Staging An Idiot?

Apparently, internal Democrat polling has shown that having K-baby Harris on the ticket is going to cost the Biden administration anywhere from 5-10% in the polls next November. That’s huge in presidential politics, and if Biden loses to say either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis (the two frontrunners so far), then it would be logical to argue that the reason Biden lost, other than his age, is because of the Veep on the ticket.

So, what do you do? You can’t make Biden younger. Even Hillary Clinton has said that age is going to be an issue this time around. But you CAN try to make Harris more appealing. And how in the world do you take someone that has been a total trainwreck, and transform that person into someone that would be qualified to be the most powerful person in the world? Well, Biden thinks you can do it through “staging”.

Yes, staging. Like you do to your house when you’re getting ready to sell it. You bring in new furniture, redesign the living spaces, maybe paint the walls, or add new carpet. Do a total makeover. The problem is, it works when you’re talking about real estate. I’m not so sure you can take someone who has been a total buffoon and change them into someone smart in 18 months. But they are going to try.

So, K-baby Harris is going to be by Biden’s side as he campaigns. The question is, WHEN is going to campaign? Where is he going to campaign? How is he going to campaign? He’s only good for maybe 10 minutes or so before he starts talking about Pop Corn and having kids rub his legs. Or how he became the highest graduating member of his law school class, and had a free ride the whole time he was in college. This is going to be one hell of a makeover!

K-baby Harris has botched not just one or two jobs. She’s mishandled every single chore she has been given. She brought a new phrase into our lexicon. No one had ever heard of the term “word salad” before she came around, but she has the unique ability to take a word, and use it forty seven times in a sentence so that the sentence makes no sense at all. All the while smiling, and cackling like a hen that just laid the golden egg. Except the egg was fake.

Frankly I’ve learned in life people don’t change much. If you’re an incompetent boob at your job, the chances are you’re going to always be an incompetent boob, and there are plenty of them out there. If you’re a liar, you’re always going to be a liar. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes and become a zebra. So, I’m not expecting much out of this latest epiphany from Biden. K-baby Harris is always going to be someone that couldn’t achieve the second highest office in the land on her own or because of her accomplishments. She got it solely because her boss wanted a female of color and she fit that bill.

Somehow, I don’t see this working. At the end of the 18 months, Harris is still going to be a trainwreck, she’s still going to cost Biden 5-10% in the polls, and he’s still going to be an 80 something that is trying to shake hands with air. Maybe he needs to get Diane Feinstein to be his running mate? They can both shake hands with air!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Was It Smart To Announce On Twitter?

Ron DeSantis is already getting a heap of complaints from all sides over his decision to announce his run for president on Twitter and do it with Elon Musk. It wasn’t necessarily the fact that Musk was involved, it was more of a fact that it was on the Twitter platform that Musk owns.

It really didn’t go very well.

Instead of doing the traditional announcement with balloons, and people of all races and creeds in the background, all cheering and holding DeSantis For President signs, it was an audio-only announcement and a Q&A with Musk. And it didn’t go very well, not because DeSantis or Musk screwed up. The Twitter servers couldn’t handle the business of all of the people wanting to get on to listen to the announcement. It crashed the servers. Oops. Not what you want when you are looking at a novel way to get your message across.

So, why Twitter in the first place? I think it was done for a couple of reasons. First off, it was a slap in the face of Donald Trump, who loved to use Twitter to communicate with his minions throughout his campaign, and his presidency. He hasn’t done a lot there lately, because until Musk came along, he was banned from the site, and because he started Truth Social, and sunk a ton of money into it. So, it makes sense Trump would want to be there. The other reason DeSantis decided to go online rather than have a more traditional announcement was his disdain for the mainstream socialist media. If you’re not taking questions from leftist reporters, you don’t have to answer gotcha questions.

