Coronavirus Takes Toll On Billionaires

Bernie Sanders campaign may be in trouble because of the Coronavirus. The socialist’s ideas of taxing billionaires into oblivion are going to be severely challenged if the stock market continues to have the same type of week as it did last week.

Here, according to Bloomberg, are what some of the country’s richest folks lost last week: Jeff Bezos from Amazon watched as $11.9 billion went down the tubes. Microsoft’s Bill Gates said goodbye to $10 billion. Bernard Arnault from Christian Dior lost $9.1 billion. Tesla & SpaceX’s, Elon Musk dropped $9 billion, and Warren Buffet from Berkshire Hathaway and a million other companies lost about $8.8 billion. Notice anybody who’s name did not show up on what I just read? What about Michael Bloomberg? Interesting to note that the list came from Bloomberg News, and yet, the boss’ name was conspicuously absent from the list, even though he was reportedly worth $56 billion going into the week!

The problem with taxing the rich is that something that is so out of control with all of humanity, something like this virus, can cause panic and fear, and throw the whole “stick it to the wealthy” mentality right out the window. And frankly, it should. I’ve never in my life felt that someone that made that kind of money should be punished because they went above and beyond.

Look, people that are worth billions did it on their own. They went out and created something that everyone wanted, and they exploited their creation. What the hell is wrong with that? On the other hand, these liberals want you to believe that everybody should share in their wealth because they transport their goods on roads that taxes paid for…or they are protected by police and fire departments that taxes pay for. And there’s nothing in the world stopping anyone from finding the next BIG thing, and going after it and creating their own billion! While I don’t agree with anything Tom Steyer or Michael Bloomberg say about politics, I certainly don’t chastise them at all for making the money they make. And if someone can convince someone else to pay them millions of dollars a year for acting, or playing a sport, or running a business, God bless ’em. They deserve that money.

Likewise, I’ve never been a fan of the minimum wage. Let me be as polite as I know how to be with this part. If you’re working at a burger joint and you’re 45 years old and have three kids, a wife, a mortgage and a car payment, you’ve made a bad choice somewhere in your life. Frankly, you aren’t guaranteed a “living wage”. You have to go out and make that living wage for yourself. And I can’t tell you what that should be. Some folks feel Michael Bloomberg is making a living wage. For his lifestyle he probably is. Others feel that $15 an hour is a “living wage”. I don’t know how much “living” you can do on $600 a week…but that’s up to the individual.

And why should a government tell you what the minimum you can make is, or what the maximum you can make is? Does that make any sense? It’s like me telling the government what they can and can’t spend my tax dollars on. How do you think that’s going to work?

The rich do indeed get richer in this country. They get richer because they understand what got them rich in the first place, and the poor don’t understand. Lou Holtz, the great football coach once said, that we all make choices in life. And it’s those choices that have brought us to where we are. If you make good choices, good things happen to you. If you screw around in school and don’t learn anything, and can’t do anything but make burgers and fries, you probably aren’t going to be living in a 30,000 square foot mansion. You have made a poor choice. But it IS your choice. You can’t blame someone who’s rich, and you can’t get the choice erased by the government, regardless what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want to believe!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Death Of The “Sure Thing”

New Hampshire wasn’t supposed to be where Joe Biden died. He wasn’t supposed to die at all. Remember, he said he wouldn’t do well in Iowa…he never has…and he didn’t this year either. But he was hoping for maybe a strong second or even a third place finish in New Hampshire. He didn’t even wait until the polls had closed before he skated to South Carolina.

Joe Biden is “Dead Man Walking”.

And he’s not alone. Elizabeth Warren’s speech after the polls closed congratulated Amy Klobuchar on a great run. It sounded every bit like a concession speech. Only she didn’t concede yet. In fact, as far as I can tell, there were only two concessions last night. Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet officially dropped out of the race. Deval Patrick will be throwing in the towel today.

But Warren and Biden aren’t far behind.

Oh, they both may make it to the Nevada Caucus a week from Saturday. Biden might even make it to South Carolina’s Primary the following Saturday, but they are both dead.

Just to recap last night, Sanders edged Buttigieg in New Hampshire, with Amy Klobuchar finishing a surprising third. Warren was a distant fourth, and Biden slumped to fifth, which was amazing considering he was in second just a week ago!

