Impeach Biden? Please, NO!

Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come out already and said that if the GOP takes over the House of Representatives as is thought this November, one of the first actions that they should do is impeach Joe Biden.

I’m not a fan of that strategy just yet.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I believe that Biden’s lack of enforcing the law on the southern border and allowing all sorts of illegals into our country is certainly an impeachable offense. That’s not the point. The point is that unless there is something very strong going on with the Republican efforts in the Senate that I can’t see, it’s an absolute waste of time.

Think back. Andrew Johnson was impeached way back in 1868. We went from 1868 to 1998, some 130 years later. And since that time, in a span of just 22 years, we’ve seen two more impeachments, none of them have resulted in the removal of a president. And impeaching Joe Biden won’t either.

First of all, all impeaching someone does is get the country thinking that the impeaching party is wasting time and not doing the country’s business. It hurt the Republicans when they impeached Clinton. It hurt the Democrats when they tried to impeach Trump the first time, and it will hurt them again this time (along with the uber-socialist ideas they’ve been trying to get passed). If the GOP were to win the House and try to impeach Biden without a safe number of votes in the Senate (67), then the same thing is going to happen to them.

Joe Biden is actually more valuable to the GOP in the short run sitting in the Oval Office than he is getting impeached and ending his political career in disgrace. He’s going to end his career in disgrace regardless what happens. The whole point is, do you really want K-baby Harris waiting in the wings to take over? She’s going to be worse than Biden because at least she’s lucid and realizes the socialistic antics she’d be making. And unless you can get someone out of office, as would have been the case with Richard Nixon because of Watergate, then you’re wasting time and money. That just doesn’t make sense.

Ted Cruz is wrong on this one. There is no reason to impeach Biden. I go back to the old Mark Twain quote, “When someone is making a fool of themselves, get out of the way and let them finish the job.” The same thing holds true in politics today. Let the Dems’ destroy themselves. So far, they’re doing a good job of it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Calls To Impeach Biden Are Wrong

I know, I know. Nobody, not even Democrats like the fact Joe Biden is our President. Independents are bailing on the Commander-In-Chief quickly, and Republicans have never liked the guy. He’s lost all credibility to lead a nation both domestically through failed fiscal and social policies, and internationally by turning his back on our friends and allies with the abortion known as the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The cries have come rather early from the right to have Joe Biden resign or be impeached. They want K-baby Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment, which believe me, she’d LOVE to do. I don’t think she could get the majority of the Cabinet to go along with that just yet. And I don’t think it would be the best thing for the country at this point either. We know both devils in charge, and neither is all that great. If you’re going to get rid of Biden you first have to get rid of Harris and replace her with someone that is capable of handling the job.

But the calls to impeach Biden are misplaced. Just as the calls to impeach Trump (both times) were misplaced, and the calls to impeach Bill Clinton were misplaced.

Here’s why.

It makes no sense to impeach a sitting president unless you have the muscle in Congress to do something about it. That was the historical travesty in the last three impeachments we’ve seen. There were never enough votes in the Senate to remove Bill Clinton, or Donald Trump from office. In Trump’s case, a few Republicans bailed on him and voted with the Democrats, more the second time around (I’m looking at you, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski!), as seven GOP Senators jumped ship (they needed 17 to convict). The first time around, Trump received 47 and 48 votes to convict on the two charges. And if you go back to Bill Clinton in 1999, he received 45 votes on perjury, and 50 votes on obstruction of justice.

If you were to impeach Joe Biden today, you’d have basically the same thing happening. The Senate is not going to remove a sitting president from office unless they’ve done something terribly wrong. I’m not saying Biden hasn’t risen to that standard yet, I’m saying there are 50 Democrats, and 50 Republicans. You need 17 Democrats to cross over. And if you know anything about Democrats, they are wonderful at circling the wagons…at least until it becomes obvious, as was the case in New York with Andrew Cuomo, or with former Minnesota Senator, Al Franken, that they are in deep doo doo. I doubt you’d get 17 Senators today to jump on board with removal of Biden. At least yet.

But, let’s say that next November the Republicans win an additional 10 seats. It’s a huge leap, but let’s say they do. They only need 7 Senators at that point to remove Biden. And you’ve still got Harris to deal with.

