In Case You Missed It…

“It” happened last Friday morning. “It” was actually something that is more serious than inflation. It’s more serious than immigration reform (that’s saying a LOT coming from me!), and it’s more serious than fixing the southern border.

“It” is the debt ceiling.

And in case you missed it, the federal government hit the latest debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion. That means that technically, the US Government can’t be spending any more money, or at the very least incurring any more debt. Now, since we are borrowing money just to pay the interest on the $31.4 trillion that’s out there in debt, you have to realize that unless some shenanigans are pulled, we are going to be defaulting on the debt.

That has never happened.

But this time, I think there is the possibility, even though Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell says it won’t. Mitch isn’t in the House, where Republicans are holding the line on increasing the debt ceiling. Democrats would love nothing better than to do away with the debt ceiling all together. And Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen is trying her best to play games with the debt so that the government can continue to function…at least until June. After that, it all gets shut down. And of course, the White House is refusing to negotiate on the debt ceiling. They want a “clean bill” meaning it only deals with raising the debt ceiling. It doesn’t cut spending or put any limits on the government’s programs.

Now, I am not a fan of defaulting on debt of any kind. I pay my bills, and my debt, and the US Government should be no different. But it has to be done with something I don’t think we’ve seen from the US Government in a very long time. It has to be done with responsibility. And as always, I have a way around this.

First and foremost, the government needs to go through each and every item in the current budget, and carve out every single thing that doesn’t do one of three things. It needs to uphold previous promises made to the American public (so Social Security and Medicare are safe for seniors…but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money from it). All social programs like welfare, federal unemployment, needs to be examined and possibly cut. That will save some money, but not enough.

Next you need to look at the spurious grants that are given out to universities and colleges to do “research”. Do we really need to know about the sex life of the yellow-breasted tit willow? Probably not. We waste a lot of money each year on such studies, and frankly, they could probably get corporations to come to bat for them instead. Then we need to look at all of the money we are spending on foreign aid. It’s not that much, really. Last year, we spent a grand total of $47.2 billion on foreign aid. But every little bit helps.

After we’ve pared a bunch from the current budget, we need to focus spending on a few critical areas. The government needs to maintain an army. The government needs to maintain infrastructure. And the government needs to maintain a money supply. Other than that, governments have a tendency to get involved with a lot of stuff they don’t need to do, or that businesses can do more efficiently. The rest needs to go. That means if you don’t fall into one of those categories, we can slice it from the budget and get rid of the department or agency that oversees it. That in and of itself will save trillions!

Now we come to what will be the hard part. You cannot spend any more money on anything other than those three areas, unless you first take money away from a program that spends an equal amount. So, if you want to study the yellow breasted tit willow, fine. Just figure out a program you want to cut. And we get rid of the ever increasing budget items. No longer do things continue to grow each year because of inflation. Every three to five years, anyone getting federal money for a program needs to put together their reason why they need to keep getting money. It’s that simple.

I didn’t say this wouldn’t be painful. It will be. It’ll hurt worse than pretty much anything we’ve ever gone through including the Great Depression. But do you want to pony up the $94,000 per person that the Congress has put us into debt over? That’s why you owe. If you have a family of four, it’s almost $400,000 you need to pay to get rid of the debt. It’s out of control. And we can’t keep spending like that.

So, until we get the budget under control, and until we cut most of the social programs out there, we don’t increase the debt ceiling. Maybe that means we default short-term. But get the house in order first. That’s the important thing. And one more thing we need to do…pass a balanced budget amendment so we don’t ever have to find ourselves in this mess ever again. It’s only common sense!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden FINALLY To Head To The Border

Joe Biden FINALLY realized the his border crisis isn’t going to go away on it’s own. As the emptying of Central America continues with millions of people from eight or nine countries continue to pour through Mexico in caravans to the US southern border, and then cross illegally into the United States, it has become a national embarrassment. Joe Biden has finally decided it’s time to act.