But when you call someone a “lyin’ dogface pony soldier”, as Biden did during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, even thinking you’re quoting John Wayne, you’re not going to do well. His exact quote was, “Iowa’s a Democratic caucus,” the former vice president responded. “You ever been to a caucus?” When Moore said she had, he responded, “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier.” The woman asked what I thought was actually a pretty good question. It was basically, that if you can’t win Iowa, how can you win a national election?

The funny thing is, Biden has used this quote before, in North Dakota during a town hall meeting in 2018. And again, he attributed it to John Wayne when asked about it later. Quite possibly, the fact he told a guy in Iowa that he was a liar, and “you need to take an IQ test”, just a week before shaded what he thought was a funny quip. It turned out to be a Howard Dean yell.

Elizabeth Warren has been on the ropes for a month. In fact, I predicted four weeks or so ago that she would be the first major candidate to withdraw from the race. I still hold true with that prediction. Because I think that Biden could do better in Nevada, certainly better in South Carolina unless he shoots himself in the foot again.

But the overall takeaway from last night was, either Biden or Warren could drop out at any moment, leaving Sanders, Buttigieg and surprisingly, Amy Klobuchar to battle it out the rest of the way. And in the end, I don’t see Sanders getting the nod…at least not at this point. Buttigieg would prove to be a much tougher battle for Donald Trump. He’s a lot more moderate, and wouldn’t upset the traditional wing of the party. Sanders on the other hand is viewed by the traditional Democrats as toxic, and not a real Democrat. Of course, Bernie’ minions will all stay seated on the sidelines if he doesn’t win the nod!

Either way, it could be, as some of the pundits are saying, a brokered convention this summer. That’d be a blast to watch!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What IF Buttigieg Gets The Nod?

All of a sudden, after a surprisingly strong showing in the Iowa Caucuses, South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg is starting to be taken seriously as the nomination process heads to New Hampshire. So, what happens IF? There are a lot of “what if’s” roaming around out there. What IF Bernie Sanders wins the nod? What IF Elizabeth Warren gets out of the race and her people go to Sanders? What IF Pete Buttigieg actually gets the nomination?

Well, let’s explore this.

First of all, IF Bernie Sanders gets the nod and wins the nomination, you can be sure that the millions of Bernie fans that sat home when Hillary got the nomination, will be out in force. That said, you can pretty much be assured that the rest of the party will either stay home, or look for a third party candidate…possibly Michael Bloomberg or someone else running as an independent. They won’t be voting for Bernie because tried and true Democrats don’t see Bernie as a Democrat. They see him as an independent socialist. And I think he’d be pretty easy pickings for Donald Trump in any debate. Bernie can’t hold his own as well as he used to in debates, and he proved that in the primary debates so far. Trust me…none of those guys are as well skilled at debating as Donald Trump is.

So, what if Elizabeth Warren gets out of the race? I don’t think at this point many people feel she can get the nod, and there are quite a few Democrats that I’ve spoken with that think it would be a mistake for Democrats to nominate a woman who loses…especially after they nominated Hillary who got shellacked four years ago. If that were to happen, it might set back women in the top position on the liberal side of the fence for a decade or two. I don’t see that happening. So, what if she gets out of the race? Well, the obvious answer is, her people would start to follow Bernie. I don’t know anyone else in the race right now that’s more liberal, more socialist, more progressive than Sanders. It would be a natural transition. And then you can go back and re-read the paragraph on what happens if Bernie gets the nod all over again!

Finally, what happens if Pete Buttigieg is nominated? That’s an interesting question, and Joe Biden took a swipe at him in New Hampshire earlier this week. Biden said that Buttigieg, who’s only political experience has been mayor of a mid-sized midwestern town, doesn’t have the experience to tackle tough national problems yet…and he’s probably right about that. Mayor Pete may have more charisma than any of the other candidates out there, and may have the likability factor going for him, but he’s not going to be able to shed the fact he’s more of a neophyte than Trump ever was. At least Trump run a business that is worth more than South Bend, Indiana!

