Now, I’m not an idiot. First of all, the reason the left is asking for all of these concessions to our way of life is because they know they would never have to pay it back. Second, they’d never agree to those terms regardless. And therein lies my point. They are making all of this stuff up. We need to just tell them, “NO!” when they want to climb that mountain. And we need to take them out of positions of decision making power so they can’t continue to harm our economy the way they have for over 60 years.

I would go along with that program for climate change if they will. Somehow I doubt they’d buy into it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Manchin Kills Dems’ Plans

Joe Manchin is probably the most powerful Democrat on the face of the earth. He has single handedly killed off the Democrats’ plan to give Joe Biden a “green victory” before the midterm elections. And he did it in grand style.

Manchin announced the other day that he is not going to support the bill that Majority Leader, Chuckles Schumer has been working on for months. That not only included extended out the subsidies for Obamacare for two more years, and lower subscription drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid recipients (at the cost of not being able to actually get the drugs at any price). But Manchin said with a 9.1% inflation rate, the worst since Jimmy Carter, the country could not afford all of the energy and green new deal garbage that was strewn throughout the bill.

Thus the bill is technically dead as it stands.

Previously, Manchin’s refusal to back the bill meant that the paid family leave portion would be off the table. Citing the fact that people are struggling to pay for gasoline and food, Manchin’s position destroys any hopes of getting the whole package through Congress this term. The bill would have been introduced in the Senate as a “reconciliation bill” meaning it would only need 51 votes to pass, not the 60 votes most non-budget bills require. Without Manchin on board, the whole thing falls apart. Manchin killed a similar bill last December with help from Kyrstin Sinema (D-AZ) who also objected to the size of the bill. Sinema has stayed mum on the current negotiations.

So, unless the Democrats have a magic rabbit they can pull out of the hat between now and November, it is going to be obvious that Biden isn’t going to be able to do much, if anything at all, to tackle his Climate Change hoax. That’s good news for the country for one very simple reason.

The country has spent so much money on stimulus checks from COVID, and the extra $1.6 trillion infrastructure bill, which by the way, isn’t being used all that much for infrastructure in the first place, that inflation has soared to almost historic highs. The economy is in recession, and there are no plans coming from the White House how to fix any of it.

Currently, the president is in Saudi Arabia with his hat in his hand trying to get the Saudis, who wouldn’t even take a phone call from him earlier this year, to pump more oil. The response he is most assuredly going to get is that the US has all the oil it needs…pump it yourselves!

And in the meantime, Joe Manchin has reassured that he is going to be the Senator from West Virginia for as long as he wants!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Taking Over Your 401k

If you are working anywhere in corporate America, you probably were given as a perk a 401k that you can contribute to. Most employers also kick in a percentage as a match to what you put in the kitty. That amount is then invested somewhere, usually in mutual funds, and as you work it grows so you have money left for retirement. A part of that is about to change if Joe Biden has his way.

Last year, Biden signed an executive order calling for those that run the 401k’s to prioritize climate change concerns when deciding where you should invest your money.

Apparently, Biden doesn’t feel that it’s enough that he’s spending trillions of your taxpayer dollars trying to stop something that no scientist anywhere in the world can say with certainty is caused by humankind. Instead, he also wants to get into your retirement plan and make sure that you are investing in “green companies”.

Well, it’s not going so well. He issued the EO last spring, and nothing has been done to advance the proposed rule change. But it did get the notice of 24 states who are now telling Biden that they will fight him on it if he continues to push it. If Biden decides he wants to go through with the proposed change, almost half of the country will sue him over it, and you can bet it will once again, be headed to the Supreme Court.

Frankly, it’s not the government’s job to dictate to anyone where they should invest their money. If you want to invest in pot farms, then you have the legal right to do it in states that have legalized marijuana. If you want to invest in Tesla because they make electric vehicles (EV’s), then you have the right to do that. Where you put your money, and especially your retirement money is totally up to you (or at least it should be). But Democrats have this burr in their behinds about wanting to make sure your money is safe. That’s why they are so against taking Social Security money and investing it in the stock market. Well, that’s their reasoning anyway. The real reason they don’t want that is because they can’t raid that money whenever they want if it’s invested somewhere that is actually providing a decent return on investment.

