Dems’ Increase Call For Filibuster Removal

The apparent overturning of a key Supreme Court case from 50 years ago is fueling a blazing fire in the Senate and beyond. And while it’s got something to do with Roe v. Wade being potentially overturned, it has more to do with the filibuster in the Senate staying or being removed.

First of all, a quick reminder. The filibuster has been in place since 1806. It wasn’t a part of the Founding Fathers’ original design of the government. But early lawmakers realized that the makeup of the Senate was markedly different from that of the House. So, they created a way to slow things down and deliberate the ideas a little longer. They created the filibuster, which basically said that anyone can stand on the Senate floor and talk for as long as they want. If, by chance, they talked until a quorum wasn’t available, then the topic they were debating would be called for a vote, and it would die for lack of a quorum. It was rarely used and made headlines when it was used for the first 200 years or so. Then in the 1970’s the rules were simplified. Instead of having a Senator speak for 24 hours (which is still available today), if a filibuster was threatened, they’d just move on to other business. Nowadays, if a bill doesn’t have 60 votes, they don’t even try to get it passed unless they want to show the world who is voting for and against something.

OK, with that in mind, the Democrats are calling for a filibuster removal so that they can “codify Roe v. Wade” in law. That means they would pass a federal law that would make sure that abortion was legal in all 50 states. However, according to what I’ve read in the leaked ruling that is coming out next month, that probably wouldn’t fly either. It wasn’t the legality of abortions that was in question in the Mississippi case the court was hearing. It was more of a states’ rights issue. It sounded like abortion could still be legal where you live if your state decided it to be a good thing. Therefore, if the federal government decided to “codify” the law, it would still violate the 10th Amendment, and would most likely end up back in the Supreme Court, where it would get batted down.

But what the Democrats fail to understand is that the filibuster move may hurt them more than it helps them. Filibusters help the minority party, and hurt the majority party. And while a filibuster in codifying Roe would in the short term, help the Democrats, in the long run it will kill them. If they were to lose control of the Senate in November, starting next January, they wouldn’t have any filibuster in place to protect them against anything the Republicans wanted to do. It would be what I call the “Harry Reid fiasco” all over again.

Reid went nuclear when he couldn’t get Bobo Obama’s federal judge picks confirmed, so rather than tell Bobo to get somebody less socialist, he did away with the need for 60 votes for all presidential appointees except Supreme Court Justices. That helped out Obama, but it also helped Republicans more. When they got into power, they expanded the Reid fiasco to include the Supreme Court nominees. And that’s how we got a 6-3 conservative court. Had Reid never pulled that trigger, the high court would be a LOT less conservative.

The word to Democrats is caution. Be careful what you wish for today, because as we’ve seen in the past, it can bite you in the butt tomorrow!

Carry on world….you’re dismissed!

Filibuster Rules Change?

Chuckles Schumer realizes he’s in a terrible position. Having just 50 Democrats in the US Senate is like having 10. They really can’t do anything without the Vice President coming along for the ride. And trust me, Schumer realizes that unless you can convince the Senate Parliamentarian that you can use the “budget reconciliation” measure to pass something with only 51 votes, you’re doomed.

Chuckles Schumer is doomed.

So, in typical Democrat style, if they can’t win, they cheat. If they can’t cheat, they change the rules. And that’s the position that Schumer finds himself in today. He can’t win when it comes to what he feels is the most important legislation he’ll deal with this year, which is his voter “rights” legislation. It’s designed to make sure no Democrat anywhere in the country ever loses another election. And it has nothing to do with the budget, so according to the filibuster rules, he needs 60 votes to get it passed. And therein lies the rub.

So, Schumer wants to get rid of the filibuster. Maybe not altogether (though he’d love that), but on this ONE item. Then he could insure that his party could always win their elections because it would make it impossible for Republicans to compete. It’s the ultimate stab. He’s got a problem or two however. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are standing in the way. He still would need 50 votes, plus K-baby Harris to get rid of the filibuster. And he doesn’t have the votes to do that. Manchin has said that the talk has been to do a “carve out”, which is basically an exception to the rule. He’s not in favor of that either.