The only thing the Democrats can hope for at this point is that Sleepy Joe gets some wind at his back and climbs back into this thing. He’s about the only one of the top four candidates that would stand a chance in hell against Trump, and that’s a long shot because he’d end up losing the uber-leftist socialists that are backing Warren and Sanders…some 44% of the voters in Iowa! Truth be told, the Democrats really have their backs to the wall this year. Unless someone like a Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey decides to jump in at the convention and “save the party” from socialism, the party could very well do as John Kerry pointed out, and go down in flames.

That’d be a sad day because you need to have a bad guy to vanquish, and as bad as the liberals are at coming up with good ideas and being responsible stewards, you have to have someone to compare the conservatives to!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And The Winner Is…

Actually, the winner in Iowa last night was no one. At least, that’s the way it is as I’m writing this at 3:27am in the desert!

See, they changed a lot of stuff in Iowa compared to 2016. They were announcing not one set of numbers, but three sets…the first was the first round “viability”, meaning they received at least 15% of the vote in the caucuses. Then there is the overall winner number…how many “votes” the winner got compared to everyone else…the raw vote totals. And finally, there are the delegate awards; how many people were going to the state convention to elect the 41 delegates that Iowans were going to get at the Democrat National Convention this summer.

Now, add to that the fact that they were using an app for the first time ever, and the app failed in a bunch of instances.

Here’s what we do know:

Turnout was “on par” with 2016, which was about 171,000 people, state wide. That was down from 2008 when Bobo Obama won Iowa and 240,000 people turned out. That would mean that the “excitement factor” for the Iowans didn’t appear to be there. Remember, in 2016 there were only three people running; Hillary, Bernie, and Martin O’Malley from Maryland. That meant there wasn’t much to choose from!

So, what happened at all of the candidates “watch parties”? Well, Bernie Sanders said he thought he was going to end up doing very, very well. Joe Biden said he was in it for the long haul, and was moving on to New Hampshire (where he is right now). And Pete Buttigieg? Well, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana declared victory without any numbers being released.

Meanwhile, the campaigns were all grousing at the way the Iowa Democrat Party was running things. They were supposed to have streamlined everything over the past four years to make it more “transparent” and more fair for everybody. Instead, it looked like a cluster you know what. When the state party held a conference call with all of the campaigns about 11pm Iowa time, the campaigns shot off so many questions that the guy from the state party hung up on them. And it didn’t get better at all.

In fact, Donald Trump tweeted out, How can you trust a party to run healthcare and your government and keep you safe when they can’t even get it right at their first primary? He also hinted that there may be the same move afoot as four years ago when the fix was in against Sanders. Don’t forget, the mainstream party, people like Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, and former Democrat candidate John Kerry, have made comments that Bernie Sanders could take down the Democrat party if he were the nominee! That’s a pretty big step.

What is going to be interesting when (and if) caucus results are released, hopefully today… is to see how Elizabeth Warren is going to end up. All of the internal stuff that got leaked out showed she was really sucking sewer water in Iowa. If that were to happen, and she were to bail on her campaign, it’s most likely her supporters would go over to Sanders, and make it even tougher on Biden. And that, of course, would make it even easier for Donald Trump to win reelection!

So, we wait. And we wait. And we don’t forget that tonight is going to be the State Of The Union speech. And we will wait and see what happens after that!

Carry on world. You’re dismissed!

Eating Their Young

You knew it had to happen sooner or later. Democrats are out after each other as we get closer and closer to the Iowa Caucuses. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going after each other because of what someone in the Sanders campaign said about Warren. Warren was upset about it, and thought Sanders needed to “turn his campaign around” and take it in a different direction. The fact of the matter is, there isn’t enough air in the room for both uber-liberals Sanders and Warren. One of them needs to get out of the race sooner rather than later, and as I said not too long ago, it would appear that Warren would be the one that seems to be on the outs.

Now, let’s add to that the demise of Cory Booker, who got out of the race on Monday. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for him to have “a Spartacus moment”. Instead of being a candidate of all of the Democrats, Booker was more interested in being a candidate that was all about diversity. Sorry, Cory, but even Bobo Obama knew better than to go that route. He was a black candidate for ALL Democrats, you were a black candidate concerned with protecting the diversity of the race.

