How Fate Ruins The Democrats

Oh, I’m not saying that fate is going to do it, but it could happen. There are several scenarios where we wouldn’t have to wait until 2023 before the GOP takes over Congress. Well, that’s not 100% true. It would be the GOP taking over the Senate, but that’s still pretty much the same thing. It would be the death blow to Joe Biden’s presidency!

Here is how it could work.

Let’s say that the pressure on Joe Manchin to cave on his much publicized stand on getting rid of the filibuster gets to him. But rather than cave, Joe decides that he’s going to stop being a Democrat. Maybe he doesn’t join the Republican party, but he becomes an independent that caucuses with the Republicans (it’s rare, but it HAS happened!) So, in that case, the Democrats now have 49 people on their side of the aisle, and with Manchin, the Republicans can count on 51. That means that Mitch McConnell automatically becomes the new Majority Leader and Chuckles Schumer slides to Minority Leader. That can happen at any time.

Actually it has happened in recent history. Back in 2001, Vermont’s Jim Jeffords, who was a Republican got angry at George W. Bush, and decided to become an independent. It was the same situation as today, where the Senate was evenly divided 50/50, and with Jeffords leaving the GOP, it gave the Dems’ the upper hand and Tom Daschle became Majority Leader.

There are other ways as well. Let’s say for instance, and I’m not wishing this on anyone…but let’s say that a Democrat Senator passes away from a heart attack. And for grins and giggles, let’s say that he’s from one of the 37 states that has it in their Constitution that if a Senator or a Representative leaves office, the Governor of that state can replace them. Now, there are only seven of the 37 states that require the Governor to pick someone from the same party as the person leaving Congress, meaning that there are 30 states that give the Governor free reign to choose whomever they want.

As of this coming Saturday, you have nine states that boasts a Republican Governor and at least one Democrat Senator. Virginia Governor-elect, Glenn Younkin takes office on January 15th. So, Virginia, along with Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and Montana all fit the bill. However, Maryland and Arizona have to choose someone from the same party as outlined above.

So, if, going back to our scenario, say, a Bernie Sanders was to pass away suddenly, or get ill and need to be replaced, the Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, could name his replacement, and it could be a Republican. That would sway the balance of power to the GOP.

That would basically put an end to any Biden agenda, any wild spending, any thought of a filibuster rule change, or “packing the court”, at least for the time being. And it may just bring down the price of gasoline, fix the supply chain, help along the southern border before the spring caravans start back up, and start to return America to where it needs to go.

And if it doesn’t happen… we just vote out the scoundrels in November, and start fresh!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Don’t Put Too Much Stock In Virginia Governor’s Race

I know the pundits out there are saying that Virginia, which just turned blue not too long ago is about to go red again. They point to Glenn Youngkin’s stunning win over a very tired and old looking Terry McAuliffe as the reason. However, I have a little bit different spin on this one.

It’s not as much of a slam dunk as you might think it is.

Pundits are wrong more than half the time. The problem with pundits is they love to scream how they were right about certain events, but they never bring up all of the times they missed something entirely. It’s like the “money guys” you see on TV that call for gold to soar to $5,000 an ounce because of inflation, or war or something, and then it settles back down and gold never gets close to that figure. Same thing in politics. Everybody is always right, and nobody is ever wrong. Until now.

Now, having said that, I will say that I think the Democrats are in a world of hurt right now, there’s no denying that. They have sucked at their agenda, they have a bigger clown than Bozo in the White House, and an even bigger clown than that sitting over at the Naval Observatory waiting to replace him. They have such a socialist agenda that a lot of independents, and even some Democrats are shaking their head thinking they’ve gone too far. But the pundits are missing the main reason Glenn Youngkin got elected in the first place.

Youngkin got elected because Terry McAuliffe screwed up.

Had Terry McAuliffe never come out and said he was for Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools, and that parents shouldn’t have a right to decide what is taught to their kids, he would have won. I’m not saying it would have been the usual “blue landslide” that Virginians have been dishing out lately (Biden won the state by 10 points last year), but he most assuredly would have won.

As much as I’d like to believe that most of that win came as a referendum on Joe Biden and his addle-minded administration’s policies, I really do believe if you ask the people of Virginia why they voted for Glenn Younkin over Terry McAuliffe, the number one reason would be that McAuliffe screwed up in his comments on education. Parents care about the schools their kids go to, and what they are taught. You’ve seen the footage of the school board fights that parents have had in that state. You’ve heard all about how the FBI, at the direction of the Biden administration wanted to call those concerned parents “terrorists” for attacking a school board verbally. Education was the single biggest issue in this election. And while yes, there has been a backlash to Biden and his cabal, it didn’t play as big a role in the Virginia Governor’s race, or the down ballot races as one might think. I think people were fed up with what McAuliffe said and they were making ALL Democrats pay for it.

Having said that, you can’t overlook what happened in New Jersey which didn’t have education as their number one concern. There, Jack Ciattarelli almost beat Phil Murphy, an incumbent Democrat Governor. In fact it took until this past Friday for Ciattarelli to concede, it was that close. But there have been some historical things at play in that race as well. It’s been decades that a sitting Democrat Governor in New Jersey has won reelection. That’s how Chris Christie came to power. Usually, New Jerseyans (if that’s what they are called) are fed up with the Democrat after one term and want to change things up. It’s just the way it plays out in that state. And while the race was indeed close, and Ciattarelli wasn’t supposed to win or even make it a race according to those pundits, he did. But history did not repeat itself and Murphy did pull out the win.

