So, What’s Going On With Fox News???

You have to wonder what’s up with Fox News. The right of center cable news channel announced last Wednesday that Juan Williams, was leaving The Five after being the lonely liberal on that show for the past six years. Then, very quietly, but within a couple of days, it was learned that left-winged FOH (Friend of Hillary), Donna Brazile was parting ways with the news network. Brazile joined Fox News as a “Contributor” after the 2016 election.

So, what is going on with Fox News?

First of all, seeing people leave Fox for other media outlets isn’t new. Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, George Will, Andra Tantaros, Bill O’Reilly, Bob Beckel, Stacey Dash, Major Garrett, and others have all left over the last five or six years. Some like Kelly, Beckel, and Dash, were fired…most quit. So, to change out Williams and Brazile isn’t something earth shattering. It’s just interesting that both left the same week.

Now, to be fair, Williams didn’t like the fact (at least this is what he said) that The Five was going back to the studio for the first time in over a year because of COVID. They’ve been doing the show from five different locations strewn around the country. It’s expensive to do that, and I’m sure Fox News wanted to save some bucks. What’s baffling is that Williams has been vaccinated, AND he’s suffered from COVID, so you would figure he’d be one of the last people to be worried about the disease. There has to be more to it than that!

Frankly, Williams was a very poor fit on The Five. He has never been what I would call a good TV caster. He can’t read a teleprompter to save his life, and he never got what the whole show was about. It’s supposed to be this “good-time-rock-n-roll” discussion of the day’s current events geared toward say the 18-35 year old crowd. Williams doesn’t fit in being that he’s 67, and is 11 years older than the next oldest member of the cast, Greg Gutfeld (who acts more like 16). Williams is also a terrible ad libber. His liberal views weren’t as painful to watch as his stumbling through his own ranting monologues. I had told some friends at Fox News several times that there were several other liberals out there that could do a better job at getting the point across. Of course, I said the same thing about Chris Stirewalt over the years. They eventually listened when the blowback got to be too big. My thinking was, Fox News wanted a stumbling, bumbling old person as a liberal in Williams because he couldn’t articulate that position very well.

Now on to Brazile. I thought Donna Brazile was a very strange choice when she joined Fox News after Hillary got smashed in the 2016 presidential election by Donald Trump. You’ll remember, she was at CNN at the time, and was guilty of handing Hillary debate questions before the debate. That kind of knocked any credibility she had right down the tubes. But Fox News still went after her. I understand they even wanted to keep her this time around (maybe as Williams replacement on The Five?). She decided she wanted to go back to ABC, and the parting was described as “amicable”. Either way, Brazile was always less liberal, and a lot nicer on camera than she has known to be when she was in charge of the DNC, or at other liberal networks. She did a fairly good job at fitting the Fox News mold.

So, does this mean that Fox News is leaning the way of Newsmax? The upstart network, that exists basically to promote is print products is unabashedly conservative, and never tries to be balanced. Where Fox News will have two conservatives and one liberal on their “panels”, Newsmax eschews the liberal and just uses the conservative voices. And, Newsmax has seen an incredible boost in their ratings since the election last year. That’s partly due to a lot of former Fox News viewers that left that cable channel for greener pastures after the election coverage, which even Fox admits sucked.

Either way, Fox will proceed. We haven’t seen Marie Harf in a while (that’s a good thing). And we’re starting to see a lot more of Jessica Tarlov, who was on The Five on Friday. Maybe Fox News is starting to go more with the younger liberal anyway. The good news on that is, they’re views are totally out of mainstream, and they’re so much easier to argue against!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cable News On The Outs

There’s an old saying in media…what goes up, always comes down. And when cable news networks enjoyed sky-rocketing ratings during Donald Trump’s presidency, whether they praised him or bashed him, you should have known it wasn’t going to last forever.

And it hasn’t.

CNN has lost about 55% of their total daily audience since inauguration day. They went from 2.2 million viewers per day down to about a million. That’s a huge loss in just a few short months. MSNBC has had similar declines. And Fox News, while rebounding a little bit, still hasn’t gotten over the Chris Stirewalt debacle on election night. They’re down as well, though they regained their #1 position in March, and are poised to keep it in April.

What I find amazing is that the younger people that were so into Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and wanting to get rid of Trump, should be tuning in by the billions. Instead the top advertising demographic, the adult 25-54 year old has dropped cable news by 60%!