So, with thoughts on 2024, Biden has visited the southern border on Sunday, going to El Paso, during a visit with Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

It’s really a stunning reversal of policy for Biden. He has nonchalantly remarked that he’s been working on the details of a southern border visit for some time. But of course, we all know what’s been happening. As millions of illegals pour across the southern border, with only about 10% being returned to their home countries due to Title 42, the onslaught has caused Republican Governors in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, and now Colorado’s Democrat Governor to send the illegals to various blue states, concentrating on Washington, DC, New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago, all of whom have professed themselves to be “sanctuary cities”.

The real question is why Biden chose El Paso. Remember, when K-baby Harris went to the border, she visited the Border Patrol station in El Paso. Back then, El Paso was pretty tame. Now, with the latest surge of illegals coming across, no entry point into this country is safe. Biden got an eye opening experience.

My hunch is that Biden won’t take any of the blame for this debacle himself. He’ll blame Congress for not passing comprehensive immigration reform. And to a degree he’s right. Congress needs to do something, and they have kicked the can down the road repeatedly. Democrats blame Republicans, but yet, Democrats held sway in both houses of Congress over the past two years and nothing got passed. Republicans blame Democrats, but they are just as much to blame. Donald Trump had stemmed the flow of illegals with the border wall and the “Stay In Mexico” policy, but Congress could have passed something. Instead they balked.

What needs to happen is that there has to be a break in the logjam somewhere. Biden needs to do whatever he legally can do to stop the flow of illegals. And he can do plenty, as we saw with Trump. He can continue to build the border wall. He can keep the illegals on the Mexican side of the border until their immigration hearings. He can hire not 87,000 new IRS agents, but 87,000 new Border Patrol agents, and judges to hear the cases. That way he can make swift decisions and deport those that are seeking asylum without really needing it.

Biden’s plan, as he outlined last Thursday is to bring technology into the game. What the illegals are supposed to do now is take out their smartphones (they are dirt poor, but have smartphones?) and use an app to signal the Homeland Security folks that they want asylum. They then will get a decision as to whether or not they have been granted a hearing. If they have, they FLY to the United States, and present themselves to customs. Then they are supposed to have a hearing. On the surface it sounds like a nice band-aid, but only if Homeland Security only allows a few through in this manner. The current plan is to allow 30,000 a month from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Nothing said about people from other countries.

There has to be some sort of solution to the problem of total chaos. It’s gotten to the point that Biden’s inaction has caused the whole problem to border on such seriousness that we may never be able to fix the border problem. If that’s the case, you’re going to see not only Governors sending busloads of illegals to other parts of the country, but you’re going to see citizens of those border states start to take matters into their own hands. And that would not be very good.

Think of it for a minute. You’ve got ranchers and farmers all along the border from California to Texas that have illegals trespassing on their property, and even breaking into their homes looking for food. What if those people decided to arm themselves against the illegals. You know, here in Arizona, we have a law that says if someone breaks into your home, you have the right to shoot to kill to protect your property. When the dead bodies of illegals that get shot by ordinary citizens starts to pile up, you’re going to have to see Congress and the President start to get involved and take this crisis more seriously. Either that, or it will be all out war.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s 2023?

If I’m Joe Biden, and I’m looking down the road, I’m not so sure I want 2022 to end. Oh, it’s not been the best year ever for the guy, I’m sure, but when I look at what’s ahead for 2023? He’s gotta be wondering if he can spend the year in the basement of the White House!

Biden’s 2023 is going to be an absolute mess when you think of it.

He’s got the border issue that is rapidly blooming into one of the biggest catastrophes that Washington has ever had to deal with. Immigration reform needs to be done. And in order to do that, the border has to be secured. Not “Biden secured”. Really secured. The 87,000 IRS agents that are supposed to be hired to come and audit you and me quicker, need to be trained on how to go to the border and keep illegals out. And folks, they ARE illegals. They may not have documentation, but they ARE illegal. Can we get that straight moving forward?

There is the problem with the inflation rate, which they just announced last week was at 7.1% over the last 12 months. Yes, it’s coming down. That’s not the point. It shouldn’t have been allowed to go that high in the first place. And don’t believe the BS coming from Karine Jean Pierre that it’s all because of Vladimir Putin and Ukraine, or that it’s a world-wide problem. Yes, other countries have high inflation rates too, but that happens all the time. We don’t have high inflation rates traditionally. Usually our leaders know how to quell that animal.