Overall, it was something I think DeSantis thought would be different and having Musk by his side on the announcement showed he had his backing, at least on the surface. But it harkens back to 2015 when Hillary Clinton had how many announcements that she was running for president? I think there were two but there may have been more. She did the rollout online while she and her entourage were enroute to Iowa in a van on I-80/90, stopping at a Maumee, Ohio Chipotle to get one of their “bowls”. It didn’t go over very well. Primarily because they never do. Those things always look over-rehearsed, and ridiculous. Then she decided not enough people clamored to the announcement, so she scheduled a second one. This one was on Roosevelt Island, smack dab in the middle of the East River. Not a lot of people could attend that one either, as the island was shut down to “normal people”. Only Hillary supporters were allowed to show up. It looked super-staged, and awkward…and that was something Hillary never was able to get away from.

DeSantis doesn’t need to do another announcement. I think the whole world probably was well aware that he was running for president months ago. He needs to focus on the future, not try to fix something that went wrong in the past. Politics is all about downplaying the stuff that goes wrong and accentuating the stuff that goes right. DeSantis needs to pivot from how he’s helped the state of Florida, to how he’s going to help the United States. And he needs to be specific. He needs to be friendly. He needs to be approachable. One of the knocks on him is that he isn’t a very nice person because of his treatment of some mouse in Orlando. Frankly, I don’t care if the president is a nice person or not. Donald Trump was successful in a lot of areas, and he’s far from being a “nice guy”. He’s a total ego-maniac.

But for DeSantis to win, he has to stress that he’s got all of Donald Trump’s ideas and none of the excess baggage. He isn’t under indictment anywhere. He hasn’t been sued for $5 million with another lawsuit already filed by the same lady. He doesn’t have any top secret documents hidden anywhere in his home, like Trump, Biden, or Mike Pence. But he’s got the ability to turn the country around. He needs to have another “It’s morning in America” theme, like Ronald Reagan had.

Can he do it? The jury is still out on that one, but we’re going to see if he can muster the campaign muscle to get the job done in the coming weeks. There’s some 64.5 weeks until the election. He’s got time. He just needs to watch his steps because there are a lot of landmines out there!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Race Keeps Getting Hotter!

When you look at the presidential sweepstakes race that’s just getting started, you have to ask yourself if this is going to be the nastiest, most hotly contested race of all time. I mean, I know if you go back throughout our history, you’re going to find some that probably were worse than what we’re in for, but you have to wonder. Take the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It was as contentious as it could be. The two didn’t speak for years afterward.

And yet, this year’s political battles are just now starting to heat up. You’ve got the media going whole hot against Ron DeSantis, who, as of this writing hasn’t even announced his candidacy yet. But that just shows how much the media is scared of DeSantis going up against Biden. The Florida Governor is young, energetic, on top of the issues, knows where he is at all times, and I’ve never seen him trip going up a set of stairs. Biden on the other hand looks weaker by the day. I really wonder how this guy is going to play defense on what he’s done over the past two years, and how America is better for it, when he spends three days a week in his basement in Wilmington, and the other four days dodging the press.

And then you’ve got Biden’s opponents. It’s kind of like Hillary’s opponents in 2016. No, Bernie Sanders isn’t going to run. He’s finally learned that he’s going to be too old for the job. And he can pull whatever puppet strings he can with Biden. I mean, he’s been pretty successful doing it so far, right? But you’ve got Bobby Kennedy Jr., who has never been elected to any office anywhere. And he gets in and immediately jumps to 20% in the Democrat primary polls just on name recognition (even though most of the “new” Democrats weren’t even alive when his dad ran for the office!)

And then you’ve got the alien being from Venus in the form of Marianne Williamson. I swear, every time I hear this woman speak, I think she’s from another planet. She’s so far left wing, I don’t think AOC or the Whack Job five or six or however many there are these days look at all liberal standing next to her. She’s in it like Martin O’Malley was in 2016. She’s there to round out the ticket and make it look like Joe has some competition.

On the Republican side, you’ve got some quality candidates to be sure. Tim Scott is certainly qualified. He’s young (comparitively at 57), energetic, and an African American. He’s conservative as the day is long. He was appointed to the Senate to fill an unexpired term by yet another candidate, former Governor and former UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley. Then you’ve got Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t even announced as I write this, but will this week. Vivek Ramaswammy is another one that has impressed me. At 37 he’s the youngest in the field and would run circles around Biden. He’s high tech all the way and has been a CEO of a finance company. We did pretty well with business people in 2016, so why not again? Oh, and then there’s Asa Hutchinson, who has as much chance of winning the nomination as I do.

