Who’s Next?

I did a blog a couple of weeks ago on who the Republicans would or could run for President, and my thoughts on each. But what about the Democrats? I was really torn until I read a piece by Wayne Allyn Root, who has a show on Newsmax, and does a national radio talk show. I think he’s come up with a pretty clear scenario as to what could be happening in the higher up circles of the Democrat Party. In case you haven’t heard of his rather interesting twist, read on!

It all revolves around the Clinton/Obama machine.

He has long described how 2020 was the Democrats’ plot to take over America. I’ve heard him rail on this for a couple of years now. But it’s rather chilling how he lays out the latest chapter. But it does, in a rather conspiracy-theory way, make a lot of sense if you connect the dots.

In Root’s world, K-baby Harris is the lynchpin. She’s what’s currently standing in the way for the plot to play out. Democrats are going to demand that Harris resign “for personal reasons”, somewhere up the road soon. They know she’s hated by everyone. I mean, she has a 28% approval rating, and that’s the lowest in history (even Dan Quayle did better!) So, K-baby takes the bait, is given a mansion in Cali to retire to and she’s off the grid forever, never to be heard from again.

Next, we need a Vice President. Who steps in? I’ve heard from a lot of places that it would be Michele Obama. I’m not going there. Think back, not forward. What about Hillary Clinton? She gets nominated as VP to replace Harris. Then, according to Root, the media starts the narrative that Biden, who’s done his job in getting elected, is slipping mentally and needs to be replaced. Biden either resigns or is replaced through the 25th Amendment, which Clinton can initiate with the help of the cabinet.

At that point, Clinton takes over, while Joe slips away to Delaware to retire. And who does Clinton nominate for her replacement as VP? Michele Obama.

Now, that’s Root’s view of it. I have a couple of problems with it. First of all, if Harris quits, it’s going to take both houses of Congress to approve the next VP. The last time that was done was back in the 1970’s when Gerald Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be his VP after taking over for the disgraced Richard Nixon. If this takes more than 12 or 13 months to matriculate, there will most likely be a Republican House and maybe a Republican Senate to deal with. Hillary Clinton would never be confirmed by either. That brings this theory to a grinding halt right there.

But let’s say that she does get confirmed…and Biden does resign. And Clinton nominates Obama to replace her. Do you really believe that Michele Obama would be confirmed? Probably not. So, even though it makes for interesting fodder, I can’t see that happening. There is too much collaboration between the two parties that would have to take place. And while the Republicans aren’t always the best leaders, I don’t think they’ve sunk to that level yet.

Interesting take. But I see Biden trying to serve out his term, and if Harris does indeed quit, it’d be a moderate Democrat that could be confirmed by Congress…and NOT either of the two women we’ve discussed. Remember…we’ve only had one President, and two Vice Presidents resign from office in our history. I don’t see it happening that way again. But then again, stranger things can happen. I wouldn’t have told you I’d be locked in my house for three months either!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

I Could Have Just Recycled An Old Blog For This One…

The jobs numbers came out on Friday. They were supposed to show that ol’ Joe Biden would “create” some half million new jobs. Alas, he was again, woefully short. Only 210,000 jobs were created. Though because of the 7.5 million unemployed people, only about 2.5 million of them were actually looking for work, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2%.

That means there are now five million Americans content to sit on the couch and watch Oprah.

That’s a very frightening thought if you ask me. We have like 2,500 ships sitting off the coast of California, with all sorts of cargo waiting to be delivered to stores in time for Christmas shopping, and no truckers willing to take up the challenge. Why? Well, two reasons. First is the fact that they are part of the governmental mandate (which has been ruled illegal) that they need to get vaccinated before they can work, and a lot of them have chosen not to do that. Second, the price of fuel is through the roof.

How bad is it? Well, the DNC sent out a tweet congratulating Joe Biden on the fact that over the past week “he” lowered the gas prices by a whopping TWO CENTS! What they don’t say is that the average price of gas in this country was $2.17 a gallon a year ago under Donald Trump. Today, nationally, it’s $3.40. I’m not very good at math, but that seems like a 56.7% increase in just 12 months.

