One Reason America Is Turning Against Biden/Democrats

Oh, there are several reasons why America is chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” (as NBC wants to put it) at NASCAR events, College and NFL football games, and in general. A poor economy, languishing recovery from COVID, inflation caused by over-spending, a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan (a withdrawal that 80% of the people originally supported, now only about 30% do), corruption in the Biden administration, and a Congress hell-bent on turning the country socialist. Those are all great reasons for Democrats’ extremely low approval numbers.

But there is one overriding factor that tops all of those things.

America feels that the federal government needs to do a LOT less than it’s currently doing. In fact, since 1992, there have only been two other times when Americans felt that government should be “doing more” and expand in size. One was back in 1993, and the other was just after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Both times, the figure, according to Gallup, was 50%. Then again, when Joe Biden was elected president and took office in January of this year. That was the only time since 1992 that actually MORE Americans than 50% thought the government should expand and “do more”. It reached a high of 54%. But it quickly eroded, and now, 52% say the government is doing too much and needs to scale back.

Interestingly enough, the highs for “doing too much” have occurred during Democrat administrations. It happened back in the later part of the Clinton years when the number hit 60%, and it hit it’s all time high of 64% under Bobo Obama.

And that poll is probably the most telling poll of all of them out there, because that poll shows the main difference between what mainstream Republicans, and most Democrats feel. The major difference between the two parties is that Democrats feel government is the answer to most of our problems, and Republicans don’t. All of the rest of the stuff Iisted at the beginning of the blog are small potatoes. The big reasons people vote one way or another is they feel that either the government needs to do more, or less. And every time the Democrats take over the White House, America concludes we need less government. The funny thing is, other than 9/11, when George W. Bush, and Donald Trump were president, the country never said the government needed to do “more”. But every time we’ve had a Democrat in the White House, the numbers to do less have jumped.

And in a nutshell, that is the difference between the two parties, still today. Oh, I’m not saying the Republicans are right all the time, they’re not. But they are more in line with mainstream Americans by far than Democrats, and the socialist snowflakes out there aren’t even in the parking lot of the ballpark.

Need some proof?

Here in the Great State of Arizona, Senator Mark Kelly, who was just elected this past year is already up for reelection. The Republicans ran a very weak candidate last fall against him, and it showed. This year, there are a few much stronger candidates vying for the nomination, and Kelly is already running ads. He’s not viewed very well in this state. Meanwhile, Krysten Sinema, the other Arizona Senator (and another Democrat), who has proven to be much more moderate than Kelly is getting targeted by the socialists in the state for a primary fight. Now, Sinema has always been a popular politician here. She was in the state house, and she still is today. Reason? Kelly is an uber-left wing socialist. Sinema is a much more moderate Democrat who seems to have eyes on helping Arizonans. She’s for a strong border, Kelly is not. She’s for fiscal responsibility, Kelly is not. And she supports the filibuster rule in the Senate. Kelly does not.

I’m thinking Kyrsten Sinema could run in 2024 as a Republican and probably get the nomination!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

CNN: Bad News For Dems

Now, you’d expect this if it came from Breitbart, or Newsmax, or even Fox News. But this story comes ripped out of the pages of That’s right…one of the most hate-filled, liberal, snowflake, socialist networks in human existence. In fact, CNN has become so far left wing, that Venezuela refuses to quote them anymore because they are now left of Nicolas Maduro.

CNN warns it’s base that the latest Gallup poll says that Americans favor the generic Republican party more than the generic Democrat party to run this country in pretty much every category. On security, America favors the GOP 54-38% over the Democrats. On prosperity, it’s 50-41%. Those gaps for the GOP are the largest since 2015 for security, and 2014 for prosperity.

There have been huge declines since last year as well. Democrats’ ratings fell from 42 to 31% when asked who was better at handling “the most important issues”. At “keeping the nation secure”, the numbers tumbled from 43 to 31%. And “keeping the nation prosperous went from 47% a year ago to 35% now. The poll was taken the first two weeks of September.

The one thing CNN does point out that is historically accurate (GASP!), is that heading into midterm elections, presidents who’s popularity and approval ratings are on the decline predict a huge whitewashing loss in the midterm election. As far as Biden’s approval ratings are concerned, he’s in the 30’s now, and is the weakest president in United States history. In fact, it’s so bad that over 20% of his own party is saying they strongly disapprove of him. I can’t remember a US president that had that problem (not even Donald Trump at his worst!)