So, where are we in this mess? Well, as you’ve seen with the Iowa debates (was anybody watching?), you can’t score points against Democrat opponents unless you attack them. And frankly, Joe Biden is so far out in front right now that it appears no one can catch him. That’s not saying it’s going to be a clean sweep for the former vice president. However, he does appear to be the only candidate still in the race that will be able to at least attempt to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. Personally, I think he will be chomped on just like Hillary Clinton was four years ago, but at least he’s not going to be pushing socialism. That will win him some votes, though it may keep some of the Sanders and Warren backers on the sidelines again.

In the end, this has been Biden’s race to lose. And even though he’s tried all of the various ways to screw up his candidacy, when you’re the most moderate candidate in the race, and you have the backing of the upper echelon of the Democrat party, you are going to find yourself, at least at this point, giving him the break.

I would be very surprised if there weren’t going to be some more of the dozen or so candidates dropping out between now and New Hampshire. And I will confidently guarantee one thing… neither Michael Bloomberg nor Tom Steyer, the two billionaires vying for the Democrats’ nod, will be getting out of the race. A brokered convention? Nah…it’s going to be Biden in the end. What will be the most interesting is who he picks as a running mate.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Sanders Top Dog In Q4 Haul

Bernie Sanders did a remarkable job in raising money in the 4th Quarter of 2019 considering he started the quarter with a heart attack! He raised $34.5 million, far surpassing both Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang in fundraising. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren had not reported their totals at the time of the writing of this, though it’s thought Warren wouldn’t do any better than $20 million.

Biden has been having money problems all year. Buttigieg raised $24.7 million and Yang brought in $16.5 million.

All three Democrats were dwarfed however, by Donald Trump. The President’s money bag was the biggest of all, hauling in $46 million in the 4th quarter on top of $230 million in the second and third quarters combined. While Sanders is going to have to spend some of that $34.5 mil in places like Iowa and Vermont during the primary season, Trump can sit on his until the general election starts after this coming summer’s conventions.

While money isn’t the only determining factor in who’s going to win a presidential election, everyone knows that money is the lifeblood of politics. And if you don’t have to actually go forward and spend any money in the primaries in order to lock up your party’s nomination, it makes you that much more likely to be able to outspend your opponent come general election time.

And, it appears with Sanders’ latest haul that the two oldest guys running in the Democrat primary are going to be the two that probably take this all the way to the convention. Unfortunately for Sanders, and I’ve said before on this site, he’s much too liberal for the moderate Democrats and independents out there to win a general election. While he may be dragging the party to the left, that has it’s disadvantages as well.

As far as Warren goes, I’ll stick with the January 2nd prediction that she’s going to be the first of the remaining five (including Bloomberg) major candidates to drop out. Her money problems have only been exacerbated by her gaffes on the campaign trail, and while her “selfie line” is still long, when the money stops coming in, can you really afford to become president one snap shot at a time?

And so, it looks more and more like it will be a Trump/Biden matchup come fall. And for Biden, the only way he can even hope to defeat Trump is a) if Trump steps all over himself and gets himself into trouble (which he has done in the past), and/or b) he gets an uber leftist running mate like Sanders that will be able to bring the far left wing of the party along. That was one of Hillary’s problems in 2016. She never saw the rise of the socialist movement, and Tim Kane wasn’t anywhere near liberal enough for the party’s left wing base.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Next Major Dem To Drop Out…

There are still a plethora of candidates running for president on the Democrats’ side of things. And while I really thought we’d be down to 10 or so by the end of 2019, that’s just not the case. According to US News & World Report, there are a total of 16 candidates left. And while all but maybe four have no chance in hell of getting the nomination, we’re going to see another major candidate drop out before the Iowa Caucuses. At least, that’s what the new crystal ball I got for Christmas says!

I think we can all agree that Michael Bennett, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Deval Patrick, Joe Sestak, Tom Steyer, Amy Klobuchar, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang really don’t have much of a chance. The one name I left off of this list, even though he’s at like 7% in the polls is Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire has the cash to spend his way all the way to the convention, even if he doesn’t have the backing. Let’s call him this cycle’s John Kasich, shall we?

If you take those folks out of the running, you’re left with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren. And one of them will be gone soon.

Elizabeth Warren will be leaving the field very shortly.

