Remember The Border Crisis?

Oh, you probably forgot, right? I mean, summer is over, the football season has started, the Delta variant is taking hold and reaching it’s peak across most of the country, Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches, the Afghanistan withdrawal went totally wrong, as did the latest Biden ordered drone strike in that country. It’s not a wonder at all that we’ve forgotten about thousands of illegals streaming across the border thanks to Joe Biden’s welcome mat that has been laid out.

But they continue to come.

In fact, the Border Patrol has said that this year is a 21 year high for illegal crossings into our country. They don’t have a clue where to put all of the people, and in Del Rio, Texas, under the Del Rio International Bridge, thousands of illegal migrants have set up camp, hoping that Border Patrol agents can come, process them and then set them free to be relocated somewhere in the US until they can have the court date that they won’t show up for.

Last Friday, there were 11,000 such crossings of the Rio Grande river, which is easy to cross right now because of low water. Illegals are just walking across the river and into the United States from Mexico.

So, the border crisis continues. The “point person” in charge, K-baby Harris hasn’t done a damn thing since she went to Mexico and Guatemala to talk to them about how they needed to deal with this. That trip was ruled an unmitigated disaster. And then of course, there was her trip to the southern border itself in El Paso, Texas, a community which has seen some of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in recent years thanks entirely to the Trump border wall that’s been constructed there.

But it never reached Del Rio.

And so, the illegals choose to scoot around the border wall, and follow the path of least resistance. And Border Patrol agents, already stretched to the breaking point, have to leave some areas open, just because they don’t have enough manpower, and Biden isn’t helping any in that department. So, they go ahead and stream across the border into that small Texas town of 34,700 legal residents. Imagine that. In one day, about 33% of the town’s population came across the river and settled under a bridge.

Yes, the border crisis continues. And it seems that K-baby Harris is on to other stuff, maybe redecorating her mansion at Number One, Naval Observatory Circle. That’s what’s been taking up a good deal of time so far. Well, that and helping Gavin Newsome stay in office.

My big question is, whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s decision not to offer a stay to the lower court’s decision that the Trump era policy of “Stay In Mexico” continue? Should not these illegals be processed and shipped back across the border to await their trial date?

Unless and until Joe Biden starts taking the problems at the southern border seriously, he’s no president. He’s a traitor that is allowing all sorts of people, terrorists, and people he isn’t testing for COVID into this country at will. He not only needs to be removed from office, he needs to be incarcerated along with Mark Milley for the rest of their lives as traitors.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Trump The Answer?

I think every American outside the Beltway realizes that Joe Biden can’t do what he said he’d be able to do in the campaign. He has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together. His “plan” for fixing the COVID mess was abandoned within days of inauguration. And he’s exacerbated the situation on the southern border by basically inviting illegals to come marching through customs unabated. He’s also made an abortion of the withdrawal in Afghanistan and stranded hundreds of Americans still there. Their only hope of survival rests on the former military and conservative media types that are using private funds to attempt to get them out.

But there is one over-riding question that seems to haunt me.

Is Donald Trump the answer to the mess that’s going on?

I’m not so sure, and a new poll out by CNN, no fan of Trump, it needs to be mentioned, sort of agrees with that. Basically, the poll says that 63% of Republicans feel that Trump should be the head of the Republican party. Now, what’s surprising is that the number is only 63%. Usually when a party’s president loses re-election, he remains that party’s titular head until someone comes up and takes over that mantle, usually by winning the presidency or at the very least becoming that party’s nominee. What’s interesting here is that number is down from about 80% only a few months ago.

What’s even more interesting was another question in the same poll. When asked if Republicans’ chances were better with Donald Trump as the candidate, only 51% said yes. That’s down from 79% that said yes in March of 2019, at the height of his popularity.

This tells me that there are a lot of Republican voters that may have to do what a lot of us did this past election…vote for Trump if he’s the nominee while holding their nose. There is no doubt in pretty much everyone’s mind that Trump was the better of the two candidates now, even though Joe Biden looked and acted more presidential to a point (gaffes not included). But it’s only taken about eight and a half months for the rest of the country to realize that Biden is nothing but a clown and is not capable of serving out his term. Republicans seemed to know that back in November of last year, but Democrats, eager to get rid of Trump, and Independents who bought into Biden’s fake promises, didn’t.