What’s interesting is not necessarily the people in the race, but the ones NOT in the race (yet). Mike Pence hasn’t decided yet. Glenn Youngkin, the Governor of Virginia has bowed out, but word is his top donors are pressuring him to reconsider, and he might. John Bolton, Chris Sununu, Chris Christie, and Kristi Noem, are all sitting on the sidelines waiting. I doubt we are going to get some 17 or 18 candidates like 2016, but there will be a handful to choose from.

And the Democrats say that they don’t want Biden to run again, while the Republicans don’t want Donald Trump to do the same. Yet, when asked that if Biden WERE the candidate, most Democrats say they’d stick with him. I guess that’s also true for Trump seeing how he has the majority of people supporting him in the primary…at least today. That can always change. But how does Biden win reelection if he can’t even get more than 65% of his own party to say they want him?

It’ll be an amazing year and a half to be sure…and yes…I’ve just ordered a 50 pound bag of popcorn from Amazon. It’ll be here in two days.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Random Thoughts For A Tuesday

You’ll have to kinda, sorta forgive me today. We just got back from my eldest grandchild’s high school graduation in the Great State of Texas (with a shout out to MarkOne!), so I’m still a little in “Grandpa mode”. But I tried to stay up on some of the things happening. I collected my thoughts, and in no particular order, here they are.

Hillary Clinton thinks Joe Biden is too old for the job? And she disses him on stage where they were filming so the whole world can see? I guess she’s not bucking to become VP, or even Secretary of State any longer. But Joe should count himself lucky…he’s still breathing, and he didn’t kill himself (yet).

Speaking of Joe Biden, I have a question to ask. What the heck happened to Hunter Biden? Before we left for Texas it was all the media types could talk about. They were speculating that it was going to be very soon that the Durham Report would come out (which I hear it did), and it would be just a short matter of time before the DOJ had to indict Hunter on at least a couple of misdemeanors and at least one felony for tax evasion. Did I miss something here?

So Tim Scott from South Carolina becomes a candidate for President. Frankly, I like what Scott stands for, and I think it would be an absolute hoot to see him run against Biden. Biden professes that blacks love him, but according to all of the polls, his support among the African American community has shrunk significantly. He was at 71% a year ago. Today that figure stands at 46%. And the YouTube videos are out there showing blacks wanting Trump. What’s going to happen if an ACTUAL African American, like Scott actually wins the Republican nomination and runs against him? There goes the whole race card thing!

I saw an interesting thing on TV yesterday. It was that the LGBTQ+ community isn’t a fan of one of their members… namely the “T”. Apparently the transgenders out there are very anti-gay and aren’t afraid to take them on. Now, frankly, I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home, as long as it doesn’t involve kids, but I have to laugh. We have yet another example of the left eating itself. Oooh. Wait. That was a bad choice of words. Forgive me!

So the NAACP has issued a “travel warning” to blacks not to go to Florida? What do they think they are going to accomplish in that? I have a brother in Florida. He says the folks he knows, black, white, brown, are ALL doing really well under DeSantis and the Republican led legislature. Maybe they’d feel better going to California and paying a huge tax on everything?

So, Alvin Bragg has indicted ex-Marine hero, Daniel Penny for second degree murder in the death of that homeless guy on the subway, Jordan Neely. From everything I’ve seen there were more folks trying to subdue a mad man than just Penny, and I don’t think he looked like he was trying to harm anyone. Seems that’s what most of the folks in the car with Penny said as well. I can’t believe that Bragg would waste more taxpayer money on this. It’s just another liberal ploy. If you’re a criminal in New York, you obviously can’t do any wrong, even when you’ve been arrested forty-four times!

Speaking of the Durham Report, I’ll admit I haven’t read it (yet), but will. And I’m really interested to learn what is going to happen to Hillary Clinton because of it. This has to be one of the more thorough reports issued in recent memory, and it should be…it took long enough. Remember? This was going to stop Biden from winning the White House back in 2020 when it would be released just before the election!

