It’s Official!

The entire political crowd inside the beltway is talking about Joe Biden, and not in a good way. The latest Associated Press poll came out, one of the few that basically had Biden still simmering at 41%. But that was before the latest monthly poll came out. He has dropped down to 39%. That’s lower than Donald Trump at this point in his tenure, and it’s lower than where he was a year ago in the AP poll by about 24%! That’s right. Last April, Biden’s poll numbers were at 63% approval! You almost have to try to become the least popular president in American history to top that!

And the rest of the news wasn’t as good for the 46th president. Only two in ten Americans said the country was on the right track, down from three in ten last time around. What’s really interesting is when you get inside the numbers, you find it’s not the Republicans or even the independents that are shying away from Biden…it’s his own Democrats! Only 73% of Democrats approve of Biden’s job so far, and that’s down from 82% a year ago. In fact, Democrats held Biden at 82% approval all throughout 2021.

When asked if Biden’s policies have helped or hurt the economy, 18% said they’ve helped. That’s down from 24% in March as the inflation spiral starts to take hold, and the food and baby formula shortages are increasing. Over half the country (51%) have said his policies have hurt the country, while 30% said that his policies haven’t made a difference one way or the other.

In a separate poll from Quinnipiac, Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is now at 26%. That’s down from 55% a year ago. And in terms of November’s midterm elections, it doesn’t get any better. There is a nine point swing toward Republicans when it comes to the “generic ballot” question…you know…will you vote for the Republican or the Democrat? I can’t recall Republicans ever having that big of a margin over the Dems! One model shows there will be a 44 seat swing in the House to the Republicans, giving them a solid majority. But what’s shocking is the Senate. The same model shows the GOP picking up 11 seats. That would give them 61, and would mean they don’t need Democrats to vote in anything! They would be only six seats away from veto-proof majority, and that’s saying something!

It’s just the latest prediction that there is a red-wave-tsunami coming and it doesn’t appear Democrats have any chance of slowing it down, much less stopping it. That may be why Biden and Nancy Pelosi are trying to double down on the Dem’s uber-liberal agenda. They know the end is coming soon and they want to pass anything and everything they can before next January!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Why Democrats Have Lost The War

Well, let’s be clear…the war is far from over. As the bastion of conservative thought, Rush Limbaugh used to say, you don’t want to totally get rid of liberals because you need examples of what happens if you’re not conservative. And he had a point. But for all intents and purposes, let’s be clear on this other point as well. The war is never over, but the current battle certainly looks like it is. And because of the Democrats’ thought process, they don’t ever give in, they double down.

That’s what Chuck Schumer is trying to do with voting rights.

See, if Schumer fails at even bringing the voting rights debate to the Senate floor, he shows the world how weak of a leader he is. That’s something he cannot afford. But at the same time, he wants to point out to everyone in America what we already know. The filibuster rule isn’t going to be changed because Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) are against changing it. And why are they against changing it? Well, Schumer would have you believe that they are going against their party’s wishes to pass a keystone piece of legislation that will not only help the Democrats, but will keep America’s democracy strong well into the future.

And it’s a bunch of bunk.

As most of you already know, but it does bear repeating…the House of Representatives was always viewed by the Founding Fathers as “The People’s House”. This is where rash ideas could be brought up debated quickly and passed (or not). It was meant to be a fertile ground for new ideas. The Senate on the other hand was designed to slow things down. There, the whole idea was ponder the idea. Poke holes in the idea. See if when you turn it over it still holds water, or does it leak all over the place. And that’s why when debating, it would take a “super majority” of 60 votes to shut down debate.

If you follow Chuck Schumer’s thoughts, he wants the Senate to be a carbon copy of the House. He wants to allow the whole voting rights bill thing to get passed, not because it helps America, but because it helps Democrats. And like Harry Reid before him, Schumer has as much vision as a blind squirrel. Except this squirrel can’t find an acorn.

And so, because there are at least two Democrats that actually pay homage to the Founding Fathers’ wishes of slowing down things and taking time to do the heavy lifting, it appears that the whole getting rid of the filibuster wish so they can pass what they want will wither and die on the vine. Just as it should.

So, what can we take out of this? Chuck Schumer is a very weak leader. He is a very partisan politician, who has been on Capitol Hill way too long. And he, along with his counterpart in the House, make great arguments for why we need term limits in this country. Poor leaders beget poor outcomes. It’s as simple as that. The over-riding problem is, I’m not so sure there’s anyone in the Republican side of the Senate that is capable of doing the job either.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Impeach Biden? Please, NO!

Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come out already and said that if the GOP takes over the House of Representatives as is thought this November, one of the first actions that they should do is impeach Joe Biden.

I’m not a fan of that strategy just yet.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I believe that Biden’s lack of enforcing the law on the southern border and allowing all sorts of illegals into our country is certainly an impeachable offense. That’s not the point. The point is that unless there is something very strong going on with the Republican efforts in the Senate that I can’t see, it’s an absolute waste of time.

Think back. Andrew Johnson was impeached way back in 1868. We went from 1868 to 1998, some 130 years later. And since that time, in a span of just 22 years, we’ve seen two more impeachments, none of them have resulted in the removal of a president. And impeaching Joe Biden won’t either.

First of all, all impeaching someone does is get the country thinking that the impeaching party is wasting time and not doing the country’s business. It hurt the Republicans when they impeached Clinton. It hurt the Democrats when they tried to impeach Trump the first time, and it will hurt them again this time (along with the uber-socialist ideas they’ve been trying to get passed). If the GOP were to win the House and try to impeach Biden without a safe number of votes in the Senate (67), then the same thing is going to happen to them.

Joe Biden is actually more valuable to the GOP in the short run sitting in the Oval Office than he is getting impeached and ending his political career in disgrace. He’s going to end his career in disgrace regardless what happens. The whole point is, do you really want K-baby Harris waiting in the wings to take over? She’s going to be worse than Biden because at least she’s lucid and realizes the socialistic antics she’d be making. And unless you can get someone out of office, as would have been the case with Richard Nixon because of Watergate, then you’re wasting time and money. That just doesn’t make sense.

Ted Cruz is wrong on this one. There is no reason to impeach Biden. I go back to the old Mark Twain quote, “When someone is making a fool of themselves, get out of the way and let them finish the job.” The same thing holds true in politics today. Let the Dems’ destroy themselves. So far, they’re doing a good job of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But What If?…

It was one of those things that kind of hit you out of the blue. it wasn’t anything I had ever even dreamed of before. And probably like what your reaction will be when I tell you, I thought very little of the idea…but then I thought…

But what if?

What if let’s say next year, Donald Trump decides NOT to run for president in 2024. What if, instead, he decided to run for a seat in the House of Representatives? Sounds crazy, right? Well, Wayne Allyn Root interviewed Trump on his radio show not too long ago and floated the idea past him. Of course, Trump has eyes on much bigger fish than just being one of 435 people, right? but what if the GOP wins the House back by say 50 or 60 seats, and Trump is one of them, with Florida getting an additional Representative next year due to an increase in their population? And what if Trump not only were to win that seat, but say, become Speaker of the House replacing Nancy Pelosi?

Now the juices start to turn, don’t they?

Imagine Pelosi having to play minority leader in the House to Donald Trump? Would that be a fitting end to the Wicked Witch of the West’s career? And it would still give Trump the chance to go for the White House in 2024 should he want it. He would be on TV every single day as the Speaker, and he could stomp on Biden’s remaining 2 years in office. He could craft his own bills that would make Biden cringe, especially if the GOP also got the Senate. Biden would be forced to veto everything that came across his desk for two years.

Actually, Root’s argument made sense when I thought of it. Oh, it took a while for it to sink in, but the more I thought about the fun of what would happen, and that people like Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush would have to kow-tow to Trump? That would be worth re-subscribing to cable just to watch CSPAN again!

Is there any negative to that scenario? Well, let’s explore one. Let’s say Trump becomes Speaker of the House, and just for grins and giggles, say Kamala quits, and Biden is removed either because of health or 25th Amendment or some such route. Trump would become President. Now, constitutional scholars. Having already served one term as president, does that mean he couldn’t run for re-election? He wouldn’t have been elected, just filling in the vacancy until 2024, right? I’m not all that sure what the constitution says about it, but it would be an interesting bent. And it’s been a long while since a former president became a Representative. You have to go back to 1831 when John Quincy Adams served in the House after he was President.

One other little trivia bit before we put this to bed. There has only been one sitting Representative that got elected President…that was James Garfield, and we all know that didn’t end all that well for him!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mass Exodus!