Oh, she’s not wanting to drop out, but like Kamala Harris before her, Warren is finding it harder and harder to raise money. She raised $24 million in the 3rd quarter, and only $17 million in the 4th quarter. And she’s had a LOT of gaffes. She’s turned on her own “Medicare for all” proposal, which would cost more than would certainly be worth. She’s had problems with her heritage…you know…the Native American thing. Then there was the thing about getting fired because she was pregnant, which turned out not to be true. Now, she’s pissing off her family because she’s calling her father a janitor. He never was a janitor. He was a maintenance man. There IS a difference, and her family is pissed that she’d lower his status just so she could seem more blue collar to Democrats. Fact be told, Warren has a net worth of about $12 million. That makes her far from poor or blue collar.

With Warren out of the picture, that leaves basically only white men left running for this “big tent party”. And if Buttigieg were to somehow be eliminated, it would be old, white, rich men. Bloomberg is a billionaire worth $52.6 billion. Next on the list is Biden with a net worth of $9 million. Follow that with Bernie Sanders, who’s worth $2.5 million, and finally, Buttigieg, the only one running that appears to be a “normal” American…he has a net worth of about $100,000.

So, we can cut the crap about Donald Trump being this rich, old, white guy. That label is usually used on the Republican party, but it appears the Democrats are working hard to overtake that label!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Hold 7th Debate. Was Anyone Watching?

The short answer was no, unless you count the folks that were in the audience. That’s partly because the debate was on PBS, which always has fewer viewers than when the networks and cable news channels hold debates. It’s also because mostly people have either kinda sorta made up their minds if they’re Democrats, or they just frankly don’t want to hear any more of the blather. And in this debate, there was plenty of blather.

It started long before the debate did, actually. Because there was concern that they weren’t even going to hold it due to striking workers at the site. That turned out to get solved and settled, and the debate went on. And if you listened to it at all, you probably realized that there is a new front runner…at least in Iowa. Pete Buttigieg who is up by about 9 points in the Hawkeye State got drilled by Elizabeth Warren…got pummeled by Amy Klobuchar, and got lambasted by pretty much everyone else. Ah, when you’re the leader, you take the hits.

Speaking of hits…where was Joe Biden? He barely spoke, and when he did, he sounded like the doddering uncle at a family reunion that everyone just puts in a corner and smiles at. Joe may be leading nationally, but I bet it’s not because most Democrats feel he’s the best candidate. They put him at the top because they feel he’s the best candidate they’ve got. He doesn’t look healthy, and isn’t playing a very energetic game at all. When and if he gets up against Trump, I have a feeling the comparison will be more Kennedy/Nixon than Obama/McCain. You’ll see a stark difference between the two!

There were a couple of odd moments. Tulsi Gabbard spent most of her time attacking last cycle’s candidate, Hillary Clinton. Why? Who knows? I’m beginning to wonder if Tulsi is all there. She voted “present” at the impeachment vote this past week, and really didn’t have a good explanation why. She continued by bashing the Democrat party. That’s like biting the hand that feeds you!

Look, the overall in these debates is, we’ve seen these candidates speak in this manner for up to seven times now. Is there anything new? Nope. Are they starting to get boring about “who can beat Trump”? Yup. The plain fact is, most of them can’t, and the polls are starting to show it. In fact, in the latest head to head poll, Donald Trump is leading EVERY single Democrat candidate…though granted, a few are within the margin of error. And when Trump starts really campaigning next year, only look for that number to go up… especially if the Democrats in the House keep up the mockery they’ve been making on the institution of government!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Dems Are REALLY Worried About!

Oh, to be a Democrat today…you’d figure that with the impeachment vote just a week or two away, as soon as the Rules Committee passes it on to the floor of the House, it’d be grand, right? I mean, your number one nemesis of all time, Donald Trump is FINALLY going to be impeached!

So why in the world are the Democrats so worried?

And yes…they are worried. They are fearful even. And it’s because of a couple of reasons. And yes, Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but there is also ample reasons for those left of center to be biting their nails this holiday season. Let’s examine, shall we?

There will indeed be a bi-partisan vote on impeachment. But it’s not the bi-partisan vote that Nancy Pelosi or Jerry Nadler spoke of. It’s against impeachment. I’ve heard that anywhere between six and 12 of the 31 freshmen Democrats who are running for re-election for the first time in 2020 are going to have to bolt away from the party. This doesn’t bode well for the public perception that Trump was guilty. And it leads those in the party to realize the party is indeed split…never a good thing.