And just what was Joe Biden’s explanation? That the economy is STRONG! Yessiree Bob! We are well on our way back! Of course, inflation is now at 7%, looking to go to 10% next year, and more if we have a recession. Democrats aren’t wanting to have either Biden or Harris run in 2024, but instead are bringing up the name of another retread, Pete Buttigieg as their candidate. Now, most people in South Bend, Indiana, where he was mayor, don’t have many good things to say about him. And of course, he was one of the ones that had to back out of the 2020 race because otherwise Bernie Sanders would beat Biden, and go on to lose to Trump in the general election.

So, we amble along with the weakest jobs performance numbers in 11 months (last December we actually lost about 200,000 jobs). And Biden thinks he has something to celebrate. The Dow Jones Average dropped about 60 points on the news, bringing it down about 700 points for the week. That’s certainly reason to celebrate!

I think America has realized that unless Joe Biden pulls our of the steep nose dive he’s been in for 11 months, he’s in major trouble come next November, if he makes it that long. You can’t go one day without getting video of him stumbling and bumbling and trying to lie his way through questions with the press. And K-baby Harris isn’t much help. She can barely get herself dressed in the morning.

I guess we can all be thankful a presidential term is only four years, huh?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To Omicron

As if we weren’t weary of COVID already, it appears that a more deadly variant is already spreading across the world. Starting in South Africa, the Omicron variant has now spread to Australia, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Israel. And of course, you can’t get a word in edgewise about COVID in this country without Anthony Fauci weighing in on his latest take, even though he has basically lost most of his credibility on the subject.

The Omicron variant is supposed to be a lot more contagious than even the Delta variant, and is more susceptible to younger people, who until now have had relatively few problems dealing with the disease.

The State of New York has ordered a state of emergency, and is preparing to shut down in hopes of avoiding another prolonged COVID attack like the one the original variant swept through. Meanwhile, others are talking about more lockdowns, mandates, and social distancing when most Americans are fed up with it and just want to get back to a normal holiday schedule.

In his element, Fauci has addressed the situation, saying he’s convinced that the Omicron variant is already in the United States, and will most likely be spreading around the country at any moment. In China, they have announced they are going to clamp down on all travel for a while because of Omicron, and say that there is a “real possibility of a colossal outbreak” there.

Apparently, the vaccines that you may have already gotten to combat COVID, apparently aren’t doing much to stop Omicron, though Moderna has said they hope that their booster shot which is already on the market will very soon have the ability to stop the Omicron variant. I don’t think we’ve heard anything from Pfizer yet on what they are planning.

So, it looks as if this pandemic is going to be around for a while. That means, Joe Biden will have something to blame his ineptitude on for at least another year or so. And we may end up going back to the days of lockdowns, shutdowns, and a lousy economy…worse than the one we currently have.

The good news is, if we shut the borders, we won’t be besieged by the hordes from Guatemala and El Salvador! But that’s not enough to make me feel any better.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Build Back Better Is Anything But!

Oh, I know Joe “Brandon” Biden is hoping against all odds that somehow, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will come around and join his meager bandwagon with “Build Back Better”, but the closer scrutiny says it’s just another slogan Democrats have come up with that mean absolutely nothing.

Let’s look at it in detail, shall we?
Build: It’s not building anything. If it does anything at all, it prints more money, it redistributes wealth without hitting those in Congress too hard. And it does indeed end up taxing the middle class, something Biden has consistently promised he wouldn’t do. That’s because it also cuts into the Trump tax cuts. When you take tax cuts away from the middle class, you increase their taxes. That means you’ve increased their taxes. So, nothing is actually getting “built”

Back: To say that we’re going back means that what we did in the past was better than what we have now. The question is, how far back? And what was better in the past? The economy was MUCH better under Donald Trump than it was under Bobo Obama. Black unemployment was lower under Trump than it was under Obama. Same for Hispanics. Inflation was a lot lower under Trump than Obama (remember “the new normal”?) and foreign policy under Trump did indeed put America first as opposed to Obama’s apology tours around the world, blaming the United States for everything that happened bad in history over the past 200 years or so.

Better: Well, if you’re going to be better, that means an improvement. And that means you’ve got to be defining what it is you are improving. Just because you say something is better doesn’t make it so. Do you think we are better because every time some black criminal gets shot by police we have riots in the streets? Do you think we are better with 7% inflation as opposed to 1.5%? Are we better because we didn’t let Iran run roughshod over us so Bobo could have some foreign policy victory that he felt he needed to secure a teetering legacy? Seems to me that “better” in this case means going back to the days of “a new normal”, and I for one don’t find that to be better at all.