Another telling problem for Democrats is that 20% of Biden voters now regret voting for him and wish they could have voted for someone else (not necessarily Trump). That would have meant that one in five voters for Biden, some 16.2 million of them in all, regret voting for him. So the 81 million votes he got really would come in closer to 65 million today. And that would have certainly been enough to change the outcome of the election (Trump ended up with 74.1 million votes).

If Trump is indeed going to run in 2024, and he hinted at it during the 9/11 memorials he attended, he has some fence-mending to do. He can’t come at the public like he did in 2016 and 2020 and just start calling Biden names. He needs to be more presidential, something that if he would have taken that advice last year, he’d still be in the White House. But dropping 28% as far as favorability with his own party is not a good thing. It’s going to be a tough slog, especially since there will most assuredly be a million Republicans out there that think they can beat either Joe Biden if he runs again, or certainly K-baby Harris. In fact, probably you or I could also fit into that number!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Calls To Impeach Biden Are Wrong

I know, I know. Nobody, not even Democrats like the fact Joe Biden is our President. Independents are bailing on the Commander-In-Chief quickly, and Republicans have never liked the guy. He’s lost all credibility to lead a nation both domestically through failed fiscal and social policies, and internationally by turning his back on our friends and allies with the abortion known as the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The cries have come rather early from the right to have Joe Biden resign or be impeached. They want K-baby Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment, which believe me, she’d LOVE to do. I don’t think she could get the majority of the Cabinet to go along with that just yet. And I don’t think it would be the best thing for the country at this point either. We know both devils in charge, and neither is all that great. If you’re going to get rid of Biden you first have to get rid of Harris and replace her with someone that is capable of handling the job.

But the calls to impeach Biden are misplaced. Just as the calls to impeach Trump (both times) were misplaced, and the calls to impeach Bill Clinton were misplaced.

Here’s why.

It makes no sense to impeach a sitting president unless you have the muscle in Congress to do something about it. That was the historical travesty in the last three impeachments we’ve seen. There were never enough votes in the Senate to remove Bill Clinton, or Donald Trump from office. In Trump’s case, a few Republicans bailed on him and voted with the Democrats, more the second time around (I’m looking at you, Mitt Romney, and Lisa Murkowski!), as seven GOP Senators jumped ship (they needed 17 to convict). The first time around, Trump received 47 and 48 votes to convict on the two charges. And if you go back to Bill Clinton in 1999, he received 45 votes on perjury, and 50 votes on obstruction of justice.

If you were to impeach Joe Biden today, you’d have basically the same thing happening. The Senate is not going to remove a sitting president from office unless they’ve done something terribly wrong. I’m not saying Biden hasn’t risen to that standard yet, I’m saying there are 50 Democrats, and 50 Republicans. You need 17 Democrats to cross over. And if you know anything about Democrats, they are wonderful at circling the wagons…at least until it becomes obvious, as was the case in New York with Andrew Cuomo, or with former Minnesota Senator, Al Franken, that they are in deep doo doo. I doubt you’d get 17 Senators today to jump on board with removal of Biden. At least yet.

But, let’s say that next November the Republicans win an additional 10 seats. It’s a huge leap, but let’s say they do. They only need 7 Senators at that point to remove Biden. And you’ve still got Harris to deal with.

As much as I hate to say it, it is actually better for the Republicans to let Biden/Harris stay in office, make buffoons of themselves for four years to demonstrate what a crappy job America did in voting them in office in the first place, and then vote them out of office. There is less blood on your hands, and America will feel better realizing they’ve rectified a mistake. It’s very much like getting rid of Jimmy Carter and replacing him with Ronald Reagan. That proved to be the most successful presidency we’ve had in the last fifty years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

America To Biden: RESIGN NOW!

Rasmussen just released a national telephone poll that they conducted whereby they asked people how they felt about Joe Biden’s screw up in Afghanistan. The actual question, blunt as it is, was, “Do you think President Joe Biden should resign because of the way the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was handled?”

52% of respondents in the poll answered YES!

Only 39% said he should not resign, and 9% had no opinion on the matter.

That means that probably every single Republican in the country, most independent voters, and a good deal of Democrats all think that Biden should resign over his handling of the withdrawal.

There is a problem attached to that though… an even greater amount don’t think that K-baby Harris is qualified to replace him if that happens.

