Is Lindsey Graham Screwing The Pooch?

In case you missed it this past week, on Tuesday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham introduced an abortion bill that would ban abortions after 15 weeks except for instances of rape, incest, and saving the life of the mother if she is in danger from a physical condition.

In short, Lindsey Graham is rubbing salt into an already gaping wound.

Graham did manage to get Joe Manchin on board by giving him the “exceptions” rule, but it seems to me that the last thing Republicans would want to do is take the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which already has ignited some of the Democrat base, and make it worse.

The GOP has traditionally been pro-life, which is fine, but they’ve also believed in states’ rights, which is what Dobbs did. It didn’t outlaw abortion, it only sent it back to the states to decide the issue because the Constitution says that if the federal government isn’t given express authority to do something, or if the states are expressly prohibited from doing something, the states have the right to rule on it. That’s what the whole abortion thing was about in Dobbs v. Jackson.

Graham didn’t need to introduce a law, because it flies in the face of the Supreme Court ruling, much like “codifying” abortion like what the Dems want to do. Both are futile efforts to take something that doesn’t belong at the federal level, and shoe-horn it into federal law. Neither would be constitutional.

And why someone that is typically as smart as Graham, would be so addle-minded as to hand over yet another campaign issue to the Democrats during a midterm season that should be a giant red wave is undeniably stupid.

What’s amazing here, is that the bill has no chance of getting through the US Senate, much less the House. First of all, both houses of Congress have so much on their plate that needs to be done this fall that it’s insane to think they have the time and the inclination to tackle something that’s already been decided by the Supreme Court. Why not spend the time on issues that they CAN make a difference on. What about doing something about energy production? What about tackling the immigration reform issue and solving the crisis at the southern border? This is just crazy that Congress is so out of touch with the American people and their needs that they don’t even have a clue what bills to introduce!

Sorry, Lindsey, if that’s the best you can do, you need to retire and have South Carolina elect somebody more like Tim Scott than you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Democrats are scurrying. Not the rank and file Dems that are your neighbors. I’m talking about the do-nothing Democrats (when they do something, it’s usually the wrong thing!) in Congress. Realizing they are less than two months away from midterm elections that still don’t bode well for their party, Democrats in the House and Senate are trying desperately to do SOMETHING before November 8th.

But it ain’t gonna be easy.

See, in order to get Joe Manchin on his side for the big trillion dollar budget busting spending bill Congress passed (I think they called it “Inflation Reduction”?) Chuckles Schumer had to agree to a side deal. That was that the fossil fuel industry was going to get some sweetheart deals going forward. Of course, that is included as part of the federal budget bill that has yet to pass Congress. But that throws a wrinkle into the whole process because people like Lizzy Warren and Bernie Sanders are totally against the deal. Worse yet, there are 70 Democrats in the House that say they won’t vote for the budget if Manchin’s deal is included. They don’t have a 70 vote margin! It won’t even pass the House!

So, what happens if Manchin gets screwed and the federal budget doesn’t pass because they don’t have 50 Democrats to vote for it (without Sanders and Warren)? Does Manchin get fed up and join the Republicans (which would give them a majority and totally throw the last month into chaos)? It would be interesting.

But Democrats can’t afford to be blamed for a government shutdown at the end of this month. That would put the brakes on any “wins” they think they’ve had this past summer.

That is the most pressing issue Dems face leading up to the midterms, but they want more. They want a “Defense of Marriage” act that basically codifies what has already been passed as a federal law. Interestingly enough, Congress is worried because of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling by the Supreme Court that ended the federal law with abortion rights. The reasoning here is that it’s a states-rights issue and that states can decide whether or not same sex marriage is legal in their state. But the difference is huge. One is a procedure. The other is a “binding contract” between two parties. I don’t know how you could be recognized in California as a married couple, but not in Ohio (which is the case). A lot of states don’t recognize same sex marriage today, some even have it in their state’s constitution that it’s banned!

The House is still considering a “robust public safety package”. It’s basically a walk-back of the Democrats’ “defund the police” movement. It was supposed to go for a vote in July, but Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the votes (and still doesn’t).

Then there is the ubiquitous assault weapons ban that keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Doubtful that will even come up before the midterms.

Dems are hoping that they can do something besides pass a federal budget bill before the midterms. However that could very well be too little too late. Most people seem to already have made up their minds. Only the independents are making up theirs now, and that’s what causing the races around the country to be tightening. The big question is, will it be enough?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Manchin’s Big Got

Joe Manchin caved on the one-third of a trillion dollar spending spree that the Democrats got earlier this month. It took literally months of negotiations between Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer and Manchin to reach the deal. And so, you have to ask yourself, what did Manchin get for caving? :Politicians don’t just change positions overnight. They usually get something either right then and there, or up the road in exchange for their vote.