Now, we are 13 months away from the midterm elections. That’s an eternity in politics, and if you don’t believe me, just ask George HW Bush (if he was still around). He was at 89% back in early March of 1991. 20 months later, he lost to Bill Clinton (because no other Democrat wanted to run against him with an 89% approval rating. Only one president had a higher rating…his son George W. Bush was at 90% two weeks after 9/11. That soon fell. So, just because someone is down on their luck now doesn’t mean that they can’t bounce back. Just as someone that was universally hailed as a great leader can’t fall from grace in a short period of time.

But if the GOP holds firm, and the Democrats keep screwing up in Congress, and Biden is…well, if Biden is Biden, then the GOP is in good shape for the midterms!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Coronavirus Coverage: Media Sucks

Gallup has come out with a brand new poll they’ve taken regarding the Coronavirus and who’s got high approval numbers and who doesn’t. According to the poll, US Hospitals got the highest approval during the Coronavirus affair and their handling of it with 88% approval. Only 10% disapproved.

Your kids’ daycare or school came in second with 83%, followed by your state government and your employer at 82% each. The CDC got 80% for it’s actions, while Vice President, Mike Pence scored a pretty partisan 61%. Donald Trump got a 60% approval rating. Congress came next at 59%, and dead last with a 44% approval rating…the only entry listed below 50% was the media.

So, basically, America is pretty much happy with the way everyone is working through this crisis, with the exception of the coverage of it. And if you break it down a little further, and take a look at the partisanship involved, you see a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Approval range

What’s interesting in that is that as soon as you get to anything to do with the government, Democrats’ ratings plunge, while Republicans stay pretty consistent throughout the rating cycle until it comes to Congress, which has stonewalled aid several times. And when it comes to news media, Democrats are the only ones that think they are doing a decent job…by a LARGE percentage.

There is obviously a huge disconnect in this country right now, on pretty much everything. It seems the left can’t even bring themselves to accept reality when things are going well for someone of the other party. They’ve devolved into this brooding mass of two year olds that whine and complain every time they don’t get their cookie. In the end, it’s going to be the downfall of their party, as the real adults in the room do what should have been done years ago…send them to a permanent time out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s Important To YOU?

We are less than 10 months away from electing a President of the United States. That person has already been out there campaigning…probably…unless the Democrats have a brokered convention. But barring that, there are issues that concern you and me. Are the current crop of politico’s actually talking about them?

Gallup released a poll earlier this week that talked about it. Here are the results:

Extremely importantExtremely important + Very important
Terrorism and national security3480
Gun policy3474
The economy3084
Climate change2655
The distribution of income and wealth in the U.S.2558
The federal budget deficit2372
Race relations2366
The nation’s infrastructure2274
Foreign affairs2164
Trade with other nations1868
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights1138
Ranked by percentage “extremely important”
GALLUP, DEC. 2-15, 2019

As I was going through this, I pretty much agreed with it. Oh, there were some differences. I would put the budget deficit much higher, and climate change much lower. But other than that, it’s pretty close! What I find interesting is that “healthcare” is listed as number one, but they probably aren’t referring to it in the same vein I am. I’m for more of an open system. Allowing for people to buy across state lines, with fewer restrictions and more competition (read that as lower prices).

I found it interesting that there were basically three areas that either failed to hit the 50% mark in “Extremely Important + Very Important”. Gay rights, wealth distribution, and climate change all ranked at the bottom when the two categories were combined. I could not agree more!

I always like these polls because it shows whether or not America is focused. Apparently in this instance, America is somewhat there. Maybe not in the same order I would like, but they are close. And what is interesting as well, is that the results bode well for Donald Trump in his battle to be re-elected. It would seem that the issues Democrats harp on more consistently than others are pretty much at the bottom.

But the most interesting thing I saw was that “Impeachment” was nowhere to be found in this list. Apparently, nobody cares enough to actually think it’s a campaign issue. Again, that’s very telling, and shows that the Democrats in Congress that wanted to “Impeach 45” didn’t have a clue that was what the American public wanted. And, once again, that bodes well for Donald Trump to be re-elected.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

US Healthcare “Sucks”

When I started writing the original blog titled “Desert Musings” about five years ago (I really lose track of time out here!), it was because of the healthcare situation. Obamacare was coming into it’s own, and the rollout was, and I’m being polite here, less than admirable. I’ve written on healthcare many times since then, and the abortion that has become known as Obamacare. According to the folks at Gallup, they’ve been asking the question on the state of our healthcare for 25 years now, and only once has it not sucked in the eyes of Americans…right after 9/11.

Typically, according to Gallup, the range of people saying that our healthcare is “in crisis” has ranged between 64 and 73%. Today it’s a 70%. It dipped to 67% when Obamacare came into existence, then rose back up to 73% the next year. The dirty little secret is that 84% of Democrats think Obamacare sucks! Obviously, Obamacare isn’t the solution.

