Can’t Wait For An Election?

The House Judiciary Committee began “marking up” the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump earlier this week. And it got started with a bang when the chair, Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said in his opening remarks that “It would be unsafe to wait for the 2020 election to remove Donald Trump from the presidency”.


Democrats also invoke Martin Luther King’s name saying Trump’s actions would be “an affront to MLK’s memory”. Now, which actions would that be? Lowering black unemployment rates to their lowest level in history? Raising their income levels to the highest levels in history? Giving them an 800% increase in standard of living when compared to the Obama administration?

I think the Democrats are realizing that they have no way in hell of defeating Trump at the polls next November, and this is the only way they have of trying to insure that he doesn’t get re-elected. They have to do something to gin up their base and get them excited, so they are pulling out all the stops. Unfortunately, they don’t have a candidate that is capable of doing that, based on what I’ve seen so far. Either they are too mamby-pamby, too old, too white, or much, much too liberal to win an election!

And so, the only card in the Democrats’ playbook is impeachment. But what’s interesting here is that Democrat House members from those districts that Trump one are starting to whisper that they’d be better off if they just censured the president rather than impeaching him. One wonders with only two rather weak articles of impeachment that Democrats could come up with (and what happened to “bribery”?), the cracks in the wall are starting to widen.

Jerry Nadler has been nothing of a success in his political career in Washington. It’s the Peter Principle on display. He’s in way over his head as chair of a committee like Judiciary, and he doesn’t begin to have the intelligence of Adam Schiff (which isn’t saying much!) So much so that Democrats under Nadler have resorted to attacking Ukrainian president, Zelenskiy because he backed up Trump on the story that there was no pressure or quid pro quo (and where was that in the impeachment articles?)

Somehow, we’ve all realized a long time ago that this impeachment thing is just a bunch of hot air started by a bunch of people pissed at the country for voting for Donald Trump for president. They feel their way of life is being threatened, and the election didn’t go like they wanted it to, so they have to take matters into their own hands.

And what’s interesting is a scenario that was played out to me by a buddy the other day. Say Trump DOES get convicted in the Senate. That makes Mike Pence president. He appoints Donald Trump as his Vice President, who is then confirmed by a Republican led Senate. Then, Pence resigns as President, leaving Trump as President, who then appoints Pence as Vice President. You gotta love politics!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!