Am I the only one that thinks the whole federal government needs to be blown up and started over again? The FBI, the NSA, the CIA, the DOJ, the EPA, Homeland Security all need to be shut down, retooled and maybe left shut down. I understand the need for us to know what friends and foes around the world are doing, but to use the tactics against American citizens that aren’t doing anything other than belonging to a political party? The left should be ashamed if they had any shame in them!

That’s it for today! Have a great Tuesday, and …

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Biden Or The GOP Wins The Election In 2024

Joe Biden is in the race for reelection in 2024. He’s going to be facing a GOP challenger, which at the moment appears to be Donald Trump, in a rematch of 2020. Now, it’s not historical in the fact that there is a rematch for the presidency. It’s happened six other times throughout our nation’s history, the most recent being Dwight D. Eisenhower against Adlai Stevenson back in the 1956 election (they also met in 1952).

Donald Trump is currently leading the charge to be the Republican nominee. Now, the interesting thing here is that the country doesn’t want either Biden nor Trump to run. 73% according to the latest NBC News poll, say Biden shouldn’t run. Trump is nearly as bad with 70% saying they don’t want him to run. The reasons are obvious, but varied. People don’t want Biden to run again because he’s too old. They don’t want Trump to run again because he’s too controversial.

So, how does Biden win reelection?

He wins reelection IF he runs against Donald Trump. Put simply, he can do another hide-in-the-basement campaign, and unless there is something that turns the economy upside down between now and election day, or the Hunter Biden thing blows up and involves him, Biden will win reelection. There isn’t any way for Donald Trump to flip the five states that he lost in 2020 that cost him the election.

So how does the Republicans win the election?

If they nominate anybody but Donald Trump. Yes, I’ve seen the polls that have Trump beating Joe Biden by 7 points, and Ron DeSantis beats Biden by 8 points. But you know as well as I that this far out from election day, those polls don’t mean much at all. But let’s say for whatever reason, Trump doesn’t win the primary and doesn’t become the nominee. Let’s say for grins and giggles that Ron DeSantis does become the nominee. DeSantis doesn’t have the baggage that Trump has. He is more likely to flip Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and even Nevada. If he does that, even if he does three of those states, he wins the election and puts Biden out of office.

The fact is that Trump is toxic right now to a lot of voters. Can you recall another time in our recent past when a candidate for president was actually toxic? How about 2016? Hillary Clinton had so much baggage with her that she couldn’t have won that race if Joe Kennedy had bought 40 states! It happens that way. And while Donald Trump did do some very good things while in office, he also didn’t do a lot of things he said he was going to do. How much of the wall was completed under Trump? If you’re talking walls and barriers where there were none before, that number is 15 miles. That’s it. If you’re talking about barriers that impede (but don’t stop) foot traffic and vehicular traffic, that number is 350 miles. That’s 350 miles of barriers over an area that is 1,954 miles long.

Trump also failed in rallying the world with his decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, as bad of a deal as it was. Most of the world, certainly Europe would rather have better relations with Iran than what we would want. And the fact that Trump pulled out of the deal, which some say caused Iran to accelerate their nuclear program, caused a lot of consternation with western countries allied with the US.

Trump was going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. That never happened, in part because Arizona Senator, John McCain voted against it, killing the chances of it happening. And, a lot of folks that are armchair quarterbacking the whole COVID thing say that while Trump did some things right, the whole mask thing, and closing of the schools was unnecessary. A lot of that had to do with the fact Trump placed a lot of faith in what Anthony Fauci had to say, most of which has been debunked now.

But if someone else were to run, and show America that they could have the ideals that Trump had as far as conservatism goes, and that they have better ideas and are more presidential, they will sweep to victory over someone that is seen as bumbling, stumbling, and antiquated in Joe Biden. And we haven’t even talked about K-baby Harris being on the ticket yet. That’s isn’t going to help Biden at all.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Will Hunter’s Problems Make A Difference?