If you go back to last Wednesday, which I picked at random, Tucker Carlson is the top rated cable news show in the industry (Adults 25-54) with about 3.2 million total viewers. That’s a little better than normal for him from prior to the election. Chris Cuomo’s show is rated 10th among all cable shows at 1.3 million, which is about 65% lower than right before the election. Rachel Maddow has long been the leader at MSNBC, and had a particularly good night last Wednesday with over 2.9 million viewers, but 2.1 million of them were over 50. That doesn’t bode well for advertisers! She finished the 25-54 race in 16th place.

What’s the reason for the decline?

First of all, there is a certain segment of the population that loved to hate Donald Trump and would tune in for anything anti-Trump. But the overriding factor was the fact that Joe Biden is very boring and doesn’t do a whole lot. Yes, he steps in it quite a bit, which is probably how Fox News regained it’s top spot after losing it in the 4th quarter of last year, but he is trying to get legislation passed such as statehood for DC, which would give the Dems’ two additional Senators, or packing the court, which by all accounts is being met with a lot of resistance on both sides of the aisle. Meanwhile, Biden hides out in the Oval, and K-baby Harris hides out overseeing her $700 million renovation of the Naval Observatory home she currently occupies.

Whether or not the ratings change as we head into summer will depend on the issues being discussed and the positions being taken by the various media outlets. Nobody likes to tune into a program where everything is roses and cupcakes. We’ve learned the bashing of personalities is what draws viewers in these days…at least for some on the left! And right now, there’s no way they will bash anyone on the left. So, they deal with lower ratings, lower revenues, lower viewers, lower prestige.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s Been 40 Years Since…

Forty years ago…would have put us at the first week of March or so in 1981. Some of you may not have been alive back then, but there was a rather earth-shattering event that happened that week that has forever changed our society. It was monumental, because at the time, most Americans felt a kinship with this tradition. We felt like family. We were trusting of it’s calming voice and soothing demeanor. And it’s never been the same. Not once in the past 40 years can any American say they felt as comforted and as well-informed as they were on March 6, 1981.

That was the day Walter Cronkite retired from CBS News.

Let’s compare what has happened to our mass media and our newscasts since that time. It was only about nine years later that an upstart cable news channel called CNN thrust itself to the forefront of our minds, covering news as it happened so we didn’t have to wait until 6pm to find out what we had missed that day while we were at work. We actually could watch a war unfold as CNN had people on the ground in Iraq for the First Gulf War, covering every explosion, every Scud missile attack, every surge, pretty much a blow-by-blow, play-by-play of war, like we had never been privy to before.

Then came MSNBC and Fox News. Together they were able to cover topics in depth, because they could devote time during the day or night to news items that the broadcast networks just could afford to spend time on. All of a sudden, we were able to watch important trials through CourtTV. We watched Congress through CSPAN (starting in 1979), and we were given all sorts of live updates of breaking news. It was only 13 years after Cronkite left his anchor’s chair that all media covered a “slow car chase” of OJ Simpson in nauseating detail.

That coverage has given us a lot of stories we only got a few seconds of when Cronkite was around. But we lost something much more valuable. We lost objectivity. Even The Hill realizes that today’s newscasters are nowhere near the credible source for news that Walter Cronkite was. Cronkite held a mirror up to America every evening and showed us what we looked like. He was unbiased, he was truthful, he was our grandfather in a lot of cases, teaching us what we needed to know. Unfortunately, there isn’t one journalist today on either side of the aisle, who won’t let their bias be shown, and will ram it down your throats if you tune in.

During the Obama administration, we entered into the era of the screaming newscast-type shows. You know the type. The Rachel Maddows of the world…the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world…the Sean Hannity’s of the world…the Chris Cuomo’s and Don Lemon’s of the world will scream at you, will call you names if you don’t agree with their viewpoint, and they aren’t shy at giving you that viewpoint. Even so-called “network journalists” like Norah O’Donnell at CBS, Lester Holt at NBC, and David Muir at ABC are not ashamed or afraid to show their bias.

It does seem like the veil of the 1950’s and early 1960’s was lifted to show a much more raw America. It shows the blemishes, the inadequacies, the ugly side of our society. Cronkite shielded us from that, while being truthful and unbiased. I’m afraid we’re never going to go back to that type of honest reporting ever again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Will The Press Treat Biden?

