Need A Good Reason To Move To San Francisco?

If you’re one of the very few people that is even thinking about moving to California, and you’re looking into moving to the “city by the bay”, you probably would want to have second or third thoughts. The homeless problem is running rampant. There is a drug problem of epic proportions there, where junkies are shooting up on the streets. Flash mobs show up at the shopping malls to smash windows and grab whatever they can. What used to be a tourist mecca, is now turning into a ghost town as businesses flock to leave the area.

But there appears to be a silver lining in all of this.

If you’re black, or if you identify with black (it IS a thing with liberals after all), the city of San Francisco wants to pay you reparations. They are going to start you out with a check for $5 million. Then you are going to receive a $97,000 salary for 250 years (are you going to live that long?) Next you’re going to get your debt wiped out. Not just student loan debt, everything. Credit cards, mortgages, car loans, everything. But as Ron Popiel used to say, “but wait…there’s more!”, you’re also going to get a house for $1! And the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is on board with this!

The only thing they haven’t discussed yet is how they are going to pay for it.

Some quick math shows that it is going to cost the average citizen about $600,000 to give those reparations. And that’s today, before the Hispanics and whites, and those not associated with being African American bail and leave the city so they don’t have to pay. Oh. Did I mention that California NEVER housed slaves? It was illegal there. Always has been.

I think that unless some common sense prevails, this is going to sink the Golden State once and for all. You know they’ve tried universal income. They’ve tried banning the sale of gas powered vehicles. They’ve tried a lot of really wacked out things. But this one, this one could very well sink the entire state. Nobody has come up with a plan that is going to check to see if you are indeed black, or if you indeed have relatives in your past that were slaves.

And what about people like Kamala Harris? She is black. AND her family owned slaves. How does it work with her?

This is such a lame-brain idea that if there are any liberals left in Cali after this hits the fan, it shows what total incompetence there is in that state. And people can’t understand why I live just two hours east of that state and refuse to travel there? Are they kidding?

Any one of the items that I mentioned above would be more than welcome as reparations to pretty much anyone in that community. The draft version of this showed, are you ready for this? One Hundred Eleven items to be considered in the proposal. Talk about dreaming for the mansion on the hill with the kitchen sink installed!

Look, I tell people that I really don’t care about color so much, and that’s true. I look beyond looks to what’s in the soul. Are you a good person or a bad person. If you’re good, I could care if you’re black, white, red, yellow, green or blue. If you’re bad, the same thing applies. And you can’t throw the “white supremacy” thing at me when it comes to slavery either. My family wasn’t even here back in the 1800’s. And we’ve never owned slaves anywhere we did live. Trust me… I have checked. So, I’m going to pass if reparations ever become a reality. If I’m guilty, throw the book at me. But like the student loan crap that Joe Biden throws out, don’t make me pay for other people’s mistakes. I wasn’t around then. Neither were the people that are going to be getting the reparations if they actually come to fruition. Neither one of us are owed anything. This isn’t like the Japanese that were put in concentration camps during World War II. They were the ones that got the money, not their great-great-great-great grandchildren!

It’s one of the most idiotic ideas to ever be floated in this country. Yes, whites have treated blacks poorly for a very long time. But you don’t make the innocent pay along with the guilty. And trying to figure out which is which is something that should have been done 160 years ago. It’s a little late now, sorry!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cat Fight!

And you thought nothing of that nature ever happened in Washington, DC! Shame on you! Of course there are cat fights, and it appears we are in the midst of a good old fashioned one dealing with Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

In a fight that took two months to reach the press, Warren was being interviewed by a Boston radio station. She was asked a question that is on every reporter’s mind about now…Would the Senator support Kamala Harris for Vice President in 2024? Warren basically said she would defer to Joe Biden’s judgement on that one.


It wasn’t long after that Warren realized she had some fence mending to do with the Vice President, so she tried to call her. And didn’t get through. She kept trying to call her. And Harris kept ghosting her. Apparently, it’s now progressed to the point that the Vice President and the Senator from Massachusetts aren’t on speaking terms any longer.

And I have to say, I DO enjoy watching the occasional cat fight. They can be rather humorous at times…but not for the reasons that Seinfeld showed. I really think I’d gag at the thought of these two kissing! Anyway, what I find amusing about it is, here you have two people that are basically viewed by most people as ill able to handle their jobs. They both have some bulldog qualities about them. Harris was known as a bulldog prosecutor in California, sending people to jail for even marijuana possession. And Warren has been brash enough in her career to think she was a Native American, when it turns out that she really wasn’t…or at the very least was like had one person in her family tree some 6-10 generations ago who was a Cherokee.

