Congress’ New Role: Investigator In Chief?

You would think that after Democrats faced a demoralizing defeat this last week when they screwed up the Iowa Caucuses (is it over yet???), and then had their rear ends handed to them in impeachment, that they’d slink quietly back to their House chamber and ride out the storm in this election year. Nothing could be further from the truth!

And of course, what always happens in DC is that if one party makes a fool of themselves, the other has to follow…and that’s what seems to be happening on the Republican side.

Nancy Pelosi made a comment on Thursday that the investigations into Donald Trump will, indeed continue, and that they are willing to get a subpoena for John Bolton, and take it to court if needed to hear from him. Isn’t that what SHOULD have happened back in the fall? If the Democrats weren’t in such a yank to “get impeachment done by Christmas”, they would have done their homework, and maybe, just maybe they would have had something to actually hang on Trump. Instead, they were like the school kid that wanted to go outside an play rather than do his math homework. And, Democrats need to realize that the old saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result does hold true in Congress as well as everywhere else.

Now, to add to this, the Republicans are going to be getting from the Treasury Department, classified data on Hunter Biden. Basically, the data will look into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and hand over highly sensitive financial records and “evidence’ of questionable origin. So, even though Joe Biden’s presidential campaign seems to be slipping away after the “gut punch” he took in Iowa, it may not be over for the Biden clan. Look at it as payback to the Democrats for impeachment.

What I’ve said all along is that BOTH sides need to get back to doing the country’s work. When are we going to get immigration reform? When are we going to get a total repeal of Obamacare, and let the insurance companies go back to working as they should? When can we expect the House and Senate to actually do something to fix our country’s crumbling infrastructure? And when is Congress going to let the President of the United States BE the President of the United States?

There are a bunch of people in New Hampshire right now, hoping to take Donald Trump’s job as president next year. How well do you think they are going to be treated if they do indeed upend Trump? Do you think Republicans are going to go back to “business as usual”? Or are they going to seek some sort of sandbox revenge for the actions taken by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler? When in the world is Congress going to get back to doing the people’s business and stop all this third grade nonsense that we’ve been treated to over the past four years?

It’s time our Representatives and Senators realize that yes, you have oversight. You also have a responsibility. And running one branch of Congress doesn’t mean you stop doing everything else. Start doing what you were elected to do, or I just bet we can all find someone who will be willing to be voted into your seat and do a MUCH better job than what you’re doing.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA: Impeachment – Day One

It was well after midnight when it happened. There were a total of eight Democrat “amendments” to Mitch McConnell’s rules as to how the Senate would run during impeachment. Adam Schiff spent the better part of the first day getting handed his rear end on identical 53-47 party line votes every time he made a proposal. So, at midnight, when Jerry Nadler stood up to make an amendment that called for the appearance of John Bolton as a witness, the Trump legal team had heard enough and erupted.

Nadler had said that if the Republicans didn’t go along with it, it would be a “cover-up”. He added, it would be a “treacherous vote”. At that point, White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone told Nadler he should be embarrassed for addressing the United States Senate in that manner and that he wasn’t in charge of the impeachment…that he should sit down and shut up.

It took Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, presiding at the trial, to admonish both sides.

As you can imagine, the next few days probably aren’t going to play out very well for the Democrats. They have tried to play this whole impeachment thing as “protecting the Constitution”, and that they were trying to unseat a president that had gone off the rails. What they failed to do was show any proof. They still don’t have proof, though they are screaming that both articles of impeachment (obstruction of Congress, and abuse of power) has enough evidence on it’s own to oust Donald J. Trump immediately!

My question is simple. If you already have shown enough evidence to take Trump down…if you already have proven to the American people beyond any reasonable doubt that Trump has abused his power and has obstructed Congress more than Nancy Pelosi has in holding on to the articles of impeachment for a month, why don’t you sit there, and make the case to the Senate? Why do you need eight amendments on Day One of the trial to try and introduce more evidence, and bring more witnesses to the table? Shouldn’t you have done that already in the House investigation? Why would you make the Senate do the House’s work?