That is going to lead to what I would call a “Constitutional Crisis”. You have a very clear demarcation as to what the order of succession is in the event of a president stepping down, by resignation, by death, or by impeachment. The Vice President is next in line (obviously). Then comes Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Chuck Schumer as president-pro tem of the Senate would be fourth in line. Then comes the cabinet members starting with the Secretary of State, Treasury, and Defense. So, if there were to be a Biden resignation, or even impeachment over the Afghanistan withdrawal, you have to either accept the fact that someone more unqualified than Biden would be stepping into the Oval Office, or you would have to figure out how to get rid of her first.

There is no doubt in most Americans minds, even if they don’t believe that Biden should step down, that he screwed the pooch on this one. The approval number for Afghanistan is somewhere around 18%. That’s just embarrassing. And this is just the latest abortion in this administration. The communications department at the White House has been working non-stop since January 20th to cover for Biden’s mistakes and gaffes. This one, you can’t really cover because it is such a glaring error, it’s not going to go away any time soon.

Democrats in DC are very worried at this point that 14 months away from a mid-term election that will decide whether Biden has any teeth left in his head for the last two years of his term, could be an unmitigated disaster. Congress is already believing that the Republicans will most assuredly take over the House of Representatives, just on redistricting. And there is more and more worry that the Republicans could actually end up with 55 or 56 seats in the Senate. That’s not filibuster proof, but it’s darn close.

All of that was BEFORE Afghanistan. Now, there is worry that the midterms are hopelessly lost unless there is some sort of hail Mary, like another round of COVID that could allow Democrats to use mail-in balloting again like they did in 2020. If this is a normal election cycle, you could see the Republicans jump out to an incredible lead in Congress.

Democrats big problem now is who replaces Harris? Who replaces Biden? As I said many times during the primaries last year, the Democrat bench was so short with experience, and interest, they were bound to get someone that wasn’t going to do a good job. As it was you end up with a guy with 47 years of experience, that has been found guilty on several occasions of plagiarism, has been accused of being a sexual predator, and is a noted gaffe machine. Add to that members of his own party that say he has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision in the last half century, and you have a problem. And, you’ve got a vice president that ran for the top office, but had to drop out a month before the Iowa Caucus because her polling numbers were falling so fast, and Democrats even in her home state were abandoning her.

It’s a sad situation for this country, but one that Biden needs to step up and take responsibility for. He needs to stop blaming Donald Trump, and the Afghani army and leadership. This one is squarely on his shoulders. And K-baby Harris needs to do the right thing and realize she’s certainly not ready for Prime Time, and step down as well. But…if that happens, I certainly hope that they wait until January of 2023 for that to happen! We don’t need Nancy Pelosi sitting behind the Resolute Desk!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Myriad Of Topics Doom Dems’ Chances Next Year

There are plenty of reasons for Democrats to be worried about next year’s midterm elections. It seems that the “perfect storm of politics” is starting to hit them hard, and there doesn’t appear anything that they can do about it.

Most people vote with their wallets and pocketbooks, that’s been the long held belief. And if that is the case, the latest financial news isn’t very glowing for the left. It shows that while inflation is currently logged in at a 4.2% rate, far above the Fed’s target of 2%. It’s so bad that the White House just doubled that target to 4% for the year. Consumer confidence and consumer spending is on the wane. In June, consumers spent 1.1% less than they did the year earlier. And in July it was 0.3% less, signaling a slowing in demand.

As the prices increase, and the demand shrinks it means only one thing. There will come a tipping point where recession enters the discussion. How far off it is can be anybody’s guess. One thing that is interesting to note, there are 10 million jobs available out there right now, with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. That means basically that people are staying home because of the additional $300 per week boost the federal government is kicking in for their unemployment pay. It’s better for them in a lot of circumstances to stay o the couch than return to work, especially service work in restaurants and bars where the minimum wage is usually reduced because of the bulk of pay coming from tips. The problem for those folks is, Biden has already stated that he doesn’t want to extend that extra $300 past September. to do that is to slow the economy even more.

There are other issues out there as well that don’t bode well for Democrats.