IF (and it’s a pretty big if) the Democrats are able to finagle the rules to get the filibuster rule changed, they’d be able to get the voting rights issue passed. And that is their ultimate goal prior to the November elections, because it’s the only way they see of keeping Congress under Democrat control. And there is another rub they aren’t seeing.

Let’s call that the Harry Reid Rule.

See, Reid is the guy that decided back when Bobo Obama was president that he was going to have to allow only 51 votes to approve confirmations of everyone except Supreme Court Justices. That meant Bobo could pack the courts. And he did. But what Reid didn’t count on was losing the Senate to Republicans and then they could add to that rule, or should I say take away from that rule. Rather than making 60 votes confirming Supreme Court nominees, they included that in the Reid Rule. Now it only takes 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court nominee. What helped Reid out in the short term, has allowed the Supreme Court to swing to a 6-3 conservative court. And it allowed Donald Trump to appoint 261 federal judges (in several different courts). By contrast though, Obama appointed 349 federal judges in his eight years.

So, my theory is that if the Democrats are able to somehow change or suspend the rules for the filibuster for their voting rights act, it’s going to be problematic for them when the Republicans take charge again (and they will). First of all, the law will be challenged, and it will have to go to the Supreme Court eventually. It will be found unconstitutional, and voided. But second, it will allow the Republicans to make further inroads and further tear up the Senate. Did the Dems learn their lesson with Harry Reid? All they are doing is causing a short term victory that will at some point be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The best way for the Dems to move forward is to try and play fair. If you can’t do that, you lose. It’s about the only thing that makes any sense. Of course, Democrats don’t make much sense!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Barrett Wins Confirmation, Democrats Cry

The one thing that has become very clear during this election cycle is if the Democrats don’t get their way, they cry. Oh, talk about sore losers! And the latest episode to display that is the confirmation, and swearing in of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court.

Realizing that they had zero chance to stop, or even slow down the confirmation vote in the Senate, Democrats voted en masse to block her nomination. The reason they publicly give is that you shouldn’t be able to nominate and confirm a Justice to the highest court in the land so close to an election! Of course, what the truth is, is that they don’t want to see a truly liberal seat, once held by Ruth Bader Ginsburg to go to a conservative. It makes me wonder if this had happened a year ago, would we not have seen any of the crybaby tactics that were prevalent this week?

Once again, the left has tried to cover up their true ambitions and feelings with lies and deceptions, and the Barrett confirmation is just the latest example of that. They have spewed their hatred for Donald Trump for beating Hillary Clinton for the last four years in a variety of ways. They haven’t come out and told the truth once. They tried to impeach him because he had “a quid pro quo phone call”. Yet, when Joe Biden had exactly the same type of phone call Dems’ accused Trump of having, they didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Democrats thought Trump wasn’t mentally qualified to be president and tried to invoke the 25th Amendment. Yet when Joe Biden shows obvious signs of a lack of mental acuity, they chalk it up to being “Uncle Joe”.

When Democrats can’t win something through legitimate means, they have to change the rules. When they can’t get their way in the Senate, they decide they need to dump the filibuster because they feel like they’re going to take over the Senate next year. They don’t want the Republicans to have the ability to block their moves. So, rather than try to work across the aisle (as Joe Biden says he’s great at), they decide to get rid of the one device that allows the minority party to have some power. When they are down 6-3 in the Supreme Court, they decide that they need to pack the court and add several more Justices to that body to “even this ‘out of whack court’ up”. Forget the fact that they need to do what hasn’t been done in over 150 years (Congress passed The Judiciary Act in 1869). And while yes, it’s in Congress’ purview to change the number of Justices on the high court, and it has fluctuated from as few as six to as many as ten, it’s always been a lifetime appointment. Joe Biden, if elected is even toying with that.

Democrats seem to play the short-game on their childish rants. Remember Harry Reid? When he was Majority Leader in the Senate, he felt it was a great idea to take away the 60 vote rule to confirm appointments and judges (not Supreme Court Justices). That helped Bobo Obama get a ton of nominations through that he otherwise could not. Of course, it led to Mitch McConnell packing the lower courts with conservatives (220 as of today), and expanding the Reid Rule to include Supreme Court Justices (Trump has three Justices sitting on the high court). It’s kind of backfired on them.