The fact of the matter is, in Day One of this trial, the House has failed. They failed in all of their attempts (at least at this point…the witnesses may come back at a point up the road) to get more witnesses that they never subpoenaed in the House investigation. They have failed in trying to get more “evidence” that they never uncovered in the House investigation. It’s like the school kid that comes to the big test totally unprepared and asks the teacher for the answer to the first question. Does he really think he’s going to get it? Had the Dems’ been prepared, they would have gotten the witnesses and the information they are seeking. But they weren’t. And so they have instituted this charade that they have indisputable evidence that Trump has been the most vile president in history.

America will learn one thing during the trial. It will learn that the Democrats have, once again, been lying to us during this whole masquerade. They have shaded the truth, they have been the truth, they have broken the truth. And there will be a price to pay for their dishonesty.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Idea Of Witnesses

I have a problem with Democrats calling for witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial coming up this next week. It’s primarily because it seemed it was good enough for them during the Clinton impeachment, and some of the very same people clamoring for witnesses now, were against it back then. It was then, as it is now, partisan politics. That’s all it was and all it is. And it smells like rotten fish.

So, I would agree with in principle with what Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) said. If the Democrats want to talk to John Bolton (and it’s allowed by the President), then the President’s defense team gets to call one witness of their choice. It could be Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, anybody they want. If the Democrats want to call a second witness, fine. So do the Republicans. And, if Bolton doesn’t appear, Biden doesn’t appear. If Bolton shows up and Biden doesn’t, the Democrats lose all further witnesses, but the GOP can call all they want. But I’m not at all in favor of witnesses in the first place.

This whole impeachment thing has degraded into a bunch of three year olds fighting in the sandbox. Frankly, I think America is getting tired of it. And frankly I can’t see the true need for witnesses at all. If the Democrats were so interested in John Bolton before, when the House was actually doing the inquiry, why didn’t they subpoena him? I know the story that it was because they didn’t want to drag it through the courts because it was “of major importance to the nation” that this be adjudicated quickly. But if that was the case, why did Nancy Pelosi not turn over the actual articles of impeachment for a friggin’ month? Seems to me Democrats shot themselves in the foot on that one.

No, the more I think about it, the more I think that the Democrats had their shot at making their case. For them to want to come back now, as the trial is starting and say that want to include more witnesses, and they want to include more information is bogus. They feel they don’t have a good argument and now they’re just trying to puff up their side. The whole fact of the matter is, Democrats obviously did a very poor job making the case for impeachment in the first place. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler failed once again at showing the American public there was anything there. Now, they want a do-over.

America is yawning. America has already lost interest. And Democrats realize that they’ve shot their wad and once again, come up empty. They need to finish up this charade and get back to doing the work we the people elected them to do…which wasn’t to impeach a president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Dems Are REALLY Worried About!

Oh, to be a Democrat today…you’d figure that with the impeachment vote just a week or two away, as soon as the Rules Committee passes it on to the floor of the House, it’d be grand, right? I mean, your number one nemesis of all time, Donald Trump is FINALLY going to be impeached!

So why in the world are the Democrats so worried?

And yes…they are worried. They are fearful even. And it’s because of a couple of reasons. And yes, Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but there is also ample reasons for those left of center to be biting their nails this holiday season. Let’s examine, shall we?

There will indeed be a bi-partisan vote on impeachment. But it’s not the bi-partisan vote that Nancy Pelosi or Jerry Nadler spoke of. It’s against impeachment. I’ve heard that anywhere between six and 12 of the 31 freshmen Democrats who are running for re-election for the first time in 2020 are going to have to bolt away from the party. This doesn’t bode well for the public perception that Trump was guilty. And it leads those in the party to realize the party is indeed split…never a good thing.

Second, there is a problem with the articles of impeachment. They only came up with two of them and let’s face it, “abuse of power”, and “obstruction of Congress” are about as lame as you can get when talking about removing a president from office and reversing the will of the people in a duly contested election! Most Democrats surveyed believe there will be blowback on this front.

Third, is the end game. Most Democrats realize that yes, they will have succeeded in impeaching Trump, but it doesn’t matter if the Senate overturns that and acquits him. And, as Mitch McConnell has said, that’s 100% going to happen. There is no way Donald Trump gets removed from office. So, why bother going through the charade? Again, blowback and the perception of wasted time (2 years of it!) don’t bode well for the leftists!

