Predictions For 2023

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I couldn’t believe I did as well as I did last year with my predictions. So, I almost HAVE to do it again and see if last year was just a fluke, or if there really was something to my crystal ball. So, without further ado, we move forward with what’s going to happen in 2023:

No Movement On The Border Issue: As millions of people from Central and South America pour over our border illegally, one would have hoped that Congress at the very least would have told Joe Biden to get serious with the issue. It will become an even bigger problem next year as eventually Title 42 wears out, and Title 8 gets kicked to the side. Cities will be overrun with illegals, and the Biden administration won’t do a damn thing about it. Congress isn’t going to do anything to pass a bill either. Too many people are dug in too deep to make a difference.

Crime Continues To Surge: The crime problem that is facing a lot of the larger cities in America will continue unabated. Sorry to say, but when you’ve got woke District Attorneys that were backed by George Soros over the last half dozen years, and who refuse to use bail as a means of keeping the bad guys in jail, bad things are going to happen. The Department of Justice hasn’t been a help so far at all, nor will they come to the rescue. I guess it’s just a good thing Merrick Garland never got his nomination hearing to the Supreme Court!

The Economy Stumbles: We were shown what over-spending does in 2022. It drives up inflation rates to 40 year highs, and causes everyone to feel the pain. Unfortunately for Americans everywhere, inflation is a bad thing, regardless what the mass media idiots tell you. And it will come to roost that we will have a rather deep recession starting in 2023. It will probably last until 2025, when the next president takes over.

Yes, Joe Biden Announces: As much as I think most Americans wouldn’t like to see Joe Biden seek a second term, he will announce later this month that yes, he has chatted it up with his family, and they are all behind him running for a second term. Either that or Hunter will be certainly facing jail time.

Hunter Biden Faces The Music: Speaking of Hunter, the House will hold hearings on him. They will refer several charges to the Department of Justice, and just like pretty much everything that happens to presidents, their spouses, and their kids, nothing will come of it. Hunter Biden is going to skate free and continue to bilk foreign countries out of billions.

China Flexes It’s Muscle: On the foreign front, you’re going to see China become more and more of a bully to the rest of the world. It won’t quite reach the point of them invading Taiwan…not yet. Maybe 2024. But they will be a thorn in the side of every western nation as they continue to steal corporate and governmental secrets, and continue to produce really crappy goods to sell to the world at very inflated prices.

Vladimir Putin Dies: The rumors of Putin’s health have been circulating for months. Apparently he has come sort of cancer. Well, 2023 marks the end of his 19 year reign of Russia. He will most likely die in office and be replaced with yet another Russian hardliner.

Ukraine Crisis Drags On: And in Ukraine, the war will enter it’s second year. Russians will begin protesting their involvement, and will want to bring their troops home. You’re going to see a lot of demonstrations in the streets, but it will be the death of Putin that brings the war to an end. The new leader, will quietly bring the troops home, without ever admitting that the war is over.

There you have it. Eight more things that are certainly going to happen! You can bank on it. Well, you can probably bank on it. Well, maybe it’ll have better results than the FTX crypto did!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What The Republicans Are Lacking

As we head down to the last six weeks prior to the midterms, it hit me that the Republicans certainly have a number issues on their side. But they are lacking one important thing.

They don’t have a positive message.

Think back to Ronald Reagan. After the catastrophe that was Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter’s presidential years, Reagan came out with a speech he had developed for General Electric years before. It was the “Morning in America” speech. It was positive. It was patriotic. It made you feel good about yourself and your country.

Now compare that to what we are looking at for a Republican message out there now. It’s basically, Joe Biden sucks (no argument there!), crime is through the roof, you’re paying too much because of inflation, our economy is in the toilet, we’ve got a supply chain problem that is still haunting us, and our southern border is leakier than a tin can with no bottom.

And Republicans have no ideas how to fix any of that other than to stop spending so much money on crappy ideas like climate change and electric vehicles.

What Republicans need is to tie the negatives together with their positive. They need a brand new Morning in America type of approach. Yes, crime sucks. Yes, you’re paying too much for stuff, and the economy is in the toilet because of overspending. Yes, you can’t buy formula for your baby still today, and yes, we’re allowing more and more illegals into the United States. But what are the Republicans going to do that is different?