Hunter Biden appears to be in a world of hurt. He’s got investigations that have been going on for five years or so. And he’s got to be an embarrassment to his family…he just has to regardless what they say in public. You know when it comes to private discussions in some Wilmington, Delaware basement, Hunter gets called out on the carpet for the stupid stuff he’s done. Then again, Joe’s probably put him up to a lot of it, right?

But the over-riding question is, will it make a difference in the 2024 campaign?

I know the feeling that most of the conservatives out there have. There are two sets of rules…one for us, and one for them. You can go back to Hillary Clinton and see that anything and everything she and Bill did was gone unpunished. OK, so they lost their law license. That was such a big deal? They weren’t making squat with it anyway. It was only after they left the White House, and Hillary and Bill came up with the “pay to play” scam when she was Secretary of State that they really started making the big bucks. But they never got charged with anything. Will Hunter? Some talking heads are saying they are close to reaching a deal of a few misdemeanors and maybe one felony for tax evasion. But will Hunter spend any time in a jumpsuit because of it? I doubt it.

And the bigger question is, will it make a difference with Joe Biden running for president in 2024? Again, I doubt it. If you were to go back in time to the early 1970’s, you’d find an entirely different attitude toward politicians that broke the law. Look at what Richard Nixon did. Do you honestly think that covering up a Watergate break-in was more serious than the stuff we’ve been looking at over the past decade? Politicians that pay for phony dossiers to be written claiming that their opponent was a Russian agent? That’s not serious? Nixon lost the presidency because he covered up Watergate. I don’t think it’s ever been proven that he actually planned it or even knew about it before it happened. He did indeed help to cover it up. So, all of the crap the Clinton’s did…all of the crap the Obama’s did…all of the crap that Biden is supposed to have done don’t rise to that standard? Really?

Our nation needs to figure out what we are going to do. If we are going to become a “Northern Ireland” of sorts where it doesn’t matter what the debate is about, either you’re with one side or the other, then we are doomed to fail as a nation. We have always been a nation of laws. And we have pretty much followed those laws. When someone gets out of line, we prosecute them and if they were found guilty, we send their sorry butts to jail.

So, if indeed Joe Biden is guilty of taking bribes, as has been alleged by whistleblowers, when he was Vice President, is he going to wear an orange jumpsuit? If you go back to Spiro Agnew, he resigned as Vice President when he was charged with one count of tax evasion, and was sentenced to…are you ready for this? $10,000 in fines, and had been placed on three years unsupervised probation. Is that what is going to happen to Joe Biden? Back then Agnew resigned his office BEFORE he was ever found guilty and then disbarred, with the judge calling him, “morally obtuse”. Will Biden receive the same name calling? I doubt it.

And will it make a difference in the outcome of our presidential election next year? Again, I doubt it. We are so divided as a country right now, that what Donald Trump said in the run up to the 2016 election is actually very close to being true. Remember when he said, “I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and not be charged!” I think he was probably right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Hunter Has Screwed The Pooch

Hunter Biden cannot be a very smart man. Either that or the drugs he’s ingested over his lifetime have done a severe number on him. Case in point. He wanted to actually LOWER the amount of child support he pays to Lunden Roberts for his illegitimate daughter, Navy.

And it could be the thing that starts the dominoes to fall.

Hunter was paying Lunden some $20,000 a month to help raise Navy, a child that neither Hunter, nor his mom and dad (that would be Jill & Joe Biden) want anything to do with. They don’t even acknowledge her. They’ll take Hunter on trips to China, or the Caribbean, or Ireland, where he is seen climbing the steps of Air Force One, but they won’t even mention Navy. And this is a couple that professes to love children? At least Jill has said that. Joe just sniffs their hair for some weird fettish.

Let’s get into the weeds on this. The judge in the case, Holly Meyer, isn’t going to treat Hunter with kid gloves. This past week, both Hunter and Lunden appeared in an Arkansas courtroom run by Meyer. She basically told Hunter she wanted to see all of his income. She wanted to know the details of the information contained on that infamous laptop. And she wanted him to keep showing up in person in her courtroom throughout the trial. All because Hunter wanted to lower the amount he was paying. Yet he just sold a painting in New York for some $58,000 to some unknown buyer (we never learn the buyers’ names).

