The Cusack Two-Step

I’ve never been one to believe that most people in Hollywood, California had much interesting to say about politics. Oh, I’ve been to political rallies, and been surprised when people like Jon Voight, or Bruce Willis showed up to introduce a president or a presidential candidate (obviously a conservative one!). And I really don’t pay any attention to award shows anymore because they’ve become a political rant. If I wanted to watch political rants, I’d watch more cable news channels.

So, when the actor, John Cusack…the guy that brought us that epic, Hot Tub Time Machine, and it’s sequel, introduced Bernie Sanders the other day. Here’s what he had to say:

“We know this form of capitalism takes and takes….it takes whatever, whenever, however it wants. It’ll take our lives, it’ll take our labor, our spirit, our air and water, even our earth. And Bernie respects us enough to tell the truth. The hard truth. We have a 10 to 12 year window to radically transform our energy systems or climate change, predatory capitalism, and endless war economies will rob us of the right of any future at all. And as we can see everyday, the house is literally on fire.”

Well, let’s parse this, shall we. First of all, capitalism doesn’t just take. It gives. If Cusack had a brain in his head, he’d understand that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have an economy that allowed people to go to the movies to watch this lame brain. It gives us jobs, it gives us a way of life. It just happens to be the most perfect form of life on the planet, and John Cusack and Bernie Sanders haven’t come up with anything better.

Capitalism doesn’t take our labor, or our lives, or our spirit, or our air, water or earth. It is the reason we have it. Now…about this “10 to 12 year window”. How often is the American public going to fall for this. Back in the 1980’s we were told we only had 10 years to live, right? What happened to the seas swelling and drowning New York and Miami and Los Angeles? What happened to polar bears floating on icebergs past Jamaica? Like I’ve said hundreds of times, the earth knows how to take care of itself…and we couldn’t destroy it even if we wanted to. We can destroy ourselves, but the earth shall survive!

As far as climate change, yes… there is climate change. It’s what defines “climate”. But we don’t have as great of an impact as these numb-nuts eco-terrorists would like to have you believe. As I’ve proven in past blogs, we are coming out of 10,000 year cooling cycle. And what happens when you come out of a cooling cycle? You warm up! And none of these eco-idiots have been able to answer my one question on this topic. If man is so responsible for this warming trend, tell me how the ice age ended…BEFORE man was around polluting the air by taking Jimmy to soccer practice and Jenny to dance class in our SUV’s? No one has ever been able to answer that!

America needs to start doing one thing. Let’s leave the actors to playing parts of fictional characters in Hollywood. It is an art, and they should be commended for it. That doesn’t mean they have any experience or right to tell us what to do regarding our lives any more than I, as a former radio host, have a right to tell you what radio stations you need to listen to. It’s time America wakes up to their buffoonery!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are YOU A Denier???

Climate change advocates are starting to scream about the ever increasing numbers of people that they are now calling “deniers”. These are people that don’t believe mankind is polluting the earth so much that it’s causing the temperature to rise. Forget the fact that the numbers they use to illustrate this are all fudged. Forget the fact that many governments (I’m looking at you Venezuela, Peru, Norway, England, France, and yes… the United States) have actually lied to their citizenry about what their findings have said. And forget the fact that this little girl from Scandinavia can stare daggers at you if you don’t believe.

It just ain’t happening the way they say it is.

Oh, I’ll believe it IS happening. Just as it’s happened for millions of years on this planet. And why did it happen then before mankind started buying up SUV’s and building factories? It’s because it’s a cyclical event. That’s why.

To illustrate the point, John Nolte wrote in Breitbart some very interesting facts, and I give him full credit for what follows. It’s a list of 41 items that were told to us that would happen (and hasn’t) if we didn’t change our ways. Ready?