And what is a shocker that isn’t being talked about in the media at all is the fact that building back better also includes amnesty for the millions of people that Joe Biden and Bobo Obama have invited into the country illegally, rather than go through legal immigration means. That’s right. If Build Back Better passes the Senate, you’re going to see amnesty for some 12 or 13 million illegals in this country. And that means it’s just a matter of time before Democrats push for them to be voting citizens! And that is the biggest push back against build back better of all.

No, there is nothing being built, other than debt. There is nothing to go back to that is worth going back to. And there’s nothing better from the Obama administration. It’s all word play. And it’s all a crock of doo doo.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The End Of Liberalism

Today we are going to cover a lot of differing subjects, but all having to do with those idiot liberal snowflakes that think they have all the answers (and it’s all the same thing…government). In reality, the liberalism movement is dying out quickly. You can point to a lot of different places, but it’s all leading to the same location. Liberalism has been tried in this country for the past ten months, and it has flopped. Big time.

Here’s just a sample of how the crazies on the left are dealing with it, and who is to blame.

First of all, you’ve got a commentator on a cable news channel all upset “at Republicans”. Why? Because he says it was Republicans that have taken the word “woke” and changed it into a negative to the point that no one wants to use the word any longer. Well, that’s not exactly true. First of all, the word “woke” was a stupid word to begin with and never was going to catch on. It’s already gone the way of “cancel culture”, which died when it started eating it’s own. Actually, if liberals wanted to blame anybody, they could blame their own. James Carville is the one that said that “stupid wokeness” was the reason Democrats and Terry McAuliffe lost the election in Virginia. I don’t believe the Republicans had anything to do with it. Another liberal faux pas.

Moving on, you have Cher. Yeah…I know. She’s what? 75 years old now, hasn’t sung in a LONG while (which we are all thankful for), and she really is in need of someone to go through her communications prior to her sending it out to the world. Here’s one of her latest tweets:


— Cher (@cher) November 14, 2021

I’m not too sure Cher was exactly sober or straight when she attempted to be “woke” on this one. She got literally slammed by both the right and the left for a rambling, meaningless tweet.

Let’s look at Black Lives Matter. Remember, it was just about a year ago, this was the hottest group on the planet. They could have demanded that the White House be painted black and it probably would have been. Today? Not so much. Hawk Newsome, who started a BLM chapter in New York City was responding to Mayor Elect, Eric Adams’ pro-law enforcement stance on Dan Bongino’s show on Fox News. Because New Yorkers are fed up with the violence in the street, the soaring murder rate, and the fact that tourism, a major economic factor in the Big Apple, is falling through the floor because of the crime, they elected Adams to solve the problem. His idea was to do a 180 on what soon to be former Mayor, Bill de Blasio’s call to “defund the police”. Newsome’s call was to threaten bloodshed and riots in the streets because of Adam’s law and order stance. Yeah, that went over really well.

Then you’ve got Elon Musk’s jab at Bernie Sanders. Hadn’t heard about that one? Well, the Tesla superstar destroyed Sanders over his “wealthy need to pay their fair share” comment tweeting to him, “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.” No response from Sanders.

And it goes on and on. So…the question is, who do you blame on the Democrats’ side for all of the above? The answer isn’t easy. You can take the easy way out and blame Brandon Biden because of his total ineptitude that has only about 26% of Democrats wanting him to run for reelection in 2024. You can blame his partner in crime, K-baby Harris, who only has a 28% approval rating, 10 points lower than Biden’s historically low rating. You could blame Nancy Pelosi, the aging dinosaur and House Speaker who can’t veer to the left fast enough to avoid the barbs being thrown at her by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the Whackjob 5. You can blame Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for their socialistic views that started this whole drive to the left in the first place. And you could possibly blame Chuckie Schumer for his inability to lead his party as the Democrat’s Majority Leader in the Senate.

Or you could go to the source. You could blame the 81 million people that voted for Joe Biden in the first place. They are the ones that hated Donald Trump enough to put us in this mess. They are the ones that felt going to the bottom for four years was better than continuing on with a guy who’s policies were spot on, but who’s presidential style was totally lacking. They were the ones that elected Pelosi and Schumer, and AOC and her group, and screamed “Defund The Police” for a while until they realized that without police, crime runs rampant (duh?!) and yes, they are the ones that have put us in this mess. The country doesn’t move left without the country going along with it.