First is the problem that they’ve got over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They have a president who is obviously in over his head and doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. You can look at the southern border crisis and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal as just two of the many examples of Joe Biden’s slippage over the past eight months. Then you’ve got K-baby Harris. She’s screwed up every job she’s been given by Biden so far, and has one of the worst approval ratings ever for a sitting Vice President. While there are several Republicans already calling for Biden to resign, be impeached, or face the 25th Amendment, there are Democrats everywhere crying that’s not what needs to happen. They know if Biden’s gone and Harris becomes president, it’s only going to get worse. You’ll have someone at the Resolute Desk that couldn’t even stay in the Democrat primary until 2020 began. That doesn’t look good.

Second, you’ve got Congress that is spending money like a drunken sailor, or at least trying to. In the House, Nancy Pelosi has all but sold the party out to the Whackjob Five group headed by AOC. She basically slapped down moderate Democrats who wanted to vote on the infrastructure bill before deciding on the budget. The Whackjob faction of the party is looking at that $3.5 trillion price tag and the wish list that is included in next year’s budget and are salivating to beat the band. And you’ve got infrastructure on the back burner until at least late September. And you’ve got Pelosi’s January 6th Committee trying to hold hearings that basically only liberal snowflakes care about.

Third, you’ve got a sitting Supreme Court Justice that is wondering if he should retire or not. The New York Times has interviewed Justice Stephen Breyer and he’s said that while he hasn’t made up his mind yet about retiring, he’s still putting the pieces of the puzzle together, he doesn’t want to end up like Antonin Scalia or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and die in office. He wants to retire at some point, he’s just not sure when. And one thing he surely doesn’t want is to be replaced by a conservative. Breyer was appointed back in 1994 by Bill Clinton and is one of only three liberals to sit on the high court, since Amy Coney Barrett replaced RBG after her death, marking an incredible turn to the right for the high court that will take years for the liberal snowflakes to undo.

With all of that going on, the Democrats see the writing on the wall. Both houses of Congress are very close indeed, and historically, the party that doesn’t have the White House ends up picking up seats in both sides. The Dems cannot afford to lose one seat in the Senate, and they only have a very slim majority. Democrats have 218 seats, Republicans 211, and there are six seats vacant. Redistricting is said to be giving the GOP five seats right off the bat, which means the GOP would have 216 to the Democrats 213, and there would be six open seats that would be filled next November. The chances of that going all Democrat (or five seats Democrat and one Republican) are slim and none.

Now, while I’m very happy to hear this news, I’m also cautious. As you know if you’ve followed politics at all, things in DC can turn on the dime, and Republicans have been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory many times in the past. They can do it again. We just have to be mindful!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Have You Noticed Biden’s Two Biggest Screw Ups Are Related?

Everyone knew Joe Biden was a gaffe machine before he even decided to run for president. And he didn’t disappoint during the campaign. From calling a voter in Iowa “Fats” and challenging him to pushups over the fact the guy didn’t like some of Biden’s positions, to getting into it with a auto worker in Detroit, to calling a woman in New Hampshire a “Dog Face Pony Soldier” (whatever that is!).

But since he’s been in the White House, Biden has made three absolute horrendous decisions that have come back to haunt him in his approval numbers. The first actually occurred during the Democrat Primary Debates when he said he’d welcome the illegal aliens (he called them something else) to America, and was all for giving them free healthcare. That of course, is what spurred on the whole mass migration that Donald Trump had all but stopped at the southern border.

The second big screw up also occurred during the campaign, though later. He repeatedly slammed Donald Trump for “not having a plan” to deal with COVID, saying “he doesn’t have a plan…I do”. Well, he didn’t. He had a 200 page outline of what he thought would work…and found out that 95% of that plan was what Trump and the folks at the CDC were already doing. The rest didn’t work. And it still doesn’t work. America thought Biden may know something Trump didn’t. It turns out, he didn’t even know what Trump knew. And here we are, almost a year later, people are still dying because Biden’s plan isn’t a plan at all.

The third big screw up was the whole plan to pre-announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on August 31st. Not realizing he had thousands of others in country that needed to leave as well, Americans and Afghan translators and helpers that were going to become targets of the Taliban as soon as the American presence was out of there, Biden stepped in it big time. It’s turned out to be one of the biggest foreign policy snafu’s in our country’s history, rivaling the Nuclear Deal with Iran that Bobo Obama got us into.

So, are the first and third screw ups related? I would contend that yes, they are. And here’s how.