And that is just the problem that is going to occur here.

Look, if you’re into the whole eco-green-climate warming change thing, fine. Enjoy. But don’t force me into doing something that frankly I don’t think we as human beings can do anything about. Earth has warmed and cooled for millions of years. It’s been doing it long before man set foot on the planet, and it’s done so without man helping or hurting the planet. It’s just what the earth does. That’s why we have the Great Lakes. We have them because we had an ice age millions of years ago, and when that melted, voila! We ended up with Great Lakes dug and filled thanks to…wait for it…global warming!

But that doesn’t mean I want to invest in a company that is trying to keep the earth’s temperature at a certain level. First of all, how are you going to do that? Second, what are you going to do if you ban all of the cars, and the planes, and the cows that fart, and the temperature still goes up? You’re going to look like a fool, that’s what. That’s one reason why former eco-terrorist, and leading climate change activist, Michael Shellenbarger has come out and apologized that he was wrong about climate change. It ain’t something we can do anything about. So, if that’s true (and no one has disputed that), then you have a situation where you’re investing your retirement future into something that probably isn’t going to give you any return on your money…only a loss. If that’s the case, do me a favor. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll tell you where to send the money…I’ll keep it nice and safe for you. You won’t make any more money than you would sending it to some green company, but at least you’ll make me happy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Rough First Day!

First days on the job are always tough. You’re never sure what to expect. You’re not sure what pitfalls are out there, and no one is going to stop what is going on in their work lives to bail you out of a jam all of the time. It’s a tough thing to be sure, and the only way around it is to put your head down and bull through it.

And that’s the type of day that Karine Jean-Pierre had Monday.

Jean-Pierre took over the job as Press Secretary from Jen “Circle Back” Psaki, who’s moving over to MSNBC. And she was greeted by Peter Doocy from Fox News with an incredibly difficult question for a socialist to answer. Doocy posed the question, “How does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food for everyday Americans?” He was asking because Joe Biden tweeted that the best way to deal with the inflation problem was to make sure that the “wealthiest corporations pay their fair share”.

Well, Karine had a problem with that one. Her rambling response included, “So, look…I think we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change, to support a fairer tax code that doesn’t change…doesn’t charge manufacturers, workers, cops, builders, a higher percentage of their earnings.”


First of all, can anyone tell me what in hell “climate change” has to do with the inflation rate? It has absolutely nothing to do with it other than to once again, foist blame on someone other than Joe Biden for the mess that he got us into with his overspending.

Now, it wasn’t just Jean-Pierre’s response that was very rambling and disjointed. Did anyone also realize the fact she was reading her answer? If you look back at that quote, she said, “a fairer tax code that doesn’t change….doesn’t charge…”. She mis-read the word “charge”. She had her book open to the answer and was directly reading from it, looking down to her left.

Now, I get it that the first day is usually a bad day because you’re the new kid and don’t understand everything yet. But let’s face it. Jean-Pierre just wasn’t prepared to face Doocy. She sat in several times when Doocy sparred with Psaki. She should have known it was coming. In fact, she HAD to know it was coming because she had her answer written out! She read the answer. And it was a terrible answer.

I used to host those weekend shows on talk stations that basically are paid for infomercials. I would sell the time to clients, and then sit in and co-host the show with them if they wanted. And I always told them that the first show they would do would be the worst show they would ever do. And it always was. But you would expect that at this level of government, you’re going to at the very least get someone who is prepared to meet with the press, and be able to cognitively answer their questions without reading the answer. Let’s just hope she gets better! So far, I’m not impressed!

Can The Senate Pass Anything?

Of course they can. The problem is the Democrats that run the Senate have learned over the last year that they have been doing it all wrong. I think they’re starting to realize that.

The Senate is supposed to be a deliberative body. They are the part of Congress that doesn’t rush into things. Hence, the filibuster. Hence the fact that it takes so many votes (60) to cut off debate. And the current rulers of the Senate seemed to forget that even when you have the Vice President there breaking tie votes in a 50/50 Senate, you’re going to need to work across the aisle. That’s something the Democrats have been unwilling to do this past 16 months.