The good news in all of this is, we have pulled back the curtain in Oz. We have seen the “wizard” and it IS just an old bald man stumbling and bumbling his way through things. But we can indeed fix it, and unless the GOP does something stupid in the next 12 months, by all indications we will be fixing it. Part of me prays the Republicans don’t step on their own male members in the meantime, but then I remind myself how poor the Democrats are at good ideas. They passed their good ideas decades ago. Now all we are getting from them is beer foam. Time to take out the trash!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Why Would They DO That?

I got to thinking the other day as I was reading yet another article put out by the uber-leftist snowflake socialist network, CNN on the troubles facing Vice President, K-baby Harris, why on the world would a liberal news organization, a socialist organization that aligns pretty much step for step with Harris, attack her? One great blogger here on WordPress, Mark 1:1 (HIGHLY recommend you read his stuff!) gave me the idea to look into this question more.

So, I thought about this. And, I have several theories, but only one of them makes any sense at all. Let’s take a look at the theories. You can decide for yourselves!

THEY DON’T LIKE KAMALA: I think this is probably one of the weaker ones. K-baby isn’t a strong leader. She blows every interview opportunity she gets (the latest being with George Stephanopoulos on ABC), as well as every single assignment she’s been handed by Biden. She has been probably the weakest Vice President in history except for maybe William Rufus De Vane King, who died of TB before actually getting to serve. In fact, he was sworn in while in Cuba. And then of course, there was Dan Quayle, an extremely weak VP who hasn’t done anything since leaving office.

THEY ARE SCARED SOMETHING HAPPENS TO BIDEN: Maybe CNN is trying to put the pressure on Harris to quit, or get fired (which can’t happen…though she CAN be impeached), so that if something happened with Biden, someone with a tad more sense could take over the country. Look, it’s obvious to about 70% of the country that this administration is pretty clueless when it comes to running things. Biden has all but admitted someone on his staff is giving him “orders”, and most think it’s his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. But if something were to happen to Biden, Harris becomes President automatically. That’s an even scarier thought than Biden surviving his term.

THEY ARE TRYING TO SAVE FACE: I don’t see this necessarily happening either because CNN doesn’t seem to try and hide the fact they are leftist snowflakes. They just don’t care who knows. Why then, even as weak as these leaders are, would they come out against Harris, who was handpicked by Joe Biden? And why would they care what the public thinks of them? They haven’t cared since before the Obama administration when they made their hard nose dive to the left.

THEY ARE RETREATING TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY: And this could be the winner. CNN is not run by a bunch of idiots. Of course, their ideas aren’t smart, and their hosts aren’t necessarily blessed with an abundance of grey matter. But the people actually pulling the strings upstairs do have some business sense. They see their ratings in free fall. They see advertisers leaving them for greener pastures, and I think this is the reason. They have to do something to stem the tide and maybe what they are saying by exposing the rift of Harris’ office and Biden’s office is that SHE is the reason Biden isn’t able to accomplish much, and that they don’t want to be seen spending four years attacking Trump, and then another four years attacking Biden. That wouldn’t be right for them to do that, regardless how warranted it is. So they use Harris as the patsy. And they join more normal channels hoping to get her replaced with someone more leader-worthy, and then fight another day.

Somehow, that’s the only thing I could think of that makes sense. They realize that everything in this administration resembles the Titanic, and they don’t want to go down with the ship. So, pick a person to blame (Harris), and hammer away at her. The only problem is, if she quits, gets impeached, dies in office, or God forbid, gets nominated to the Supreme Court, who are they going to blame for the failings of this administration then?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Mass Exodus!

I said in a few different blogs over the past couple of weeks that the sure way to tell if the Democrats are in trouble for next year, other than listening to the media pundits who are usually wrong, is to watch for the folks that are retiring. And, over the past couple of weeks, there have been over a dozen Dems’ who have opted to call it quits on the House side.

The latest to throw in the towel is Jackie Speier (D-CA), who said that her 43 years of service both statewide and in the federal government is enough, and “it’s time to come home”. That seems to be a pretty routine cry from the folks that are leaving. Here’s the list as of this writing…there may be more!