And you’ve got the whole crime issue. Crime is out of control in major cities in this country. People are shooting people at will. If you’re not getting shot, you’re in danger of getting clubbed over the head with a baseball bat as happened in New York City last week. And can we lump the homeless problem in that? I mean, the homeless are both the victims and the perps in a lot of cases…and that problem isn’t going away anytime soon either.

What about the supply chain issues? What about Ukraine? How invested are we going to be in 2023 in Ukraine, and that leads to China. Is Biden strong enough to deal with the Chinese? I have my own theory about Russia and China. I think possibly Russia could be fighting Ukraine in order to wear down our military hardware so we won’t have it to fight China when they invade Taiwan. How is that mess going to end?

And speaking of Russia, let’s not forget we’ve got some people still over there. And Paul Whelan, that former Marine would like to come home soon. Any chance of that happening? Probably not if the UAE doesn’t get involved again!

And, what I want to know is how Biden is going to react to the latest news about the scientists that put together the first fusion fuel. That was a truly amazing event last week, and it could mean that if we can develop fusion for our vehicles, forget about charging stations! Forget about EV’s. Sorry Tesla. This would actually put us in “Back To The Future” mode. Is Biden going to embrace this newly discovered technology? Of course, we’re still at least a decade off from any appreciable applications!

So, Joe Biden has his plate full. And that’s not tackling any of the problems that he thinks is so near and dear to his heart. I just wonder at the tortoise pace that Washington DC works at, is this something Biden is going to take to accomplish over the next year?

And of course, I’ve left the biggest question for last…something to ponder about as we wrap those last few gifts for Christmas next week…will Biden truly work across the aisle with the Republicans in congress to get things done? Or will he do as Democrats in the House and Senate have done for the past few years and worry only about party, nothing about country? It’s worth asking about.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Kicking The Can

I think it was two months ago that Joe Biden first came up with the fact that his administration needed to get involved with the pending rail strike in this country that effected some 12 different unions. I remember him saying that he was set to help both sides come to an amicable agreement. We’re two months down the road, and there are still differences. Big differences. In fact, the Biden administration has admitted that they can’t solve the impass. So what’s Joe to do?

Kick the can to Congress and tell them it’s their problem now!

This is just like Biden. If you look over the last two years of his presidency, he has time and time again taken the real heavy lifting topics, like the rail strike, and kicked it to someone else so he wouldn’t do the lifting. After all, the guy is 80 years old now! He could easily throw out his back.

He first kicked a can K-baby Harris’ way on the southern border crisis. Of course, she’s been trying to find someone to kick the can to ever since. He kicked a can to Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg on the supply chain problem, which got in the way of Buttigieg’s personal vacation time and family leave time. Very little has been done there. He’s kicked a can to Europe when it came to the climate. Oh, I know he talks a good game, but he doesn’t follow through with it, allowing Chevron, as I said yesterday, to drill for oil in Venezuela. And it goes on and on. The man wants to be Teflon coated, but he’s not.

Biden originally said he was going to tackle this problem. Oops. Or did he. Well, he did, and according to his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre said time and time again that Biden was “personally involved” in the negotiations. That came as a surprise to Biden, who over the Thanksgiving weekend, while vacationing in Nantucket, said he had not personally gotten involved in the dispute at that point. Someone is missing some facts somewhere!

Now, Biden is kicking the can on the potential for a rail strike to Congress, telling a lame-duck session of the Legislative Body to come up with a solution. It’s not like they don’t already have enough on their plate with the budget running out on December 16th, and the debt ceiling about to be breached. And now Congress needs to act quickly to get this done by December 9th. And actually sooner because the rail lines will stop hauling hazardous material on December 5th. Of course, Congress is expected to start voting on this as early as today.

This is the latest example of the leadership style of a weak president. Are you telling me that someone like an Abraham Lincoln or a George Washington, or even an FDR would sit around and complain about not being able to get a deal on a rail strike and then kick it to Congress to do with less than a week to do it in? Biden’s had two months and couldn’t make progress. What makes anyone with a sense of honesty in their soul feel that Congress, that monolith body that takes forever to decide what to order for lunch can do in five days? Especially do so in a fair manner whereby both management and the unions get a fair shake. It’s upset the unions, and they aren’t sure they are going to be able to go along with it.