I said in a few different blogs over the past couple of weeks that the sure way to tell if the Democrats are in trouble for next year, other than listening to the media pundits who are usually wrong, is to watch for the folks that are retiring. And, over the past couple of weeks, there have been over a dozen Dems’ who have opted to call it quits on the House side.

The latest to throw in the towel is Jackie Speier (D-CA), who said that her 43 years of service both statewide and in the federal government is enough, and “it’s time to come home”. That seems to be a pretty routine cry from the folks that are leaving. Here’s the list as of this writing…there may be more!

John Yarmuth of Kentucky, David E. Price of North Carolina, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, Mike Doyle and Connor Lamb of Pennsylvania, Anthony Brown of Maryland, Cheri Bustos of Illinois, Filemon Vila of Texas, Val Demings of Florida, GK Butterfield of North Carolina, and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas lead the way for Democrats calling it quits. Meanwhile, Republicans, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois (he may as well be a Democrat), Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, Kevin Brady of Texas, and Tom Reed of New York have decided to either step down or run for a different office as well.

Over on the Senate side, it’s a different story. Only one Democrat has decided to call it quits. Patrick Lahey from Vermont announced last week that he wouldn’t be seeking another term. There are five Republicans not going forward, Rob Portman from Ohio, Richard Burr from North Carolina, Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, Richard Shelby from Alabama, and Roy Blunt from Missouri all have called it quits at the end of their term.

While you might think that the GOP could lose seats in the Senate over this, only Toomey’s seat has the possibility of flipping. The others are pretty well locked in as far as red states are concerned, though Missouri sometimes throws a monkey wrench into the mix.

The point to be taken here is that it looks as if what was predicted is beginning to happen. Democrats, especially in the House, where they only have a slim majority and a lot of infighting with progressive snowflake liberals, are fed up and looking to get out rather than face a bruising, and possibly fatal election process. There’s nothing more embarrassing for an incumbent than to be primaried out of their seat by their own party. And progressive snowflakes are vowing to do that to the more moderate members of the House.

I have to say, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Republican’s chances of basically ending the Biden administration’s agenda come January of 2023. There is still a long way to go and a lot can happen in a year. But seeing the total lack of uniformity, the lack of clear ideas and policies that mesh with the American people, and the bumbling idiot at the top of their party, I feel pretty good right now that Republicans have a solid shot to win back both sides of Congress.

And besides, Biden isn’t able to campaign much for people. He certainly doesn’t have the drive the Bobo Obama had, and he doesn’t have the popularity either. And rumor has it the Biden folks are working on a plan to eighty-six K-baby Harris from her job as VP and are looking to replace her with someone more likeable. Whether or not they can find a constitutional way to do that which doesn’t further exacerbate Biden’s lack of ability to lead has yet to be seen. Whatever happens, you can bet that it will piss off at least some of the people that are K-baby fans if there are still any of them out there!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is A Red Wave Coming?

Ever since the Republicans had a great showing in November despite Donald Trump losing out to Joe Biden, and the Democrats were still unable to fully control the Senate, except with a K-baby Harris tie-breaker, the pundits all over have said that Republicans will most likely take over the House in 2022, and could do a decent job with the Senate, re-taking that if they played their cards right.

Well, is there a red wave coming next year?

I would say all signs point to yes. Here’s why.

When you look at re-districting because of the 2020 Census, it’s going to show that a lot of the rust belt states, New York, and California are going to lose a seat. Those seats are most likely going to be Democrat seats, except in Cali and New York. But Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania are all going to lose a Democrat seat because the Republicans control their state houses. And who is going to pick up seats? Colorado will get an extra one, and that will be competitive between Democrats and Republicans. Oregon will get one, and that’s not going to be in Portland, so it has a chance of being a Republican seat. Montana is going to pick up a seat, and while competitive, it will most likely go to Republicans. Florida is going to get one, and that will most likely go red. And Texas will be getting two seats. You can pretty well bet that will be leaning to the red side of things as well.

So, just with the re-districting, before anything else is done, Democrats are going to lose say, five seats and the GOP will pick up maybe four of those seats. Currently Democrats have a total of a six seat lead. There are five vacancies that need to be filled, and as I write this, the GOP stands to pick up at least three of those. That would give the Democrats a five seat lead if no one else retires, quits, or dies. So, without any “red wave”, just taking into account re-districting, the Republicans cut the Dems’ lead down to one seat. And traditionally, the party that doesn’t hold the White House loses seats in midterm elections. The GOP could actually have a huge 20 seat majority come January, 2023.