And that’s the point. If the Democrats are so stupid and short-sighted that they don’t understand what will happen to them when the public decides that they should no longer be in power, the Republicans will be able to march in and take over.

Amy Coney Barrett is a wonderful addition to the Supreme Court. It’s just too damn bad that the Democrats couldn’t have voted on her confirmation based on her qualifications rather than the fact “it was so close to an election”. Shame on you liberals!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harry Reid Actually Gets It!

I’ve never been a fan of Harry Reid. I thought he was a low life. He had a real slimy life before he became a politician out in Nevada, and he was a slimy politician once he got to Washington DC. He was a liar and a thief, and still is a thief to this day.

The guy lives about three hours northwest of me in a little town called Searchlight. It’s a dot on the map, and he basically owns it. Oh, he calls Las Vegas his home…but Searchlight is about an hour south of Vegas.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, Harry Reid is right on the money.

He said over the past weekend on CNN, that he thinks the Democrats would be wise not to underestimate Donald Trump. Calling him a “very, very, very smart man”, where once he thought he was an idiot, I really think that Harry Reid in his old age, understands what makes Trump tick.

First of all, Trump doesn’t just wade into arguments. He argues on his own terms. You have to wade in his waters, not the other way around, and that’s what the Democrats are doing with impeachment. You don’t think Trump enjoys all of the talk about impeachment? It’s a friggin’ campaign issue for the Republicans as much if not more-so than with the Democrats! And he knows that every single time the Democrats hold hearings, try to impeach, scream about something Trump has done wrong, only to be proven wrong, it hurts them. It hurts their credibility. And IF Donald Trump ever does do anything wrong…and let’s face it…ALL presidents do something wrong. You can’t make decisions at that level over four years, or eight years and not make huge errors, he’s going to be able to hide it under their Chicken Little screaming.

Harry Reid understands that as well.

What I find remarkable is that Harry Reid couldn’t figure out when he was Majority Leader in the Senate, why invoking the nuclear option of doing away with 60 votes for confirmation wasn’t going to lead to a Republican take over of the judicial branch of government…a branch the Democrats had held on to and built up as theirs for decades. Harry Reid was the guy that actually ruined that. Sure, he allowed Bobo Obama to pack the court…at least the lower federal courts. But it also allowed Donald Trump to do the same. Trump has appointed 282 judges to various federal benches in the past three years, and there are 154 more that are either in the works or will open up very soon. That’s over 430 federal judges that Donald Trump will be appointing in his first term, and they’ll all get approved thanks to Harry Reid!

But to get back to my original point. Donald Trump may not be a genius. He may not be America’s greatest president. But he’s a smart guy, who graduated from a pretty prestigious business school, has bright kids, and is nobody’s fool. I don’t always agree with him, but you have to give him that. And Democrats like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler that think they are smarter than Trump would be wise to step back and really analyze this guy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How’s Congress Doin’?

With all of the hype going on this past week regarding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the Mueller investigation, the upcoming congressional midterm elections, and all of the other crap that seems to swirl about Washington DC on a daily basis, it begs the question…how does America think Congress is doing?

The answer may surprise you.

Back in the day when Harry Reid (remember him?) ran the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi ran the House, the approval ratings for Congress were in the single digits. It hit 9% back in 2014 (and yes…I know by that time the GOP was running the House). And the reason it was so low, wasn’t because of the House. It was because the Senate was stonewalling every bill the House passed. Harry Reid didn’t pass a budget in 6 years (which is required), prompting several politicians to run on a “No Budget/No Pay” platform. Of course that didn’t fly, but once Harry Reid got out of office, the approval ratings began to soar…ok…soar isn’t the right word. They went up to a more respectable level.

Even with all of the crap going on today, the liberal-based Gallup news organization, which started political poling way back in the day before they realized they sucked at it prior to the 2016 presidential contest. But they’ve continued to monitor Congress. So far, since the GOP has controlled both houses, Congress has received a high of 28% back in 2017, and is currently at 19% even with all of the crap going on.