As much as I hate to say it, it is actually better for the Republicans to let Biden/Harris stay in office, make buffoons of themselves for four years to demonstrate what a crappy job America did in voting them in office in the first place, and then vote them out of office. There is less blood on your hands, and America will feel better realizing they’ve rectified a mistake. It’s very much like getting rid of Jimmy Carter and replacing him with Ronald Reagan. That proved to be the most successful presidency we’ve had in the last fifty years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Myriad Of Topics Doom Dems’ Chances Next Year

There are plenty of reasons for Democrats to be worried about next year’s midterm elections. It seems that the “perfect storm of politics” is starting to hit them hard, and there doesn’t appear anything that they can do about it.

Most people vote with their wallets and pocketbooks, that’s been the long held belief. And if that is the case, the latest financial news isn’t very glowing for the left. It shows that while inflation is currently logged in at a 4.2% rate, far above the Fed’s target of 2%. It’s so bad that the White House just doubled that target to 4% for the year. Consumer confidence and consumer spending is on the wane. In June, consumers spent 1.1% less than they did the year earlier. And in July it was 0.3% less, signaling a slowing in demand.

As the prices increase, and the demand shrinks it means only one thing. There will come a tipping point where recession enters the discussion. How far off it is can be anybody’s guess. One thing that is interesting to note, there are 10 million jobs available out there right now, with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. That means basically that people are staying home because of the additional $300 per week boost the federal government is kicking in for their unemployment pay. It’s better for them in a lot of circumstances to stay o the couch than return to work, especially service work in restaurants and bars where the minimum wage is usually reduced because of the bulk of pay coming from tips. The problem for those folks is, Biden has already stated that he doesn’t want to extend that extra $300 past September. to do that is to slow the economy even more.

There are other issues out there as well that don’t bode well for Democrats.

First is the problem that they’ve got over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a president who is obviously in over his head and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. You can look at the southern border crisis and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal as just two of the many examples of Joe Biden’s slippage over the past eight months. Then you’ve got K-baby Harris. She’s screwed up every job she’s been given by Biden so far, and has one of the worst approval ratings ever for a sitting Vice President. While there are several Republicans already calling for Biden to resign, be impeached, or face the 25th Amendment, there are Democrats everywhere crying that’s not what needs to happen. They know if Biden’s gone and Harris becomes president, it’s only going to get worse. You’ll have someone at the Resolute Desk that couldn’t even stay in the Democrat primary until 2020 began. That doesn’t look good.

Second, you’ve got Congress that is spending money like a drunken sailor, or at least trying to. In the House, Nancy Pelosi has all but sold the party out to the Whackjob Five group headed by AOC. She basically slapped down moderate Democrats who wanted to vote on the infrastructure bill before deciding on the budget. The Whackjob faction of the party is looking at that $3.5 trillion price tag and the wish list that is included in next year’s budget and are salivating to beat the band. And you’ve got infrastructure on the back burner until at least late September. And you’ve got Pelosi’s January 6th Committee trying to hold hearings that basically only liberal snowflakes care about.

Third, you’ve got a sitting Supreme Court Justice that is wondering if he should retire or not. The New York Times has interviewed Justice Stephen Breyer and he’s said that while he hasn’t made up his mind yet about retiring, he’s still putting the pieces of the puzzle together, he doesn’t want to end up like Antonin Scalia or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and die in office. He wants to retire at some point, he’s just not sure when. And one thing he surely doesn’t want is to be replaced by a conservative. Breyer was appointed back in 1994 by Bill Clinton and is one of only three liberals to sit on the high court, since Amy Coney Barrett replaced RBG after her death, marking an incredible turn to the right for the high court that will take years for the liberal snowflakes to undo.

With all of that going on, the Democrats see the writing on the wall. Both houses of Congress are very close indeed, and historically, the party that doesn’t have the White House ends up picking up seats in both sides. The Dems cannot afford to lose one seat in the Senate, and they only have a very slim majority. Democrats have 218 seats, Republicans 211, and there are six seats vacant. Redistricting is said to be giving the GOP five seats right off the bat, which means the GOP would have 216 to the Democrats 213, and there would be six open seats that would be filled next November. The chances of that going all Democrat (or five seats Democrat and one Republican) are slim and none.