In Afghanistan, you’re already seeing the Taliban releasing ISIS prisoners from jail. These are known killers and terrorists. Some of them are pretty bad dudes. And with them on the loose, they aren’t going to turn the other cheek toward America. It’s just going to be a matter of time before some of them make their way over here.

And what is an easier way into this country than to come in through the southern border? You can claim you’re from Guatemala or Panama, or Mexico and you are being persecuted in your own country. Then you are free to wreak havoc in the United States. Oh, it’s happened before, and you better believe that it will happen again. At the very least, we’ve got the Supreme Court refusing to issue a stay in the lawsuit seeking to reinstitute the Trump-era policy of keeping all those that are seeking asylum and entry into this country in Mexico until their court hearings. But when you have a sieve for a southern border, and thousands of people cross into our country illegally every month, it’s an open invitation for an Islamic terrorist to come to the US and get established.

And Joe Biden is the guy that’s allowing that to happen. Even Homeland Security Secretary, Allejandro Mayorkas has stated that the southern border is out of control and we don’t have the resources to stop the onslaught of people streaming across the border.

And so, when the next terrorist event to rival 9/11 occurs, make sure that you remember you heard it here first. Joe Biden is going to carry the blame on this one. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault. It’s not Kamala Harris’ fault. It’s not even Bobo Obama’s fault. This one sits squarely on the slumping shoulders of one Joseph Robinette Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It Just Keeps Getting Worse

I think Joe Biden may want to stay at Camp David for a very long time. Seeing how he basically campaigned in front of his staff during the run up to the election, and spent the rest of the time in his basement in Delaware, it probably is a safe bet he wants to stay away from the limelight. For once, I couldn’t blame him.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

The whole Afghanistan debacle isn’t going to go away anytime soon. With visions of the US Embassy personnel trying to get on a hovering helicopter in Saigon in the waning days of the Vietnam War, the same scenario has replayed itself, this time in Kabul. Once again, for only the second time in our country’s history, we will come away from occupying a country as the loser. And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

Look, I get it that he wants to deflect the blame to Donald Trump, who also wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan, but certainly wouldn’t have been such an idiot about it. I get it that he wants to blame the Afghan government, whose president turned tail and ran to Oman the first chance he could after the pullout was announced. And of course, he’s going to blame the Taliban for their needing to take over the country, which they’ve done in record time.

What he can’t blame anybody else on is his reluctance to trust the Taliban just six weeks ago, and the utter reversal in hoping they give clear passage to the airport for any American still in Afghanistan. The Taliban has blocked all passage to the airports. They’ve “said” they are going to treat women better and give them some rights, but the proof is in the pudding and they don’t have a lot of pudding in their past. The Taliban has lied and cheated their way through their entire existence. If you think they’re going to be honest to Joe Biden now, you’re on some very good drugs.

Trust me when I say that there isn’t a leader of any country in the entire world right now that feels that Joe Biden is a strong president. He’s not only not a strong president, he’s a weak person. Running off to Camp David so he can avoid the press, and avoid all of the hassles of the White House while he hides out during the fall of Afghanistan? Tell me that’s what our great statesmen of the past would have done?

You know when CNN is sniping at you and calling it a terrible tragedy, and saying you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president, you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president. In fact, other than Nancy Pelosi, who really doesn’t know much besides which flavor of ice cream she keeps in her $25,000 freezer at home in San Francisco, there isn’t anyone anywhere that is coming to Biden’s rescue. Even K-baby Harris is moot on this one.

It’s already come out that there are calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove presidential powers from Biden and give them to Harris. Now, understand this. Democrats don’t like Harris. They don’t trust her and they certainly don’t want to see her as the first woman president in this country’s history. But they are starting to come to the realization that she would be much better than what they’ve currently got sitting in the Oval Office, especially if they are going to start listening to the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOL on policy issues.

Joe Biden has a long way to work himself back from this screw up. He’s had many already in the six months he’s been in office. But this one is his Benghazi. This is the one that is going to cost him. This is the “Read my lips…no new taxes” moment. Don’t think for a minute, while he’s losing popularity in his approval polls faster than an anorexic loses weight, that he’s going to just ride this one out or bounce back before next November. That’s not going to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

It’s All Biden’s Fault

With the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, and the Vietnam era departure of Americans from the embassy there as proof that we’ve failed miserably, you have to find someone to take the blame. That’s a pretty easy putt.