Over in the Senate, I’ve seen predictions that Republicans could actually pick up 10 seats in the Senate. Now, that’s quite a swing in an off year. But let’s look at it. Democrats may only flip one seat and that may be Pennsylvania with Pat Toomey retiring.

The GOP could flip the state of New Hampshire with Chris Sununu running. He was a popular Governor there, and would probably win. In Nevada, the DSA took control of the state’s Democrat party, shoving the Harry Reid folks aside for the first time in some 50 years. That state’s Democrat party is a mess right now. It would be relatively easy for a Republican that had some name recognition to take that. In Arizona, Mark Kelly was so well funded in his defeat of a terrible candidate in Martha McSally back in November, that if someone with an ounce of political savvy ran, he may be defeated. That person I think may be current Representative, and former president of the Arizona State Senate, Andy Biggs. Biggs is very well liked here in the desert. That’s two more flips for the GOP.

In Georgia, Raphael Warnock is going to probably be facing former NFL star Herschel Walker. If he is, it’s going to be hard for Warnock to defend his scandals. And Kelly Loeffler ran a terrible campaign last fall. If Walker runs, he will most likely win, and Georgia has a seat flipped! In Montana, John Tester isn’t going to be able to hold on to his seat. He’s had a chance, and hasn’t been very well liked in Montana. In Ohio, Sherrod Brown has been in office a VERY long time. If the GOP decides to run a decent candidate, they have a very good chance of taking him down. Remember, Ohio went for Trump in 2020. They are a swing state, but they have been leaning to the right for a while now. Only Toledo, Cleveland, and sometimes Cincinnati go the other way.

In West Virginia, Joe Manchin is up for reelection. My hunch is he’s going to retire. If he doesn’t, and the GOP decides to run anyone still breathing, even though Manchin has been the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, he’s still a Democrat, and it’s tough for West Virginians to want to go blue when that party wants to destroy the coal industry.

That gives the GOP 57 seats, and the Dems’ 43. Do you realize with three upsets going forward maybe in 2024 if the GOP wins back the White House, they will undoubtedly do well down-ballot and pick up a few more seats, taking them upwards to 60. Why is that important? Because 60 seats is filibuster proof.

And if I were in the GOP and wanted to do something to insure power moving forward if that happened, I’d expand the Supreme Court to 13 people, and have a Republican nominate another four people to the high court, solidifying a conservative court well into the future! Just kidding. I’d keep it at 9.

There you go! A little early for predictions, granted, but those are the predictions this far out. Now, if only I could find my magic wand…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Here’s What Your AREN’T Getting In COVID Relief 3.0

The Senate passed the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief 3.0 bill yesterday. It would appear that not many people are happy with it, including a lot of liberal Democrats. Socialist Dems are unhappy with the fact that the $15 an hour minimum wage didn’t make the cut, and there were more than a couple Democrats who questioned that when the bill comes back to the House of Representatives to be voted on with the Senate changes, if they would be able to support it. Seeing how the Democrats had two members vote against the original bill, they can only afford to lose three more to defection or the bill sinks.

So, what didn’t make the bill besides the minimum wage increase that would have cost 1.9 million jobs? Well, one thing is for sure…you may not be getting a check in the first place. In the original bill, the House sent to the Senate asking that individuals making $75,000-$100,000 a year or couples making more than $150,000-$200,000 a year be phased out. That got changed. Now if you made more than $80,000 last year as an individual or $160,000 as a couple, no check for you!

Also missing from the bill was $400 for continued unemployment benefits until August 29th. The Senate nixed that and made the amount $300 per week, with a tax-free cap of $10,200 until September 6th. But you’d have to make less than $150,000 per household in order to qualify for that.

The Senate saw fit to dump a couple of pork-barrel projects as well. One is in Chuck Schumer’s state, New York, where an upstate New York bridge between Canada and New York got zapped. Also getting the chopping block was a grant to build a $140 expansion of the BART (San Francisco’s subway system) in Nancy Pelosi’s home district.

And, while the states will still get the overblown $350 billion in “relief”, there are now new rules on how and when it can be spent. It can only be used to offset costs incurred through the end of 2024, and it can’t be used to offset tax cuts or to add to or start pension funds.