If the GOP isn’t busy already making commercials for 2024 highlighting the foolishness of this president, they are doomed to lose yet another election to the Democrats. If you’re telling me that the Republicans cannot find someone, ANYONE to defeat Joe Biden after the miserable two years he’s had and the mistakes he’s made, then we deserve to be a socialist country. Hell, you or I could run for president and defeat Joe Biden. I think the only person that says he’s a Republican that probably could and would lose to Biden is Donald Trump. But that’s the topic for yet another blog.

Both Republicans and Democrats on the Hill say that they can come together to solve this problem. And the problem is, is it going to be something that the unions and management will both agree to? Now to be sure, Congress can and has done this before. In fact, back in 1991, Congress voted to have union workers end a strike that had started just hours before and get back to work. So, this is nothing new for folks on the Hill. The problem for Biden is what that’s going to look like to the union heads, and will he still be the most union-friendly president in history? I think not.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

OK…Now What?

And that is the big question. The runup to the election is over. The election is what we all thought it would be. And now the GOP is going to be in charge of Congress and we are able to thwart Joe Biden’s uber-leftist-socialist spin on what “democracy” looks like. He’s had two years to screw up the country to the point it’s going to take a decade to correct. The man and his handlers have been nothing short of a wrecking machine to this country. And it’s criminal. But there is an outstanding question that haunts me.

What is the GOP going to do about it?

Oh, I’ve heard all sorts of rumors of what’s coming next year. I’m sure you have too. Hunter Biden is going to be spending a lot of time in Committee Hearing rooms over the course of the next two years (as well as a court room eventually???). Joe Biden swears he’s going to be impeached. The whole “Inflation Reduction bill” is going to be overturned. There will be all sorts of non-funding of departments that decide not to do anything about the border crisis. Police departments are going to be fully funded or else. And it goes on and on and on.

But the problems are there. And frankly, I can’t see a lot of that happening. Hunter Biden hearings? Yeah. That most certainly will happen. will Christopher Wray still be in charge of the FBI? Most likely. And I can’t see that they are going to impeach Merrick Garland as Attorney General, though he will be spending an inordinate time on Capitol Hill over the next couple of years. As for Joe Biden being impeached, it would be the absolute wrong move. Do you really want K-baby Harris to be the Commander in Chief? That thought is enough to scare the most ardent liberal!

So, what is the GOP going to do? They don’t have a veto-proof majority in either chamber. They can’t just run roughshod over what Biden wants, though they can block it, they can’t change what’s already been done until 2025.

They can play referee and make sure that Biden behaves himself. They can turn down any request to spend money on crappy ideas like climate change. According to, it would take between $300 billion and $50 TRILLION to do anything about climate change. I doubt even that would work…because as I’ve said hundreds of times, the Earth has cycles and is following them. It followed them long before we appeared. It will continue to follow them long after we are gone. We aren’t big enough, strong enough or smart enough to change those cycles. We are stupid enough to spend money on stuff like climate change that will do absolutely no good. Joe Biden is proof of that!

Other than that, as I look to the future, I see next year’s Congress doing what every split party government has done over the course of the past fifty years…very little of anything gets done. And in 2024, Democrats will bemoan that the GOP has cost them everything in the way of momentum that they supposedly added. Republicans will claim that the Democrats’ wreckless spending habits have been curtailed and the US needs to elect a Republican president who can fix all of the Biden faux pas we’ve seen in the past two years.

We’ve taken the correct first step. We need to finish it. I doubt we’re ever going to totally erase socialist idiots from Congress. The Bernie Sanders’ of the world will always be there in one form or another. But we need to make sure that they never get the power they have enjoyed over the past 20 months. That would indeed ruin the democracy as we know it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Democrats are scurrying. Not the rank and file Dems that are your neighbors. I’m talking about the do-nothing Democrats (when they do something, it’s usually the wrong thing!) in Congress. Realizing they are less than two months away from midterm elections that still don’t bode well for their party, Democrats in the House and Senate are trying desperately to do SOMETHING before November 8th.

