Taking Advice From Hillary?

I’m sure by now everyone and their uncle has seen the clip of Hillary Clinton giving “advice” to Joe Biden, that he should NOT concede after the election! As I stewed over this little gem, it got me to thinking about a couple of things.

First and foremost, why is Hillary Clinton giving anybody advice on elections? Hillary Clinton is generally regarded as the worst candidate in history, topping the incompetent likes of Bob Dole, John McCain, Michael Dukakis, Jimmy Carter (in his re-election), Barry Goldwater, and yes, Donald Trump. That’s going a ways, but when you have a 9 point lead over your opponent the Sunday before the election (just 48 hours away), and you can’t pull off the win, because you totally ignored three midwest states? That’s just insane. So, on one hand, Hillary Clinton is going to be the absolute last person I would take advice from when it comes to winning an election.

But the more interesting thing here is what she said, and quite possibly WHY she said it. And it can be broken down into two distinct reasons. Telling your party’s nominee not to concede the election, at least on the face of it, tells me that you’re not all that confident that he’s going to win the election in the first place. If you thought this was going to be a slam dunk, you’d certainly never be talking about conceding, would you? That’s something that should never enter your mind. You’d be confident that your candidate was going to mop the floor with the other guy, right? So, on one hand, you have to believe that Hillary doesn’t have the confidence in Sleepy Joe to get across the finish line.

The second reason is actually more ominous. The reason she said he should wait to concede could be because with the “mail-in” ballot controversy coming on, and we’ve seen that Virginia has already flooded the state with 500,000 illegal ballots, it tells me she’s thinking along the lines of voter fraud. If we give the party enough time to go and find that “bag of mailed-in votes that somebody stuffed in a closet somewhere” and just found four days after the election, we could, maybe, sorta, possibly, get enough of those mailed-in votes to sway the election if it was close. Now, if it’s not close, there probably isn’t anything you could really do.

Hillary Clinton is pretty much a non-entity when it comes to elections. She doesn’t have anything that matters to say about it because she no longer matters to anyone. She had her turn and she blew it. Oh, she can blame Jim Comey, or Russia, or China, or Donald Trump, or her campaign staff, or Bill or whatever else, but she was the person that was at the top of the ticket, and she was the person that was to blame. Or, was she taking a page out of her husband’s playbook, “The buck never got here!” in blaming everyone but himself for everything bad that happened to him?

No, Hillary Clinton needs to crawl back into that case of Chardonnay and spend the rest of her life drinking away her sorrows. She’ll never accept her defeat, and she’ll never accept the blame for losing the election. Instead, she’ll continue to blame everyone, including us “deplorables” who didn’t vote for her and ruined her life-long dream. All I can say is, our nation is truly grateful that she didn’t get elected. Can you imagine the damage that woman could have done to this country over the past four years?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!