What is going to be the whole lynchpin here is Hunter’s inability to do the right thing. He had a torrid affair with his brother’s wife Hallie after Beau died, then five years ago, had a brief affair with Lunden that produced Navy, while she was a stripper. He’s 53 years old, she’s 32. Not saying age has anything to do with it, but it does. The guy just makes terrible decisions in life. And he always has. Even though Joe says he’s the smartest guy he ever knew. That’s not saying a lot for the people Joe knows!

So, what can possibly come of all of this? Well, first of all, it looks like Judge Meyer is at the very least going to get her hands on that laptop, or the information contained therein. Second, it looks like Hunter Biden’s income streams are going to become public record, because this trial is open to anyone that wants to sit in the courtroom and listen. And we’re going to learn just how much money Hunter has made from the Ukrainians and the Chinese and where that money went. He says he’s so broke he had to get rid of his Porsche. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

It could just be the domino that starts the others falling, and will probably do so during primary season for Joe. Just when he wants to have a clean shot at reelection and at Donald Trump again, he could be forced to come clean on Biden Inc. It won’t be a pretty picture. If the rumors are true (and they ARE just rumors at this point), and Biden Inc. has made millions from foreign governments and have spread the money around to at least nine other Bidens, then this is going to be something that will make Watergate look like one of Joe Biden’s stories about how he graduated law school at the top of his class (he didn’t…he ended up near the bottom of the class).

But you want to know the interesting point in all of this? Take a look back at three presidential elections, 2016, 2020, and 2024. If Trump and Biden face off again, it will be the first time in the history of our country that in each of those three presidential elections, EACH of the two party’s candidates for president have been investigated for criminal activity. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016. Donald Trump and Joe Biden the next two elections. Is this where our country is headed?

When are we as a country going to learn to stop nominating criminals and thieves for our nation’s top office? And when are we going to start punishing those that are guilty of the thievery and the crimes? Are we saying that it’s OK for Hillary Clinton to be involved in a pay-to-play scandal when she was Secretary of State? Is it OK for her to skate on having a private email server in her basement, but others that had non-secured email servers are going to have to atone for their actions? Is it OK for Donald Trump or Joe Biden to have affairs and still be president (it seems to me to be almost a requirement these days!) And is it OK for these candidates to take top secret documents with them when they leave office and store them, sometimes in an open box in a garage?

It’s time America stops playing politics and starts governing. Period.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dead Man Walking!

There hasn’t been a lot of people in government that are so toxic that they infuriate the other side of the aisle to the point of gag reflexes. Oh, of course, you’ve got Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Joe Biden is rapidly joining their small group. I’d put Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer into that mix, certainly an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and you’ve got to include K-baby Harris. As far as Republicans go, I can’t think of any that are toxic than those already listed.

Well, there’s one more that you probably need to add to the Democrats’ list. Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas. The Homeland Security Secretary is probably one of the most hated members of the party by the Republicans since certainly Eric Holder, and would include such notables as Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton.

Mayorkas has now reached the point where the House is ready to impeach him. Now, while I personally think that would be wrong at this point because it’s a waste of time and we have many more important things to accomplish than getting rid of an idiot, who will most likely be replaced with yet another idiot.

Mayorkas is at the very least contentious, and at the most, bombastic. He certainly isn’t afraid to dress down Representatives and Senators in Congress. He was up on the Hill the other day trying to impress Congress on why he needed such a huge increase in his annual budget next year. I don’t think he succeeded.

Republicans and Democrats alike aren’t really in love with this guy. He’s been told he needs to be fired. He’s been told he needs to resign. He’s been told the only reason he is going to get any money at all is because of the border patrol agents that would suffer if money were taken away from the southern border crisis.

Mayorkas has been at odds, still to this day saying that the southern border is secure, when countless hours of video footage exists of people wandering over the border unimpeded. He was asked directly if he agreed with the head of the Border Patrol who said the southern border was far from secure. He said he’d “respectfully have to disagree with that assessment.”

