The Difference Between The Right And The Left

I have sat quietly watching the Supreme Court decisions unfold in June. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I was happy to see the fact that the state of New York, which quite frankly I’ve always viewed as not just liberal but run by a bunch of narcissistic idiots that would never be allowed to even run for office in another state, get their anti-gun carry law banned. And I was happy that a “right” that was never granted by the Constitution (abortion) was overturned and given it’s rightful place back to the states, as should have happened some 50 years ago.

But what all of this has taught me is the overriding difference between the left and the right.

When the right has something passed that they don’t like, they go along with it until it can be changed. Oh, they may hold peaceful (that should have been underlined, in bold and in Italics!) rallies, as the pro-life group had done with abortion for decades. But they don’t riot in the streets. They don’t threaten bodily harm to the members of the high court. They don’t cry and weep incessantly like we’ve seen over the past few weeks. They go with the flow, gather up their members and when the time is right they change it.

What the left does is hold riots. They threaten. They go to violence almost immediately. If you don’t go along with what the left wants on an issue, you’re “cancelled” or banned. You’re the pariah. You’re the problem. It doesn’t matter that what they want makes no sense. It doesn’t matter that what they want is wrong. That doesn’t have anything to do with it. They want some crazy idea to be thrust, and they are going to spin it as “saving the children” (well, not in abortion’s case), or taking medicine or food out of grandma’s mouth. But they never give you both sides of the equation. Just because in the New York case, people can carry guns now without going through an arduous process, they think it’s going to lead to more crime. And the liberal media is going to highlight any time there is a shooting anywhere in the state, just wait.

As far as abortion is concerned, the left has always been more about protecting a non-existing “right” of women’s ability to choose what to do with her own body, rather than protecting the life of the unborn within that body. They knew they could never win an argument if killing a baby was a part of it, so they made it about “women’s health”. It’s not about women’s health. It’s about eliminating a pregnancy without regard to what they are actually doing so the women who are doing it don’t feel ashamed or guilty for killing a baby.

Of course, there are other differences as well. There’s the whole large government vs. small government argument. And you’ve got the states rights vs. federal government argument (which I thought the 10th Amendment answered quite clearly). And they don’t accept any argument that runs counter to their addle-minded way of thinking.

One of the best arguments I heard over the few weeks was, “Guns are in the Constitution. Abortion is not. Period.” Tough to argue with that one.

And until we get the youth of America educated properly, and not indoctrinated in our public schools, this fallacy of whatever I believe is right and what you prove to me that it isn’t right is dead wrong and you don’t deserve to live! has to be eliminated from our society.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why You Don’t Need To Worry About New Gun Control Laws

The shooting in Uvalde, Texas was an atrocity that should never have happened. It’s sickening to think that after all of this time we are still dealing with mentally deranged people having access to weapons to go into an elementary school and shoot children, for God’s sake! Like the shootings in Sandy Hook, and Columbine, and Parkland, and the countless other school shootings that have taken place over the years, there is no logical explanation for this. One thing is clear however…

It’s not the guns. It’s the deranged lunatics pulling the trigger that need to be stopped.

But with each fresh shooting that occurs, and innocent lives that are snuffed out way too early before they reach their prime, the calls for gun controls echo throughout the halls of Congress. And inane presidents, like Bobo Obama, and Joe Biden cry that they have to stop this and the only way to do that is to have tougher gun control laws, even up to banning Americans from owning guns.

Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about that just yet.

First of all, the Supreme Court has already decided that you DO have a right to bear arms. You as an individual have the right. You can protect yourself, your family, and your property. Thirty states now have “Stand Your Ground” laws whereby if someone comes into your home illegally, you have the right to shoot them and you won’t get charged.

Secondly, even if Congress could come up with a law that banned certain weapons, it would face a Constitutional test. And the Second Amendment is so vague in describing what you can own, that basically pretty much everything is on the table.