We saw how the liberal mainstream media treated Donald Trump. It was rapid-fire, accusatory, and sometimes just plain, outright disdain in their questions. It raised a few folks at CNN or MSNBC to almost celebrity status. People like Jim Acosta became famous for his combative style in questioning anything and everything the White House did.

Now it’s Biden’s turn.

And now, there are, believe it or not, a bunch of conservative media outlets that are out for blood. Yes, Fox News probably will be one of them, but there are several others like the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the Daily Caller, OAN, and Gateway Pundit. And they are chomping at the bit to get to see Joe Biden face to face and ask questions…questions that haven’t been scripted for him with the answers awaiting Sleepy Joe on the teleprompter.

Sean Spicer, a one-time White House Press Secretary in the Trump administration can’t believe the softballs the MSM are throwing Biden’s way. It’s early, very early in his presidency, and I’m sure they will at some point turn on him as they did his boss, Bobo Obama. And Spicer, who works for Newsmax these days, wants to be there to help toss the first few grenades Biden’s way.

Even pro’s at the podium like Jen Psaki, who did a great job in the Obama administration as the spokesperson at the State Department, before getting promoted to the White House, isn’t immune. She will have a tough time, and already has had a few tough posers to try and skate through. But it’s only going to get tougher, and harder.

What’s interesting in all of this is the fact that Joe Biden has promised to “unite the country”. I’m not quite so sure how you do that when about 50% of the country isn’t sure they want to be united. Of course, that also includes how you get “united”. Is it a “my way or the highway” philosophy that turns the country drastically to the left? Or is it a more conciliatory, let’s work out our differences? One could lead to some unification and better feelings. The other is going to only lead to a greater divide.

And that includes the media as well. There are about 90% of the reporters out there that are dyed in the wool liberals. But the 10% that aren’t are vocal as hell. And they didn’t like the way their colleagues treated Donald Trump. Whether or not they decide to treat this administration with the same disdain remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure. Biden isn’t going to skate through his term with pre-determined questions, and telepromter answers. He’s going to have to answer some tough questions somewhere up the road, or he’s going to find the country splitting farther apart. And if that happens, he’ll have a lot to answer for in four years time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did Fox News Actually LISTEN?

November 3rd wasn’t just a bad day for Donald Trump. It was the beginning of the end for a lot of folks at Fox News. The right-wing giant had for decades been king of the heap when it came to cable news, but that one night seemed to ruin over 25 years of broadcasting. And in the end, it looks as if Fox News may actually be reacting to the results of what the public did during that election.

Most people that had tuned in to Fox News realized early on that it had a different flavor to it. It wasn’t so much “fair and balanced” anymore. In fact, it was getting to be very anti-Trump to say the least. The fact that Chris Wallace was given the job of moderating the first presidential debate seemed to signal just how off-base Fox News had become. Wallace did a horrible job at moderating, and was roundly criticized for losing control almost before the debate started. The claim as Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum introduced him as “the best moderator in the history of debates” quickly died.

Then, on November 3rd, “Decision Desk” political analyst, Chris Stirewalt threw gasoline onto the fire when he called Arizona three hours before any other network did. It was almost as if Stirewalt had inside information. And he stuck to it. Calls came from everywhere demanding that Stirewalt be fired.

Well, he just was.

Stirewalt and sixteen others were just released by Fox News, apparently by former O’Reilly and Hannity producer, Porter Berry, who has left the TV side of things to run the Fox News website, where Stirewalt hung out when there wasn’t an election.

Lately Fox has been mired deep down in the cable news ratings. Only Tucker Carlson has come close to cracking the top five in cable news shows, with just over three million viewers. That’s a far cry from the six and seven million he was getting in the past. Sean Hannity’s numbers have sunk to under three million viewers for the first time in years, and the late afternoon show, The Five, has seen a precipitous drop as well.

The reason?

You can point to the 2020 election and the way Fox News handled it. While conservatives don’t mind “fair and balanced” coverage, it seems that most of the coverage started sounding more and more like CNN and MSNBC. And while the current TV staff is still there in spades, don’t expect them to be there for long. With the numbers dwindling, Fox News needs to do something to pull people back from upstart networks like Newsmax, and websites like

Fox just revamped their entire daytime lineup, shifting everyone around, and adding some new talent. Fox & Friends is still there at 6am, but Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer have taken over the mid-morning slot from 9am-11am EST. Harris Faulkner has her own show at 11am, and replaces Dana Perino’s program at noon with “Outnumbered”. John Roberts and Sandra Smith have a new 2 hour show at 1pm, and Martha MacCallum’s “The Story” moves from 7pm to 3pm. Fox News Primetime, with rotating hosts take MacCallum’s spot after “Special Report”.