What they need to do is come out and paint that patriotic picture of America that makes you feel good about going to the polls on November 8th. They need to give you hope. They need to bring forth a message that yes, Democrats have put us into this mess because they control Congress and the White House, but WE can fix it because we have solid ideas that are going to bring us back to positive territory.

They need to talk about how we’ve faced adversity before and come through it with tenacity and verve. We can certainly do it again, but we all have to pull together. We’ve seen that the current folks in power have had two years to get things done, and your life isn’t better off today than it was two or three years ago. And we can make it that way all over again. I’d stay away from Trump’s line of “Make America Great Again” because that feeds into the whole anti-MAGA thing. But it’s along those lines. Be proud to be an American. Be happy knowing that we have a way out of this. We’re going to fix immigration. We’re going to stop the overspending to lower the inflation rate, and boost the economy through the marketplace, not the federal government. We’re going to fix the supply chain that’s been torn apart and get store shelves stocked again.

To not have the positivity added to the current message of “The Democrats have screwed everything up”, is to avoid the chance to really make this a red wave!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Just A Few Thoughts On Gas Prices

I couldn’t help by chuckle when I heard Karine Jean-Pierre describe the recent decline in gasoline prices as “exciting”, claiming that the price was heading to $4 a gallon.

It got me thinking, which is usually a dangerous thing.

Joe Biden has consistently blamed others for the rising gas prices that have soared in some places to over $7 a gallon. He blamed COVID. He blamed Donald Trump. He’s blamed Vladimir Putin. He’s blamed the Saudis. He’s blamed everyone but himself. Though he hasn’t mentioned that he’s made it damn near impossible to pump oil in this country. That, after Donald Trump put policies in place that allowed America to become an energy exporter for the first time I can recall.

So, if it was everybody’s fault BUT Joe Biden’s that gas prices were on the rise, how can it be Joe Biden is the savior and responsible for the lowering of the gas prices? If he didn’t raise them, but all of these outside sources were the cause of it, how can he take credit for lowering it? It just doesn’t make sense. I mean, if he could lower gas prices, as Jean-Pierre is claiming, then why did he let the price of gas get so high in the first place? If you can lower something, you can lower it. If it’s getting too high, why didn’t he stop it sooner?

Of course, the quick and easy answer is, he could have but he doesn’t want gas prices to go down. He wants gas prices to stay inflated. But he realized (or his staff realized since they are the ones calling the shots), that he went too far. America is far from ready to accept European gasoline prices. When the price of gas gets over $3 a gallon the country starts going into panic mode. When it tops $5, the gloves come off. At $7, there’s a revolution.

All of this seems to be a moot point because it looks like Biden and his Democrat buddies are heading for a tumultuous fall come November. I know they are trying everything they can find to try and get you to stop thinking about the economy. It doesn’t seem to be working. Yes, they are still blaming Donald Trump for the whole January 6th protest thing at the Capitol building. Yes, they are trying to pack the court, hold protests over the Dobbs v. Jackson SCOTUS ruling, and the whole idea to come up with something to get your mind off of the lousy job they’ve done since 2021. I really doubt at this point it’s too late to right the ship. There are so many bad things happening in our society today that even if Biden or the idiots in Congress could wave a magic wand and make them all disappear, they’d still probably lose.

But the liberals in the country seem determined to keep doubling down even though everyone at the table knows that they don’t even hold a pair of deuces in their hand. Yet, they want to go all in. They are content to die on the sword come November. I have no idea why they want to sink lower than they already are. Biden’s approval ratings are now well into the 30’s. He’s even touched the 20’s in some polls. And now, the word is that he won’t be running for reelection because of all of the problems. Word is that the one person that actually would have a shot of beating either Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump is thinking about putting out feelers…Michele Obama! Does she really want the headache? And if she were to win, could she actually fix Biden’s many mistakes or just make them all worse?

Karine Jean-Pierre needs to stick to the truth and call a spade a spade when she’s at the White House podium. We The People are tired of the lies.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

An Open Letter To Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President,

You’ve been in office for just over 15 months now. I can certainly understand you probably have the toughest job in the world, and the over-riding need to let everyone know you’re doing a good job is important to you. But there are certain things you need to understand about the American people, that I think you’re missing.

Mr. President, please stop lying to us.