Now, while I’m very happy to hear this news, I’m also cautious. As you know if you’ve followed politics at all, things in DC can turn on the dime, and Republicans have been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory many times in the past. They can do it again. We just have to be mindful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is It Legal To Impeach Trump?

The short answer is yes. It is legal to impeach Donald Trump, and Congress has already impeached him a second time. The question really should be, “Is it legal to CONVICT a President who’s term has expired?” The short answer to that question is also yes. But there are many caveats to that one.

Article II, Section 4 of the US Constitution says, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” However, Article I, Section 3, says, “Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.”

It does not say that a president who’s term has expired cannot be tried and convicted. But what happens in that case? The only two punishments that can occur are 1) removal from office (which will already have occurred), and 2) disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States. In other words, if Trump were to be impeached and convicted by the Senate, he couldn’t ever hold elective federal office again.

Now, Republicans are floating the trial balloon that it’s not legal to impeach and convict a president that has left office because you cannot impeach a private citizen. While that part is true, he was indeed impeached while sitting. Remember, impeachment is not the removal from office. Impeachment is simply the accusation of bribery, treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors as outlined in the Constitution. It’s the conviction on those crimes that constitutes removal from office, not impeachment. But the actual impeachment occurred while Trump was still in office. So, is it legal for the Senate to hold the trial once he’s left office?

The answer is yes. Now, no court has ever ruled on this, but there is precedent. William Worth Bellknap was the Secretary of War back in the late 1800’s. He was impeached by the House on March 2, 1876. However, he resigned his office prior to the impeachment vote taking place. And the Senate actually voted to remove him from office, even though he had resigned earlier in the month.

If the US Senate votes to convict Donald Trump on the charge against him, he won’t have to worry about being removed from office, since that will already have happened. However, he won’t be able to hold elective federal office again. That basically means Democrats are afraid that they would have to face him again in 2024, which personally I think is silly. He will be 78 years old in 2024, the same age Joe Biden is today. I think he’s got a lot more energy than Joe Biden today, but who knows if that will be the case in the future. And the fact he’s a billionaire, what does he have left to prove to the nation? It would only be an ego move for him to want to run again. I don’t think he’d have much of a chance of winning the Republican primary, much less the general election (and I don’t think Biden will run in 2024 either).

So, the whole notion of going through and wasting more taxpayer dollars, not to mention time, not to mention it does nothing to “heal the nation”, which all Democrats from Joe Biden to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have said they want to do is a stupid move. It’s one of Nancy Pelosi’s dumbest. But it happened…another example of idiocy reigning supreme in Washington, DC.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can The Country “Unite”?

After the House of Representatives, for the second time in about a year impeached Donald Trump, it does beg the question, “Is this the ‘uniting’ of the country that Joe Biden was talking about?” Other than kicking an wounded dog while he’s down and dying, I cannot fathom what in hell is running through the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi. Unless she is so concerned that Trump may be actually deciding to run for office again in 2024, and wants to put a total end to that theory, there is absolutely no use for the House to engage in such a thing, unless it’s pure politics. And of course it is.

But still, to answer the question, is there anything that impeachment can do to actually unite the country? My answer would be no. All it will do is the 36% of people out there that are still Trump supporters (down from 44.6% just before the election), it’s going to further divide them, and send them into more of a tizzy than you saw last week.

So, if the act of impeachment isn’t going to do anything to do as Joe Biden suggests, and unite the country, as even AOC is talking about, then what good is impeachment? Well, it does do one thing that Nancy Pelosi has up her sleeve, but hasn’t said a damn word about. It will splinter the Republican party. THAT is the ultimate goal of San Fran Nan.

Now, the question becomes, will that tactic work? I doubt it. Impeachment has never been a successful tool in removing a president from office, and the fact that this one has five days left, all it’s meant to do is rub salt in the Republicans’ wound. Except I don’t think that works either because if you listen to what GOP members on the Hill are saying, they are done with Trump. Like the TV celebrities before him who have waded into politics, Donald Trump blew onto the scene after spending four years teasing his Apprentice viewers that he would run, actually won the office, and now has fizzled out like a dying star. The one thing politicians are good at (and there aren’t many qualities they are good at) is they can sense when a colleague is about to pass on, career wise. And that stench is unbearable surrounding Trump right now.