With the move to a more conservative approach, look for less and less left-wingers to make their voices heard. That means you could be seeing the retirement of Juan Williams, who is woefully lost on The Five; and fewer appearances by Marie Harf and Donna Brazile, and Harold Ford Jr. as the token left mouthpieces.

The real question is, will it work? Will those viewers that left Fox News be at all interested in returning, even with a new lineup, and a new promise of less left of center reporting? Only time will tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How The Mighty Have Fallen

I know a lot of people that did as I did after the November 3rd election and basically called it quits on Fox News. Oh, my wife still likes watching The Five, and she likes Dana Perino. But other than that, nah. I tweeted Bret Baier a fond farewell over their reporting which I considered very biased and not in Fox News tradition at all. I even called for the firing of their “Decision Desk” on air guy, Chris Stierwalt. His comments election night were not only blatantly left-wing, they were wrong.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone.

Here are the ratings from this past Friday, you would figure a huge news day since it was just 48 hours after the Capitol takeover:

MSNBC MADDOW 5,152,000
CNN COOPER 4,855,000
CNN CUOMO 4,320,000
CNN BURNETT 4,221,000
CNN LEMON 3,891,000
CNN TAPPER 3,803,000
MSNBC HAYES 3,740,000
MSNBC REID 3,369,000

What is shocking here is that NONE of the primetime Fox News shows, which always were at the top of the heap did very well at all. When Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s audience are cut in half, it says a lot about how conservatives have deserted the one-time king of the cable news hill. In the void, they have left it to Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett. In fact, the top nine shows on primetime cable news are on liberal CNN and MSNBC networks.

So what does this mean for conservative news? It’s pretty much the death blow. The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS) have always had a liberal bent since the days of Dan Rather. Cable news went rogue in the George W. Bush era, and grew stronger in Obama’s reign. Newspapers have been left wing for decades, especially the New York Times, Washington Post, and others like them. In fact, there aren’t many conservative journalists out there at all anymore. The one bastian that conservatives could turn to, talk radio, is also undergoing a change, as Rush Limbaugh, king of the radio talk show, has indicated he has a “death sentence” with his lung cancer, and it’s only a matter of time now.

As the more conservative figures in our world try to get unbiased and actual coverage in news, they are left to look at places like Newsmax. It’s not bad, it’s just not very professional, and lacks the polish that we were used to on Fox News. You certainly can’t turn to the internet anymore, with Big Tech giants like Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple all bailing on Parler, and knocking off anyone they don’t feel is liberal enough from their own sites. One would say that it looks very bleak indeed for conservatives.

Then Tuesday morning I’m greeted with the news that long-time Republican mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson passed away at 87. Depending on his heirs and their philosophy, that could leave a gaping hole in Republican donations for years to come!

But overall, I’m optimistic.


Yeah. The thing that makes me optimistic is that we’re dealing with the left-wing of society. They’ve always screwed things up. In fact, you can’t point to a time when they’ve been in charge that they ultimately didn’t. And it’s simply because of one fact. They don’t know when to stop pushing the boundaries. We’ve all known people like that. And this group of folks just keeps pushing and pushing until mainstream Americans say enough and switch parties. Though things may look bleak for those right of center today, trust me…the pendulum swings both ways with equal force. And it’s been swinging faster and faster the further we get down the road.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Media Fearing Life After Trump

Donald Trump has been the best friend of this country’s media over the past five years (including the run up to the 2016 election). Now, I know that statement is going to get a lot of you probably shaking your heads or wondering if I’m having Irish Coffee (and a lot of it) this morning. But it’s true.

The media cares about one thing and one thing only. High ratings and also read that as high subscription rates or readers. That’s it. Because without high ratings, media can’t sell advertising. Without advertising, there isn’t enough scratch to employ more than a janitor or two. The wicked truth is, media doesn’t work if there aren’t people there to pay for it. And when you have the explosion of media that we’ve had over the past decade, most of it thanks to the internet, you have spread the available advertising dollars out pretty thin.

