Where The #MeToo Movement Is Wrong

OK, I understand that headline is going to strike people wrong. I get it that it may look like I’m actually FOR sexual misconduct, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m speaking strictly about New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo’s predicament. Now some magazine has come out and said that it’s not six or even seven women that have been abused in some way by the Governor…it’s 30!

And I’m here to contend, that these allegations, while important are the least of Cuomo’s problems.

I think a much more damning issue with Cuomo is his total disregard for elderly life with his decision to mandate that nursing homes accept COVID patients, right in the midst of the most vulnerable people in our society. And while the sexual misconduct charges are garnering all of the headlines, I have to say that I find it rather disgusting that sexual abuse is viewed in our society, apparently more serious of an issue than the killing off of the elderly.

Let’s get it straight. Andrew Cuomo’s life as a politician is over. I saw a poll recently that said most people feel he won’t resign, but will fight it right up to the point that he realizes there are votes there to impeach him. I’m not sure if New York has the same punishment that we went through with Donald Trump, whereby not only are you removed from office, but you may not be able to run for elective office (at least local or state office) again. If that’s the case, I would see him bailing before he’s actually impeached, tried, and convicted. It’s the Nixon gambit.

But what worries me more than anything to do with Andrew Cuomo, because I really don’t care about him, is that we seem to be paying attention to the wrong things in our society these days. We spend much more time worrying about how many women a politician groped than we do about how many people the same politician killed with his policies and decisions.

As we look around the country, I find it very sad that the left views what happened at the US Capitol on January 6th to be an incredibly heinous display by what appears to be Trump supporters (though there have been at least one or two ANTIFA members videotaped inside the Capitol during that incursion), and yet they have nothing to say about the riots in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. They cry that five people died in the Capitol takeover attempt, yet have are silent about the 25 people that were killed in the riots.

We tragically mourn the death of someone like George Floyd, and we all do, but have no problem turning a blind eye to the number of murders that happen every weekend on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, DC, or New York City. We continuously hear complaints about how treasonous Donald Trump’s acts were as president…that he was “illegitimate”, yet we hear nothing about Hunter Biden’s foibles, or if, and how deep the current President of the United States has been involved in it, and whether he profited by millions of dollars in the shady dealings.

This country is at a crossroads. We either are going to allow the leftist snowflake socialists to continue with their notion of being “woke” and using cancel culture to sweep American history under the rug, or we are going to return to what made America great. It isn’t about this complaining about meaningless stuff like not publishing books by Dr. Seuss. That sounds more like Nazi Germany than it does the United States. And they want to tell me that Donald Trump was the Nazi? Somehow I think they were skipping school during that part of history class!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Please Come Back!

Yeah, that’s the refrain coming from the Minneapolis City Council these days. Back after George Floyd died, and the city was rioting, the Minneapolis City Council rushed to join Antifa and Black Lives Matter in trying to “defund the police”. Well, they succeeded.

Now their tune has changed.

Apparently, some nine months of having fewer and fewer cops on the streets hasn’t led to good things in the Twin Cities. They’ve been losing police officers left and right and currently the city has about 640 cops, some 200 below where they should be. So, what did City Council do? Of course! They threw money at the police, upping the same budget they gutted some eight months ago, by $6.4 million! They’re hoping to have some 700 officers on the streets in time for the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death.

And what do we learn from this?

We learn that first and foremost, when you rush in and make decisions using your heart and not your head, you are going to regret it. Of course, it was the popular decision back then. Of course, it was “right” to be on the side of blacks in the city who felt this was just another example of police bias and racial hatred toward them. Of course, the City Council felt they would “defund the police” as a way to punish them for their incredibly heinous and inhumane action. And of course, knowing that liberals never know when to hit the brakes, some members of the City Council are looking at still getting rid of the police and replacing them with a Public Service Department, which would include cops, as well as psychologists, and sociologists, and whatever other profession they feel is necessary to bring about a “fair and just” society to all. They’re getting signatures as you read this, and hope to get it on this fall’s ballot.

Of course, throwing money at at problem is usually not a good idea when it comes to politics. It’s what got the federal government in trouble. They decide they want to undertake a “worthy program” that some liberal just can’t live without, and realize soon after it passes that its’ costs far outweigh the benefits. But liberals never met a social program they didn’t like, so they fight like hell to keep it, even though the ballooning costs keep it resembling a white elephant more than a solution to a problem.

And that’s what has to stop.