I know you’ve done it several times, and you also know you’ve done it several times. You can go back to the campaign when you said that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan in dealing with COVID, but you did. In 2020, according to the CDC, the updated figure was 375,000 deaths. That was under Donald Trump. In 2021 under your administration, there were 467,000 deaths with COVID listed as the primary cause. In all, at the time of this writing, there have been 986,387, of which over 600,000 deaths occurred on your watch. Isn’t it time that you took responsibility for this?

You railed against the fact that Donald Trump was “putting kids in cages” along our southern border. But when you got into office, not only did you do the same thing, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of your own party who has, unlike you, visited the border, but in 2020, there were 57,674 apprehensions along the southern border of illegals, under Donald Trump. In 2021, under your administration, there were over 1,000,000 illegals crossing the border. That’s a 1700% increase in one year. And your administration failed to call this a “crisis” for the first nine months in office. Isn’t it about time you do something to close the southern border to illegals?

Inflation has been on the rise since you took office in January of 2021. In 2020, under your predecessor, the inflation rate was 1.36%. Officially, under your watch for 2021, the inflation rate was 4.60%. And so far in 2022, it’s nudged upwards to 8.0%. You originally said the inflation was “transitory” and we shouldn’t worry about it. Then you said inflation could be a good thing. Now, you’re running scared on the subject, and blaming Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Which is it? Why are you lying about it, and why aren’t you telling us the truth?

The price of gas on the day you took office around the country was $2.38 a gallon. Today, it’s $4.58 a gallon. That’s an increase of $2.20 cents, almost a 100% rise in 15 months. You blame Vladimir Putin for the increase, but actually, the price of gas from March to April has dropped one cent on average. Once again, you have lied to the American public. Isn’t it time you tell the people that put you into office that you were responsible for the increase, not Putin?

Crime in this country was rampant under Donald Trump, through no fault of his own. We had Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests in cities across the country. Innocent businesses were burned to the ground, with the perpetrators not charged for any crime. Lives were lost. And this year, it continues. You have done nothing to aid in the apprehension of smash and grab criminals who race into a place of business with ten or fifteen people, smash and grab anything they can, and run off. What are you doing to stem this tide?

You have certainly taken a victory lap when it comes to jobs in this country. You’ve claimed that you have created more jobs more quickly than anyone else in history. What you have failed to tell your constituents is that 97% of those jobs were people going back to work after COVID. You didn’t create those jobs, they were there and they were waiting for people to do them. You are happy to boast an unemployment rate of 3.6%, but you fail to tell people that there are currently ten million jobs available out there and anyone that wants a job can take a job. We have a glut of jobs. Why only 500,000 people per month are going back to work is something you haven’t explained. There is no victory lap needed here. You haven’t won anything.

In case you’re wondering, America doesn’t think you’re doing a very good job. You have the lowest job approval rating in history. Yes, it’s even lower than Donald Trump’s. You’ve sunk into the 30’s now, which is amazing considering that 41% of the population calls themselves Democrats. Yet you lie to the public and tell them that you’re helping bring in one of the greatest economies of all time. That’s just not true.

These are just several examples, Mr. President of your failure as the leader of the United States. We haven’t even mentioned several of your failures like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the abandonment of several hundred American citizens in that country (as well as several thousand Afghans who helped America throughout their occupation in that country). And please don’t get me started on your son, and your lies trying to protect him. When are you going to tell America the truth? America is waiting. And we are voting in the midterm elections in a scant six and a half months.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Inflation Up Again In November

Inflation is now the highest it’s been in 40 years. In November the inflation rate was 6.8%, which was up from October’s rate of 6.2%. You have to go back to 1981 (which was a recession year) to see the type of increasing prices that we are seeing now. And what’s Joe Biden doing about it? He’s saying that this is the “new normal”. When was the last time we saw this? In case you can’t remember, it was when Bobo Obama was the president, and said that the poor economy that America was experiencing was “the new normal”. So, this is the same old play from the sam old playbook.

And what is Biden doing for all of this? Absolutely nothing. People are quitting their jobs at record numbers. Biden says it is because we’re moving up to better jobs. Well, if that were the case, why are there some 10.5 million jobs out there still available? There is some trading up of jobs from minimum wage jobs to better paid jobs. As far as spending, Biden is opening the jobs at the government and is hiring like we’ve never seen in our lifetime. And while Biden touts this as the largest job growth in history, you have to go back to 2017 in order to find the same number of people at work. That’s right. Biden’s economy has erased three years of job growth, and we’re nowhere near where we were when the pandemic hit in March of 2020.