The question I have is, why aren’t Democrats rushing to fix it? They are the ones that demanded it;told us we’d love it; clamored for it; fought for it not once, but twice in the Supreme Court. And all that time, we’ve hated it. It cost them the House of Representatives back in 2010, and it’s something that cost them the House for a total of 8 years!

You would have thought that something that bad would be fixed. Ah, but there’s the rub! It isn’t bad in Democrats’ eyes. Even though a vast majority of Americans (including Democrats) view our healthcare system as “in crisis”, they feel it should be saved. Why? Because it takes power from you and me and gives it to the federal government. When Obamacare was instituted, one-sixth of the US economy switched from our hands and our employers’ hands to the government’s hand. That is the real reason Democrats are fighting to keep it in government hands.

Let me use a parallel argument to show you my point. Let’s look at Social Security. Why do you think the government doesn’t want it privatized and allow you to invest your Social Security account in the stock market? Now, they say it’s because it’s too risky, right? Yet, every single American that’s employed and has a 401k has money in the stock market, most likely in the form of mutual funds. The wealthiest men and women in America ALL have money in the stock market. So, if they can get rich playing stocks, why wouldn’t the Democrats want you to do the same thing? The answer is control and power. They lose it, you get it.

And if you have control and power, you realize that you don’t need them. You don’t need all of the government cradle to grave programs to take care of you. And if you don’t need those programs, you don’t need liberalism. And then they cease to exist as a power and a party because we’ve once again proven that liberalism doesn’t work. They can’t have that!

So, when it comes to fixing our healthcare system, I can do it in one paragraph. Buy it across state lines, from anyone you choose; make every hospital, lab, and doctor accept all insurance; and buy it like you do car insurance. You have to have a minimum amount, but you choose the rest.

Gee, I solved healthcare in basically two sentences. And it took Democrats over 1,500 pages to write the Obamacare law! And they think they’re the smart ones in the room?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Time To Unplug Obamacare From Life Support

Once again, that bastion of polling, Gallup, has come out with an interesting poll that should stun America. In a poll taken the first eleven days of November, more people (once again) feel that Obamacare should be scrapped than saved. In fact, it’s a slap in the face for every single Democrat who voted for the plan, and for the guy it’s named after.

We were told back then that “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. False. We were told back then that “The average American family will save $2,500 a year.” Also false. What the saddest part of all is, is that while some 1.2 million Americans that couldn’t afford healthcare insurance have achieved the goal of getting it, some 6.5 million Americans were thrown off their individual healthcare plans and forced to pay up to 15 times what they were paying (by law) just to get the opportunity to drive up to three hours away to see a doctor.

Obamacare, we were told, would be accepted once people “got used to it”, and that happened for a short period of time. But it hasn’t caught on with more than 55% of the population. Today 84% of Democrats approve of Obamacare. 47% of Independents do, and only 9% of Republicans do. Want some further telling statistics?

When you get right down to it, only 17% say Obamacare is working great. 30% say that it should stay, but is in need of a major overhaul. Another 16% say they disapprove of it, but there are parts that should be kept (most likely the pre-existing conditions) and 31%, the largest group say dump the whole thing in the toilet. 5% had no opinion. In anybody’s book, that is not a rousing approval of one of the most convoluted, most restrictive, most outlandish laws in history.

Now the question is, what will Congress do about it? The answer is nothing. Democrats have the House, and are hell-bent on moving to a single-payer healthcare system (Medicare for all), which if anything like Obamacare would be a nightmare. Republicans want to either “repeal and replace” it, or repeal it altogether. So, it’s doubtful anything will get done.

There is a solution that makes sense. It exists in the free-market. You allow people to shop across state lines, you allow people to keep their pre-existing condition clause, and the 26 year old living in the basement clause if you like, and then you spring the biggest change on everybody…EVERYONE buys healthcare insurance like they buy car insurance or homeowners insurance. We are ALL a part of one giant national pool. So, there is your “Medicare for all”. You call up an insurance agent, you tell them what you want as far as coverage and they give you a a quote. You call another insurance agent, and you do the same thing. Or, better yet, you go online and buy it there just like you do today. 

If your spouse isn’t going to get pregnant, you don’t need pregnancy coverage and you don’t pay for it. If you want coverage for cancer or stroke, you buy it separately, just like you do with care insurance and homeowners insurance today. It’s that simple. It works for that part of the insurance industry and there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for healthcare. You get your policy for a year from the date you buy it and you can either renew or shop around every year. Every doctor, every hospital takes every insurance. It’s that simple.