Now, take Donald Trump OUT of the equation. What are the media like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post going to be talking and writing about? Worse yet, are their viewers or readers going to want to tune in or subscribe to hear the Kumbaya messages that are going to be coming out of the Biden White House, especially if let’s say a recession hits? Of course not.

Put gently, the media are expecting a rather major decline in viewership and readership over the next four years. CNN and MSNBC are already planning for it. The Washington Post is trying to dig deeper in finding juicy salacious stories by hiring 1,000 new reporters! Can you imagine how long they are going to last if advertising and readership goes the way of the rest of the media? It’s a last gasp of a dying newspaper to try and resuscitate itself. And trust me…I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times…it won’t work.

Print is already a dead medium. And broadcast radio and television stations aren’t far behind. I’ve mentioned several times that streaming is the way of the future. Even cable companies have realized that people don’t want their telephone or television services any longer. They’re opting for their high-speed internet instead. And the cable news channels like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News know without a personality like Donald Trump, they are going to have a lot less to cover! It’s like taking Johnny Carson out of the Tonight Show and replacing him with Tommy Newsom (that will only make sense to you if you were at least 15 years old in 1990!)

So what does that mean for us “regular” folk? Pretty much you should get ready for a couple of things to happen. The loss of viewership and readership will mean a huge decline in ratings. That will in turn mean a loss of advertising revenue as advertisers flock to the internet and streaming. That means that not everyone is going to survive, so look for behemoths like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC to look for suitors to buy them out or to merge with someone else. And no one can guess if they’ll still have the same political bent when the smoke clears. It’s coming…even Richard Wolffe, a former executive at MSNBC thinks so. He told, “The ratings are going to collapse. You don’t have to be a genius or an experienced executive to figure that out.” Just a matter of time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What I Learned Last Night

I sat watching Fox News last night go through their election coverage. And I had to laugh. I was also online listening to go through their numbers. Now, I’ll tell you, I saw and heard some very strange differences between each other, including at 9:30PM, Mountain Standard Time, when Fox News decided to call Arizona for Biden. How crazy was that?

Fox News waited 90 minutes to call Florida, even as Trump’s lead grew throughout the evening. Trump had a lead in Ohio, North Carolina, and Michigan and watched it grow throughout the night. Yet Fox News failed to call any of those states. So, why did they call Arizona? Well, Biden had an 8 point lead with some 73% of the total vote in. What they failed to take into account, was that all of the votes they were looking at were early votes. None of the votes that were cast on Election Day were taken into account by Fox News.

So, why?

Well, it all comes down to not politics, but programming. Yes, America tuned into Fox News to get their news, but for the folks at Fox, it wasn’t about politics, it was about getting you to watch longer. After all, had Fox called Texas, and North Carolina, and Georgia, and Ohio, and Michigan, and Wisconsin when Trump took huge leads, you and I would have been able to tune out, instead of watching them for 10 hours (or however long you hung in there).

And there’s the rub.

It wasn’t about providing you with news. It wasn’t about giving you election results. It was about getting you to stay tuned longer than you needed to. And in the end, the people at Fox News like their counterparts at CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks all want you and me to stay tuned. If they called these states early, they know that we would all hit the sack and get some sleep. That’s the one thing they didn’t want, especially after the build up of not knowing who was going to win after election day…it would be weeks after or so.

You can’t tell me that in this day and age, we can’t get a winner on election day. Technologically, we can put a man on the moon, we send space ships to the farthest reach of the universe, and we can’t count votes? The answer is, you can’t explain it.

An aside, Chris Steirwalt from Fox News should be fired. No questions asked.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Did Mueller Help Or Hurt Trump?

Robert Mueller broke his months-long silence since he released his “Mueller Report” on the whole Russian Collusion fallacy, and appeared on Fox News Channel on Wednesday. And while the special prosecutor/independent council didn’t say that Trump was innocent of all charges, he gave enough reason for some Democrats to start dancing and calling for impeachment.

See, Mueller basically said that he didn’t recommend an indictment of Trump on obstruction of justice charges because frankly he didn’t think that a sitting president should be indicted (which is something I’ve said here for a LONG while). And if you combine that feeling along with the fact that there really was no crime at the end of the day that Mueller was actually investigating, you really have nothing to indict Trump on.