So, you’ve got two women that have been rather boisterous in the past on certain issues. Both are liberal as the day is long, and both are roundly criticized and have very little credibility with the American people. Harris has been nothing short of a national joke in her current role, something that totally exemplifies the Peter Principle. Warren meanwhile, hasn’t sucked at being a Senator, she’s just lied her way to the top. Time and time again claiming a certain type of status that gave her special privileges. It may have gotten her out of Oklahoma and into a prestigious university (she went to George Washington for her undergraduate degree, and Rutgers for her law degree). And she used “special status” again to get a job once she became a lawyer.

Will the two ever get back together and be on the same side? I mean, I’m sure to be honest, that Warren only said what most Democrats are thinking…Kamala Harris isn’t fit or qualified to be Vice President, and doesn’t do anything to help Joe Biden. She has failed at every single job he has given her from the border to talking to NATO allies, to helping out in Ukraine. Other than that, she has been in attendance for the first two years of the Biden administration, at the Senate whenever they were taking a vote. That’s because as Vice President, and the Senate split 50/50, she was the tie-breaker, which she did 19 times. So, looking at her resume as the country’s number two, I can understand Warren’s hesitancy to want to firmly endorse her for a second term. In fact, most Americans don’t want to see her on the ticket.

Meanwhile, Harris has problems of her own. She has had a terrible time keeping her staff together. There have been at least 25 resignations from her team since she became VP, and that’s high in any administration! She has been roundly criticized by her critics and friends alike for her inability to get things done. So, yeah, I’d probably side with Warren on her ability to be in the number two seat.

But Warren certainly isn’t anyone to talk. As Bernie Sanders’ wingman for socialism, Warren’s approval rating at Politico was just 36% recently. Harris’ is 41%. Neither are what I’d call shining stars for their political party, and both ran unsuccessfully for the top job in 2020.

Cat fights are fun to watch. And this one won’t be any different. I’d just like to make sure it’s all done in the open, so we can all enjoy another bowl of popcorn!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden Snubs His Own

Joe Biden probably never realized what it was he was doing. He thought jetting off to Poland, taking a 10 hour rail trip to Kyiv, and meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and promising another half billion dollars to fight the Russians would show the world he still has “it” by going into a war zone.

What he most assuredly didn’t realize was that there was a little town in eastern Ohio, that noticed all right. They were incensed to the point that he chose, on Presidents’ Day of all days, to visit Ukraine instead of going to see East Palestine, Ohio, where residents are still wondering if they are even going to be able to live a normal life or not after a train derailed there will ten carloads of toxicity in the air and seeping into the ground.

Now, being a former Ohioan for some 30 years, I can tell you flat out. East Palestine, Ohio is not your typical Ohio town. It’s like a lot of other towns in that part of the state. They have relied heavily on the auto industry, which shut down one of the larger auto plants in the country a few years back, and they really don’t have a lot going for it. The people are hard working, scrappy folks that are about as blue collar as they come. And they are rock-ribbed when it comes to believing in God, and America. Financially, it couldn’t have hit a worse town in the state.

And I have to sit here, some 2,400 miles away from East Palestine, and wonder why in the world Joe Biden chose to snub this town after telling them that anything they needed would be delivered (before FEMA denied them relief), and then jet half a world away to meet with Zelenskyy. Why couldn’t he have stopped off in Ohio first? It would have added about three hours to his entire trip.

It probably wouldn’t have garnered him many votes though. Those people were wondering why it was Pete Buttigieg hadn’t shown up there. Instead, they got the head of the EPA to show up for an hour. He had no answers. He had no suggestions. He told them he was sorry for their plight, and moved on. No Biden. No Harris. No Buttigieg. And no answers.

Even Donald Trump had scheduled a trip into the community. Of course, this IS Trump Country. Most of the eastern part of the state is very conservative, and they probably would love to see The Donald far more than seeing Biden in the first place. I saw a clip where the Mayor of East Palestine was being interviewed and was absolutely livid that Biden would choose to go to Poland and Ukraine rather than come to Ohio. And don’t think it won’t come back to bite the president in the rear end. It most certainly will.