One thing the Senate did add in was an enhancement for folks who got laid off because of COVID and are now spending huge sums of money through COBRA, which is a form of insurance that you can get if you leave a company’s insurance program…but you have to pay the full ride of that premium plus a little extra. It’s allowing folks that got laid off and are on COBRA to get their healthcare bill subsidized 100% through the end of September.

While I still contend that today, the country is in a lull when it comes to Coronavirus, and probably doesn’t need as much stimulus as this bill provides, it still is a very wasteful bill. It rewards states like California and New York who have spent money on failed liberal programs, and gives them a huge bailout. It does some things to help people that actually NEED to get some help, and there are folks out there that do. But it doesn’t go nearly far enough in cutting the aid to folks who are either uneffected by COVID or don’t need the help.

There is one slice of good news that came out of the whole process. This should have been a slam dunk for Democrats. There shouldn’t have been any debate at all, and it could have been passed, as Joe Biden wanted it, in a week. The mere fact the first COVID relief last March took two days to pass, the second didn’t come until nine months later, and this bill that was supposed to happen “immediately” according to Biden took two weeks to pass. And that’s with the Democrats in charge. What that tells me is that the Dems are going to have a very difficult time passing any meaningful legislation before the end of this year, and next year is an election year…they probably won’t get to it at all then!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Conservatives Actually DID Win!

I know it hurts to think that a bumbling fool like Joe Biden that can’t remember what state he’s in, much less what office he’s running for could beat someone that has basically saved the United States of America from liberal snowflake idiots like Bobo Obama. It really makes you wonder whether or not this country has already gone to hell in a hand basket. But there is hope.

The Conservatives in this country actually did very well.

Let’s start out in the Senate. By the time the Georgia run-off elections are held, and they end up with final vote counts in both Alaska (where they still have only counted about 56% of the vote) and North Carolina (where Thom Tillis is winning pretty handedly), the Republicans will only have lost one seat and will hold a 52-46-2 majority with the two Independents caucusing with the Democrats. The GOP actually lost two seats with Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona losing. But they did pick up the seat held by Doug Jones in Alabama. So, when the dust clears, it will be a net loss of one seat in a year where the GOP lost the White House. That’s a lot better than had been expected with the Democrats ready to take over the Senate, pack the court, do away with the filibuster, and make both Washington, DC and Puerto Rico states!

Then we move on to the House of Representatives, where Nancy Pelosi said that Joe Biden won in a “mandate”. Actually, it was anything but. Biden squeaked by by the skin of his balding head. And Pelosi’s party squeaked by as well, losing at least four total seats in the House, where now they have an 18 vote lead…down from 22. And if you look at the map of where each party holds sway, you’re going to be shocked! Here…take a gander:

There’s an awful lot of red showing there!

In Governor’s races around the country, there were 11 Executive Mansion seats up for grabs. The GOP got 8 of them, and the Democrats got 3. Dems ended up with Washington, where former presidential candidate Jay Inslee won rather handedly, Delaware, which was blue to begin with, and North Carolina, also a blue state to begin with. Republicans won in New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana (taking a seat from Steve Bullock), and Utah.

Overall, the Republicans did a great job down-ballot from the presidential race. And it has a really good prospect for the future, as the party that controls the White House always loses seats in mid-term election years. That means that the 12 Democrats and 22 Republican seats up for grabs may swing a couple of seats to the GOP. It won’t be a lot because the Democrat seats are from really blue states, but there would be the chance of Arizona and Nevada flipping. And of course, there will be a really good shot of the House changing hands as the typical mid-term election usually costs the party in control of the White House is around 37 seats. That would be enough for the GOP to take over control of the House.

So, yes…conservatives lost the White House. But they may just be in control of Congress in two years, and as we’ve learned, that lessens the chances of a president doing much of anything, so Biden’s four year term may turn into a two year term!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Dems Win In November

Oh, there is a very viable way for the Democrats to win in November. Actually, there are a couple of ways, and only one of them involves the voter fraud Republicans accuse the left of trying to foist on the American public.

First and foremost, let’s understand, even the far left realizes that the chances are very good Donald Trump will leave November 3rd with more votes and more Electoral College votes than Joe Biden. They understand that, and it’s almost like they accept it.