I said a few months ago that from conversations I had with several “money people” I know around the country, their consensus was that the inflation rate for next year (2022) would be between 7-10%. It would rise between 10-13% in 2023 with a likely recession that probably would last at least a year. The reason for the inflation? Unlike Joe Biden, who likes to blame either Donald Trump or COVID for everything, the people that do this stuff for a living tell me it’s because we are printing too much money. That cheapens that dollar because there are more of them out there. These aren’t stupid people either, so I do put some trust in them. Well, let me say this…I put a LOT more trust in them than I do Joe Biden. Biden has convinced me he must have failed every economics course he ever took!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Three Problems That Will Sink Dems in ’22

Oh, there are a million reasons why the Democrats will lose Congress this year. But there are three reasons that every single American, regardless of party preference, will be blaming them for. And frankly, there is very little, if anything that Democrats can do to stop it. It will indeed sink their chances to keep hold of Congress. I will add a fourth one at the end.

The first is the crime waves that are sweeping our country. The blame falls squarely at the feet of Democrats who couldn’t contain their glee in 2020 and 2021 as they “defunded the police”. Mayors across America, liberal idiots in Congress, all rushed to the Black Lives Matter movement to back their calls to get rid of cops that they saw as harassing them. In city after city, police department budgets were slashed, and countless officers all over the country decided it was time to retire rather than risk getting killed by upset citizens. Now, stores are shutting their doors, arming guards with automatic rifles to stop smash and grab hoards from running them out of business. And in the more liberal states, District Attorneys are refusing to prosecute “shoplifters” if they keep the amount under a certain amount “because they have more important crimes to go after”. In the mean time, those cities are falling into disrepair. And the Dems only have themselves to blame.

The second reason Democrats will lose in November is the economy. Specifically it will be because of inflation. Currently running at the end of the year at just below 7%, it’s expected to continue in the 7-10% range throughout 2022, and actually escalate in the 10-13% with a possible recession in 2023 if things stay the way they are. Oh, Democrats are trying to foist the blame on this on COVID, and on climate change. Neither is gaining much traction though as 72% of the country blames Democrats for the inflation due mostly to their over-spending and over-printing of money. It will only get worse in 2022, as Democrats who couldn’t pass the Build Back Better signature package that Biden had proposed, will scale it back, keep the social spending part front and center, and spend inordinate amounts of money on climate change fixes that are nothing but a power grab.

The third reason Democrats lose in November is COVID. And the blame for this falls squarely at the feel of one Joseph Robinette Biden. He’s the guy that lambasted Donald Trump during the debates for having “killed 220,000 people” in 2020. That was true. There were 220,000 people that died supposedly of COVID during the year. However, there were roughly 600,000 people that died of the disease in 2021 under Joe Biden’s watch. That was three times the number that Trump had. As of New Year’s Day, over 824,000 people in the US have died from COVID, and most fell under Biden’s watch. Why is he the one getting the blame? Because he brought it on himself. He’s the one that said that Donald Trump screwed up the whole process back in 2020, and that he didn’t have a clue how to get out of it. As he put it, “He didn’t have a plan. I do.” Well, unless Biden’s “plan” was to kill off 600,000 people in a year, his plan didn’t work.

But there is a fourth item as well. It won’t be talked about much, but it will be a reason why Democrats lose this November. That reason is simple. Americans do not trust Congress to do the nation’s business. Now, that’s really nothing new. Regardless which party controls the reins in Congress, the American people blame them. Their approval numbers are rarely above 20%. But this Congress has been spending it’s time screwing around with impeachment of a guy that was already out of office; they have a committee in the House that is looking into an “insurrection” on January 6th of last year, but it’s anything but a partisan play. There are two Republicans on the committee, and the rest are Democrats. Both of the Republicans, Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were hand-picked to be on that committee by Nancy Pelosi. It just so happens, both Cheney and Kinzinger were Republicans that voted to impeach Donald Trump. Do you think that had anything to do with them being placed on this committee? Nah. I didn’t think so either. Anyway, the House especially has wasted the last year doing nothing but partisan bickering when Pelosi wasn’t trying to herd socialist and moderate wings of her party together to get something passed. In essence, Democrats have once again, wasted a chance to move their agenda forward.