Manchin got something up the road.

Joe Manchin got the president and the leaders in the House and Senate to agree that they would pass a bill by October 1st, and Biden would sign it into law by then, that eased environmental reviews on fossil fuel drilling. Manchin got something for his West Virginia coal miners, except he never said anything about it.

Well, it’s out there now. And it has a lot of Democrats upset.

Arizona Representative, Raul Grijalva has sent a letter to his colleagues stating that the part of the budget bill that talks about easing environmental review should be stripped out of the House version, and discussed individually so as to get “accountability” from everyone. But that’s not the deal Pelosi signed on to. She said that this would pass her House by the end of the fiscal year. And the only major piece of legislation that Congress has to deal with between now and the end of September is the budget for fiscal 2023. That’s where Manchin’s payback is located.

So, will Grijalva and his minions thwart the budget and shut down the government? Highly doubtful. He has been in Congress almost 20 years. He understands what it means to be the ones shutting down the federal government less than two months from a midterm election. But if Democrats don’t go along with the budget bill as written, it doesn’t pass. If it strips out Manchin’s “get” for caving on the Inflation Reduction Act, you stand the chance of Manchin never voting with Democrats again, which could very well squash anything getting through the Senate.

Grijalva’s office refuses to confirm how many representatives are backing his proposal to strip out the Manchin deal. But if more than 5 more climb on board (and there are at least five members of the Whackjob Five, AOC’s group), then the budget bill doesn’t pass. And they don’t have much time to do it. The Senate gets back to work on September 6th, and the House reconvenes on the 13th. That’s not a lot of time for Congress to do anything.

At least we know Joe Manchin isn’t slipping. If you’re going to sell out your values and your ethics, you need to make sure you get SOMETHING! Right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems’ Used “Marketing Ploy” To Pass Inflation Reduction Act

Well, you knew that, right? I mean, everyone with a sixth grade education prior to Critical Race Theory being taught in schools had to know that there wasn’t much if anything in the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act that was actually going to reduce inflation.

Joe Manchin now actually agrees with that.

Manchin said, “Why would it? Well, immediately it’s not… we’ve never [said] anything would happen immediately, like turn the switch on and off. We’re fighting like the dickens. You got to produce yourself out of this… if you think that you’re going to wait on the Federal Reserve to raise rates, discourage you from buying anything (and) that’s going to take care of our inflation, that’s not how you take care of inflation.”

Actually, Joe’s got it wrong. How you take care of inflation, especially inflation which has been caused by an over-zealous Democrat party spending WAY too much money is, you stop spending money. Duh!

And that brings me to my point today. What has rankled me for years is the Democrats’ use of titling their bills. They come up with a huge spending bill that is going to raise taxes on pretty much every individual in the country, and then call it something like “National Tax Reduction Act”. There needs to be something illegal about that. If that were a television ad it would be pulled for being bait and switch, and the advertiser would be hauled into court.

What Congress needs to do in this particular sense is to pass a bill that says whatever you name a bill has to be the absolute focus on the bill. There can’t be any redefining words, or taking a wild spin to get the name of the bill through. Take Obamacare. It’s officially called the “Affordable Healthcare Act”. But it’s not affordable. It’s cost Americans some $146 billion extra in healthcare cost subsidies dished out by the federal government since it’s inception, and that figure is only going to go up.

Why not call a tax increase a tax increase? Because Democrats know that if they did that, they’d be besieged by telephone calls and emails from their constituents and they’d probably lose their reelection bid the next time it came around. Instead, they use what the media has termed “marketing ploys” to describe and title their bill.

All the GOP has to do next year when they take over is pass a bill that states that a law must be titled what it’s about. If it fails to do what the title is, in some reasonable amount of time (say a year?), then the bill will sunset and be done, along with any provisions in the bill. That way, if the Democrats want to call a massive spending bill a “Save Our Children Bill” if it’s not spent on saving children, but on climate change, it sunsets after a year and isn’t allowed back.

It’s time Washington starts being honest with Americans. So far, Pinocchio’s nose is getting long enough to reach the Grand Canyon.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Manchin Kills Dems’ Plans

Joe Manchin is probably the most powerful Democrat on the face of the earth. He has single handedly killed off the Democrats’ plan to give Joe Biden a “green victory” before the midterm elections. And he did it in grand style.