Now, I wouldn’t be the first to tell you that those are pitiful numbers. In fact, you have to go back to George W. Bush’s first term in 2002 where Congress had an 84% approval rating. By the way…the GOP controlled both sides of the Capitol Building back then as well.

My point here, is that even though the snowflake media is going bat-crazy about how bad the GOP is, it seems that this country enjoys it better when the Republicans are in charge. When the Democrats lead, there is always angst, and there is always a decline in the polls. That would tell me that overall, and certainly you can’t tell what’s going to happen in November by this, but the country is perceived by voters to be better off when run by the more conservative party. And that makes sense.

This country traditionally has always been a conservative to moderate country. Rarely are we treated to the inane specticle that we saw under Obama. And even rarer is allowing such a character to scam the country, not once into election, but into re-election as well. I look at it as basically the country was ready for a black president, and Obama, despite all of his socialistic tendencies, WAS very charismatic. But is was the Republicans inability to run a decent candidate in 2012 that gave Obama the second term. Had someone like a Donald Trump run, Obama would have been toast…pure and simple. The economy was in shambles, and the foreign policy sucked. Healthcare was, and still is on it’s deathbed, as probably the worst law ever passed by Congress.

But overall, Congress is at least passing budgets, at least moving forward, and quite frankly, regardless of whether or not this Christine Blasey Ford decides to show up on Monday, they have handled the Kavanaugh situation with aplomb. They called her bluff, and she realizes that she’s got nowhere to go. So after saying she’d testify “anywhere and anytime”, Ford has backed off and raised demands…something that an accuser isn’t able to do when testifying before Congress.

I’m not happy with all of the people in Congress. I thought John McCain sold out the American people several times starting with the Keating Five, and continuing right up until his death, and Jeff Flake is an idiot who shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. But overall, it’s better than it’s been under Obama. For that we can all be thankful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who’s Side IS God On?

Oh, I firmly confess to anybody that’ll listen that I’m a Christian and have a strong faith in God Almighty! My favorite Biblical verse is Romans 10:9; “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved”. And frankly, there’s no discussion on the other side of this issue. Anyone that disputes it is ignorant.

So, you’ll forgive me if I chuckle at Representative Maxine Waters (D-Ca), who recently was found to be heckling members of the Trump administration. She was applauding the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was heckled out of a restaurant the other day. She was screaming that her side was winning, and that they were going to keep up the harassment because “God is on our side”.

This is a woman that is totally deranged. How the people from Inglewood to Torrance can be so stupid as to continually elect someone with no intelligence, no conscience, and no political manners is beyond me. I guess it’s why California is called “The land of fruits and nuts”, huh?

I had to laugh because my wife and I used to have a saying. We’d go and shoot pool a few times a week several years ago, and she’d say she was praying that she’d make a shot. I told her then, “God has an awful lot going on in the world…and though He’s omnipotent, there are people dying in Bangladesh because you want to make your shot!” Well, frankly I don’t think God cares one way or another whether she ever made a shot at billiards. And I don’t think God is necessarily taking Maxine Waters’ side when she’s acting like a two year old. He has a LOT more important things to do than worry what this liberal snowflake is up to.

And this brings me to the overall point. The left loves to say that Donald Trump is someone who hates. He’s a hater who bashes the left. Yet, when it comes to themselves, they never admonish someone like Maxine Waters. They never jump on Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi’s case for making up “facts”, and blasting conservatives. Hell, Harry Reid got away with lying about Mitt Romney on the floor of the Senate, stating he had factual evidence that Romney never paid his income taxes. Of course, he admitted after the election that was a lie. And yet, he wasn’t admonished or chastised for lying. The left loves to do whatever they can to win because in their mind the end justifies the means.

You want the difference between liberals and conservatives? That’s one of them. Of course the other two things are liberals believe in expanding the role of government and taxing everyone into oblivion, and that you can’t solve your own issues without their help. Both are out and out lies and are exactly why liberalism has never worked anywhere in the world, and never will work anywhere in the world. There just isn’t enough money, and people get tired of being told what to do. Remember that next time Maxine Waters decides to open her mouth!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!