Overall, this tactic does nothing to bring the country together. The end game from the left is to destroy the Republican party and become a one-party rule. Unfortunately for Democrats, that’s a flawed goal. The left needs the right. The right needs the left. Politics in our country has for at least two centuries been a “blame game” of sorts, and you can’t keep power very long if you can’t blame someone for the wrongs that are exposed in government. Being human, we have a LOT of wrongs in our government. If the Democrats succeed in getting rid of the Republicans and taking over a one-party-system of government…we are inching closer to that inevitable Thomas Jefferson quote that a revolution every once in a while is a good thing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Impeachment Doesn’t Work

Nancy Pelosi is once again trying to play the political game when she announced that if Donald Trump doesn’t resign with 11 days to go in his term, she will go to the floor of the House and begin impeachment proceedings. This is probably one of the more stupid things Pelosi has done…and she’s done quite a few stupid things in her career.

Now, Pelosi is a master at trying to manipulate acts as nothing more than political antics. The latest call from Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump if he doesn’t resign is exactly an example of this. And in reality, it’s over-playing her hand to the point that while it makes a message very clear that she wants Trump to go one way or the other, it’s also an admission of a sort that Pelosi realizes that her days as Speaker of the House, and possibly a Representative from California are certainly numbered.

Impeaching a guy that only has less than a fortnight left in office is absurd. While I’m certainly not one that backed Trump over the attempted takeover of the US Capitol Building, and actually blame him for the whole ordeal, it’s not the time or the place for impeachment. What are you really trying to accomplish? Well, there are two things. First, an impeached president can never hold public office again (if he has been removed from office…and that’s still a very long putt!). That would preclude Trump from deciding to run for reelection, as he has intimated in 2024. Second, an impeachment precludes any chance that Trump could pardon himself. Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 states a president can issue pardons “except in cases of impeachment”. Those would be the only two reasons I could imagine where an impeachment, and conviction, could be useful (or in the case of the pardoning of himself, just the fact he’s impeached means he couldn’t follow through with that).

It’s one more ridiculous attempt by Democrats to not only kick a dog when he’s down, but to shoot him after you’ve kicked him. Let the guy play out the last 11 days of his term. The chances of him ever coming back after the events of this week are slim and none, and slim just left town!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So…What Happens NOW?

In one of history’s most boring and predictable moments, the United States Senate voted to exonerate President Donald J. Trump on both charges against him. You knew it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen. The Senate knew it was going to happen. Nancy Pelosi knew it was going to happen. I don’t think there was a person in this country that didn’t think it was going to happen. The Democrats in the House of Representatives have wasted over one hundred million dollars of yours and my money in this fiasco. And the end result is exactly what everyone said it would be when they started this mess.

What did it prove?

Absolutely nothing! It proved that Democrats were hell-bent on hanging an “impeachment” tag on Trump. It proved that they knew all along it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Other than that, it proved nothing. And there’s one question that remains that needs to be explored.

What happens now?

Well, we go back to “business as usual”, but is it really business as usual? I mean, the House is going to do one of two things…and I bet it’s the latter. Either they are going to forget this nonsense about impeaching a president when there is absolutely no chance of conviction. Or, they are going to resume their investigations into whatever mamby pamby snowflake laden rumors and innuendos that they can find, hoping to find something ELSE to impeach him on.

If I’m right, and the House continues down this path of hatred and divisive politics, the odds are better than 50/50 that the American public is at some point going to get fed up with them. At that point they will vote the Democrats out of power and it will return to the Republicans. It may be in 2020, It may be in 2022, but it will happen. That you can take to the bank.

As far as what COULD happen, well, the Democrats COULD rile their base to elect someone like a Bernie Sanders or a Sleepy Joe Biden to the presidency. They COULD take back the Senate, telling their party members that if they took back the Senate, at least they could have called witnesses in the impeachment. At least it COULD have been a “fair trial” in their eyes. And they COULD excite their base to the point they actually expand their control of the House. And of course, pigs could fly out of my butt.