Do we even need to move on? Lets! Fourth is the problem that most Democrats see in the candidates running. Look, the field has been so weak that two additional candidates joined the field even though they have no chance of winning in any of the early states, don’t qualify for any of the debates leading up to Iowa and New Hampshire, and don’t have a prayer of winning the nomination. In 2016, there was the problem of the Bernie Sanders contingent not going out to vote for Hillary. They stayed home. in 2020, there is the same problem. It looks from here that Joe Biden will escape this gauntlet beaten up and badly bruised, but the nominee none the less. The real question is, will the people that support Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg actually go to the polls and help elect him? Without ALL of the Democrats moving in that direction, whomever is the nominee faces a very long road.

Now, there is one bright spot for Biden. IF he were to pick say, Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, it might bring some folks to the table. But it also will lose a lot. Biden doesn’t have the same energy he had last time he ran. And I don’t think the Democrats are really crazy about Elizabeth Warren waiting in the wings for the proverbial heart attack to happen. It could be a very poor choice. Buttigieg might be better for Sleepy Joe!

So, it would seem there’s plenty to worry about these days if you’re a Democrat. Makes me really glad I’m not!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can’t Wait For An Election?

The House Judiciary Committee began “marking up” the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump earlier this week. And it got started with a bang when the chair, Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said in his opening remarks that “It would be unsafe to wait for the 2020 election to remove Donald Trump from the presidency”.


Democrats also invoke Martin Luther King’s name saying Trump’s actions would be “an affront to MLK’s memory”. Now, which actions would that be? Lowering black unemployment rates to their lowest level in history? Raising their income levels to the highest levels in history? Giving them an 800% increase in standard of living when compared to the Obama administration?

I think the Democrats are realizing that they have no way in hell of defeating Trump at the polls next November, and this is the only way they have of trying to insure that he doesn’t get re-elected. They have to do something to gin up their base and get them excited, so they are pulling out all the stops. Unfortunately, they don’t have a candidate that is capable of doing that, based on what I’ve seen so far. Either they are too mamby-pamby, too old, too white, or much, much too liberal to win an election!

And so, the only card in the Democrats’ playbook is impeachment. But what’s interesting here is that Democrat House members from those districts that Trump one are starting to whisper that they’d be better off if they just censured the president rather than impeaching him. One wonders with only two rather weak articles of impeachment that Democrats could come up with (and what happened to “bribery”?), the cracks in the wall are starting to widen.

Jerry Nadler has been nothing of a success in his political career in Washington. It’s the Peter Principle on display. He’s in way over his head as chair of a committee like Judiciary, and he doesn’t begin to have the intelligence of Adam Schiff (which isn’t saying much!) So much so that Democrats under Nadler have resorted to attacking Ukrainian president, Zelenskiy because he backed up Trump on the story that there was no pressure or quid pro quo (and where was that in the impeachment articles?)

Somehow, we’ve all realized a long time ago that this impeachment thing is just a bunch of hot air started by a bunch of people pissed at the country for voting for Donald Trump for president. They feel their way of life is being threatened, and the election didn’t go like they wanted it to, so they have to take matters into their own hands.

And what’s interesting is a scenario that was played out to me by a buddy the other day. Say Trump DOES get convicted in the Senate. That makes Mike Pence president. He appoints Donald Trump as his Vice President, who is then confirmed by a Republican led Senate. Then, Pence resigns as President, leaving Trump as President, who then appoints Pence as Vice President. You gotta love politics!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No Fire…No Smoke

If you’ve been following the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives at all, you probably fall into one of two categories. The first let’s call the “Trump category”. These are people that believe, like Donald Trump, that the Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on, that they are trying to overturn the will of the voters in the 2016 presidential election, and they’ve been out trying to impeach Trump since before he took office. Then, you’ve got the second group. These are the “Schiff category” folks. These folks think that Donald Trump apparently abused his power in his phone call to Ukrainian President, Zelenskiy, and then obstructed Congress on the details of that call. That, in the eyes of these folks is certainly an impeachable offense, and could ruin our democracy for generations if not punished.

