Update On The Election

You know, we’ve had so much crap going on with the Coronavirus over the past three weeks that it’s difficult to realize sometimes that we are in the middle of an election year. That said, there WILL still be an election for President, Congress, and the US Senate this year, as well as a lot of state and local offices around the country!

When it comes down to the presidential election, it’s looking more and more like Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee (now that Andrew Cuomo has emphatically stated that he has no interest in being drafted to run for president), and Donald Trump will most certainly be the Republican nominee. So, how is the election breaking down at the moment?

Well, if you look at the facts, here’s what’s going on that I find interesting. And again, this is of early April…we’re still seven months away from the election and anything can happen between now and then!

First of all, it appears that Joe Biden’s support is slipping, and not in a gradual way. Biden came out on one of his “Coronavirus updates”, which are basically a chance for him to bash Trump, and said that he’s on the outs with the Democrats…that he’s heard that they want Cuomo, not him, even though Cuomo hasn’t run for anything and doesn’t want it. That has to make Biden feel real good! He’s run a very bad campaign, made a ton of gaffes, has stumbled through the whole process, and looks like he’s come out the other side on top. I mean, have you heard ANYTHING from Bernie Sanders since this whole pandemic started?

Now, add to that the latest CBS/Washington Post poll. It shows Biden up 49-47 over Donald Trump. So, why is that so bad? Because he was up 52-44 over Trump at the beginning of March! Trump closed an 8 point gap to 2 points in less than 30 days. And all Trump has done is address the nation every day. Biden, meanwhile has gaffed his way through his briefings.

What’s interesting, and always is, are the internals of the poll. 52% of Donald Trump’s supporters say they are “very excited” in backing Trump. Only 26% of Biden’s supporters say the same thing. That means very clearly that the Biden camp needs to excite their base much more than Trump. You can be for a candidate, as Hillary Clinton found out four years ago, and still lose because you aren’t exciting them to get off the couch and vote for you! That’s the problem Biden is in. He seems like a doddering old fool right now, and that’s what’s going out on the internet.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has had tens of millions of people over all of the networks watching his daily Coronavirus briefings. They’re seeing the media’s “gotcha” questions, and the way Trump is handling them, and they like it. Remember…the media is ranking dead last in the way THEY are handling the whole pandemic coverage. Joe Biden? He’s getting about 2,800 views on YouTube, and can be seen by tens of thousands of people on either MSNBC or CNN, depending on who is covering him that day.

At this point, all of the pundits are pointing to Trump, which in my mind is worrisome. Don’t forget, four years ago, Hillary had this thing wrapped up, right up until election night! She opened her second bottle of Chardonnay thinking she had won! And Trump felt almost right up until they called Pennsylvania for him at 3:00am, that he had lost! Time will most certainly tell!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed! And stay safe!

Biden’s Bad Week

I have not been shy in telling the world that I’m currently not a fan of the “daily Coronavirus briefing” that Donald Trump does. It’s glad-handing, it’s grandstanding, and it’s boring as hell. It’s almost like he’s a) talking down to the world telling us what a great job he and his government are doing, and b) he repeats himself constantly. There’s no need to do that, Donald! I heard you the first time.

Well, as much as I’m NOT a fan of Trump’s daily briefings, I have to say that he’s about ten million times better than the presumptive Democrat candidate that he will be facing in a few months. Joe Biden, after watching Trump get national coverage on a daily basis during a time when really Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are nowhere to be seen, has decided to do his own Coronavirus briefing. Now, I don’t have a problem with that, but he is doing it from his basement, and he’s making a greater fool of himself than he already had. Need examples?

In one interview on CNN, he coughs into his hand. The host interviewing him says, “You know, you’re supposed to cough into your elbow. I learned that actually covering YOUR White House a few years back”. Joe’s response? “Actually, that’s true, but fortunately, I’m the only one in my home, so that’s ok”.

In another interview on ABC’s “The View”, Biden said, “We have to take care of the cure. That will make the problem worse no matter what!”

On MSNBC, Biden asks the question, “Why doesn’t he just act like a president?” Then adds, “That’s a stupid way to say it. I really wish he’d… Sorry.” When prompted to go ahead, he says, “No…no…probably best I don’t!” Later on in the same interview he says, “I don’t know, I just can’t figure the guy. It’s like watching a yo-yo. Uh, I shouldn’t have said it that way.” And he rolled his eyes.