What WILL happen? I think the country is going to eventually hold them accountable for what they did. I think that Donald Trump is going to use this as a campaign issue to get more Republicans elected to the House and hold the Senate. And it will help him, not hurt him in the upcoming election. I think everybody kinda, sorta realizes that he’s the odds on favorite to win re-election this year, which can be dangerous (just ask Hillary!). But still, I think the odds are very good. I think they are about 50/50 the GOP rides the Trump coattails and takes back the House, and a little better than 50/50 that they expand their lead by up to three seats in the Senate. At least that’s the way it looks now. It could change.

The one think following politics for 45 years has taught me. In February, it’s way to early to know what’s going to happen in November. If the GOP gets lax, and decides not to turn out, thinking that everything is going to go their way, they will lose. If they come out in force, and can convince enough independents that Democrats are off the rails, it will be a very nice place to live for the next few years. The choice is ours.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Truth ALWAYS Comes Out!

You would think Democrats would learn by now, especially in Washington DC that the truth always eventually comes out. Somehow though, in a rush to try and over-play their hand, they are always screwing up in that regard.

Think back if you will, to this past Supreme Court nomination. Remember the grilling that Brett Kavanaugh underwent, as it was alleged that he made sexually inappropriate moves on someone while he was in college. At least that’s what she said. No one at the party remembered the moves. The person that made the accusation’s best friend never remembered anything wrong. In fact, the person that made the accusation apparently didn’t even really remember much herself. Only that she was sure that Brett Kavanaugh was to blame. Of course, when the truth came out, the whole thing was fiction, it was a lie made up by Democrats to try and stall the nomination of a conservative to replace a relatively moderate justice. It didn’t work.

The Democrats are using the same playbook here. In an effort to try and get witnesses, and especially former National Security Adviser, John Bolton to testify in front of the Senate, they waited and waited, and conveniently got a “bombshell” dropped on the proceedings when a leaked copy of Bolton’s upcoming book was giving to the New York Times. In it, this unpublished, and unsubstantiated book said that Bolton recalls President Trump trying to withhold money to Ukraine until they initiated an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden and their corrupt nature. This was going to be the big bombshell that proved the Democrats were right! And the media rushed to get in front of any camera or microphone they could find in order to deliver this damning news about Trump!

Alas…like the Kavanaugh story, it appears that this one was also made up. First of all, the folks in the CIA and the NSA have basically told Bolton that there are parts of that book that fall under the “Top Secret” category, and therefore, cannot be told. Whether or not that involves the part that was quoted for the Times article is unclear. But it looks like the book needs to be re-edited before it’s release.

Second, apparently the diffusing of this bombshell came only 24 hours later, when an interview John Bolton did with Radio Free Europe emerged. Here’s what he said in that interview:

“I will be meeting President Zelensky. He and President Trump have already spoken twice. The president called to congratulate President Zelensky on his election and on his success in the parliamentary election,” Bolton said in August 2019.

“They were very warm and cordial calls,” Bolton said. “We’re hoping they’ll be able to meet in Warsaw for a few minutes together, because the success of Ukraine, maintaining its free, its system of representative government, a free-market economy, a free of corruption, and dealing with the problems of the Danbass in the Crimea are high priorities here, obviously, but high priorities for the United States, as well.”

Now, I ask you. Does that sound like a man that believe that there was a quid pro quo? Is that someone who is accusing the President of the United States of being guilty of “abuse of power” or of obstruction of Congress?

Now, Democrats are back-pedaling once again. Their big story, the big lie has already been unraveled. It’s been torn apart, just like the Kavanaugh rape story was…just like the Mueller Report was…just like every “bombshell” that was supposed to be the undoing of this president. No, Democrats need to learn one thing. When you are going to charge someone with something, and you’re going to allege something terrible against them, you should vet your charge first and make sure it’s the truth because someone out there is going to dig in this day and age, and they’ll find out what the truth really is. And once again, Democrats have egg all over their face!

So, OK Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. Let’s see how badly you want John Bolton to be a witness now?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi’s Gamble Fails

Chuck Schumer, the Minority Leader in the US Senate wanted to have a chance to interview people like John Bolton as a witness in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. He knew he couldn’t get that done though, because he doesn’t have the votes to force the Senate to do so. So, he turned to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, to try and do it for him.

She failed.