Look, I feel terrible that any person, black, white, brown, red, green, or purple has to die at the hands of anyone. That’s not right, whether it’s a cop, or a drive-by shooting. And yes, guilty parties need to be held accountable. But I also am a realist. You cannot expect people to act perfectly in every situation because…well…we’re people. We’re human. We’re going to make mistakes, and since government is run by people, it’s a part of what we should expect.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Minneapolis’ Mayor, or police chief, or City Council understands that. I think they’re bulling ahead blindly hoping that if they throw more money at the situation, it will correct itself. Except that has never worked. And it never will. And the only people that will end up paying are the taxpayers…if there are going to be any of them left in Minneapolis after all of this shakes out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The “George Floyd” Riots

I have a major problem with what’s going on around the country, and I think I have to point a finger at the media for taking part. I’m talking about the nightly riots going on in major cities over the death of George Floyd, the black man that was killed by police in Minneapolis last week.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. There isn’t a responsible person in the country that hasn’t condemned the action. Anybody that has seen the video knows that the cop that kept his knee on Floyd’s throat long enough to asphyxiate him was totally in the wrong. So were the cops that stood by and did nothing as Floyd told the officer he couldn’t breathe. So, let’s all understand, this isn’t a societal race thing. ALL of America was appalled, and was condemning this cop’s actions.

But almost importantly is the riots the followed. Can anybody tell me that when a black man or woman is murdered there are riots everywhere. There is looting, burning of cars, of businesses, of houses, there is this mentality that they are going to destroy stuff. Now, you don’t see that happen when a black person kills a white person. When that happens, you don’t see people running into the street setting stuff on fire and looting! So, why is it that when it happens to a black person, they want to enrich their lives with a new 70 inch flat screen TV that they’ve just boosted from a local business. Why is it that they want to set someone’s car on fire. Someone that probably feels exactly the same way they do?

And what’s going to happen to these people when they get arrested? They’re going to get put in jail for the night, charged with violating a curfew or reckless endangerment of some sort, and they’re going to pay a fine and released. What would happen if someone came to your house and set it on fire. Or they decided to burn your car? Would they get a slap on the wrist? I doubt it.

And, let’s put the shoe on the other foot. What would happen if you happened to be driving through a black neighborhood and your car was stolen. Do you think that people would go to that neighborhood and loot and burn? Of course not! So, why in the world is there this need to destroy?

I know the answer. The answer is, it’s been a long-standing use of white oppression against blacks. They’re still reliving the slavery thing. And folks, that was 160 years ago. I understand there has been racism in this country and probably still is to some degree. But burning and looting isn’t going to solve it. You can’t legislate racism away, and you certainly can loot it away either. If anything you enflame it. Nothing positive comes from what’s happening at night. And it’s beginning to outweigh the actual crime that caused all of this in the first place. In fact, there have been more deaths of blacks in the riots that followed Floyd’s death than Floyd’s death.

I read an op-ed the other day that was written by a black person who said, “This is how we deal with injustice.” I think there has to be some changes to mentality on both sides of the coin. Yes, racism may still exist in some people, and that’s certainly got to change. But trying to get white’s attention by burning down a black neighborhood is just stupid. It’s not even close to being an acceptable way to deal with injustice, and yes, there was injustice in Floyd’s death. But to ruin peoples’ lives that had nothing to do with it is just ignorant and stupid. And it’s not going to accomplish anything. If anything, it’s going to make the racist people MORE racist, which incites MORE violence and riots, and it becomes a vicious circle.

So, how do we deal with the riots? I have no idea. I know it’s not accomplishing anything that wasn’t accomplished by that video. If anything, it’s turning more and more people against blacks in this country and that’s the farthest thing from what we need to have happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Wet Socks

It is happening with more and more frequency. the President of the United States, who has been using Twitter as his bully-pulpit since taking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is sticking his feet in his mouth with alarming regularity. In his ongoing battle with Twitter over comments that he has made, Twitter has sought to add “labels” to the president’s comments, as they work at fact-checking. Now, some of the time, their lead fact-checker, a guy named Yoel Roth, himself a rather verbose and animated guy who has on several occasions expressed his displeasure with Trump in shall we say, non-friendly ways, has mis-labeled Trump’s comments. Roth has also been guilty of violating Twitter’s own terms of service, all the while policing the site.

But recently, Trump stuck his feet in his mouth and chewed on his wet socks once again. His tweet basically said, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” drew a label from Twitter saying that they felt that it was inciting violence. That decision actually came from Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey. The White House clarified the comment, which was made originally in Miami back in the 1960’s by a police chief that was known for inciting violence.

Trump’s comments came as Thursday night’s looting saw 170 businesses in black areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Governor of Minnesota basically took over the city of Minneapolis and brought in the National Guard and the state police. And while we all feel that it was a tragic injustice done to George Floyd, it’s clear that those in Minneapolis and elsewhere are using Floyd’s death as an excuse for the looting.

Was Trump right for using that tweet? It can be argued that he could have been a little more sensitive as to what he says, and the history behind it. But Twitter is meddling in the 2020 election. Jack Dorsey and his crew should be ashamed of themselves of being extraordinarily biased, in allowing China and Iran to tweet their propaganda, but continually censors tweets that are made by Christians, and conservatives.

Trump needs to do what I’ve said all along, which is to lay off the tweets. It’s his fault that he’s put himself in this bind, but Twitter isn’t blameless. Dorsey needs to realize that while he technically may be in the right, he ethically is in the wrong.

And both men chewed their socks this past weekend!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!