In another interview on MSNBC, Biden says, “Our Secretary of State insisted, and this broke the meeting up basically, in terms of influence, that this be called the Luhan Virus.” (It’s the Wuhan virus!).

What’s actually keeping Biden afloat in his “daily briefings” is the fact that he has averaged about 2,800 views per day! Donald Trump has been in the tens of millions of views. Any idea how idiotic that makes Biden look?

It’s becoming painfully obvious to a lot of my liberal friends that Joe Biden will eventually this summer be named the Democrat presidential nominee. He may very well go down in history as the worst candidate of all time…rivaling that of four years ago, as I have mentioned when we had the two worst candidates squaring off in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But I think Joe Biden may have just dethroned Clinton!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Anti-Bern

You may have missed this little item because of all of the attention we’ve been paying to the Coronavirus situation over the past few weeks. But it appears that the Democrat primary is already over. Yeah…I know…there are still more than half of the delegates still out there, and yes, it’s still possible (though not plausible) that Bernie Sanders can somehow steal the nomination away from Joe Biden.

But it ain’t going to happen.

That’s because the fix against Sanders is in. For the second time in just four years, Bernie is feeling what it’s like to be an outsider. Last time around, Hillary Clinton enlisted the help of Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Donna Brazile to cheat her way to the nomination that Bernie probably should have won. This time around, the whole country, well, the whole country other than the Bernie Bros have decided that enough is enough.

The latest indication of that is that Joe Biden has said, “No more debates. I’m done debating!” Now, Sleepy Joe isn’t done with doing YouTube videos, which he was doing every day for a while, giving HIS Coronavirus update. This consisted of hand waving to his camera crew when the teleprompter didn’t work right, gaffes, calling himself a professor after leaving the US Senate, and many other self-inflicted mistakes.

But is it really over? That’s the real question. Sanders maintains he’s trying to help guide the country through this COVID-19 mess. And while Biden is content to be at home in Delaware and make his own videos (which are quite humorous if you haven’t seen them yet), the world seems to have moved on from the Democrat’s primary.

Well, almost. Another player at this late date is emerging, and I’ve blogged about it early this past week. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo is actually getting traction as a last-minute contender as people start to rally around him to try to bring him to the race. So far, he’s declined to discuss getting in the race, but the convention is still a few months off. And, based on the rules I’ve been reading, if Biden doesn’t get to 1,991 delegates, even if it’s because the primaries were canceled, it’s anybody’s ballgame.

It’s just a matter of time before we find out if Cuomo, who has done a very credible job in leading his state through the largest Coronavirus outbreak in the nation, is actually interested in running for President. If he is, he could actually give Donald Trump a run for his money. He’s well-spoken, comes across credible on camera, and doesn’t make many mistakes and gaffes. Whether he would fall prey to Trump’s attacks or not would have to wait to be seen.

But in the aftermath of Coronavirus, it would appear, to this observer anyway, that Bernie Sanders’ chances to do anything but scream and point at a podium from this point on, are pretty much over…whether he likes it or not!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

President Cuomo?

Well, in the midst of the Democrat presidential primary, where it seems as if Democrats are being forced to choose between a stumbling, bumbling guy that can’t put two sentences together without trying to get into a fight or challenge someone to a pushup contest, and an avowed socialist, there is someone else starting to emerge.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

Who would have thunk it? Here we had two idiots from New York in New York City Mayor, Bill di Blasio, and billionaire former mayor, Michael Bloomberg making fools of themselves before dropping out of the race, and we were looking in the wrong city! We should have been looking at Albany, not NYC! At least, that’s what’s starting to emerge!!!

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, publicly anyway, aren’t worried…but privately, they have to be wondering. And it’s all because of COVID-19. See, Cuomo has been doing daily updates on the virus in the state of New York, and it’s been picked up nationally by pretty much every cable news network. And the fact that it’s the hardest hit state in the union, Cuomo has been leading the states’ fight to get more aid from the federal government…and he’s been coming up with the best ideas, so far.

Well, that and while people like Washington Governor, Jay Inslee have been bashing the administration’s federal efforts, and California Governor, Gavin Newsome has only recently decided that you get more flies with honey than vinegar, Cuomo has been working with the feds all along… proving that he can work across the aisle. When it appeared that he didn’t have hospital room for everyone that’s going to be infected, he asked the feds to send up the Corps of Engineers to build more makeshift hospitals. And they are doing that. He’s coming up with actually, pretty good ideas.