They’re learning they need to do that or they are going to continue running into brick walls. The Dems are realizing very quickly they really haven’t done much of anything since taking over with a 50/50 split. Reconciliation is in limbo because most of what the Dems want to pass, immigration reform, election reform, and climate change legislation isn’t going to fly with the folks sitting across the aisle with them. And unlike in the House, where Pelosi can ram it down the Republican’s throats, Chuckles Schumer can’t do that. Or at least it’s starting to look like he’s learning that lesson.

Democrats need to pass what they feel is real legislation with teeth. The bad thing for them is the Republicans have been solidly in opposition because Democrats don’t want to include the GOP in any discussions. And then you’ve got the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema that have come out against a few of the signature Biden bills, and oops. Nothing gets done. They don’t even have the votes to pass the easiest bills by themselves.

Democrats need to learn that they can’t just ram the bills through like they do in the House. They need to negotiate. They need to compromise. They need to realize that what passes in the House isn’t going to pass in the Senate. Either they reach a compromise and get half a loaf, or they’ll go hungry. They haven’t realized this so far, and it’s a little late in the game to want to change strategies. I mean, it’s May! They’ve got about six months before the midterms. And they’ve got all the recesses and holidays ahead of them to force them into a corner.

The question is, can the Democrats convince upwards of 12 Republicans to switch their tune? Of course they can get Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney, the three biggest RINO’s in the party to switch. That’s not the problem. With Manchin and Sinema voting with Republicans on a lot of the key issues, where are the other nine votes coming from? The answer is, they ain’t coming unless you compromise and get rid of stuff. You’re going to have to come up with a way to shut down the illegals pouring into the country. You’re going to have to shut down mail-in ballots that magically appear two days after all the votes have been counted. You’re going to have to realize that Green New Deal and climate change legislation is pretty much a non-starter.

And my answer is, I have no faith in the Democrats who have wanted to rule with an iron fist to be able to do any of that. They enjoy swinging the hammer. And it’s going to get them one thing. A seat on the back bench where they can sit quietly or bitch to the heavens that life just isn’t fair. The thing to remember is, they brought it on themselves.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So, How Out Of Touch IS Biden?

Let’s be clear right out of the gate here. I’m not going to talk about how Biden can’t remember his middle name, or who he’s married to. I’m talking simply about his policies here, and how they mesh with the feelings of the country.

Now, having said that, I’m fully aware that polls are really the evil genius behind the curtain in our country at the moment. The politicians that follow them and change their direction like a wind chime in a hurricane are useless. They never vote their convictions. In fact, most politicians don’t even have convictions any more. Which is one reason I LOVE people like my Senator, Krysten Sinema, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. They at the very least do have conviction and stick to it. I admire that.

So, here we go. Joe Biden wants to spend trillions of dollars on a bunch of stuff. What kind of stuff? Things like climate change, critical race theory, what should be taught at school versus what should be taught at home. He wants to spend money like crazy…do Americans agree or disagree with him on that?

Well, let’s look. As far as climate change, while about 40% say it’s a big, big deal, almost 60% say that climate change isn’t going to effect their lives in any way during their lifetime. Now, that’s coming from the unwashed masses that don’t have much in the way of unbiased education. It’s been more like indoctrination you’d find in China.

How about another topic? 52% of Americans now feel they disagree with the overall spending of $3.5 trillion, and don’t want Congress to pass the spending bill. That’s a majority that feels we are spending too much, and that they want to see us cut social spending to get our budget back in line, and they blame the inflation rate (now hovering around 5.6% for the month) as the culprit. That’s gotta be a slap in the face to Jokin’ Joe.

Need more proof? 81% of whites, 81% of blacks, and 87% of Hispanics believe that the best place for kids to learn to take pride in their ethnic or racial identity is at home. That means they don’t want ethnic or racial identity to be taught in schools. So much for critical race theory! Not only that, 70% of whites, 69% of blacks, and 70% of Hispanic think the schools these days pay too much attention to the differences between ethnic and racial groups and not enough to what they have in common. Again, that flies in the face of critical race theory. 85% of whites, 84% of blacks, and 78% of Hispanics will go a little further saying it is absolutely essential for public schools to teach kids… that whatever their ethnic or racial background, they are all part of one nation.

