Re-working The Elections

Back from a fresh week off. I have to tell you, I didn’t watch much news on TV (though I think I’ve booted Fox News to the curb for good), and stayed away from my news sites on the internet. It was a rather refreshing week, and a good time to reset. But now back to business!

As I was off, I thought there was some stuff that needed to happen to make sure that the fiasco that was the elections this year never happens again. And frankly, as I look at it all, I blame the media. Yes, I do believe that the Democrats tried to defraud the election…that their hatred for Donald Trump was bigger than life itself. But in the end, We The People, have given over too much power, too much of our lives to the broadcast and cable news channels that we depend on to tell us what’s going on in the world, and they have ruined their own credibility.

For one, a news show/talk show/cable news channel, should NEVER be about bad mouthing any candidate or office holder. Their job is to present the news, and yes, I understand these idiots like Chris Cuomo will tell you he’s a talk show host, not a journalist. That’s hogwash. If you’re on a news channel, you’re a journalist. There’s no place for the type of immature, hate-filled, bigotry that went on this election. So, first off, cut off the editorializing. If your channel gives the news, you shouldn’t be editorializing. It’s just plain wrong. That takes care of about 25% of the problem right there.

The second thing we need to do is make sure that these same media outlets (and I’m including newsprint and radio in them as well) is that news reporters need to go back to finding news, not asking “gotcha questions”, and yes, I’m looking at you Jim Acosta. Too many of today’s “journalists” want to make a name for themselves rather than bring us what’s happening. It’s sad. It’s unprofessional and it’s just plain wrong. These people need to find a different occupation.

Third, on election night, We The People need to realize that the Board of Elections in the states call the elections, not seven or eight media outlets. And it ain’t over until the Boards of Elections say it’s over. So, no more calling the different states. No more “decision desks” that end up calling states either way too early, or way too late, just to get people to stay tuned in to them. I know enough about media having spent my life in that industry to know that was a HUGE part of what happened. Why did Fox News not call Florida for 90 minutes? Because they wanted you tuned in for that hour and a half. The longer they can draw things out, the longer you stay tuned.

As far as the news channels and broadcast channels are concerned, the conservatives in this country need to realize that we have a very large voice. And we never use it. WE need to tell these outlets that we’re going to start monitoring their advertisers. We’re going to go to the advertisers and demand that they pull their ads in the newspapers or on radio, or on TV, or we’re going to stop patronizing them until they do. Oh, they’ll get the message…just like Nike got the message with Black Lives Matter. You don’t think they did that on their own do you? We just have to have enough spine to do it.

As far as the Democrats wanting to throw the election with fraud, I’m sure there were fraudulent ballots thrown this year, particularly because it was so easy because of Coronavirus. It’s too easy to defraud something in the mail than it is when you vote in person. You have a better shot of actually having a true election if you do things over the internet. We do that here locally, and it works great. We have bank-encryption style protections in place. People have an account, they log in, place their votes, and log out. Once they’ve voted, they aren’t able to see the voting tab again. Now, it doesn’t stop people from going next door and using a different account, but that’s rare. Certainly a lot rarer than what we watched in this presidential election. And you don’t have ballots showing up late. And you never have to leave your house. Talk about the best way to vote! The results are automatically tabulated when the polls close and you get the results in mere seconds, not days or weeks. And because it’s a computer doing it, you don’t have to worry about recounts.

Just something to think about moving forward.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!