And there you have it. Reasons why you can celebrate come November 9th this year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “Klain Problem”

Usually a presidential Chief of Staff is heard (by the President), but not seen. That’s supposed to be the way it is. That way, the President can get advice on what his/her most trusted advisor thinks about certain issues, but the President walks away as the person making the decision.

Ah, that’s not the case in the Biden administration!

Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain is apparently the person I was talking about a week or so ago when I wrote the blog, “So, Who Is Running The Country?” Turns out, it’s Ron Klain.

Never heard of him? That’s the way he wants it. He is the Biden puppet master who is masterminding when Biden talks to the press, what he says and doesn’t say, and he’s the guy that is apparently making a lot of the decisions that America is shaking their head over. The most recent Klain decision has pulled back the Wizard’s curtain to expose himself (not literally).

Economist, Jason Furman tweeted out that the whole supply chain/economy stall that we’re experiencing is “a high class problem”, meaning not that it’s super important, but that you and I, we minions, aren’t capable of understanding the nuances of it. Of course, Jason Furman is an idiot. What made the whole thing worse is that another idiot, Ron Klain, decided to retweet Furman’s comments:

“Most of the economic problems we’re facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are high class problems,” Furman said. “We wouldn’t have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent. We would instead have had a much worse problem.”

So, Jen “Circle Back” Psaki was asked a question in a White House briefing session last week. Fox News reporter, Jacqui Heinrich asked, “Ron Klain retweeted a message…that inflation & supply chain issues are ‘high class issues,’ but some of the sharpest price increases…include products that every American buys. Why would [he] tweet that & would you agree that’s a little bit tone deaf?”

Psaki really didn’t have an answer. She said, “Do you think two tweets means more? I’m just curious. So I think the point here is, what some of these critics are saying is we don’t know if what they’re saying is if what they thought was great was when the unemployment rate was double what it is today. Or when people were locked in their homes and therefore gas prices were lower. We’re at this point because the unemployment rate has come down and been cut in half because people are buying more goods because people are traveling and because demand is up.”

It’s a very telling response. First of all, Psaki doesn’t apparently want to get in bad with Klain because she realizes he is running things. Second, she needed to temper the tweet to the point where you and I, we minions of low intelligence, didn’t think that this “high class problem” was so far above our pay grade that we’d never understand it. She failed.

And in the process of once again, failing at the podium, Circle Back Psaki showed us the truth, which always comes out by the way. She showed us just who IS running this country. Nope, I was wrong…it’s not the Chinese. Or at least not blatantly. It’s Ron Klain. He spouts something and it becomes policy just like that. We all knew that Joe “Brandon” Biden couldn’t be making this stuff up himself. He can’t finish a sentence on his own.

And so, America learns another dirty little secret of the left. A guy that is supposed to be advising the President of the United States on serious matters, is really the one running the country and setting the agenda because the President of the United States is too addle minded to do it himself.

You and I knew it all along. So much for “high class problems”. The highest class problem is getting rid of these guys!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Myriad Of Topics Doom Dems’ Chances Next Year

There are plenty of reasons for Democrats to be worried about next year’s midterm elections. It seems that the “perfect storm of politics” is starting to hit them hard, and there doesn’t appear anything that they can do about it.

Most people vote with their wallets and pocketbooks, that’s been the long held belief. And if that is the case, the latest financial news isn’t very glowing for the left. It shows that while inflation is currently logged in at a 4.2% rate, far above the Fed’s target of 2%. It’s so bad that the White House just doubled that target to 4% for the year. Consumer confidence and consumer spending is on the wane. In June, consumers spent 1.1% less than they did the year earlier. And in July it was 0.3% less, signaling a slowing in demand.

As the prices increase, and the demand shrinks it means only one thing. There will come a tipping point where recession enters the discussion. How far off it is can be anybody’s guess. One thing that is interesting to note, there are 10 million jobs available out there right now, with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. That means basically that people are staying home because of the additional $300 per week boost the federal government is kicking in for their unemployment pay. It’s better for them in a lot of circumstances to stay o the couch than return to work, especially service work in restaurants and bars where the minimum wage is usually reduced because of the bulk of pay coming from tips. The problem for those folks is, Biden has already stated that he doesn’t want to extend that extra $300 past September. to do that is to slow the economy even more.