But it ain’t gonna be easy.

See, in order to get Joe Manchin on his side for the big trillion dollar budget busting spending bill Congress passed (I think they called it “Inflation Reduction”?) Chuckles Schumer had to agree to a side deal. That was that the fossil fuel industry was going to get some sweetheart deals going forward. Of course, that is included as part of the federal budget bill that has yet to pass Congress. But that throws a wrinkle into the whole process because people like Lizzy Warren and Bernie Sanders are totally against the deal. Worse yet, there are 70 Democrats in the House that say they won’t vote for the budget if Manchin’s deal is included. They don’t have a 70 vote margin! It won’t even pass the House!

So, what happens if Manchin gets screwed and the federal budget doesn’t pass because they don’t have 50 Democrats to vote for it (without Sanders and Warren)? Does Manchin get fed up and join the Republicans (which would give them a majority and totally throw the last month into chaos)? It would be interesting.

But Democrats can’t afford to be blamed for a government shutdown at the end of this month. That would put the brakes on any “wins” they think they’ve had this past summer.

That is the most pressing issue Dems face leading up to the midterms, but they want more. They want a “Defense of Marriage” act that basically codifies what has already been passed as a federal law. Interestingly enough, Congress is worried because of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling by the Supreme Court that ended the federal law with abortion rights. The reasoning here is that it’s a states-rights issue and that states can decide whether or not same sex marriage is legal in their state. But the difference is huge. One is a procedure. The other is a “binding contract” between two parties. I don’t know how you could be recognized in California as a married couple, but not in Ohio (which is the case). A lot of states don’t recognize same sex marriage today, some even have it in their state’s constitution that it’s banned!

The House is still considering a “robust public safety package”. It’s basically a walk-back of the Democrats’ “defund the police” movement. It was supposed to go for a vote in July, but Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the votes (and still doesn’t).

Then there is the ubiquitous assault weapons ban that keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Doubtful that will even come up before the midterms.

Dems are hoping that they can do something besides pass a federal budget bill before the midterms. However that could very well be too little too late. Most people seem to already have made up their minds. Only the independents are making up theirs now, and that’s what causing the races around the country to be tightening. The big question is, will it be enough?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s The Dem’s Playbook

You’re starting to see the Democrats’ playbook when dealing with the situation that they are in. Joe Biden has taken the cue from his handlers, and is bashing the “MAGA Republicans” as being a “threat to democracy”. But what you won’t see is Biden, or anybody on the left bashing the BLM and Antifa crowd for the billions upon billions of dollars and countless lives that were wasted in their riots just a couple of years ago. That’s out of bounds. And there is a simple reason for this harsh rhetoric Biden is spewing.

He is terrified of what’s coming in November.

The greatest human emotion, according to Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is fear. Fear drives us more than anything else. If we are faced with fight or flight, we will either cower and run, or we will fight like a tiger that’s been cornered. And that is exactly what is going on with Biden right now. He’s scared.

And of course he should be. Should the absolute worst case scenario happen to him and the GOP takes back both the House and the Senate, his term as president is, for the most part, over. He won’t be able to pass a bill, nominate any judge that he wants for the federal bench, he won’t be able to pass any more of his agenda, and his spending spree has the tap turned off. You can’t use executive orders for everything in our federal government, and Joe has learned that.

And he realizes very clearly that a) he is wildly unpopular and no one wants him to succeed at this point, even members of his own party, and b) he can’t continue funding his current, already-passed agenda unless he is able to control at least one of the houses of Congress, most likely the Senate. If Biden still controls the Senate at least he can nominate liberal judges and appointments. If the Republicans hold sway in the upper chamber, he can’t do that. He’s going to have to send up moderates at best. And if the GOP gets really power hungry, they can just shut down everything he sends up including budgets.

Now, I’ve written about, and you’ve probably heard rumors that one of the things the GOP is going to do if they win back the House is to impeach him for the whole Hunter Biden stuff. He can also be impeached for several things he’s done since coming into office, like the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan, and the terrible results he’s received on the southern border (violating federal law on that one!)