Well, after weeks of closed-door hearings where only a few of the witnesses were invited back to testify on the open to the world hearings, and a couple of days of Jerry Nadler infested Judiciary Committee hearings, where we basically got schooled by uber-leftist law professors (and by Jonathon Turley who isn’t liberal) as to what impeachment means, we now know that Donald Trump will face two charges in his impeachment trial. The first is abuse of power for making a quid pro quo with Zelenskiy that neither side believes was actually a quid pro quo. The second is the fact Trump wouldn’t allow his folks from the White House to testify before Congress (President’s rarely do!) because he felt it was a sham from the start.

So, we will move forward with the floor vote on the House. This is going to be basically the third impeachment vote in our history. Richard Nixon resigned before getting impeached, but had he not resigned he most assuredly would have been for covering up the Watergate break-in. And that should prove to be interesting. Not because of the outcome, that’s a foregone conclusion, but because what every major player in this scenario has said in the past will fail to come to fruition. Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler said that an impeachment should be overwhelming in evidence, and strongly bi-partisan in nature. This vote will be neither.

In fact, the only bi-partisanship I can see coming in it will be Democrats from Trump-won districts in 2016 that are scared they will lose their jobs if they vote with their party. I can see upwards of 10 of them switching over and voting with the Republicans, though if they do, you can bet there’ll be hell to pay come next election! Those folks are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

When this charade gets to the Senate, it will be a different matter. I’ve heard the Senate won’t try to dismiss charges (that could be viewed as partisan in it’s own right). Instead, they will go for a full trial. And in the Senate, there will be three or four Democrat Senators that could end up switching sides and voting with the majority. And you may see a couple of GOP Senators, like Susan Collins from Maine, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, and even Mitt Romney from Utah, switching sides. Alas, it won’t be enough.

The Democrats will need 20 Republicans to flip. That’s a nearly impossible figure, especially considering the Dems’ only could come up with two articles of impeachment, and neither one was proven to the entire country. After all of the investigations and inquiries, 45% of Americans feel Trump should be removed from office, and 48% say he shouldn’t. That’s certainly not overwhelming bi-partisanship. The Republicans are going to make the Democrats look like fools as they try to call Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Nancy Pelosi to testify as witnesses in the Senate trial. And, in the end, the whole thing will be swept under the rug and Trump stays in office.

Long term, I think the Democrats end up losing the presidential race by a wider margin than they did in 2016; they end up losing two, maybe three seats in the Senate, giving the Republicans 55 or 56 seats, and they very well could lose the House as well because that is where this whole menagerie started. They only need to lose 20 of the 31 seats on the bubble in order to lose the House altogether.

It took the Republicans several years to bounce back from the Clinton impeachment, and that had guilt written all over it (Clinton had admitted that he lied to the Grand Jury). He never lost his job as president, but he was disbarred for life. This time around, I think the Democrats may have lost big time, not just in 2020, but in 2022, and possibly in 2024 as well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s Changed?

Once upon a time, I actually thought about running for Congress. I can’t believe that was about 35 years ago. And the lady that I would have run against, Marcy Kaptur, is STILL in the House of Representatives today! Ah, but I didn’t do that. The reason? I’m a consistency guy, and you can’t be consistent and be in politics. Need proof?

Here is a quote from Nancy Pelosi back in the 1990’s when Bill Clinton was impeached: “Today the Republican majority isn’t impeaching the president with fairness, but with a vengeance…We are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton and until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.”

Need more proof? OK…let’s go to the “Impeach 45” girl herself. Here is Maxine Waters from the same time period: “It appears to me uh, that they, uh, march forward to impeachment uh, oblivious to uh, what the American public is saying; oblivious to uh, the American public’s wish to put this behind us, oblivious to the destruction that they’re causing in this House, and the only way they can be doing that is that they’re driven by such dislike and such hatred for this president.”

But wait…there’s more. Let’s listen to our current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler back in the 1990’s: “The effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters as expressed in a national election. We must not overturn an election and remove a president from office except to defend our very system of government, or our constitutional liberties against a dire threat. And we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people, and of their representatives in Congress of the absolute necessity. There must NEVER be a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties, and largely opposed by the other. Such an impeachment would lack legitimacy, would produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come; and will call into question the very legitimacy of our political system.”

I guess I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!