John Yarmuth of Kentucky, David E. Price of North Carolina, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, Mike Doyle and Connor Lamb of Pennsylvania, Anthony Brown of Maryland, Cheri Bustos of Illinois, Filemon Vila of Texas, Val Demings of Florida, GK Butterfield of North Carolina, and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas lead the way for Democrats calling it quits. Meanwhile, Republicans, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois (he may as well be a Democrat), Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, Kevin Brady of Texas, and Tom Reed of New York have decided to either step down or run for a different office as well.

Over on the Senate side, it’s a different story. Only one Democrat has decided to call it quits. Patrick Lahey from Vermont announced last week that he wouldn’t be seeking another term. There are five Republicans not going forward, Rob Portman from Ohio, Richard Burr from North Carolina, Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania, Richard Shelby from Alabama, and Roy Blunt from Missouri all have called it quits at the end of their term.

While you might think that the GOP could lose seats in the Senate over this, only Toomey’s seat has the possibility of flipping. The others are pretty well locked in as far as red states are concerned, though Missouri sometimes throws a monkey wrench into the mix.

The point to be taken here is that it looks as if what was predicted is beginning to happen. Democrats, especially in the House, where they only have a slim majority and a lot of infighting with progressive snowflake liberals, are fed up and looking to get out rather than face a bruising, and possibly fatal election process. There’s nothing more embarrassing for an incumbent than to be primaried out of their seat by their own party. And progressive snowflakes are vowing to do that to the more moderate members of the House.

I have to say, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Republican’s chances of basically ending the Biden administration’s agenda come January of 2023. There is still a long way to go and a lot can happen in a year. But seeing the total lack of uniformity, the lack of clear ideas and policies that mesh with the American people, and the bumbling idiot at the top of their party, I feel pretty good right now that Republicans have a solid shot to win back both sides of Congress.

And besides, Biden isn’t able to campaign much for people. He certainly doesn’t have the drive the Bobo Obama had, and he doesn’t have the popularity either. And rumor has it the Biden folks are working on a plan to eighty-six K-baby Harris from her job as VP and are looking to replace her with someone more likeable. Whether or not they can find a constitutional way to do that which doesn’t further exacerbate Biden’s lack of ability to lead has yet to be seen. Whatever happens, you can bet that it will piss off at least some of the people that are K-baby fans if there are still any of them out there!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

COP26 Named As One Large Polluter!

You know it had to happen. In an age of “Rules for thee, but not for me”, the United Nations’ big COP26 eco-summit in Scotland apparently wants you and me and the rest of the world to stop traveling, to stop eating cows, to stop breathing, to do anything to lower our “carbon footprint” to help stop what has scientifically been classified as a “natural climate change” happening. The problem is, the folks that showed up in Glasgow aren’t walking the walk…just talking the talk, and that of course, means more carbon dioxide being spewed into the air.

Apparently, there were monitors on the ground in Glasgow for the COP26 summit that measured the amount of carbon footprint from the attendees of the summit. And as usual, it showed something quite amazing. The emissions from the COP26 summit were twice as high as the previous UN summit. That means that all of the hundreds of private jets flying one and two people into Scotland for the summit, all of the multi-car motorcades driving all of the attendees around town for a few days, did nothing but raise the emissions level in that town.

And of course, our own guy was the cause for a lot of it. Not only did Joe Biden arrive in the larges private plane on the planet, Air Force One, but he had an 80 car motorcade that followed him around wherever he wanted to go. Stop off at McDonalds for a burger? 80 cars in line at the drive thru. Want to go back to the hotel for a quick nap? 80 cars heading back along with him.

This is what really gets me about these eco-terrorists. They cry that the world can’t take you going to soccer practice or dance practice, and living you life as you want to. They want to preach to you every time you throw out a pop bottle rather than recycle it. They scream that having the house at 70 degrees in the winter is abusive to the planet and that we need to get rid of all air travel, all cars that aren’t electric, all of the fossil fuels out there that make this planet spin. Yet, they are the ones who use the most energy, they are the ones in the private jets flying to these conferences all over the world in their Lear Jets. They are the ones that don’t give a hoot how much pollution they cause because it’s not about them, and it’s not about pollution. It’s about power. It’s about restricting your freedoms.