I doubt seriously that the GOP really wants to go through an impeachment. What they should do if they get control of Congress is flood the White House with bills to fix immigration, fix the southern border, stop spending money by putting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution out there, and slow inflation to the trickle Donald Trump had it at. That would be the best thing the GOP could do, rather than hold hearings on stuff the people don’t care about. You want to stay in power? Fix what’s wrong with this country!

And Joe Biden will be cowering under his bed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Here’s Why Biden’s Student Loan Bailout Is Illegal.

You would figure that Democrats would have learned by now. It’s not a matter of whether or not a student loan forgiveness program would be a good thing. I think most people are in the camp that this isn’t good. We’re teaching our kids (and those that are now adults) that it’s okay to backout of a deal like a loan without any consequences. You don’t have to worry because Uncle Sam will come to your rescue.

Except to do it the way Joe Biden did it isn’t going to work.

My hunch is, if it hasn’t happened already, there will be lawsuits filed that block his executive order to forgive $10,000 to up to $20,000 (for Pell grants) for any person with a student loan so long as their income is under $125,000 ($250,000 per married couple). The reason for that is simple. All you have to do is look at Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

In a nutshell, that sentence says it all. If the White House is going to shift the payment of the student loan debt to the United States’ taxpayers, and do so by an executive order, it is illegal. Only Congress has the power to “lay and collect taxes”. The mere fact that Biden issued an executive order transferring $10,000 per eligible student to the taxpayers breaches Congress’ role to lay and collect taxes. The Executive Branch cannot do that.

It will make it’s way to the Supreme Court long before any student anywhere receives dollar one off of their student loan. And since Biden has continued the repayment holiday until the end of this year, it’s very likely that the lawsuits will be filed and most likely a temporary injunction issued prohibiting Biden from moving forward on this until the case is settled. That’ll probably happen at the Supreme Court level and may not make their docket this year.

More and more Democrats are having buyer’s remorse when it comes to this plan of Biden’s. They originally were all for the idea until it sunk in that it WILL be inflationary, and it WILL cause harm to the economy. Not only that, but there are several independent and non-partisan accounting groups who have run the numbers and say the $300 billion that Biden has proposed is actually going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 to $900 billion because the administration under-played the number of people that they felt would be applying to have their loans forgiven.

Even liberal bastions like CNN and MSNBC are starting to question the legitimacy of this program, and the intelligence behind it. Of course it stems from Joe’s campaign promise, but didn’t he also promise that taxes wouldn’t be raised on anyone making less than $400,000 a year? And then that was revised to be $400,000 per household. Still, this E.O. will hit every American, regardless what that babbling idiot, Karine Jean-Pierre says as she stumbles through yet another Peter Doocy question!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will It Really Matter?

I’ve always believed there are three types of people in this world. There are the winners. They are the ones that always seem to be on top. You can tell them by their swagger. They live in the mansions, drive the nice cars. These are the guys that you see taking private jets everywhere. It doesn’t matter what they touch, it turns to gold. They make up probably about 10% of the population, though not all of them are rich.

Then you’ve got the losers. They are the poor slugs that no matter what they do they just can’t catch a break. They’re the ones hit with the IRS audit after struggling to make $18,000 last year. They are the ones that get their car stolen when they just ran into the post office for 10 seconds. They are the ones that never have enough money scraped together to pay the minimum amount on their Visa bill. They could be the happiest people in the world, or the biggest complainers, but they always seem to be on the bottom. They also make up about 10% of the population.

Then you’ve got the rest of us. We have great days and days that just plain suck. Yes, we struggle at times with problems that life throws at us, but once in a while we get tossed a bone. This is where most of us are. About 80%. We’re never going to be living in a mansion, and we know it, but we really don’t care. We’ve accepted our role in society and are just happy to make it through the day. These folks are you and me for the most part. We comprise 80% of society.

Joe Biden probably falls into the 80% group. He’s had a hell of a presidency by anybody’s standards so far. Just getting to that point should be a crowning life achievement for anyone, but to get that far and then suck as bad as Biden has really has to be heart-breaking. At least until this past week.

Biden had a relatively good week or two recently. His approval numbers jumped a bit. He got about 25% of his Build Back Better plan through the Senate, and the House is going to follow later today. He finally got the COVID bug off his butt. And his FBI raided Donald Trump’s house.