Manchin announced the other day that he is not going to support the bill that Majority Leader, Chuckles Schumer has been working on for months. That not only included extended out the subsidies for Obamacare for two more years, and lower subscription drug prices for Medicare and Medicaid recipients (at the cost of not being able to actually get the drugs at any price). But Manchin said with a 9.1% inflation rate, the worst since Jimmy Carter, the country could not afford all of the energy and green new deal garbage that was strewn throughout the bill.

Thus the bill is technically dead as it stands.

Previously, Manchin’s refusal to back the bill meant that the paid family leave portion would be off the table. Citing the fact that people are struggling to pay for gasoline and food, Manchin’s position destroys any hopes of getting the whole package through Congress this term. The bill would have been introduced in the Senate as a “reconciliation bill” meaning it would only need 51 votes to pass, not the 60 votes most non-budget bills require. Without Manchin on board, the whole thing falls apart. Manchin killed a similar bill last December with help from Kyrstin Sinema (D-AZ) who also objected to the size of the bill. Sinema has stayed mum on the current negotiations.

So, unless the Democrats have a magic rabbit they can pull out of the hat between now and November, it is going to be obvious that Biden isn’t going to be able to do much, if anything at all, to tackle his Climate Change hoax. That’s good news for the country for one very simple reason.

The country has spent so much money on stimulus checks from COVID, and the extra $1.6 trillion infrastructure bill, which by the way, isn’t being used all that much for infrastructure in the first place, that inflation has soared to almost historic highs. The economy is in recession, and there are no plans coming from the White House how to fix any of it.

Currently, the president is in Saudi Arabia with his hat in his hand trying to get the Saudis, who wouldn’t even take a phone call from him earlier this year, to pump more oil. The response he is most assuredly going to get is that the US has all the oil it needs…pump it yourselves!

And in the meantime, Joe Manchin has reassured that he is going to be the Senator from West Virginia for as long as he wants!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is “Build Back Better” Dead?

Nope. Not in the least. At least that’s the way several Democrats in the Senate are playing it today. You’ll remember that back in December, Joe Manchin (D-WV) was the one that killed the $2 trillion tax and spend bill that would have brought glee to most Dems. Not so with Manchin. And with a 50/50 split in the Senate, even if they called this a “reconciliation” bill, they couldn’t pass it on their own without Manchin.

There have been talks between Manchin and Senate Majority Leader, Chuckles Schumer (D-NY) to try and find some common ground that would and could pass the Senate. The two met at length this past Tuesday, and this is reportedly what came out of the meeting.

Manchin said he would be voting FOR a new Build Back Better plan if it did two things. First it had to control inflation, which is running as high as it has in the last 40 years. Second, it has to bring down the federal deficit. Manchin, sounding more like a Republican than a Democrat here, said that he would indeed be willing to increase the corporate tax levels to 25% (it’s currently 21%), and would raise the capital gains tax to 28% (currently 20%). He also wants to see the loopholes closed so “that everyone pays their fair share in taxes”.

Now comes the kicker that might kill any chance of it passing. Manchin said that if all of that was done, half of the revenue would have to go toward deficit reduction and couldn’t be used to spend on new social programs like Green New Deal. That will most likely be the sticking point.

I don’t think that anyone in the Democrat party is going to be upset with a tax increase on either corporations or capital gains. And certainly not one that closes loopholes. What they will go absolute bat-crazy about is the half of revenue generated will be going to offsetting the deficit. Democrats don’t seem to think that a deficit is that important of a deal. Oh, they screamed a little bit about it when Donald Trump was president, but that was only because it was Trump in the White House spending the money. Had it been Bobo Obama, or Joe Biden, they would have gleefully approved the spending.

If Manchin sticks to his guns on this one, I can’t see any real compromise that gets the likes of a Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to jump on board. They interviewed Dick Durbin (D-IL) about the meeting, and while most Dems are tight lipped about what went on, or just plain don’t know, Durbin said he was the “most skeptical” that a deal could be reached. What is most telling is the fact that Republicans are opposed to any corporate or capital gains tax increase, and joining them on the “no” side is Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. That means that without a Republican joining the Dems, even Manchin’s best wishes won’t come to fruition!

Remember, if the Democrats lose one seat to Republicans in the midterm elections, they lose the chance to pass any of this stuff come next year. That’s why I think you’re going to see a major push over the summer and early fall (a rarity during a campaign year) to pass as much of Biden’s programs as they possibly can. They know the handwriting on the wall and can see that their chances of getting anything else done between now and next January is the only way that happens.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Title 42 Mess

Oh, it was supposed to be a great victory for Democrats. They were once and for all going to put an end to Donld Trump’s legacy achievements by getting rid of his Title 42 decision along the southern border. The CDC had come out with the idea that May 23rd would be the day they lift it.