There are other issues out there as well that don’t bode well for Democrats.

First is the problem that they’ve got over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a president who is obviously in over his head and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. You can look at the southern border crisis and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal as just two of the many examples of Joe Biden’s slippage over the past eight months. Then you’ve got K-baby Harris. She’s screwed up every job she’s been given by Biden so far, and has one of the worst approval ratings ever for a sitting Vice President. While there are several Republicans already calling for Biden to resign, be impeached, or face the 25th Amendment, there are Democrats everywhere crying that’s not what needs to happen. They know if Biden’s gone and Harris becomes president, it’s only going to get worse. You’ll have someone at the Resolute Desk that couldn’t even stay in the Democrat primary until 2020 began. That doesn’t look good.

Second, you’ve got Congress that is spending money like a drunken sailor, or at least trying to. In the House, Nancy Pelosi has all but sold the party out to the Whackjob Five group headed by AOC. She basically slapped down moderate Democrats who wanted to vote on the infrastructure bill before deciding on the budget. The Whackjob faction of the party is looking at that $3.5 trillion price tag and the wish list that is included in next year’s budget and are salivating to beat the band. And you’ve got infrastructure on the back burner until at least late September. And you’ve got Pelosi’s January 6th Committee trying to hold hearings that basically only liberal snowflakes care about.

Third, you’ve got a sitting Supreme Court Justice that is wondering if he should retire or not. The New York Times has interviewed Justice Stephen Breyer and he’s said that while he hasn’t made up his mind yet about retiring, he’s still putting the pieces of the puzzle together, he doesn’t want to end up like Antonin Scalia or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and die in office. He wants to retire at some point, he’s just not sure when. And one thing he surely doesn’t want is to be replaced by a conservative. Breyer was appointed back in 1994 by Bill Clinton and is one of only three liberals to sit on the high court, since Amy Coney Barrett replaced RBG after her death, marking an incredible turn to the right for the high court that will take years for the liberal snowflakes to undo.

With all of that going on, the Democrats see the writing on the wall. Both houses of Congress are very close indeed, and historically, the party that doesn’t have the White House ends up picking up seats in both sides. The Dems cannot afford to lose one seat in the Senate, and they only have a very slim majority. Democrats have 218 seats, Republicans 211, and there are six seats vacant. Redistricting is said to be giving the GOP five seats right off the bat, which means the GOP would have 216 to the Democrats 213, and there would be six open seats that would be filled next November. The chances of that going all Democrat (or five seats Democrat and one Republican) are slim and none.

Now, while I’m very happy to hear this news, I’m also cautious. As you know if you’ve followed politics at all, things in DC can turn on the dime, and Republicans have been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory many times in the past. They can do it again. We just have to be mindful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Says If You’re Unemployed, You’d Better Accept A Job!

In probably what has become the first thing Joe Biden has said while either campaigning or in office, I agree with him. Biden was addressing the fact that the April jobs numbers were abysmal. I mean, really, really bad. The economists had forecasted that there would be somewhere around one million jobs added to the workforce. It came in at a paltry 265,000. So, Biden decided he was done messing around.

He said if you’re on unemployment, and you’re offered a job, you’d better take it.

Well, it was something like that. But it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve always felt that there were a lot of dodges when it came to unemployment. Not everybody does it mind you. There are some people who because of no fault of their own, are chronically unemployed. I get that, and they do need help. But I’ve seen enough cases first hand where someone would rather sit on their couch and watch Oprah and Maury Povich (is he even still on TV?) all day than to go out applying for a job. That’s not acceptable. They want the government to continue to pay them unemployment benefits, while they sit at home and do nothing.

Biden is right to deny benefits to people that have been offered a job while on unemployment, but refused to take it. Plain and simple, if you get offered a job, and sitting at home means more to you than being a productive member of society, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to kick in to help you! Get off your couch and get to work.