Look, I’ve written on this many times. Our Earth has survived millions of years of abuse the likes of which mankind couldn’t even scratch the surface of. Our own planet causes more destruction and pollution through one major volcanic eruption than mankind does in a year of driving cars around. We’ve had ice ages where the planet went into a deep freeze. We’ve warmed up from them without any additional carbon dioxide being thrown into the atmosphere. You don’t hear about that, do you? And no scientist can tell you how it is that we went into ice ages and came out of them all by Earth doing her thing.

No, it’s mankind that’s causing this. No, actually it’s the ego of these liberal snowflakes that are causing this. They are so void of perception that they cannot fathom the idea that our Earth is a cyclical being of it’s own. It warms, it cools. It floods, it has droughts. It builds it’s own new lands through volcanic eruptions, and takes land away through earthquakes. It yins and yangs. In short, our Earth takes care of itself.

Having said that, it’s important to understand what I’m NOT saying here. I’m NOT saying that we should go our and arbitrarily pollute our rivers, contaminate our air, and ravage our land. We ARE after all, stewards of this big blue marble, and yes, we do need to take care of it. But in the ongoing mis-step of liberals everywhere, they do as they always do…they take things too far. They do it for a few reasons. They want you to believe you’re not smart enough to live your life as you choose, that they have to tell you how to do that. They have to make the decisions for you. They want you to have less freedoms, so they can have more power. That’s what’s really standing in their way. As long as you have the freedom to move about the world as you choose, they cannot put you under their thumb and hold you down. It has nothing to do with the Earth and saving the planet. Only those naive high school dropouts who want to “change the world” believe that this has anything to do with saving the planet. Educated people know damn well what this is about.

And so, we go from eco-summit to eco-summit, with hundreds of private jets polluting the host cities, and no apologies in sight from Greta Thunberg. As she would say, “How dare you!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No Mandate For You!

In an affirmation to an earlier ruling the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has issued their ruling in the Biden Vaccine Mandate case…and it’s a victory for workers and businesses everywhere.

No mandate will be coming forth on January 4th.

Biden had said that companies that employ 100 or more workers would either have to require their workers to have a vaccine by that date, or they would have to opt for weekly testing for COVID. The Appeals Court ruled that the mandate was “a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer” and was “staggeringly overbroad”.

I would expect that the Biden administration will take it to the Supreme Court to find out what the high court has to say about it. my hunch is, the conservative court will probably back up the 5th Circuit as to the fact that the mandate will cover about two-thirds of the workers in the country.

The country is already spiraling out of control with supply chain issues that are caused by mandates for vaccines and masks, as well as an incredible hike in the cost of diesel fuel. Truckers all over the country are refusing to visit Long Beach or Los Angeles to truck goods from Asia to your neighborhood stores because of the cost of fuel, and the fact they aren’t necessarily happy about taking part in the mandate.

Mandates have long been a sore spot in the United States. The first vaccine mandate occurred in Massachusetts way back in 1802 for small pox. By 1900, school children were forced to receive vaccines before they could enter school in various locales. In the late ’60’s, there was a push for the MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella) vaccines across the schools which basically eradicated those diseases. Alaska and Los Angeles didn’t got that route and between 3-4% of the students went unvaccinated and unable to attend school until they were.

The big difference between what happened with small pox and MMR’s and what’s going on today is the difference between federal government and states’ rights. In the above examples, the states were the ones to mandate vaccines, and yes, they still do to this day. And they are legal and upheld by the Supreme Court. Where the rub comes in is when the federal government starts issuing national mandates for everybody, or in the case of COVID, workers in companies that employ 100 people or more.

So, in essence, this isn’t a health issue, as Biden wants you to believe. It is actually a states’ rights issue. If a state decides that they want their school children to be vaccinated against COVID or any other disease, they have the right to make that happen. If a neighboring state decides that they don’t want to follow suit in that fashion, they don’t have to. It’s their choice. But the federal government doesn’t have a constitutional right to step in and force a state to order a vaccine mandate. Both the 10th Amendment and the 14th Amendment have been cited by the Supreme Court as reasons in the past to not allow the federal government to step in and force vaccines.