Third, the fact that most liberals can’t seem to understand is, that murder is illegal. Attempted murder is illegal. Using a firearm in the commission of a felony in most states is illegal. Carrying a firearm into a school building in most states is illegal. How many laws do these shooters break as it is when they decide to shoot up a school? And how many are going to be turned away just because Congress decides to pass another law? Even if they ban a weapon, do these deranged idiots care? Do you think they are going to try and get a “legal” weapon to take with them as opposed to say an AK-47 to shoot up a school? My hunch is that’s the farthest thing from their deranged mind.

But most importantly, there are way too many Democrats in Congress, regardless what they are saying now about tamping down the gun violence. They have a problem. More people, while feeling that the senseless killing needs to stop, do not believe that Congress should ban guns. Only 52% say that there should be “stricter laws”, which would include mental health checks, and background checks. And that’s only a week or so after the shooting in Uvalde. As time passes, that number slips well under 50%.

No, Democrats who are already afraid of losing reelection this fall aren’t about to take a nasty position that is going to be as controversial as gun control. They are going to sit by, and hem and haw. They may pass something in the House, but the Senate isn’t about to go along with it. And with a 50/50 split in the upper chamber, it’s going to be very difficult to find something that both the Senate and House can agree upon that will make any difference.

In the end, Beto O’Rourke can cry and scream, and disrupt press conferences all he wants. The truth is, no one is coming after your guns. Not yet. Not today, and not this year. That’s not to say they won’t try up the road. But the road is long, and there are much better solutions to the problem of mass killings than gun control laws.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Enough With The “Gun Control” Crap!

Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz

What happened in Florida yesterday was a pure tragedy. I can’t imagine it happening to my kids or to my grandkids. I cry for the parents, family, and friends of those that were needlessly slain by some idiot gunman. But let’s be very clear about this right now. All we know today is that at least 17 people are dead because of this  nut job, and we have no clue as to why. It is an incredible tragedy. BUT…we need patience to understand at this point, not politics.

And I’m looking at you Nancy Pelosi.

The gunman’s barrel was still hot when Pelosi went to a microphone and called for new gun control measures. That displays exactly why this woman is so dangerous. She doesn’t have a clue what happened or why. She’s just politicizing it, and she should be called out on it. So, I’m calling her out on it, and calling for her resignation from Congress. There’s no place in our government for knee-jerk reactions to pure tragedy. She needs to resign today!

Look, I’ll give you the long and short of it, and those of you that followed the other blog have heard this all before. No new law is going to stop what happened yesterday in Broward County. It’s a really simple logical explanation. Do you think this Nikolas Cruz character was concerned at all with the fact he was already breaking the law by murdering people? How about shooting off a gun inside a school building? Do you really believe if this kid had wanted to obtain a gun and go into this school and destroy the place, a law would stop him? The answer is no. It wouldn’t have.

So, to the liberals out there that want to pass new gun control legislation, I offer this. The conservatives, and gun loving public should allow the liberals the chance to pass any gun control law they like. Whatever it is. If you want to get rid of all guns, go ahead. If you want to get rid of AR-15’s like the kind this kid had, have at it. Whatever you want, you have free reign. Oh. There is one catch. You have one chance, and IF there is another school shooting…IF there is another mass shooting like in Las Vegas…IF there is another terrorist shooting like in San Bernardino…your law gets repealed and you can never bring it up again. You will forever leave that issue where it is. There you go, liberals. That’s the offer. And you’re idiots if you take it up.

What happened yesterday was caused by something much deeper psychologically than anything liberal lawmakers are going to discuss. It could be any number of issues. Maybe the guy wasn’t loved enough at home. Maybe he was pissed he got expelled from that school and blew a fuse. Maybe he just isn’t wired right in the head. Maybe…maybe…we will, like Las Vegas, never learn the truth. My hunch is we will, and it stems from something. It’s a mental health issue. Healthy people don’t go around shooting other people. THAT is the problem, and THAT is the issue that needs to be addressed. Until you take a serious look at someone’s mental health and fix THAT problem, you’re going to have these shootings, tragic as they are, they will continue.

And that is something liberals can’t understand, because most of them aren’t wired right in the head to begin with!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!