So, let Obamacare die. It was an abortion of an idea to begin with fostered by people that just wanted to control one-sixth of the nation’s economy. They weren’t in it for your health. They were in it for more power. And it’s failed. Time to move on.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

World Leader?

I want you to think back a few years ago…oh, it’s not that long ago. There was a president we had that said it was best to “lead from behind”. Do you remember that? That the days of America being the “world leader” were over. I think if I remember correctly, that he actually started out his term in office on a world apology tour, telling our friends and enemies that we were sorry for having been so arrogant over the years and that things were different. Does that sound the least bit familiar to anybody?

Apparently, things have changed.

Back then, people felt that this “lead from behind” guy was right and that we were taking on too much. We were trying to lead everybody into being more like us. And how things have changed. Now, according to a new Gallup Poll (yes…they are still around), 75% of Americans think that the United States¬†should¬†be a world leader. Want to know the amazing fact? 81% of Democrats feel that way, that’s up 20% from five years ago.

Yes…DEMOCRATS lead the way in wanting the US to become a world leader. And I wonder what Bobo Obama thinks about that? Here he is, on the campaign trail in Mississippi, bashing Donald Trump and telling the world that, “Remember…it was ME that did all of the good stuff, not Trump!”, and yet, his vision of “leading from behind” is being basically ignored by his own party. What a kick in the legacy!

But it’s not surprising. Americans have always wanted to be leaders in pretty much everything. If the Olympics were coming up, we wanted to win the most medals. If it were a war we were fighting, we were doing it for the right reasons, and we had to win it. If it was a policy we wanted, we had to prevail. America had to win. And America did win far more often than not. In fact, it’s really only been in the last forty years or so that America hasn’t won. A lot of that has to do with snowflake liberalism and their idea that globally is far better than locally. They want everyone to come together and sing kumbaya. The problem is, we will never all get along.

If you take all of the time through recorded history that there has been “world peace”, where people haven’t been fighting each other. Of the 3,400 years of recorded human history, there has been “world peace” for only 268 of them. So, no…we aren’t singing kumbaya.

We were born to lead. And we have basically lead for 120 years. Throughout our history, we’ve led in politics, in industry, in innovation, in science and math, and in the arts. There have been others of course, but we have led. It’s nice to see that the Democrats finally agree with mainstream America on one thing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Under Trump…USA Says “Doin’ OK”

The rather liberal Gallup organization, who started presidential polling way back when, only to quit because they couldn’t seem to come up with the winner in their polls, has been keeping up one trend for the past 40 years or so. It’s been doing this “right direction/wrong direction” of the United States. And for the first time since 2005, it has topped 37%.

That is rather stunning when you consider all of the negative news the mainstream media is throwing out against our president. With the phony Russia investigation, all the crap going on with James Comey and the IG report, and formerly respected journalistic endeavors like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and cable news hacks like CNN and MSNBC routinely making up negative stories about Donald Trump just to try and sway public opinion, it apparently isn’t working. Trump’s approval rating is nearing 50% in all polls, and surpassing it is several.

What I find interesting is that this “right direction/wrong direction” poll does tell quite a bit about how the country is feeling at a given point in time. Gallup has been doing it on a monthly basis for a long time now. While the left screams about how Donald Trump is doing a terrible job, and the country is going to hell in a handbasket, America seems to feel differently.

When you break down the numbers, obviously Republicans feel (with 68%) that America is on the right track, up 14% since the March/April survey. And predictably, Democrats feel America isn’t on the right track with only 13% agreeing with the GOP. That’s the same number as the earlier survey. What’s interesting is the middle. In our segmented society, Independents have gone from 25% to 36% in one month agreeing that we are on the right track.

Now, you have to realize that while 36% is far below half, it’s far above where America judged any previous Democrat (the last three being Obama, Clinton, and Carter). Even in the dot-com boom of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the poll only touched the 35% mark for one survey back in 1994. It has hit the 35% mark not once, but three times this year alone.

That would tell any normal person that clearly, something good is happening in America. Now, there are liberals out there that don’t believe that. They’ll tell you it was an outlier. That is hogwash. The stock market, the unemployment rate, the economy in general is up huge over where it had been under the last president. And it tells us one thing. We go to Democrats when we feel that we need to be suckled by the government. We go to Republicans when we get tired of sucking the public teet and realize that being independent and able to make our own decisions is always a better thing. Cradle to grave doesn’t work…it’s never worked…it never will work. There just isn’t enough money in the world to pay for all of those scattered ideas. And no one has ever been able to argue otherwise.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!