In a former life I was a landlord in a rather run down area of town. Yeah, some could call it a slum-lord. I got talked in to buying a four-unit apartment building. I thought it would be fun. It was a nightmare. Three of the four units were Section 8, meaning the government would guarantee that I would get my rent on time, and they would fix any damage the tenants caused. This was back before welfare reform. You basically got welfare back then based on the size of your household. None of the women were married, but they all had children, and when they wanted more money, they had more children. It was that easy. I watched them game the system time and time again. They knew the welfare and unemployment laws better than any lawyer I ever knew! So, I know that this stuff goes on.

And it seems to me that younger people are more into the “gimmie” stage of life than some of us that are a little more seasoned. Frankly, the only times in my life I ever took money from the government that I wasn’t owed, was last year during the Coronavirus stimulus payments, and I’ve documented that pretty well on this blog. I did tell my Congresswoman that that money should be means tested. I didn’t need it…but I got the checks anyway.

Biden is right to deny unemployment benefits to people that don’t want to work, but want to collect government money. He needs to get the economy rolling again, and 265,000 jobs a month ain’t going to get it when the “experts” are predicting four times that number. All that does is lead to lowering his approval numbers and he can’t have that, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If Biden’s So Popular, Why Do His Programs Suck So Bad?

At the 100 day mark of his presidency, Joe Biden has an approval rating just north of 50%, depending which poll you look at. The latest Fox News poll has him at 54% approval. Now, realize that this is lower than the 62% that Bobo Obama had, and the 63% George W. Bush was at when they reached their 100 day mark, and only slightly ahead of the 45% Donald Trump had (even with all of the allegations of the elections being stolen, and the visceral hatred that Trump endured).

What I find terribly interesting isn’t the overall number. It’s actually going deeper inside the polling numbers to see some of the other questions and what was said. For instance, there was an 81 point gap between Democrats (at 95% approval) and Republicans (at 14% approval). That’s more than the 76% gap that occurred in Trump’s approval poll. So much for bringing the country together!

Only 29% rate the economy as excellent or good. It was 33% back on January 20th when Trump left office, so it’s going the wrong way for Sleepy Joe. But if you go back a year earlier, before the pandemic, 55% thought the economy was either excellent or good. That number has been chopped pretty much in half.

People obviously aren’t happy with Biden’s handling of the border crisis (which he now admits IS a crisis!). Biden/Harris is upside down by 31 points in that poll question. People are not at all satisfied with Biden’s handling, or Harris’ handling of the border. Worse yet, some 56% feel that Biden’s victory in November was the cause of the border crisis. The feeling overall is that Trump was having a positive effect at protecting the southern border, and Biden stepped in it big time during the campaign, and since. He’s done absolutely nothing to stem the tide of illegals. Asking them to wait and not come just yet, hasn’t worked. Neither has anything that K-baby Harris has done (oops. Sorry. She hasn’t done anything!).

What is most interesting is that a whopping 67% of Americans are very concerned about the flood of illegals at the southern border. When you come to think about it that means that every single Republican, and Independent voter, and about 20% of Democrats are worried about the border crisis. That’s not that good!

There was one good piece of news for Biden, if you want to spin it that way (and I’m not so sure he does). 81% feel that Coronavirus is under control. That’s up 34 points since December. Now, I say that it may not be good news for Biden because I get the feeling that it’s being used as a “control” method. The left is trying to control the citizenry and are doing so by not allowing people to travel, social distancing (which was just proven by a university study to not work all that well), and closing businesses etc. If they have been using it as a “control factor”, it’s rapidly coming to an end, and the populace is anxious to get back to normal. I doubt they are going to want to extend Biden’s “mask mandate” that should be expiring in a couple of days by his own wishes.

When you look at the state of the country today, you don’t see America getting closer together, you see it getting farther apart. The left is pushing the boundaries of what they think they can accomplish, because they realize that come next November, they could be for the most part sitting on the back bench in Congress with little to say except to scream and cry. Any program that they were not able to get through between now and then is going to have to be shelved. And the programs being proposed are so radical and not looking to work “across the aisle” as Biden promised, that they have no chance of getting through a Republican-controlled Congress.

So, is this poll good news or bad news for Biden? Personally I think it’s bad news for him. It shows him less popular than two of three preceding presidents at the same point, and it shows that his programs are not all that popular with Americans. In fact, it wasn’t mentioned in the poll, but Americans are rejecting two of his most recent ideas; getting rid of the filibuster in the Senate, and making Washington DC a state. It’s obvious that MOST Americans want the United States to be a 50-state nation.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!