Climate Hoax Strikes Again!

Yes, the Global Change Warming Climate is at it again. Today, there will be a lot of leftover lunches in the cafeterias in America’s schools. That’s because tens of thousands of kids are going to skip class today…a lot of them getting permission to do so from the very schools they will be avoiding.

It’s The Great Climate Strike!

Basically what’s going to be happening is school kids are going to take a day off of school so they can sit at home and play video games, hang out at the mall, or do anything but learn. It’s the latest liberal indoctrination technique. Get the kids to realize early that they need to protest anytime there’s something out there they don’t like. They’ll feel better at the end of the day, even though a vast majority of the kids aren’t going to take part in any sort of protest…they’re going to stay at home, and probably help out around the house at best…play video games all day at worst.

Meanwhile, the schools will be open for the nerdy few that choose to actually learn something that day. Oh, they’ll get chastised by students who wonder why they didn’t skip out on school that day. And, in some cases, teachers will tell them that they aren’t good citizens because they don’t “care for the planet”. All the while, those that skipped aren’t doing a damn thing to “help the planet” (SPOILER ALERT: The planet doesn’t need your help!).

More and more people are getting worried that this whole climate change thing is just a hoax that they’ve bought into. Well, you can understand why! We were told as far back as 1989 that by the year 2000 there would be no New York City, no Miami, no Boston, no New Orleans, no Mobile, no San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, or Seattle. Why? They’d all be underwater. In Jamaica, they’d be watching polar bears float by on whatever remained of huge ice floes. And of course, it hasn’t happened.

It hasn’t happened for two reasons. First of all places all over the world that made these predictions fudged their numbers to try and show the world they were right when actually they were so far off base, it didn’t matter. Second, while yes, climate is changing…it’s what climate does…man is not playing a major part of it.

As I have detailed and proven over the past couple of years here on these blogs, the Earth has undergone several instances of global cooling (known as ice ages), and then warming back up to where we are today. It’s a yin and a yang. And it’s been doing that for millions of years. So, even though we’re taking Johnny to soccer practice and his sister Nancy to dance practice in a gas-hog SUV, it doesn’t matter. Earth is doing what it has always done. Every time I ask one of these climate change nuts why it is that the Earth has cooled and heated without mankind, and without SUV’s for millions of years, they blame George W. Bush or Donald Trump.

Sane people all over the world are catching on. It’s just a liberal ploy to gain more power of the people. Do you really think “carbon credits” do anything? If you walk to soccer practice instead of getting a ride, do you really think we’re going to be helping the planet? You’ll be getting some much needed exercise, but that’s about it.

And for the school kids who decide to skip out on school today, they’ve learned one lesson for sure: If you want a day off, tell the world you’re protesting something liberals believe in and you’ll get the day off of school without any problem!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!