Second, there is a problem with the articles of impeachment. They only came up with two of them and let’s face it, “abuse of power”, and “obstruction of Congress” are about as lame as you can get when talking about removing a president from office and reversing the will of the people in a duly contested election! Most Democrats surveyed believe there will be blowback on this front.

Third, is the end game. Most Democrats realize that yes, they will have succeeded in impeaching Trump, but it doesn’t matter if the Senate overturns that and acquits him. And, as Mitch McConnell has said, that’s 100% going to happen. There is no way Donald Trump gets removed from office. So, why bother going through the charade? Again, blowback and the perception of wasted time (2 years of it!) don’t bode well for the leftists!

Do we even need to move on? Lets! Fourth is the problem that most Democrats see in the candidates running. Look, the field has been so weak that two additional candidates joined the field even though they have no chance of winning in any of the early states, don’t qualify for any of the debates leading up to Iowa and New Hampshire, and don’t have a prayer of winning the nomination. In 2016, there was the problem of the Bernie Sanders contingent not going out to vote for Hillary. They stayed home. in 2020, there is the same problem. It looks from here that Joe Biden will escape this gauntlet beaten up and badly bruised, but the nominee none the less. The real question is, will the people that support Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg actually go to the polls and help elect him? Without ALL of the Democrats moving in that direction, whomever is the nominee faces a very long road.

Now, there is one bright spot for Biden. IF he were to pick say, Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, it might bring some folks to the table. But it also will lose a lot. Biden doesn’t have the same energy he had last time he ran. And I don’t think the Democrats are really crazy about Elizabeth Warren waiting in the wings for the proverbial heart attack to happen. It could be a very poor choice. Buttigieg might be better for Sleepy Joe!

So, it would seem there’s plenty to worry about these days if you’re a Democrat. Makes me really glad I’m not!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Keeps Gaining In Latest Polls

The latest Quinnipiac poll was released the other day and it shows that the impeachment inquiry is having a dire effect on the presidential candidates…well, all but Donald Trump. The poll shows that 51% said Donald Trump shouldn’t be impeached, while 45% say he should. This is up from 48% saying don’t impeach and 45% say impeached just a week ago.

As far as the elections are concerned, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have moved up in the polls, while Pete Buttigieg has slumped. Overall, Biden has 29% of the Democrat voters. Sanders is in second with 17%, Elizabeth Warren with 15% and Pete Buttigieg with 9%. Since the last poll on 11/24, Biden rose 5%, while Buttigieg slipped 7%. Warren and Sanders remained in the polls margin of error.

What’s interesting is that Donald Trump gets beat in head-to-head match ups with all Democrats, even Amy Klobuchar. And that is exactly what happened four years ago at this point. Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump 47% to 41%. But in all of the head-to-head match ups, Trump has picked up about 2 points in the last two weeks.

It’s interesting to note that almost every single Democrat candidate is upside down when it comes to likeability. Biden has 44% likeability, 47% unlikeability; Sanders’ is 44-48; Warren’s is 38-45; Michael Bloomberg is upside down 21-40. Only Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are right side up with Buttigieg getting a 31-29 rating, and Klobuchar’s is 24-23. Both are well within the margin of error. For comparison, Trump’s likeability/unlikeability is 40-57. This compares to a 35-57 when he ran for president some four years ago at this point.

So, what this poll tells us is pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. Donald Trump was down big time to Hillary Clinton at this point in 2015. In fact, most eventually winners were down at this point in their campaign. The thing Trump has going for him is that the Democrats are handing him a campaign issue with impeachment, and most Americans agree that he’s been screwed over by House Democrats. The mere fact that since the impeachment inquiry started a few weeks ago, he’s picked up two points across the board, all of it coming from independent voters, shows that he’s ripe to use that as a campaign issue, and it will translate into votes.

In fact, Republicans and independent voters seem more likely to vote this time around than they did in 2016. That doesn’t bode well for Democrats looking to win the White House, take some seats back in the Senate where Republicans are defending the majority of seats this cycle, and looking to maintain their hold in the House. It could be a clean sweep for the Republicans if this keeps up for another 11 months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!