However, they are making no bones about it (and Axios is reporting it to the world already!), that after November 3rd, when Trump has had this huge victory, the win will start to dissipate until Biden has overtaken the lead. How is that possible? Through mail-in ballots. The left’s claim, again, according to Axios is that it will certainly take longer than just Election Day for everyone to count the tens of millions of mailed-in ballots. And so, as those ballots get counted over the next several weeks, the margin of victory gets smaller, and voila! Joe Biden ends up as president.

However, there is a caveat for the Democrats on this account. Some states say that your ballot must be postmarked by Election Day. Other states say your ballot has to ARRIVE on or before Election Day to be counted. Still other states say you much sign the envelope. And others don’t care about any of that. So, the chances that mail-in ballots may not be counted are relatively high. In 2018, 27% of all mail-in ballots (including absentee ballots) were rejected. In Florida, that number was 33%.

There are six states where mail-in ballots are legal. Of the six, five them are Democrat blue states and that’s not going to change. Utah is the only “red” state that allows mail-in ballots. So, officially, it’s not going to be that big of a deal, since it’s doubtful Trump will win Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, or Hawaii anyway.

The other way that the Dems could actually win the White House is actually two ways. IF there is such a stink and the election results drag into January, the Speaker of the House becomes President on January 20th until the whole thing gets sorted out. If the GOP were to overtake the House, that would probably be Kevin McCarthy. If the Dems hold on to it, Nancy Pelosi could actually become President!

And the other way that the Dems could actually win the White House through the House of Representatives is if neither candidate gets to 270 Electoral College votes. Then it moves to the House to vote on it. If the Dems were to maintain the House lead by a large enough margin, they could actually make Biden the President.


You should be. The best way to make sure you avoid any of these situations is to get out and vote, and take any of your friends with you to the polls and have them votes as well. Only an overwhelming Trump victory will be insurance that Biden and the left doesn’t become President! And vote in person, NOT by mail!!! Even if you’ve always voted absentee, this year, your vote could be hijacked!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who Investigates The Flynn Debacle?

I think we can all come to the conclusion that the FBI under James Comey was out to get the Trump administration from the start. At the very least, Comey and his cabal was complicit in allowing an attitude of “Get Trump” to permeate the FBI in the early days of the Trump presidency.

The latest fly in the ointment regarding Comey, the FBI, and their over-zealous approach to investigating illegalities is the Michael Flynn case. I haven’t said much as this has played out over the past couple of weeks, but I wonder where Congress is in all of this? They were very quick to start up investigations into Russian collusion, when none existed. They were exceptionally quick to call a phone call made by Donald Trump a “quid pro quo” and an “abuse of power”, without any real proof of it. They thought for sure that the Mueller Report would nail Trump’s rear end to the post, but it failed to do so when Robert Mueller himself testified that he doesn’t exonerate people, he just presents the facts. And now, we learn that Michael Flynn, who had served as Trump’s National Security Advisor briefly before becoming embroiled in a lie he told the Vice President, and ended up with legal problems.

In the end, it turns out, the FBI was out to get Flynn from the beginning. Flynn has spent a very honored career in the military, served under both the Obama and Trump administrations, and yet, the FBI had it in for him, trying to either find enough dirt to get him fired, or threaten him to get him to resign and make the administration look bad.

So, my question is, who is going to be investigating the Flynn debacle? Why hasn’t the House of Representatives put forth a special committee to look into James Comey, and Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page? Why haven’t we learned about all of the nasty stuff going on at the FBI already? And when is Adam Schiff going to tell the world he has rock-solid proof that the FBI was at fault, and they should all be thrown in jail!?

The truth is, you’re never going to learn that. Because Democrats play politics. It is their religion, and power is their god. They never admit when they’ve been wrong (has Schiff apologized for wasting $100 million on impeachment?), and they only double down when put into the corner and proven false (thank you Saul Alinsky!)

This is a failing of the House of Representatives. This is the primary reason that these people have lost the ability to govern. If you think back to a time when a guy by the name of Tip O’Neil was the Speaker of the House, you would realize that Democrats back in the day DID know how to govern. They DID know how to cross the aisle and work with Republicans to achieve workable plans. Today is different. Today’s House of Representatives is filled with socialists who only want to tear down America, and a Speaker that doesn’t have the courage or the ability to bring her party into line.

I’m waiting for the House to get back to work. Stop with the inane investigations, and start doing your job. And do it for more than the 146 days you’ve worked on average for the last 19 years. We The People demand it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!