  1. 1967: Dire Famine Forecast By 1975
  2. 1969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989 (1969)
  3. 1970: Ice Age By 2000
  4. 1970: America Subject to Water Rationing By 1974 and Food Rationing By 1980
  5. 1971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 2030
  6. 1972: New Ice Age By 2070
  7. 1974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast
  8. 1974: Another Ice Age?
  9. 1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life
  10. 1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent
  11. 1980: Acid Rain Kills Life In Lakes
  12. 1978: No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend
  13. 1988: Regional Droughts (that never happened) in 1990s
  14. 1988: Temperatures in DC Will Hit Record Highs
  15. 1988: Maldive Islands will Be Underwater by 2018 (they’re not)
  16. 1989: Rising Sea Levels will Obliterate Nations if Nothing Done by 2000
  17. 1989: New York City’s West Side Highway Underwater by 2019 (it’s not)
  18. 2000: Children Won’t Know what Snow Is
  19. 2002: Famine In 10 Years If We Don’t Give Up Eating Fish, Meat, and Dairy
  20. 2004: Britain will Be Siberia by 2024
  21. 2008: Arctic will Be Ice Free by 2018
  22. 2008: Climate Genius Al Gore Predicts Ice-Free Arctic by 2013
  23. 2009: Climate Genius Prince Charles Says we Have 96 Months to Save World
  24. 2009: UK Prime Minister Says 50 Days to ‘Save The Planet From Catastrophe’
  25. 2009: Climate Genius Al Gore Moves 2013 Prediction of Ice-Free Arctic to 2014
  26. 2013: Arctic Ice-Free by 2015
  27. 2014: Only 500 Days Before ‘Climate Chaos’
  28. 1968: Overpopulation Will Spread Worldwide
  29. 1970: World Will Use Up All its Natural Resources
  30. 1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years
  31. 1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years
  32. 1977: Department of Energy Says Oil will Peak in 90s
  33. 1980: Peak Oil In 2000
  34. 1996: Peak Oil in 2020
  35. 2002: Peak Oil in 2010
  36. 2006: Super Hurricanes!
  37. 2005 : Manhattan Underwater by 2015
  38. 1970: Urban Citizens Will Require Gas Masks by 1985
  39. 1970: Nitrogen buildup Will Make All Land Unusable
  40. 1970: Decaying Pollution Will Kill all the Fish
  41. 1970s: Killer Bees

And that’s just stuff that happened up to ten years ago before the WhackJob 4 started in on their dire predictions on how we have what? 10 months left to live?

Look, the earth will most likely long outlive the human population. It takes care of itself, and in fact, it pollutes more in the form of volcanoes than mankind does. Yet, we’re not trying to stop volcanoes, are we? Until these climate change eco-terrorists stop their misguided rampage, you and I that actually have a working brain in our cranium need to make sure we keep getting the message out every time one of their predictions comes up wrong…which has been pretty much every single prediction they have made.

So, go ahead and share this with your friends and your family. Repost is on Twitter, or on Facebook. Put it on Instagram, or wherever else you post. Get it out there. The only reason people listen to the eco-terrorists is because they are the ones that are screaming. Most of the world doesn’t protest and most of the world knows better. It’s just the few basement-dwelling troglodytes that don’t understand reality.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Being Eco Friendly?

Have you ever really looked at what I call the “Eco-Terrorists”? Have you seen what they have been able to accomplish? Do you know HOW they’ve been able to accomplish it? We’ve talked for years here in this blog and on my previous one about “global warming” and the like and how phony it is. But let’s revisit it for those of you that hadn’t made the jump from the other blog, shall we?

First of all, “global warming” isn’t a myth. Yes, the earth is warming. That’s really not the issue here at all. All of the computer models, all of the data that hasn’t been fudged (and most of it has been) shows that the earth IS warming. The big difference between the Eco-Terrorists and the sane people of the world is who they blame. The Terrorists blame man, that would be you and me. We’re the cause because we drive Sally to dance class and Jimmy to soccer practice in SUV’s. They don’t count that they fly around the world attending all of these conferences in private jets. That’s OK.

Second, their computer models were set up originally to show that man is causing this. The reason was clear. They wanted to grab more money through “carbon credits”. Have you ever thought of where that money goes? It goes to the various federal governments. They say it goes to help clean the environment of all of the excess carbon footprints that we are leaving. In a word…that’s hogwash.