Now, that being said, I think the midterms are still the Republicans to lose. I think we are way too early to be saying it’s going to be a slam dunk and that the GOP will pick up 60 House seats and maybe 10 Senate seats. That would be a pipe dream at best, but again, way too early for predictions. We have primaries to go through, we have a whole year’s worth of news and events to digest, and the landscape could look entirely different next November than it does today. Or it could look much worse and it could very well be the greatest white-washing in political history. We just don’t know, and neither do the pundits.

I think it’s funny that when you go back and look at past midterm elections, the pundits call for the change in power in Congress long before it happens. And they talk about it so much that it’s almost getting the country ready for the change. That’s what is happening today. Most of what you’re hearing out there is speculation. But there are things to watch for. Look for a raft of Democrats in the House and Senate to retire. That’s always a sign that things aren’t going well. Look at the bigger names to do the same. If Pelosi retires and doesn’t run again, it’s going to be game over for the Democrats, and when she was recently interviewed on GMA, she refused to say if she’d run again or not. I don’t put a lot of stock in that because she wasn’t about to give GMA a scoop and declare on their program, but she very well may read the tea leaves and decide at 82 (her age when next November rolls around), she’s had enough.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What A Difference A Year Makes!

It was only a year ago that Democrats were screaming, “Defund The Police!” and swearing that they were going to reshape the way law enforcement in this country works. Black Lives Matter became almost a religion with the NFL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA all jumping on board. You couldn’t even conceive that anyone with a “law and order” candidacy could do anything but go down in flames at the ballot box.

And then reality set in.

Mayors across the country realized that by defunding the police, as had been done in cities from New York to Seattle, from Boston to Portland, they saw something totally unexpected happen. Crime rose! Without police there to catch the criminals, can you believe that crime actually increased? And with no cops on duty because they had either been furloughed or retired, no one was there to protect the cities from rampant looting, violence, murder, shootings, and a bunch of other stuff. It was like someone gave the bad guys the keys to the city and told them to “go nuts!”

So, as Mayors around the country start looking at their reelection possibilities in tomorrow’s elections, even hard-core Democrats have started to see that the communities they serve are squabbling for more law and order. They want to see more police on the streets, not less. They want less to do with Black Lives Matter, and more to do with safety for all people, not just people of color.

According to Pew Research, a year ago only 15% of the public wanted to increase the funding for police departments. Today that number is 47% and rising each week. Cities like Chicago have set records in the past year for violent crime (even though Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot disputes that saying her city is “safe”). Mayors in places like New York, where Bill deBlasio has become almost as negative a name as Andrew Cuomo in that state are sitting in silence, trying to ride out their term, and getting booed and laughed at wherever they show their face in public.

What has caused all of this is the same thing that’s caused all sorts of people to rethink whether Democrats in general have a clue as to how to lead a city, state, or nation. It’s this uber-leftist takeover that occurred over a year ago that has shown it never works. And when something doesn’t work, the American people are very quick to throw it out and look for something that does. That’s what is happening now.

You’re seeing it in two Governor’s races that will be decided tomorrow. In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy (D) should be walking away with the election. He’s not. Republican challenger, Jack Ciattarelli is on his heels fighting hard and surprising an awful lot of people. Now, I don’t think Ciattarelli has much of a chance to unseat a Democrat Governor in New Jersey. But Ciattarelli, an Italian American who’s not shy about flaunting that, is making inroads where few thought he could. And he’s within striking distance. Again, I think it would basically send the message that Democrats have abandoned their party altogether if Murphy couldn’t pull it off, and that probably won’t happen, but it shouldn’t be this close.

The other race to watch is in Virginia where former Governor, and Friend of Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, is losing, and in some polls losing big time to Glenn Younkin. Education seems to have become the big issue in this race, with many school board meetings turning into shouting matches as the liberal school boards back Critical Race Theory to be taught in schools, and parents don’t agree with that decision. McAuliffe came out very early and made some extremely stupid comments how parents shouldn’t be able to say how their kids are educated. His numbers plummeted after those remarks and it seems he’s in a tailspin. Even the bid Democrat guns of Joe and Jill Biden, and Bobo Obama, along with Stacy Abrams have come to Virginia to try and sway the party faithful, but have had little effect on the numbers. In fact, the momentum with a day to go is highly in Younkin’s favor. It would be a huge defeat for Democrats seeing how Biden beat Trump in Virginia by ten points! To lose this race will foretell next year’s midterm elections, according to many people that watch these things closer than most of us. And you’ll most likely see a lot of Democrats in Washington decide it’s time to retire rather than face a nasty election result if Younkin were to upset McAuliffe.

I’ve always said that the pendulum swings both ways. Yes, we go liberal, but it always comes back seeking the moderate position in this country. Last year, we were very far left. This year, with all of the stumbling and bumbling going on in Washington both in the White House and in Congress, you’re seeing the pendulum swing an equal distance from even that it swung left last year. Get the popcorn ready. It’ll be a fun night tomorrow!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!