Once again, a guy that has 48 years experience in Washington DC politics and making the laws, fails to understand what high schools students going through civics class probably already know (if they’re still even teaching civics in the 9th grade anymore!) That is that if the Constitution doesn’t specify that the federal government can do something, the states have the right to make their own decision. And that should be the way it is in this case as well. I would assume that the Supreme Court, whenever this matter gets there, would uphold the 5th Circuit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Don’t Put Too Much Stock In Virginia Governor’s Race

I know the pundits out there are saying that Virginia, which just turned blue not too long ago is about to go red again. They point to Glenn Youngkin’s stunning win over a very tired and old looking Terry McAuliffe as the reason. However, I have a little bit different spin on this one.

It’s not as much of a slam dunk as you might think it is.

Pundits are wrong more than half the time. The problem with pundits is they love to scream how they were right about certain events, but they never bring up all of the times they missed something entirely. It’s like the “money guys” you see on TV that call for gold to soar to $5,000 an ounce because of inflation, or war or something, and then it settles back down and gold never gets close to that figure. Same thing in politics. Everybody is always right, and nobody is ever wrong. Until now.

Now, having said that, I will say that I think the Democrats are in a world of hurt right now, there’s no denying that. They have sucked at their agenda, they have a bigger clown than Bozo in the White House, and an even bigger clown than that sitting over at the Naval Observatory waiting to replace him. They have such a socialist agenda that a lot of independents, and even some Democrats are shaking their head thinking they’ve gone too far. But the pundits are missing the main reason Glenn Youngkin got elected in the first place.

Youngkin got elected because Terry McAuliffe screwed up.

Had Terry McAuliffe never come out and said he was for Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools, and that parents shouldn’t have a right to decide what is taught to their kids, he would have won. I’m not saying it would have been the usual “blue landslide” that Virginians have been dishing out lately (Biden won the state by 10 points last year), but he most assuredly would have won.

As much as I’d like to believe that most of that win came as a referendum on Joe Biden and his addle-minded administration’s policies, I really do believe if you ask the people of Virginia why they voted for Glenn Younkin over Terry McAuliffe, the number one reason would be that McAuliffe screwed up in his comments on education. Parents care about the schools their kids go to, and what they are taught. You’ve seen the footage of the school board fights that parents have had in that state. You’ve heard all about how the FBI, at the direction of the Biden administration wanted to call those concerned parents “terrorists” for attacking a school board verbally. Education was the single biggest issue in this election. And while yes, there has been a backlash to Biden and his cabal, it didn’t play as big a role in the Virginia Governor’s race, or the down ballot races as one might think. I think people were fed up with what McAuliffe said and they were making ALL Democrats pay for it.

Having said that, you can’t overlook what happened in New Jersey which didn’t have education as their number one concern. There, Jack Ciattarelli almost beat Phil Murphy, an incumbent Democrat Governor. In fact it took until this past Friday for Ciattarelli to concede, it was that close. But there have been some historical things at play in that race as well. It’s been decades that a sitting Democrat Governor in New Jersey has won reelection. That’s how Chris Christie came to power. Usually, New Jerseyans (if that’s what they are called) are fed up with the Democrat after one term and want to change things up. It’s just the way it plays out in that state. And while the race was indeed close, and Ciattarelli wasn’t supposed to win or even make it a race according to those pundits, he did. But history did not repeat itself and Murphy did pull out the win.

Now, that being said, I think the midterms are still the Republicans to lose. I think we are way too early to be saying it’s going to be a slam dunk and that the GOP will pick up 60 House seats and maybe 10 Senate seats. That would be a pipe dream at best, but again, way too early for predictions. We have primaries to go through, we have a whole year’s worth of news and events to digest, and the landscape could look entirely different next November than it does today. Or it could look much worse and it could very well be the greatest white-washing in political history. We just don’t know, and neither do the pundits.

I think it’s funny that when you go back and look at past midterm elections, the pundits call for the change in power in Congress long before it happens. And they talk about it so much that it’s almost getting the country ready for the change. That’s what is happening today. Most of what you’re hearing out there is speculation. But there are things to watch for. Look for a raft of Democrats in the House and Senate to retire. That’s always a sign that things aren’t going well. Look at the bigger names to do the same. If Pelosi retires and doesn’t run again, it’s going to be game over for the Democrats, and when she was recently interviewed on GMA, she refused to say if she’d run again or not. I don’t put a lot of stock in that because she wasn’t about to give GMA a scoop and declare on their program, but she very well may read the tea leaves and decide at 82 (her age when next November rolls around), she’s had enough.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!