Oh, but there’s more! A recent poll found that 80% of respondents opposed using classrooms to promote political activism, 74% opposed teaching that white people are inherently privileged and people of color are inherently oppressed, and 69% opposed schools teaching that America was founded on racism and is structurally racist.

OK, let’s move on from schools. Joe Biden campaigned last year that he could “unite a divided America”. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans have lost faith in him. 64% of the country says we are more divided now than we were under Donald Trump. Only 11% think Biden has kept his promise on this one.

Let’s look at immigration. Rasmussen Reports does a weekly index on the subject. They likened 100 as the baseline number that says the laws are right in line with where they should be. If they are over 100, it means that we need looser immigration laws, and below 100 means we need tighter immigration laws. Currently, for the week of September 27-30, the Rasmussen Reports index dropped from 89.6 to 88.9, a drop of 7/10 of a point in just one week. That means Americans don’t feel Biden is doing enough to keep illegals out of the country, and they want to see more done to tighten immigration policies. That flies in the face of Biden’s open door policy on our southern border.

Do any of these polls mesh with Joe Biden’s view of America? I’d say it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, educated or not. Most Americans don’t view the programs Joe Biden is touting as anything that we need to be doing. Here we have a guy that says he can bring people together, but what he’s actually doing is tearing the country apart with his ideas. That in my world is a very dangerous man.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But What Can I Do About It?

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with a rather damning report on the state of “climate change” the other day, and it has all sorts of people who buy into that sort of thing wondering what they can do about it as individuals. I have the answer for them.

Not a damn thing.

See, the UNIPCC has made one giant mistake in their report which declared a “code red for humanity” because of climate change. That mistake was so huge, it basically destroys the credibility of the rest of the report. It blamed climate change on human activity. That’s a totally false premise.

Now, before the eco-terrorists out there get all lathered up, let me explain. I’m not saying that humans polluting the earth aren’t causing damage to it. I’m a firm believer that our Creator has given us this world, and we are the stewards of it. We need to take care of it and protect it from any harm we may do. We need to make sure we have clean water to drink, fresh clean air to breath, and a world that is like we found it. But we need to realize something else.

We aren’t the only reason there is climate change. In fact, we’re not much of a reason for it. Climate changes. That’s what the whole definition of “climate” is. And climate on Earth has changed for billions of years. We have had ice ages, we have thawed out of those ice ages. The Great Lakes, the Great Salt Lake in Utah, were created by thawing ice. Mankind wasn’t around back then when it froze, or when it thawed. There were no jets, no SUV’s, no factories, no pollution caused by man. So how did climate change back then?

No honorable scientist has been able to come up with a cogent answer to that one. They want us to believe that if we don’t stop driving cars, and flying in jets, and we need to get rid of those damn cows that fart all day long, we’re not long for this world. They’ve been saying that for decades. We’re still here. If you would have listened to these eco-terrorists back in the 1970’s and 1980’s they said by the year 2000 we’d be dead. Earth would cease to exist. They said that the polar ice caps would melt, and cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles would be nothing more than ocean Arizona would be the new ocean-front property. And they were dead wrong.

The actual truth is, the Earth can take care of itself. It’s not an excuse to pollute. It’s not a reason to poison the water or the air with chemicals that can not only kill us, but every living creature here. But the actual truth, as outlined by former eco-terrorist, and former climate change activist, Michael Shellenberger is that mankind isn’t at fault here. So why the cry from scientists?

Follow the money.

Where do the scientists get the cash to conduct their research? How do they make a living? Most of them get it from governments who give them grants to do their research. And what happens if these same scientists show up with research that counters what the governments want to show? They lose those grants. They lose their money. They are ostracized from their community. And why do governments do this in the first place?


If a government can keep you from traveling, and keep you from enjoying the God-given freedoms that you have been handed, not by governments, but by God Himself, they have more power and more control over you. THAT is the actual truth.

So, put this report from the UN exactly where it belongs…in the recycling bin. They killed more trees publishing this report than the entirety of the United Nations ever planted. They should be ashamed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Or Is It?