All of that money, at least in this country, goes into the general account of the federal government. It’s spent on all sorts of things, very few things being ecological. This is nothing more than a power grab and a money grab.

You’ve got groups from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NASA, and other agencies all banding together to fudge data in this country. At first they showed the earth still cooling, so they changed the “global warming” to “climate change”. This is ridiculous because that’s the actual definition of climate. It changes!

Second, you’ve got “scientists” from all over the world clamoring about how important this is. They are falling in line with what the government says because, who do you think funds their research projects? Actually, more and more scientists are coming forward and are recanting their original statements and saying it was because of funding that they said what they said.

And you’ve got governments all over the world getting nabbed fudging their data as well.

Let’s look at something. We’ve been in an Ice Age for the past 10,000 years. And what happens when you get out of an Ice Age? That’s right! The earth warms up!!! The earth has warmed and cooled for millions of years. Long before man showed up. It takes care of itself, and doesn’t need our help. In fact, there’s very little we can actually do. If we could do something, do you think we’d be solving the lava problem in Hawaii? Or the wildfires in California? Mother Earth takes care of herself and will continue to do so until the sun becomes a giant star and engulfs Earth. And THAT is the truth that the Eco-Terrorists don’t want you to know!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Even The Experts Admit They Were Wrong

I’ve been talking about eco-terrorists for a long time now. These are the men and women that have taken it upon themselves to beg us not to take Jimmy to soccer practice in an SUV as they jet around the world in private jets. They think our “carbon footprint” is damning all of us to a flooded world due to ice caps melting, temperatures reaching unheard of levels, and an ozone layer soon to be something that history professors will preach about.

And now, they’re admitting they were wrong.

Oh, not all of them. Al Gore for instance will refuse to believe that what he’s been professing for the past 25 years is incorrect. But scientists, actual learned people that have degrees in this sort of thing, are starting to come around. A lot of them have already recanted their dire predictions of the end of the world. Some of them have explained what’s really happening…the fact we’re actually coming out of a 10,000 year ice age and yes, to get out of an ice age, you need to warm up.

And now, some are saying, they were wrong, and that “global warming” is going to be about half as bad as they initially predicted.

Of course, what most of them aren’t saying yet is that mankind isn’t responsible for this warming, but that the earth is doing it all on it’s own. That’s what people that are really smart have been saying all along. And it appears now to be true.

We’ve lived through all of the hype, the Hollywood left telling us how we were going to no longer have cities on the coasts like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, because of flooding (big loss, huh?). We’ve lived through the NOAA fudging it’s numbers during the Obama administration because they wanted to “prove” that global warming was real. Other countries followed suit, increasing their mean temperatures in their “data”, and coming up with flawed computer models. All of it designed to tax humanity to death with “carbon taxes and offsets”, and grab more power for the left.

In the end, it’s being proven wrong. And the reason is simple. It’s what someone as mundane and uneducated as me could come up with simply by having an open mind.

Earth does this because of cycles. We have entered into ice ages in the past without mankind, and we’ve come out of ice ages in the past without mankind. It’s no big deal. It’s what the earth does. It’s called climate. It’s a cyclical thing and we are just living in a time that cycles through. So, while it may be warming a little bit, you can relax and still take Susie to dance class and Jimmy to soccer. And you don’t have to sell that SUV just yet. These idiot snowflake eco-terrorists were wrong. Inconvenient truth? Nope. Just another liberal lie.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

NOAA Falsifies Data….AGAIN!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration…better known as NOAA, has done it again. They have falsified data on our “mean temperatures” to indicate that global warming…or climate change…or whatever name is in vogue out there at the moment, is out of control. And once again, they’ve been caught. They’ve fudged the “mean temperature” by 2.5 degrees over the past year.

The eco-terrorists out there have been playing this game from the beginning. All sorts of countries from South America to the Lapland, have falsified their temperature readings to show that this global warming is actually occuring…then they are accusing you and me of causing it because we drive little Jimmy to soccer practice in an SUV. All the while, eco-idiots like Al Gore fly around the globe in private jets laying down more of a carbon footprint in a month than we will ever cause in a lifetime. But it’s ok for him to do it…it’s all in the name of saving mankind. And, of course, it keeps his name out there and gives him something to do.