That being said, if you read what “obstruction of justice” actually is, the legal definition, it’s very broad, very wide, and you’ve probably at some point in your life have fallen into it’s gaping trap. So apparently has Trump because though Mueller couldn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump told people to lie to the FBI and to Congress, IF he did, that would certainly qualify. And everyone that has been asked has denied Trump told them to lie…except people who’s testimony was so filled with falsehoods, you can’t believe what they said anyway.

So, did Mueller help or hurt Trump? I don’t think he did anything other than make sure than impeachment will be a campaign issue in the upcoming election. And if it is, with most of the country being against Trump, it should only help him in that vein. See, Democrats are so filled with hate over this guy that they’ll do anything possible, include throwing the election to him, just so they can have the opportunity to impeach him during his second term. It’s just what the GOP did with Bill Clinton. I know the legal minds out there are saying that the Clinton impeachment has nothing to do with Trump, but actually it has a LOT to do with Trump. It has a lot of lessons to be learned. Republicans learned them. Some Democrats like Pelosi have learned them. The freshmen and those that are mentally challenged like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff don’t have a clue about those lessons.

Those lessons are simple. You don’t use impeachment as a political tool because even though it has political consequences either way it falls, it can come back to bite you if you aren’t able to remove the person from office. The GOP in 1998 couldn’t remove Bill Clinton from office and it hurt them in the 2000 election. If Democrats try it, it will politically hurt them because the country isn’t behind it. That is why (and probably the only reason why) Nancy Pelosi is so against this. She realizes that a) there is no way the Senate will convict, so it’s a waste of time, and b) there will be political fallout regardless when they actually do impeach him.

Mueller spouting off wasn’t his finest hour. He really didn’t have anything to prove. He’s released his report, and going on camera only damages his reputation regardless what he says. One side or the other is going to loathe him, and the other will hold him in high esteem. It just matters only which side he comes down on. He was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t and it didn’t matter what he said. Knowing that going in, one would think the smart thing to do is keep your mouth shut, fade into the shadows and let history write whatever history is going to write about you.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is The Media Swoon Over?

I do write an awful lot about media on this blog, and for a very good reason. Since 1974, it’s been my bread and butter. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, I’ve been friends with a lot of the people that I talk about here, and I know it. And lately, it’s been an abject embarrassment. That’s because lately the media has done nothing but try and make up stories against Donald Trump.

Never before has a United States President faced 96% negative news coverage, even for a year, much less the first two and a half years of their term. And while most of it was aimed at Trump for his “Russian collusion”, which has proven to be nothing more than another made up leftist story, as the Mueller Report concluded, the interesting thing is what is happening now, less than a week after the Mueller Report hit.

In the cable news race, which had been rather close for a long while, and on rare occasions MSNBC and CNN, depending on what they were doing on a given evening would nudge out Fox News from first place. My how it changes when you take away the left’s top story over the past two years! Let’s take Wednesday night of this week for example…and it’s just an example. On that evening, Fox beat a combined viewership of both CNN and MSNBC. And while Fox had Donald Trump as a guest on Hannity, CNN was busy on their own accord…hosting a town hall for New Jersey Senator and presidential candidate, Cory Booker. MSNBC had it’s regular programming.

That evening Fox had 3,685,000 viewers including 653,000 in the esteemed 25-54 demographic. That compared with CNN’s 904,000 viewers total and 234,000 that were 25-54 viewers. Meanwhile, MSNBC had 2,141,000 viewers total and 333,000 in the 25-54 year old bracket.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that one night doesn’t a story make. And when you figure that Hannity had Donald Trump on, it was easy to see why. But yet the overriding story here is the fact that without their “go-to” narrative of Trump bashing over Russian collusion, both MSNBC and CNN couldn’t even together come up with Fox’s viewership! And the same goes for the 25-54 year old (the knock on Fox News is that all of their viewers are over 60…not the case!).

It could just signal the end of competitiveness for cable news. Where CNN dominated early in the 1990’s thanks mostly to the first Gulf War, they’ve faded from the scene ever since they’ve decided to become the left’s mouthpiece as the “Clinton News Network”. And without Rachel Maddow sitting in at MSNBC, they’d have absolutely nothing to go on either.

In the end, the American people will once again decide. The interesting thing is, they probably, by all indications, aren’t going to be looking very hard at the left’s cable news networks!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!