Well, can you believe this? Yesterday’s blog focused in on what Joe Biden said was the biggest threat to America. Remember? It was “white supremacy”. Apparently, Joe is ready to walk that back already? He said that was what members of the intelligence community told him.

Well, on Wednesday of this past week, Ol’ Joe was speaking to members of the military. Here’s what he had to say:

“When I went over to the tank in the Pentagon when I was first was elected vice president with President Obama, the military sat us down and let us know what the greatest threats facing America were, the greatest physical threats,” he said. “This is not a joke. You know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest physical threat facing America was? Global warming. 

“There will be significant population movements, fights over land, millions of people leaving places because they’re literally sinking below the sea in Indonesia, because of the fights over what is arable land anymore.”

I get it that Joe sometimes doesn’t know where he is, or who he’s speaking to, or what he’s speaking about. But this is supposed to be the “greatest threat facing America”! I mean, c’mon, already!

Here’s the problem. Democrats in general, and Biden in particular have all come together to fill our heads with these threats because they know if they say, “Oh, we’re killing polar bears because we’re heating up the earth’s atmosphere”, no one will listen. If they tell us what noted environmentalist and former climate change guru, Michael Shellenberger has said, which is basically that there is no man-made global warming or climate change, we basically will go on driving little Jimmy to soccer practice and little Jenny to her dance lessons in that nasty old SUV. More on that later. So, the threats keep getting greater and greater, and more and more dire. It gets to the point where we realize that the sky really isn’t falling, and Chicken Little was just a Democrat.

Apparently, America isn’t buying it. That’s because if you go back and look over the last 10 years (with the exception of last year because of COVID), SUV and truck sales in this country have skyrocketed. No one listens to people like this Greta character in Norway, or Al Gore, or now, Joe Biden.

Our greatest threat isn’t white supremacy. It isn’t black lives matter. It isn’t climate change (which is natural and we can’t do a damn thing about). Our biggest threat today is Russia and China, and Iran and North Korea. Our biggest threat domestically are liberal snowflakes that are upset over every little thing, and think that they know better than anyone else about every topic in the world. It’s people like Nancy Pelosi who screams that we should follow the science, until the science shows that she’s been wrong all these years. Then she conveniently moves on to another topic.

As for Joe Biden, isn’t it about time for him to be led back into his basement?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Final Infrastructure Bill No Where Near Biden’s Wish List

When Joe Biden released his wish list infrastructure bill, it included $2.3 trillion in new spending. While that figure is huge, and really a budget buster, it wasn’t the problem. The main problem came in as to how Biden was defining the word “infrastructure”. And while the House of Representatives would pass anything sent to it from the White House, pretty much along party lines, the Senate is a different story.

Republicans have been meeting with Biden, telling him that $2.3 trillions wasn’t going to fly. Especially when only 5% of the spending was going to go toward actual infrastructure spending. You know…things like roads, bridges, airports, that sort of thing? Biden’s original plan had all sorts of stuff that ranged from Green New Deal efforts, to union kickbacks, and “jobs creation” that ballooned the figure beyond reason.

After the first few meetings, Biden’s team dropped the cost from $2.3 trillion down to $1.7 trillion. But it still had a huge amount of what was considered by many to be bloated pig fat. There were paybacks to Democrat cities who were near bankruptcy, there was all sorts of pork involving climate change spending, and just a little bit left over for what would be considered true “infrastructure”. The GOP still balked at that.

Republicans went ahead and proposed their own plan which was along the lines of between $500-600 billion. That left off all of the climate change, union kickback, and jobs creation stuff. Arguing that right now the problem isn’t jobs creation…there are so many unfilled jobs out there right now it doesn’t make sense. The problem is, after being paid not to work for a year, a lot of lower wage Americans want to continue down that road and don’t want to go back to work (apparently Oprah IS that exciting???). That figure didn’t fly with Biden.

So, the GOP is back again. They upped the ante to about $1 trillion utilizing already passed COVID relief money that doesn’t seem to be needed any longer. And they threw a few monkey wrenches at Biden as well. They kept the Trump tax cuts of 2017 in place. The Republican plan would focus more on actual infrastructure as is normally defined, cutting out a lot of fat…over 50% of the original Biden plan.