Here’s the truth about “global warming”, or whatever word you want to call it. Climate changes. That’s what climate does. It’s the actual definition of the word. And if you want to study it, you’ll find out that Mother Earth can take care of herself. One minute she can spew billions of tons of ash and poisonous gas into the atmosphere with a volcanic eruption…pollution that would take us decades to cause. And she can also cleanse herself. And there’s another mystery to add to this as well.

It’s called an “ice age”. We are coming out of the last ice age that started about 10,000 years ago. I’ve said this before in previous blogs, but the eco-terrorists don’t want you to figure it out because it blows holes in their theories. What happens when you come out of an ice age? Anyone? Yes…the atmosphere and the temperatures rise. Otherwise, you couldn’t come out of the ice age. And that’s what has been happening. Why aren’t they telling you about that?

The reason is simple. Liberals need money to promote their agenda. And since they don’t have unlimited supply, they need to create a way to get it. If they can tax us (we ARE after all, carbon forms!) by taxing carbon…they can basically tax every living person and thing on this planet. And they will have unlimited money to achieve every liberal’s ultimate goal: wealth redistribution. They want to take from the 1% and give it to the bottom 10%. Taxing carbon through carbon credits is the ultimate way to do that, since everybody on the planet has a carbon footprint. It’s all one big lie to grab your money. Oh, you don’t have to believe me…you can think those of us who know better are “deniers” but in the end, you’ll see. You’ll be losing your freedoms, losing your cars, losing the ability to travel by air, and you’ll be paying for the nose for that privilege.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Eco-Terrorists’ Actions Getting Desperate

For years the Eco-Terrorism crowd have told us we only had a decade to live. We were going to melt all of the polar ice caps, raising the oceans to the point that every single city that sits on an ocean, anywhere in the world, would be flooded and millions of people would die.

Yeah…and I’ve got a bridge in Lake Havasu City I want to sell you.

None of the predictions of the “climate change” or “global warming” cry babies have come true. And with good reason. It’s false to begin with. Now, they are getting stupid wicked desperate. People are starting to not listen to them, knowing they’ve falsified information, and they’ve lied to the world’s population about the dangers of this terrible crisis that isn’t a crisis at all.

First of all, let’s realize that we are coming out of an ice age. Oh, it doesn’t seem like it, but realize as well that ice ages are measure in thousands of years, not decades. And we are starting to warm up because for the last 12,000 years we have been in an ice age. It’s what carved up the Great Lakes. What happens when you come out of an ice age? Buehler? Buehler? Yes…it gets warmer. This is totally a natural phenomenon. And there’s nothing mankind can do to stop it or to slow it. Mother Gaia is well on her way to fixing things, as she always has!

Well, at least that’s the way sane people believe. Others are trying to come up with more radical ways to combat this warming. They are going so far as to suggest that we create a “mirror” of chemicals in the upper atmosphere that would bounce the sun’s rays away from earth (and also it’s heat). For those of you in the midwest and northeast, that means colder temperatures than you’ve been experiencing this past weekend. Lots colder. And darker, since the light of the sun won’t reach us as well. That means crops take longer to grow.

Or how about injecting “microbubbles” into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which basically have the same effect…reflecting the sun’s rays back into space. And these are “leading” scientists? Sounds to me like they’ve left one solution out…how about if we round up all of these nuts and lock them away in an asylum where they can debate global change warming climate until they rot? THAT would probably be doing mankind the biggest favor of all.

I’ve said this for years. Liberals are trying to institute this craziness for one simple reason. If they limit your freedoms of driving Jimmy to soccer practice, they get more power. If they decide to tax carbon footprints, they get more money. That’s the way liberals work. They devise ways to keep you under their thumb.

The truth is, there is no man-made global warming. There is nothing mankind can do about it either. There is a natural order to the universe, and the best thing we can do is to understand that, accept that, and live by that. All of these so-called scientists are trying to scare you into submission. Don’t fall for it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!