Now, in case you’re not familiar with what Title 42 is all about, it is supposed to be a public health order that stops immigrants from gaining entry to the United States during a health crisis, such as the COVID pandemic. Trump initiated it in March, 2020 as a way to close the southern border.

However, it has never been seen by either side really, as a public health issue. It has been seen as more or less a stopgap to the fact Congress doesn’t have the cajones to fix the broken immigration system. Republicans hailed it as a monument to Trump. Democrats saw it as a racist attempt to bar those seeking a better life from entering the country. But it continued until the CDC announced that it would end on May 23rd.

And that’s when the screams started again. This time, Republicans were totally against the Biden administration lifting the ban, which really hasn’t been followed at all since Biden took office. Democrats slowly, but surely have clamored on board fearing that with immigration still at top four issue, especially in border states, that they could lose big in those states if Title 42 were dropped.

Now, according to the latest vote whipping, nine Democrat Senators have come out against dropping Title 42, at least until after the election. Their reasoning has nothing to do with public health concerns. It has to do with reelection and holding on to the US Senate. They fear that if border states and some others decide that the issue at the border is a viable campaign issue, and Biden decides to do away with Title 42, they are admitting they want to flood the country with illegals. That would be bad and they not only would lose the House (which by all accounts Democrats have already given up on), but they’d lose the Senate as well. That would in essence make Joe Biden a lame duck president two years into his term.

But what puts Biden in a quandary is that he is going to alienate one side of his party or the other. And he can’t afford to lose either side at the moment. The uber-socialist side like Warren and Sanders want to see Title 42 done away with immediately. Waiting until May 23rd is just being weak in their eyes. Meanwhile you’ve got people like Joe Manchin (D-WV), Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) that are in favor of closing the borders to the illegals, not because they don’t want their votes up the road if and when they become citizens, but because their constituents are about 85% in favor of stopping the flood of illegals into this country. It’s even worse in Texas.

So, now there is mumblings in the White House that maybe, just maybe, Biden may be willing to hold off on stopping Title 42 at least until the end of the year, “because we aren’t sure COVID won’t be coming back”. Uh, sure. It has nothing to do with politics, I’m positive, right?

Either way, Biden is once again, going to be on a losing end of an issue with his own party. And that is the most fun to watch! Republicans are just sitting by counting the days until November 8th!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does Ketanji Brown Jackson Deserve A Supreme Court Appointment?

Now, this is going to upset some of you. I get that. But if you look at the whole nomination process of a Supreme Court Justice, you need to realize something. According to the Constitution, which is really the only thing that matters in cases like this, the President of the United States, as part of his duties gets to nominate whomever he feels is appropriate for the Supreme Court. And the United States Senate, with it’s supposed deliberative character, is supposed to vet that choice with “consent”. That has come to mean holding hearings, and holding a vote on the President’s choice.

And just as Democrats screamed bloody murder with Donald Trump’s three appointments to the high court, with Neil Gorsuch being confirmed after a struggle, Brett Kavanaugh having to face all sorts of sexual abuse charges that were totally false, and Amy Coney Barrett that the Dems said shouldn’t have been appointed at all, because it was just a couple of months away from a presidential election, Republicans are kinda/sorta doing the same thing with Jackson.

And they are no more correct for doing it than the Democrats were for opposing Trump’s nominees.

Look, I think Ketanji Brown Jackson is not a good choice. She’s far too liberal. She believes in things that I have no idea where they came from, but it certainly wasn’t the Constitution. And she is going to try and spread that liberal gobledegook to the rest of the court. But does that mean she’s not qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice? No.

I would much rather have seen someone more moderate get appointed to the high court bench. And I’m sure Democrats would have loved to have seen Jackson get nominated in place of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But that’s not their choice. And it’s not my choice, or Republicans’ choice with Jackson. It’s Joe Biden’s choice. And as addle-minded and fraught with ineptitude as the man is, he is the president, and he does get to name someone.

I said early on in this battle that it doesn’t really matter what the Republicans say or do in this matter as long as people like Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin go along with it, and K-baby Harris is there to break the tie, it will most likely happen. And while Jackson didn’t score any points with me during her confirmation hearings, she didn’t necessarily give the Senate a reason not to vote for her either. Ideology aside, she didn’t come across as a law breaker, a felon, or a rapist. No, I don’t like her stances on several issues, but again, not my fight…and not the Republicans fight.