What’s happening in Ukraine is indeed monumental on a world stage. We’re going to get into that more tomorrow. But when you compare what happened in Ohio and the thousands of lives that have been uprooted, (population 4,761), you have to wonder why Biden would snub this community? If an area gets hit by a tornado, or a flood ravages a community, he’s quick to drop whatever it is he does, and get over there to give them whatever it is that they need. When a train derails threatening thousands of lives with toxins, does he send anyone? Just a lacky from the EPA. He’s too busy to worry about East Palestine. Probably because he got his ass whooped there in 2020.

The simple question is, is Joe Biden president of Ukraine, or Poland? Or is he the president of the United States? If he believes he is indeed the president of this country, he needs to start acting like it. Or his first term in office, will be his last. Then again, we can only hope that’s true right away!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Haley’s Opening Gambit

I’ve made no bones about it. I like Nikki Haley. I’ve always thought she was well spoken, had conservative ideas that would be great for this country, and frankly, isn’t bad eye candy. But do I think she’s ever going to be the President? No. Not a chance.

Look, she made a couple of really good comments at the opening rally after she announced her candidacy. She wants to put term limits on Congress. I’m all for that. We have term limits on the presidency. There are 38 states that impose some sort of term limits on the Governor’s job. So, why don’t we have term limits in Congress. It would put an end to the Diane Feinstein’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world. Give them a chance to serve, and then return to their districts, just as the Founding Fathers intended. They never thought serving in federal government should be a lifetime job or a career. It’s a duty…just like getting called to sit on a jury.

But Haley didn’t take that one far enough. It isn’t just the mere fact you’ve been in Congress so long, it’s also the fact that a) we spend a TON of money on retired Congressmen and women. It’s not a lot when you consider the trillion dollar plus US budget, but it’s over $30 million per year! And there are hundreds of people on the pension plan. What is amazing is that we pay them anything. The average net worth of people serving in Congress is just over $1 million. So, why are we paying them a pension?

The part b) to that is Haley’s promise to include mental acuity screening for anyone over the age of 75. While that’s nice, and a jab at Joe Biden, it’s not enough (again). You should have a retirement age of 65 in the House, and 70 in the Senate. No president should serve past their 75th birthday. If they turn 75 during their term, they become ineligible to run.

While a lot of people thought Nikki Haley’s presidential run is a good thing, and I think it’s better than not having anyone run against Trump, there is the popular idea out there that the more people that run, the better Trump’s chances are of getting the nomination. That’s because he has a solid base already. If you get more people in the pool, his base doesn’t decline, but the total number of voters would be split among more people, making it less likely that someone would defeat him. That’s a flawed theory. In short, it’s true that would happen if everyone stayed in the race. They don’t. They run out of money, they get tired of seeing small crowds, they don’t qualify for the debate stage, and they realize they don’t have a chance in hell of winning. As those folks leave, their supporters go somewhere else. And the likelihood of Trump’s numbers being high and the rest being low decrease.

Columnist Kurt Schlichter has compared Nikki Haley to K-baby Harris saying that she’s the Harris of the Republican party. He thought her opening rally was overblown, saying she’s just wrong for the party (comparing her as “Jeb-lite”). That may or may not be true, but you’ve got to give her the chance to run and find that out for herself. Remember, when Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, everyone thought he was wrong for the Republican party as well. I think Schlichter is wrong on that one point. But he is right that Haley isn’t going to win, as I said in an early blog.

If Ron DeSantis fails to get in the race, I’d be happy to support Haley. But, as I said before, I fully realize that I’m supporting someone like I did in 2016 with Scott Walker. I ended up having to switch candidates a few times. I think the same thing would happen with Haley. But I have a feeling DeSantis will get in and will give Trump a run for his money. Don’t get me wrong, Nikki Haley would make a much better “First Female President” than K-baby Harris or Hillary Clinton would. But I think she may have missed that opportunity. She should have been in the race in 2016.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

And Best In Class Is…

If I asked you to choose one word to describe our current president, what word would you choose? I have a few that go through my mind, as you probably do at this point as well. However, there’s one word that I probably wouldn’t even be able to find on my list…and I’m betting it’s not on yours.

The word is “Communicator”

And yet, the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre believes, or at the very least told the press briefing on this past Tuesday that, Joe Biden, the current POTUS, the current CINC, the current “Leader Of The Free World”, that guy is the “best communicator in the White House”.

It all started when a reporter asked whether the President is viewed by his team as “equally adept in all settings, in terms of communications”. Jean-Pierre responded that Biden was the best communicator in the White House. And that’s when the laughter started. It started in the press room, and it started online almost immediately. It’s funny and sad at the same time when you think about it.