So, this begs the question, is he interested in running for the presidency? I mean, his father never ran for president, but Mario looked at the VP nomination closely. He opted to stay put in New York and earned the nickname “Hamlet on the Hudson”. Is Andrew the same way?

If he isn’t, there are a LOT of Democrats that would probably back him, and flee both Biden and Sanders. In fact, the daily briefings have gotten so good for Cuomo, Mike Pence and his team, and President Trump, that Joe Biden announced last week that he was going to start having daily briefings. Frankly, I don’t know what Biden can say that can’t be said by “official” Washington and Albany, but hey…have at it Joe! We miss not having your gaffes out there on a daily basis! Maybe Joe should challenge Coronavirus to a push up contest, or call it a “Lying, dog-faced pony soldier”. That’ll do it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Assessing Biden

Yesterday, we assessed Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and looked at what he did in the US Senate, (as well as one bill he introduced in the House of Representatives). It wasn’t much…a couple of namings of post office buildings and a COLA increase for Veterans. Other than that, his time in politics has been pretty much a thumb twiddle.

Today we look at Joe Biden. Biden has had an incredibly large role in history as compared to his Democrat rival for the nomination. But has everything he has said on the campaign trail be accurate? The answer is probably not.

In fact, Nathan Robinson, writing in “Current Affairs”, a liberal publication by the way, said that you do NOT want to nominate Joe Biden for President. He was writing this for Democrats, and this is what he had to say: ” Joe Biden has shown himself to be fundamentally weak, unreliable, and dishonest. He gets taken advantage of by Republicans, and he seems more interested in making friends than advancing Democratic ideals. Biden, ultimately, is truly “just another politician”: a guy who will give you a warm smile and then sell you out behind closed doors, a person who will make terrible decisions and grubby deals and then cover them up with lies. He adopts a “middle class” image but sucks up to the rich and powerful, and has contempt for ordinary voters and their concerns. He’s a man with little integrity or moral character, whose choices in office have caused a lot of people a lot of harm. “


Now, I always thought that Biden was a little shaky when it came to morals and honesty. Remember his first run for the White House? He had to drop out after it was shown that he had plagiarized some of his speeches. And his family has had a history of scandals as well. His niece was charged with $100,000 theft of credit cards. She cut a deal and got off with no jail time, no probation. Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Navy for failing a cocaine drug test. He also divorced his wife, and then married his dead brother, Beau’s widow. What’s up with that?

As far as Joe himself…yes, he did indeed, as Bernie Sanders pointed out…tried to cut Social Security. Not once, but four times, and even bragged about it. He was also in charge of the $787 billion dollar bailout that was going to fix the economy in 2009. Remember that? It produced, as Bobo Obama said, “One shovel-ready job”.

And, Joe Biden over the years, as with most (not all) politicians in DC, has ingratiated himself with the big money guys. From bankers to credit card companies, to foreign deals, Biden is well-endowed with their favors. Simply put, he’s not as squeaky clean as he lets on. And yes, there is more to the Ukraine scandal that he and Hunter Biden were involved in than you and I know about. Congress has been stonewalling that investigation, just like they stonewalled the investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Overall, Joe Biden never did as much for the country as Vice President as he says he did. He has several cases where he’s trying to bury his record, and has out and out lied about them (like the Social Security and Medicare cuts he swears he didn’t do). In short, and this will come out in the campaign this fall, he’s not to be trusted!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Coronavirus Causes Us To Postpone The ELECTION?

Want to see the video? Simply click the link: https://youtu.be/oWe-NV9Pc3I

Well…not so fast. Yes, it’s true that the COVID-19 has caused the state of Louisiana to postpone their primary from today to later on in the cycle. But remember that there is a drop dead date as to when all states have to have their primaries and caucuses done, and another date for all of the delegates to be selected. That is set by the DNC.

Of course, the states themselves set the primary date or the caucus date. And the states are the ones that can hold or cancel the primary. In Louisiana, the Republican Attorney General asked the Democrat Governor to postpone the primary, and the Governor agreed. But it’s not that easy when it comes to the actual election in November.