If the GOP Senators want to vote against her, that is certainly their prerogative. But it’s still Biden’s choice. And to do to her, what the Democrats did to Robert Bork back in the day, knocking an extremely intelligent jurist from the high court simply because of ideology is totally wrong.

The thing that is at the very least comforting is, Jackson will be replacing an almost equally liberal Justice. At least it’s not like Barrett replacing RBG!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How To Deal With Inflation

There are several ways to deal with inflation. It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to figure that one out. But the Democrats are not having a great time getting on board with it.

Now, you remember back about eight or nine months ago, we were told by those in power that the inflation we were witnessing was “transitory”. It was a fluke. Nothing to look at here! But something really strange happened. It kept going. It kept rising. It went from 1.5% from January 20, 2021 when Biden took office, to over 5%. Then it went to 6%. And then the narrative changed. No longer was it transitory. It was something that “we can all live with”. After all, “a little inflation is good!” Then it went to 7% by the end of the year and now it’s near 8%.

Now, you’re not hearing how it’s a good thing. You’re hearing how it’s Putin’s fault. See, even though the inflation rate went from 1.5% to 7.5% before Russia invaded Ukraine, it became Vlad’s fault. And Democrats have heard the message loud and clear that they better do something before November or they will pay mightily at the polls.

And so, Chuckles Schumer in the Senate has come up with an idea. The oil and gas industry has posted windfall profits. And Schumer thinks that $45 billion of the money made legally by oil and gas companies should be taxed and an incredible rate, and that money rebated back to consumers who are aching over paying $6 for a gallon of gas.

The problem is, Schumer isn’t close to getting the votes he needs to get this passed. He needs all 50 Democrats on board, and he’s got three stragglers. Joe Manchin (D-WV) who chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee wants to first hold hearings and hear what the oil and gas people have to say about it. Tom Carper (D-DE), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) have also not taken a position either way on the idea, which signals that they need convincing.

The other problem Schumer is having is that this bill isn’t going to qualify as a budget reconciliation project, so it can’t pass with a 50/50 vote and K-baby Harris breaking the tie. He will need 10 Republicans to jump on board. However, according to Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) that isn’t going to happen. Murkowski has said that there isn’t one Republican she’s talked to that will vote for this idea.

So, Democrats are in a quandary. They don’t want to stop printing money, because that means they have to stop spending money. And if they don’t stop spending money, they don’t lower the inflation rate. If they lower the inflation rate, the country is happier with them, but they can’t do what they love more than life itself…tax people and things so they can spend more money.

And the Republicans are happy to sit on the sideline and let the Democrats fall apart on this one. Get the popcorn out…it’s going to be a comedy up there with the likes of Seinfeld!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Short On Fact, Heavy On Promises

So, one of the questions the pollsters should be asking this morning is “Did you actually WATCH the State of the Union last night?” My answer would be no. I had other things to do, and frankly watching Joe Biden really does turn my stomach. But here’s what I gathered this early morning…

Biden was short on any apology that HE was the one that created the problem on the southern border. He was short on apology that HE was the one that has caused high inflation. He was short on apology that HE was a major cause of the supply chain crisis. He never addressed the fact he was one of if not the least liked presidents in American history, and is always at the bottom as far as job performance is concerned.

What Biden did do in abundance is promise everything. He promised that we are going to be through with COVID. He promised that he would hit inflation very hard (is he going to stop printing money?). He promised that he was going to put Vladimir Putin in his place. He also vowed that he was going to do something about immigration.

What was one of the interesting things to see was that there were an exceptionally large availability of seats on the floor of the House. Members of both the House and Senate must have reserved Tuesday night to wash their cats’ hair or some such nonsense because there was probably 15-20% of the crowd in absence. The other thing that I thought was very interesting was the Joe Manchin, the maverick Democrat Senator from West Virginia, was sitting with the Republicans. Was there any reason for that? There were plenty of seats, even on the Democrat side with people missing.

Over all, I haven’t heard anyone say that it was “the speech of Biden’s life”, and I doubt it was. Promises from Joe Biden, as we all have learned, are pretty meaningless. The real truth is what gets done. So, let’s wait and see what he actually does. But my hunch is that he’ll probably just add to the other stuff he’s sluffed off on K-baby Harris. And that means, it wasn’t a very strong promise in the first place. And I guess to say that this was a “reboot” or a “reset” to the Biden presidency would also be something that isn’t going to be said a lot. That would mean that Biden isn’t going to screw up any longer.

I wouldn’t say that it was a great State of the Union. And if you had anything that needed to get done like clipping your toe nails, or drying the dishes, you probably made the right call!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!