The Cusack Two-Step

I’ve never been one to believe that most people in Hollywood, California had much interesting to say about politics. Oh, I’ve been to political rallies, and been surprised when people like Jon Voight, or Bruce Willis showed up to introduce a president or a presidential candidate (obviously a conservative one!). And I really don’t pay any attention to award shows anymore because they’ve become a political rant. If I wanted to watch political rants, I’d watch more cable news channels.

So, when the actor, John Cusack…the guy that brought us that epic, Hot Tub Time Machine, and it’s sequel, introduced Bernie Sanders the other day. Here’s what he had to say:

“We know this form of capitalism takes and takes….it takes whatever, whenever, however it wants. It’ll take our lives, it’ll take our labor, our spirit, our air and water, even our earth. And Bernie respects us enough to tell the truth. The hard truth. We have a 10 to 12 year window to radically transform our energy systems or climate change, predatory capitalism, and endless war economies will rob us of the right of any future at all. And as we can see everyday, the house is literally on fire.”

Well, let’s parse this, shall we. First of all, capitalism doesn’t just take. It gives. If Cusack had a brain in his head, he’d understand that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have an economy that allowed people to go to the movies to watch this lame brain. It gives us jobs, it gives us a way of life. It just happens to be the most perfect form of life on the planet, and John Cusack and Bernie Sanders haven’t come up with anything better.

Capitalism doesn’t take our labor, or our lives, or our spirit, or our air, water or earth. It is the reason we have it. Now…about this “10 to 12 year window”. How often is the American public going to fall for this. Back in the 1980’s we were told we only had 10 years to live, right? What happened to the seas swelling and drowning New York and Miami and Los Angeles? What happened to polar bears floating on icebergs past Jamaica? Like I’ve said hundreds of times, the earth knows how to take care of itself…and we couldn’t destroy it even if we wanted to. We can destroy ourselves, but the earth shall survive!

As far as climate change, yes… there is climate change. It’s what defines “climate”. But we don’t have as great of an impact as these numb-nuts eco-terrorists would like to have you believe. As I’ve proven in past blogs, we are coming out of 10,000 year cooling cycle. And what happens when you come out of a cooling cycle? You warm up! And none of these eco-idiots have been able to answer my one question on this topic. If man is so responsible for this warming trend, tell me how the ice age ended…BEFORE man was around polluting the air by taking Jimmy to soccer practice and Jenny to dance class in our SUV’s? No one has ever been able to answer that!

America needs to start doing one thing. Let’s leave the actors to playing parts of fictional characters in Hollywood. It is an art, and they should be commended for it. That doesn’t mean they have any experience or right to tell us what to do regarding our lives any more than I, as a former radio host, have a right to tell you what radio stations you need to listen to. It’s time America wakes up to their buffoonery!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!