And Another One Bites The Dust

Remember Jeffrey Toobin? He was know for two things really. He’s an attorney that was the CNN legal analyst for a good long while. He was also known for being “that guy” that during a Zoom meeting with the New Yorker staff, was caught masterbating.

Yeah…THAT Jeffrey Toobin.

Well, he’s decided that he’s going to be leaving CNN forever. He’s currently “on vacation”, but tweeted the other day that he was finished at the cable news channel. He becomes the latest casualty in CNN’s efforts to go more mainstream.

Oh, don’t worry, there will be others. You can’t turn on a dime like what Brian Stelter is trying to do, and get away with it. Yes, America has been dumbed-down, but we’re not all stupid (yet). And while Stelter may avoid getting squashed by the moderate machine, Chris Licht is doing a hatchet job on liberal politics there, he has a LONG way to go. After all, CNN has long been the place along with MSNBC, where libs go after they got famous on Fox News.

Unfortunately for Stelter, Don Lemon, and the rest of the crew at the once-powerful news channel, there is a lot of pain to go through before you get to the other side and become a more moderate, more unbiased news source. You have to burn off all of the left-wing nut jobs that tuned in to hear the made up news and the left spinning takes on stories, as well as totally ignoring news that mattered to America.

CNN’s numbers have fallen by about 30% since Licht took over from Jeff Zucker back in May. It’s not uncommon, and you mostly see it in radio stations that change formats. They’ll do whatever they can do to burn off their old audience before they launch a new format. So, if a station was say, country, they would play something like The Partridge Family over and over and over again to get rid of the country crowd before going oldies. That seems to be the mentality of Licht at CNN right now, and Toobin is just the latest victim.

Maybe Toobin left on his own accord and maybe he was let go. In the world of broadcasting, you’ll never really know because it’s all one in the same. He’s gone. He won’t be back. One thing’s for sure…there will be a book coming out soon (there always is). And maybe you’ll see his smiling face blasting Republicans for getting upset over the Mar-A-Lago raid on MSNBC.

It HAS happened before.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!