The blame lies squarely at the feet of one Joseph Robinette Biden.

As he did with the southern border, Biden totally screwed up this foreign policy catastrophe when he announced the date that America would be leaving. You can tell this guy never spent a minute in any strategy session regarding war or war-planning. Nor did he listen to anyone with more than a penny’s worth of brains at the Pentagon. I can’t imagine one General in that building that would have gone along with Biden’s lame-brain idea to pre-announce our leaving. It just isn’t done, and when you do it, this is exactly what happens.

It’s an absolute slap in the face to the men and women that served in that country, and helped defeat (for a while anyway) the Taliban that planned the 9/11 attacks. Biden’s callousness cut through the sacrifice that so many of America’s best gave with their lives. It’s an atrocity that has few comparables in our history. And the fault doesn’t lay with Biden’s weak and ineffectual excuse that “he was following his predecessor’s plan”. That’s total hogwash. This was Biden’s plan pure and simple.

And so, the Taliban waited, as anyone would have done. They kept quiet, and when they saw their opening, with the American flags coming down, and people leaving, it was their cue to retake the country. The Afghan president has fled the country. the US embassy there is in shambles, as embassy workers worked tirelessly to shred documents, burn flags, and destroy computers by the dozens. And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

If anyone in this country needs any indication that this man is mentally unfit to serve as the nation’s top leader, this is the crowning blow for him. Yes, the southern border is a fiasco and a total nightmare. Yes, the over-spending on meaningless social programs that have failed everywhere in the world they’ve been tried was an affront to America’s way of life. But this is just another example of the ineptitude of Democrats. Let’s face it. Liberals have no business being in any leadership position in this country, pure and simple.

So, not being able to change what this mental midget has already done, what COULD he have done? He could have actually followed a cogent plan that allowed America to leave Afghanistan without giving a signal to the Taliban. You could have destroyed the documents and computers in quiet. You could have slowly evacuated people out of the embassy. You could have gotten all of the civilian advisors out a little at a time. You didn’t have to announce what you were doing. Where is it written that you have to tell the world what you’re doing before you do it? That’s lunacy. But that’s our president!

Joe Biden is an atrocity. But I will say that I fear what happens if the 25th Amendment is indeed invoked and he has to step down, as long as K-baby Harris is second in line. She has proven to be the most worthless Vice President in American history, probably topping that of William Rufus DeVane King, who was elected Vice President with Franklin Pierce at the top of the ticket. King had tuberculosis and was recouperating in Cuba. He was given permission to take the oath of office in Cuba by the Congress, but died shortly after. Harris isn’t deathly ill…she’s just morbidly stupid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Harris Problem

Joe Biden has several problems. He’s not a very good communicator. He lies and mixes up truth and fiction on a daily basis, and his communications team has to work overtime to try and spin it in such a way that the media, and the American people won’t laugh their heads off. He hasn’t been able to barely scratch his long list of campaign promises. He has caused the most recent surge at the southern border with his campaign rhetoric, and he has no plan for how to deal with it. His “cure” for COVID has been an utter catastrophe, to the point where the CDC is ready to say we need to wear masks again, and social distance, even IF you’ve been fully vaccinated.

Oh. And his Vice President is actually worse than he is.

K-baby Harris has a ton of problems of her own. First of all, she was actually one of the early exiters from the 2020 presidential race, dropping out in December of 2019 because no one wanted her. That should have been a red flag when Biden was looking for a running mate. Second, he gave her the task of being the front person to solve the border issue. In six months, she’s made one trip to Guatemala and Mexico, and one trip to El Paso, Texas, where Donald Trump’s wall stands proud, and has slowed illegal penetration into our country to a trickle. All of those trips have yielded nothing positive in solving the problem.

Harris cackles anytime she’s asked a tough question that she knows she’s going to be on the hook if she answers. Its to the point where the media actually tries to get her to laugh. She has made more gaffes in her term as VP than Dan Quayle did his entire four years in office. And now, she has Democrats wondering whether or not she’s going to be any help at all in helping them in the 2022 midterm elections. Most of the moderate Democrats in the House and Senate don’t want her anywhere near their district.

And that’s the problem the Dems have going forward.

