When I was a child growing up, it was relatively easy to determine gender. All you had to do was look at your crotch. If you had something dangling down there, you were a male. If you didn’t you were a woman. When you had to fill out something that asked your sex, it was again, relatively easy. There were two choices. Today, you have eight. So, where did the rest of the choices come from? Were we visited by a race of aliens that procreated with the human race and we have several different genders now?


What we have is a group of uber-leftist liberals that don’t want anybody in the country to feel bad. They want to make sure that every person feels good about themselves. That includes those, mostly younger (though they transcend age) people that question their “gender identity”, and aren’t sure whether they are male or female. They could be a transgendered male or female. They may be a transitioning male or female, or they may just “feel like today” I’m a male or a female. Someone in anatomy class forgot to tell these folks that “feeling” like you’re a man or a woman doesn’t make you a man or a woman. There IS a thing (or lack thereof) that actually defines that.

And yet, in an atrociously feeble attempt to make everyone feel good and not upset anyone (well, anyone that is a liberal), the left has decided, without the rest of us getting a vote, that they need to do away with genders entirely. So, it’s no longer appropriate (in their mind) to call your parents “mother” or “father”. That classifies them as male or female. And you don’t have a “brother” or “sister”, you have a “sibling”. And when you are in church and you reach the end of a prayer, you don’t say “Amen!” You say, “Amen and Awoman”.


Yeah. The House of Representatives, in their ultimate fantasy world, have removed all gender identities. What they apparently forgot was that “Amen” is a Latin word meaning “So Be It”. It has nothing to do with gender. That’s like saying that when someone isn’t right in the head they don’t have a “mental illness”. It’s a “person illness”. Or when a woman is having her time of the month, she’s not “menstruating”, she’s “personstruating”.

I think we’ve reached the point in humanity, where education has failed us. I think our brains have collectively (at least for the majority in Congress) stopped working. I get it that they want everyone to feel accepted…well, everyone except conservatives. They still are hung-up on that one. But they want everyone in their political universe to feel accepted. Even those that aren’t quite sure where they fit in the whole man/woman thing. So, like political correctness before it, they’ve devised words that basically are wrong. Oh, it’s not the same thing as using the “N” word to describe an African-American. But they’d like you to think that it is. Calling my mother, “Mom” is only viewed as a slam to the uber-leftist. She still appreciates me calling her mom, not “Person” or “Parent”.

I don’t know the answer to this problem. It would seem a little harsh and over the top to me to employ the Russian or Chinese model of “reeducation”. But maybe, just maybe, that’s where this one ends up? Who knows?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!