Biden now has a choice. He had a “target date” of Monday to get the deal done. But the two sides are still very far apart, and it doesn’t appear that they will get to the point that the bill will actually get passed by Monday, unless there is a miracle. And while miracles don’t usually happen in DC, they can get some things eventually done. This would be one example of Biden holding up a campaign promise of working across the aisle to achieve bi-partisan agreement.

What Biden seems to have failed to learn in 47 years in DC is something very simple…and something Democrats are expert at. It’s called incrementalism. Don’t go for the major bill that’s 10,000 pages long. Pass something small now, and add to it up the road in small chunks. I always liken it to the seat belt laws that are basically in place pretty much everywhere. When automakers started putting seat belts in cars back in the 1960’s, they weren’t used very much. People hated the lack of mobility. Then they passed a law that said you had to have a seat belt on, but police couldn’t stop you for that. It had to be for another type of violation. That went away and voila! Seat belts are now law pretty much everywhere. I think New Hampshire is the only state that doesn’t require you as an adult, to wear a seat belt.

Will there be an infrastructure bill this term? Yeah, probably. And yes, our kids and grandkids will be paying the price for neglecting our infrastructure over the decades. But at least it will have more to do with actual infrastructure, and less to do with climate change and jobs!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Convenient Science

I’ve said about two million times that I’m a guy that believes in consistency. If you believe one way, I’m fine with that. Just make sure that when the same situation crops up, but happens to the other party, or in another situation, you use the same logic. Let’s look at a recent example.

Nancy Pelosi, admittedly not a mental giant, has screamed along with the uber leftists like Al Gore and AOC (again, not people with high intelligence quotients) that they want us to believe “the science” when it comes to “climate global change warming” or whatever they’ve decided to call it this week.

They’ve been at this for decades. In fact, it’s been so long that a lot of the computer models that they dragged out in the 1980s and 1990s are no longer accurate because we’re all supposed to be underwater by now. But that being said, Democrats were screaming for us to “believe the science”. Of course, when people like Michael Shellenberger, who championed climate change for 20 years, came out and said that he was sorry…it was all a hoax, they villified him.

Well, if we are supposed to believe the science on climate change, why aren’t we supposed to believe the science when it comes to COVID-19? Why is it that when the CDC, the NIH, and all of the best known minds in medicine say that it’s ok to open schools back up this fall, we hear from the left that it’s not a good idea? Why are they screaming at us to keep things closed down if “science” is telling us it’s ok?

The reason is simple.

The reason is because they don’t want the economy to grow. They want everybody indoors so they can foist a mail-in campaign this fall rather than have you get off your couch and go to a polling place. They want everyone, including kids to shelter in place because they know a dumbed down society is a lot easier to control than an intelligent society that questions motives.

And that is frankly, why they are inconsistent. My problem with politicians on both sides of the aisle, but more likely Democrats is, they are exceedingly inconsistent. They screeched about how during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, there didn’t need to be witnesses. Yet when the shoe was on the other foot and Donald Trump was impeached, it was a sham because they didn’t have witnesses. They do this all the time.

Nancy Pelosi back in the first week of February wants to call Donald Trump a racist for not allowing flights into this country from China, and yet, when it’s proven by science that the move probably save countless lives. She goes on to invite people the first week of February to come to Chinatown in San Francisco (if you can avoid stepping in human feces and used drug needles), and party down. Yet, she rails against Donald Trump for not shutting things down soon enough (he started shutting things down in January). Gil Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, even allowed the LA Marathon to be run on March 6th. And Joe Biden, who has repeatedly criticized the Trump administration on not shutting down soon enough, was campaigning until the second week in March! Major League Baseball shut down before Biden did!

No, if we’re going to be asked to go along with “science”, which as Shellenberger has told us is a hoax and a power grab for the left, shouldn’t we believe “science” when the CDC, the National Institute of Health, and every credible medical mind in the country says it’s ok to open the schools this fall?

Or are we to believe Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are more credible?

Just sayin’.

Oh, and don’t forget…I release to the world, almost a full week before Biden does, his pick to be his Vice Presidential running mate. And yes… you’re going to be surprised. It happens tomorrow!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!