If Biden had chosen someone that actually had a future in politics, you may have already seen the 25th Amendment invoked at this point. Biden certainly has proven what most Republicans, and a lot of Democrats knew all along. He doesn’t have the mental capacity or acuity to hold the office he’s been elected to. The problem for the Democrats is that they don’t want Harris in there either. Her poll numbers are worse than Bidens, totally upside down, and no relief in sight because everything she’s been handed to do so far has resulted in a terrible misstep. So, replacing Biden means somehow getting rid of K-baby first. Unless you can Spiro Agnew her, and find out that she has done something atrociously wrong, you’re not going to get her to quit. She is the prime model of The Peter Principle. She’s not going to quit on her own.

So, Democrats are in a quandry. And if they lose the House and Senate in Congress as most think will happen next year, it becomes even worse. Biden will be basically back in the basement, mumbling to himself with not a lot to do. His appointees won’t get confirmed, his ideas will get shoved into the “Well, Joe’s got another zinger of an idea” pile, and the country will become more and more against him as he waddles more and more into senility. What a sad way for him to end a political career!

Now, add to that the fact that you can’t successfully fun on a Biden presidency if you’re going to try and follow him in 2024, and you have a real sticking point for Dems. Harris would have been the natural choice to succeed him, but it’s doubtful she could even win the nomination. Who else is in the wings? We saw what? 27 different people trying to get the nomination last time around, and they all were a bunch of babbling idiots. There wasn’t any of them that actually looked like they could put together a decent campaign, not even Bernie Sanders.

So, Biden has a Harris problem. Democrats have a Harris problem. America has a Biden problem and a Harris problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The August Surprise

Whatever honeymoon period Joe Biden had as president is over. He came into office with a 57% approval rating, but that’s now slumped to negative numbers according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Now his approval number stands at 46% and his disapproval number is 52%. 30% of Americans think that we are on the right path. 67% think we’re off in the weeds. That didn’t take long.

And it could be a long month for Biden.

Going back a couple of presidents, August has proven not to be a kind month to those sitting behind the Resolute Desk. When George W. Bush was president, it was in August that he received word that some guy named Osama Bin Laden was planning an attack on US soil. Bush was spending time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas when he got the news, and we all know what happened just a few weeks later. Four years later, a nut job named Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside Bush’s ranch to protest the Iraq war. And of course it was just a day or two at the end of the month that a hurricane hit New Orleans and shined a light on how bad FEMA could actually act in an emergency. Bush’s numbers died after that and he never really recovered.

It also bit Bobo Obama on the rump. It was in August of Obama’s first year in office that he blew the official deadline date to get healthcare reform known as Obamacare finished. It would later be finished in September. The world then focused on the infamous “Beer Summit”, as the big news. Remember that? Tea Party organizers ruined Obama’s second August in office, nailing all sorts of incumbents on their way to retaking the House of Representatives. In 2011, the whole stand off over the debt-ceiling hit, dropping Bobo’s approval numbers to 40%, the lowest in his presidency. In 2013, Obama had to eat his words in August. A year earlier he drew a “red line in the sand” and said that he’d have to attack Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad if he used chemical weapons against his own people. He did in August, 2013. And of course in 2014, a guy by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri sparking riots and a nationwide trend anytime a cop shot someone of color.

Donald Trump didn’t escape the wrath of August either. Remember Charlottesville? It happened on August 11, 2017. And there was the “El Paso Massacre” on August 3, 2019, where 23 people were killed and another 23 were injured at a Walmart store in the west-Texas city.

So far this year, Joe Biden hasn’t needed an August curse. He’s managed to do enough damage on his own. He hasn’t done squat with the border problem he created. He got his “American Rescue Plan” passed, but only because Democrats in the Senate used budget reconciliation to get it done. He just passed his first piece of legislation, the bi-partisan infrastructure bill with the help of 17 liberal Republicans. It took him over six months to accomplish that. And he’s failed with COVID, as we head back into mask mandates, social distancing 2.0, and mandatory vaccinations for federal workers. Speaking of COVID, Biden blew by the July 4th deadline of “herd immunity” wanting 70% of the country fully immunized. It’s more like 49% that are, and 56% have had at least a partial immunity.

All of that with his gaffes, mis-steps, lies about driving semi trucks as a youth (he rode in one once… but never drove it), and has a vice president who has actually done a worse job than he has.

Come to think of it, an August Curse for Biden may actually be a good thing. How could it get any worse?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!