First of all, it would take an act of Congress to get it done. That means that both Republicans and Democrats would have to agree that the election be postponed. So, let me ask you the question: What do you think the odds are that the Democrats would want to drag out the Trump presidency past election day? And, truth be told, it wouldn’t (and couldn’t) be dragged out past January 20, 2021. And Congress would have to swear in a new Congressional Term on January 3, 2021. Those dates are set in the Constitution.

Congress COULD decide to postpone the election a couple of weeks, or even a month, but the dates that Congress and the President that wins the election are sworn in are set in stone. It would take a constitutional amendment to change that…and while that was done back in 1937, moving the swearing in date from March to January, I doubt they are going to be able to move it (or the Dems are going to want to move it).

The thing we have to remember about the Coronavirus, as much as I hate to say it, is that we are going to have to realize that life is going to slow down for a while, and things are going to change. My wife and I went to Costco this past weekend. We didn’t actually NEED to go…we were running low on a couple of things, but yes, Virginia, we had enough toilet paper. There was a line to get into the building that wrapped around the parking lot! It took 20 minutes to actually get into the warehouse! Then it was a slow slog through the store. And the line for paper products (there was no TP, but they had limited paper towels and tons of bottled water) went from the cash registers in the front all the way to the back wall. And the funny thing is, Coronavirus is a respiratory disease. You aren’t going to get diarrhea from it. So why the run on toilet paper?

Dr. David Fauci can explain where we are better than I can. He says that most places see a spike and then it dies down…we’re not quite at the spike stage yet, though the deaths in this country did double from Sunday night to Monday morning. But he’s trying to mitigate the spike by lessening the severity of it to make it more of a mole hill rather than a mountain.

As far as the election goes, it’s still on. And according to the Sunday night debate, Bernie Sanders is well aware, he’s not going to be the nominee. It’s going to be Biden against Trump.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Steps In It (Again)

You almost (I said ALMOST) have to feel sorry for Joe Biden. He’s run for president a total of three times now. This time has been the most successful, but it’s not been an easy ride for the former Senator from Delaware and Vice President under Bobo Obama.

Think back if you will. Back in 1988 was Joe’s first foray into national politics. He got into the race in June of 1987, and was gone three months later in September. The reason? He was hit with plagiarism charges, and said his past mistakes were too great to continue. The party ended up choosing one of the worst all-time candidates in Michael “I can drive a tank” Dukakis. He ended up getting shellacked by George HW Bush.

Then in 2008, Joe decided to run again. This time he made it to the first voting! He finished fifth in Iowa, and bowed out the day after. Bobo Obama became the candidate and selected Joe as his running mate.

Well, this time around hasn’t been any easier for Joe. He’s been mocked as being too “sleepy”. He’s had gaffes at every turn. His mental capacity and condition have been questioned, and his campaign until South Carolina was called dead in the water. Since then, the Democrats realized that they’d rather have someone like Biden run against Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders, who seems to be a Democrat only when he wants to run for president. No one really likes him in the Democrat hierarchy. And the DNC will do anything to obviously make sure he doesn’t get the nomination. Just look at the lengths Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz went to when Hillary was running, and what Tom Perez has done this time around, getting Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Michael Bloomberg all to drop out.

Ah, you would think that with the nomination in hand, or close to it, Biden would be happy and things would be smooth sailing? Not so fast! He had to cancel several campaign events due to the Coronavirus, so he decided to hold a “virtual town hall” in Illinois this past week. It didn’t go well. There were snafu’s all over the place. And the town hall which was supposed to go an hour, lasted all of five minutes. Joe took one call, and basically rambled on for about three minutes with the answer (about paying people in the Amazon rain forest $20 billion to stop clearing it), before apologizing to everyone for the “bad connections”, and the rest of the town hall went dark.

Biden’s campaign has been a joke. And as he and Bernie Sanders (and don’t forget Tulsi Gabbard who’s still in this thing!) get set for another round of primaries on Tuesday, they are all wondering how this will play out with nobody being able to travel around the country and stump.

In the end, does it really matter who runs against Donald Trump? Joe is certainly the safer choice, and may be able to get a few of the “suburban, white, educated women” back on board that went to Trump four years ago. But overall, neither Biden or Sanders has full command of the Democrat party. They are going to have to cut in to a mountain of independents that went for Trump last time out. I doubt at this point in time that’s going to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!