Pelosi tried to withhold sending the articles of impeachment over to the Senate until they were able to “understand” the type of trial which the Senate would be using. That way, Pelosi reasoned to the public, she could better choose her managers. Let’s get one thing straight. Nancy Pelosi already knows who her managers in the trial phase will be. She doesn’t need to change things up. And she knows enough about the Constitution that she doesn’t have the power to do what she’s doing. She’s doing it because the Democrats look bad, they haven’t changed America’s mind on impeachment, and they are losing credibility and public opinion every day that goes by that she doesn’t do it.

That’s why she’s going to be forced to turn over the articles without getting anything in return. Now, Nancy Pelosi, most people say is an astute politician. Most people say she doesn’t take uncalculated risks. But she did. She took a major one when she allowed the impeachment inquiry to move forward, thinking that Adam Schiff was going to move the needle on public opinion. He didn’t. All that came out of the hearings was that Adam Schiff was a liar and a cheat, and a partisan hack. Those were things we knew long before the impeachment inquiry began.

That was mistake number one. Mistake number two was that Nancy Pelosi decided after the vote was taken on the two articles of impeachment, and that no Republican jumped ship, that she was in a world of hurt and mis-calculated the whole affair. Thus, she held on to the articles hoping to get Mitch McConnell to bend a bit. He didn’t and she ends up having to wipe a mountain of egg off her face. Not a good look on a Speaker of the House!

So now there are at least eight Democrat Senators that are clamoring that Pelosi needs to release the articles so the Senate can get on with it’s part of this charade before Iran takes impeachment completely off the table of newsworthy events. It will happen, and she will have to walk away with nothing. She won’t like that one bit, but even members of her own party in the House are starting to question her openly. And that means more members are questioning her among themselves.

The Democrats will hurt themselves on this one. There’s no way about it. The end of this trial has been a foregone conclusion from the beginning. And now, we just await the final whistle. What a sad party Democrats have become!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s Good For The Goose…

There is a really good blog that I hope all of you subscribe to and read every day. It’s done by a buddy of mine I met online a few years ago, and had the very distinct pleasure of actually meeting in person a couple of years ago when I visited his hometown. It’s called THE ARLIN REPORT. You can check it out here on WordPress. Very well done, and if you enjoy the content here, I know you’d enjoy his as well. One of his blogs was the inspiration for today’s thought.

Donald Trump has been accused (impeached) if you want to believe the Democrats and not the legal scholars, of having “obstructed Congress”. He withheld information in the form of witnesses and documents (which he did) during the House’s impeachment inquiry. I’ve said on these pages for a very long time that “obstruction of…(fill in the blank)” is a very tenuous charge because pretty much everybody has violated it at one time or another. At least every politician has.

Case in point is Nancy Pelosi. Obstruction of Congress is defined as any act that obstructs Congress from doing it’s job. With that in mind, I would like to make the case that by not sending over articles of impeachment to the Senate, so they could start the process of the trial, Pelosi has obstructed justice. She hasn’t only obstructed Congress, but she’s obstructed justice. The Senate cannot do it’s job because of an action she has either taken or failed to take, and thus, Nancy Pelosi could and probably should be charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Now, not being a lawyer, or even playing one on TV, I couldn’t begin to tell you what the legal ramifications of such a charge are. I know that Eric Holder was found “in contempt of Congress” and it meant nothing. He continued to do his job, he wasn’t jailed, he wasn’t fined, though as I understand it, he could have been jailed, and there is an actual jail cell in the basement of the Capitol building. But as far as Obstruction of Justice goes, I do know that the maximum penalty is a fine, and up to five years in prison, or both.

With that in mind, I’d suggest that Mitch McConnell charge Nancy Pelosi with Obstruction of Justice in preventing Donald Trump his day in court after being impeached by the House. I would add that McConnell could probably get the 50 votes needed and then turn it over to William Barr at the Department of Justice to prosecute the case. She needs to know that if the Democrats want to play games instead of do the nation’s work, he’s more than willing to go along with that, and she can spend the next five years sitting in a jail cell somewhere that’s not San Francisco (which may actually be a good thing!).

As I talk with both liberals and conservatives on this whole impeachment thing, one thing is actually becoming clear. Both parties have become so divisive, so angst-filled at the other, that it’s obvious that very little can get done in Washington. Something needs to be done to shake things up and get these five year olds to play nice in the sandbox or the adults in the room (that’s you and me) will separate them and send them to their rooms with no cookies and milk!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!