I think it’s fair to say that Congress has made Mayorkas, and maybe Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg post children for how inept the Biden administration is. Mayorkas has been absolutely abysmal at his job when it comes to protecting the southern border (at the order of the president), and Buttigieg has been AWOL more than he’s been at the job for one reason or another. And while both deserve to be unemployed because they frankly aren’t suited for the jobs they are in, unless they quit because they can’t stand the heat, that most likely isn’t going to happen.

Let’s be honest. If Joe Biden is set to include K-baby Harris as the vice presidential running mate for a second time even though there hasn’t been one successful mission she’s been given where she’s succeeded, he’s going to certainly stick with Mayorkas. After all, the bald-headed freak is just mimicking what he’s been told by the guys running this administration. And he’s certainly making more (about $200k/year) at his current gig than he would be if he were to say, drive an Uber for a living.

I really hope that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t decide to impeach Mayorkas. It’s been a LONG while since a cabinet member has been impeached. It was back in 1876 when William K. Belknap, the Secretary of War was impeached by the House. He was great at getting kickbacks and being rather corrupt (sound familiar?). But I don’t think it does the House well to try and impeach anyone for any reason if the Senate isn’t going to go through and back them up on it. Currently, there aren’t the votes in the upper chamber to remove Mayorkas from office, so the whole thing becomes a waste of time and money. Just ask Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

I say let Mayorkas continue. Let him continue to screw up the southern border. It’ll have to be one of the top issues in the 2024 election cycle. And hopefully if American learned anything over the last two years (I’m not sure they have), they will boot this administration to the curb and get someone in office that can actually run the country. Or maybe I’m still asleep and I’m dreaming?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Willow Creek Blunder

Joe Biden is scrambling to try and save environmentalist whacko’s and the young voters that supported him in 2020 from bolting in 2024. And it’s all due to Biden’s big mouth getting in the way again. They are really upset over Biden’s seemingly about turn on allowing ConocoPhillips to continue with their drilling in Alaska’s Willow Creek region.

It’s another Biden Blunder come back to bit him in the butt (such alliteration!)

You’ll recall that before the midterms, when Biden was out campaigning for a couple of people, he told people that there would be “no more drilling. Period.” That may well become the same death knell to his reelection chances as George HW Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” comment.

Biden repeatedly told audiences at campaign stops that there would be no more drilling for oil on federal lands. He basically said that oil and natural gas were dead. He was focused on electric vehicles (EV’s), and to hell with the combustion engine. So, no more drilling for oil. The problem with that is, that we aren’t technologically ready for anything Biden has in mind yet, and if we are ever able to get to that point, it’s going to be years up the road.

So, the environmentalists, and the young people started protesting. In an effort to hear their concerns, Biden sent teams out to do the Hillary Clinton “listening tours”. They tried to explain that the drilling lease for Willow Creek had been granted years before, and that if the government pulled those leases, there surely would be a major lawsuit that the administration would lose. They could try and buy those leases back from ConocoPhillips, but that would come at a major premium to be sure. That was Biden’s explanation as to why he let it go, but he added that they were able to limit the size of the original lease and make it smaller. It didn’t matter to those protesting.

Biden seems to miss a couple of very important points in all of his environmentalism. First and foremost, he wants America to switch to buying EV’s. The problem with that is that if we all listened, and dutifully went out and spent the average $58,000 it costs to get an electric car, it would crash our electric grid. Our grid couldn’t handle it. If you need proof on that, look at California, where they have banned the sale of combustion engine vehicles starting in 2035. But Governor Gavin Newsome had to tell people recently to not plug in and charge their cars because their grid couldn’t take it. We basically need to double or even triple the size of the nation’s energy grid in order for Biden’s dream to become a reality. There’s no move afoot to do that currently. Apparently, Biden believes the “electricity fairies” just show up and make electricity. He doesn’t realize that 60% of our electricity in this country comes from coal, oil, and natural gas.