But with all of that good stuff for Biden that’s been happening lately, I have one question.

Will it matter come November?

I mean, look, the Democrats have really created some monumental problems. There’s the inflation rate, which most people believe Biden and his Democrat cronies have created, regardless the amount of blame Joe wants to put on Vladimir Putin. There are the high gas prices, which yes, have come down about 65 cents after jumping up to $3 a gallon. There’s the recession that Democrats swear isn’t happening, but Harvard economists say is. Then you’ve still got the supply chain shortages that are plaguing us daily on the stores’ shelves. Crime is at an all time high, with perps feeling like even if they do get caught, no one is going to prosecute them. I watched a smash & grab in Queens on TV where a guy got buzzed into a jewelry store. He held the door open for three guys who came in with baseball bats and ended up taking over $2 million in diamonds in 46 seconds! And then there is the southern border problem. Oh, and the monkeypox crisis that is forming.

It seems like there still is a lot on the plate for someone to solve, and Democrats don’t have a clue how to fix any of it. So, will any of the “good” things that Democrats are crowing about actually matter in a few months when people go to the polls?

I don’t think so.

People tend to vote with their wallet. And while yes, the jobs numbers were double what the experts said they’d be, and Biden got a portion of his mega spending bill passed thanks to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema caving in at the last minute, it won’t matter. Inflation will still be here. The recession is still going to be hanging on. Crime hasn’t abated. You are still paying about $2 more for gas than you were under Trump. And people are streaming in through the southern border (and being shipped to New York City and Washington DC!). The problems we’ve had a year ago are still the problems we have today. Nothing has really changed, and it won’t by throwing money at it.

We need leaders. I’m not sure who they are or where they are, but they aren’t at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and they’re not on Capitol Hill. That much I know. I don’t know if they are Republican or Democrat, but I know that I haven’t seen too many step up to the plate in the primaries this year. At least not enough to make a difference.

And no…I’m not sure Donald Trump is the answer either. I think it’s terrible the way the left is treating him, but I also am starting to believe that his time in the sun is about over. It’s time for someone else, maybe with the same mindset, but a different name to step up and contribute. And it’s WAY too early to tell you who that is. I just don’t know yet.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

We Are OFFICIALLY In A Recession!

And I’m not at all happy about it. Word came out today that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fell by 0.9% in the second quarter. Coupled with the 1.6% drop in first quarter, we are now officially in a recession.

Now, if you listen to the White House, the FED, the mainstream snowflake media, you’re going to hear that’s not really true at all. For decades the “official” definition of recession has been “two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the GDP.” That’s what we just got. So, to try and redefine what a recession is, just because it’s a Democrat in the White House, midterms are coming up and there is no other good economic news out there doesn’t fly.

In fact, if you really parse what the White House is saying, you can’t even count their “accelerated employment numbers.” Biden wants us to believe that HE has created some eight million new jobs since taking office. That’s a lie. He hasn’t. Those jobs are ones that were lost during COVID and now are being re-hired (though there were somewhere in the neighborhood of eleven million jobs lost during COVID).

What burns me to a crisp with this administration is they don’t want to admit when things are bad, or when they’ve done something wrong. I firmly believe that they’d have a LOT higher approval ratings from the American people if they’d just tell the truth. Yes, we are in a recession. No, I haven’t created any jobs. We’re just getting back to work after COVID, but we’re nowhere near where we were before the pandemic hit. Yes, inflation is high and it’s because I’m spending a lot of money trying to fix climate change because I believe in that theory. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll just move the doomsday date out a little farther. Yes, I want to transform America to more of a socialist government, and I want to do away with the oil and gas industry. Yes, Hunter’s business partners did indeed meet with me 14 times in the White House when I was Vice President. And yes, I have spoken to him numerous times about his foreign business affairs.

Why can’t the man just fess up to what the rest of America knows? And the recession, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, is just the smallest part. This administration has failed America at every turn. Build Back Better? We’re not building back at all. In fact, we are destroying America.

We are in a recession.

There. It’s been said. It’s official according to the official definition of “recession”. Do you feel any better?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!