There are other problems with this as well. Currently, if you own an EV, and you want to travel across the country, you can’t. You can’t find enough charging stations. Even if you could, with today’s technology, if you have a Tesla and want to charge your battery from zero to full with a Level 1 charger, it could take up to four days. Level 2 chargers are less time consuming, but much more expensive. You can probably go about 350 miles currently and then spend the next half hour to an hour charging your car. But the bigger problem is availability. To get to the level of today’s gasoline stations, it will take over $300 billion to manufacture and install charging stations around the country.

And then you’ve got the “recycling problem”. Currently, there is a way to recycle lithium batteries, but it’s expensive. I know out here in the desert, where pretty much everybody has golf carts, a lot of folks have lithium batteries. When they need to replace them (every 3-4 years in the desert), they have to pay upwards of $500 to recyclers to take them!

Finally, you’ve got the problem of first responders not wanting to tackle an EV in an emergency. The threat of a combustible fire right when they are trying to extricate trapped occupants is high, and they don’t want to deal with it. So, if you’re in an EV, and get into an accident, hope and pray that you’re able to open the door and get out. Or at the very least that the car doesn’t explode on you.

No, votes in 2024 are the least of Joe Biden’s problems.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What If Nobody Won?

I just saw the latest approval numbers for Joe Biden and K-baby Harris. Biden slipped 7 points from 45% to 38% according to the latest Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll. Harris is worse than Biden. She currently sits at 36% according to the same poll.

Donald Trump doesn’t fare much better. His approval numbers according to Five Thirty Eight sits at 41%. And when asked if they wanted Joe Biden to run for office, only 27% said yes. When they asked the same question for Donald Trump, it was slightly higher at 28%.

So, my question is, what if they held an election and nobody won?

It seems to me that nobody wants either Joe Biden nor Donald Trump to be the nominee in their respective parties. Or at least very few people do. If that is the case (and frankly I’m not sure how much credibility I can put in polls any more), then one would have to come to the reasonable conclusion that neither should be seeking the nomination. If anyone decides to run against them, they should be defeated, right?

But that’s not the case. This whole thing in New York with Alvin Bragg trying to decide whether or not to indict Trump over paying hush money to a porn star for an alleged sexual affair actually boosted Trump in the GOP primary. And Biden has had a very difficult time in his own party after he signed the Republican backed bill to deny Washington DC’s city council or district council, or whatever they call themselves, their crime bill that called for an “easing” of prosecution for crimes like car-jacking, which is at an all-time high in our nation’s capital.

Trump is currently leading Ron DeSantis, who sits in second place among GOP hopefuls 54% to 28% according to a newly released Morning Consult poll. So, to understand this (and it’s difficult to grasp logically), only 28% of Republicans want to see Donald Trump run again, yet when paired against a whole slew of Republicans that either have announced or possibly could announce their candidacy, Trump basically has doubled up on the guy in second place? Where is the logic in that?

Of course, Biden is looking at trying to sew up his nomination and reelection by running to the center. He’s trying to take a page out of the Clinton playbook. Speaking of Clinton, while the GOP will be looking at possibly twelve people running for the nomination, Democrats have very few. Marianne Williamson is the only announced Democrat to run against Biden so far, and she doesn’t even show up in the polls. But something interesting is happening. A lot of these polling firms are putting out “what if” scenarios. For instance…if Hillary Clinton ran against K-baby Harris, Harris wins by 13%. If Michelle Obama runs against Harris, she beats Harris by 5 points. But if Biden runs against Obama, Joe wins by 7%. So much for being the savior of the Democrat party!

And what if Biden runs against his own Vice President? Don’t laugh. It has happened before. But it was a long time ago. Thomas Jefferson, as VP, ran against John Adams, who was the sitting president. As you know from your history class, Jefferson beat Adams.

But to answer the question above, what if nobody ever voted and nobody won? Well, of course, the House of Representatives would decide, which means that at this point, it’s most likely a Republican would defeat the Democrats, at least if they could agree on who they would be backing.

I can’t imagine at this point a Biden/Trump race if less than 30% of each party wants to see them be the candidates. Here’s hoping some semblance of sense arises in the voting public over the course of the next 19 months or so. Either that or we are in for a lot more of the current atmosphere in the country. This is why people on drugs shouldn’t be allowed to vote!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!