Biden has been known for years for his gaffes. His stumbles have become meme worthy. His supporters and fans literally hold their collective breath at the beginning of every speaking situation, to see whether or not the guy will be using English, or whether he will be stuck in “Biden-speak”. And that’s what makes the comment Jean-Pierre said funny.

What makes it sad is when you have to compare Biden as the “best communicator in the White House” with those in competition with him. You have his vice president who is, herself, known for having created words in our dictionary. Words like “word salad”. She consistently gets stuck on a word or a phrase that just doesn’t make sense in the context that she’s trying to use it in, and yet she competes with herself to see how many times she can use it in the span of two or three sentences. And this is the sad part. Knowing Joe Biden’s lack of communication skills, if Jean-Pierre’s comment was indeed true, it speaks volumes on the state of affairs we have in our leadership team.

And that brings me to my main point. One of the more important jobs that a president of any country has is to communicate with his or her constituents. They have not only the right, but the duty to let the public know what’s going on and to do so in a concise and authoritative manner. When you have people like Biden and Harris that can’t seem to get a word out at all, and then shake their heads and say something stupid like, “Well, I don’t know what I’m saying”, it doesn’t bode well.

It also doesn’t speak very well of Karine Jean-Pierre. If she is lying to the reporters and spin a narrative that isn’t true, she’s not only a dunce herself, she’s an out and out liar. If, however, she IS believing what she’s saying, and not trying to blow smoke up her boss’ rear end, that doesn’t say much about her either. She obviously hasn’t worked for people that are actually proficient in the English language.

I find these type of comments disturbing, and not funny at all. I would expect this type of comment to come from the cast of Saturday Night Live, not from a Press Secretary, who’s words every government in the world will listen to and parse. And to think this is a woman that went to an Ivy League school (Columbia University). To watch her struggle to answer the most basic questions that a Washington Press Corp can throw is actually quite disheartening. Look, I’m no fan of the left, but I try to look at the bigger picture. Leaders around the world tune into her briefing every single day to see what the US is up to. And you get a woman that can barely read out of a binder? She may have gone to an Ivy League school, but if I were Columbia, I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are Dems’ Fed Up With Harris?

It would seem that K-baby Harris is up to her neck in problems these days. She has been unable to hide from the bright spotlight that usually doesn’t shine on the Vice Presidency. But she’s caused most of it. Her lack of speaking ability has led to the phrase “word salad” being introduced into our lexicon. And the fact that she cackles whenever she can’t think of anything she feels is cogent to add to the conversation has made her a laughing buffoon. The question is, why was she chosen in the first place, and if Joe Biden IS seeking a second term in the White House, is he thinking of making her his VP choice again, or is he looking for someone else?

Democrats are starting to voice their opinions and it isn’t pro-Harris.

I guess it started with Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). She was doing an interview for Boston Public Radio, and mentioned that Joe Biden would put on the ticket “whomever he wanted”, leaving the world to think that she was calling for K-baby to be bounced. That brought screams from Harris’ camp, forcing Warren to apologize and say that it was taken out of context. But several other Democrats have come forward to say that yes, while Harris is a nice person, she doesn’t have the chops to sit in the Naval Observatory, and certainly doesn’t have the gravitas to sit behind the Resolute Desk.

Dropping a Vice President during a re-election campaign isn’t something new. It’s been done a total of four times in our history, the last time occurring in 1888. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to drop his VP when he got rid of Hannibal Hamlin in 1864 and brought in Andrew Johnson, who was a Democrat. Under Ulysses S. Grant, Schuyler Colfax got involved in a scandal and was replaced as VP at the 1872 convention by Henry Wilson. When Grover Cleveland was elected, he chose Thomas Hendricks to be his VP on the ticket. Hendricks died in 1885. Cleveland then ran for re-election, with Allen Thurman as his running mate, but they lost to Benjamin Harrison. Harrison had Levi Morton as his running mate, and when he ran for reelection in 1888, he switched things up by going with Whitelaw Reid, but he lost to Cleveland…so far the only president to be elected twice in non-consecutive terms.

Rumors continue to swirl around whether Biden actually wants Harris to be on the ticket with him, or whether he’s looking at someone new. There are arguments for both. Harris has been a trainwreck in all of the jobs she’s been given. Typically, a VP is there to do whatever the President doesn’t want to do, and that was the way it started out, with Harris being given the task of being the “border czar”. That hasn’t worked out so well. Neither has any of the other trips and duties that she’s been asked to fill. So, Biden may want to find someone better suited to take some stuff off of his plate. He will be 82 in 2024, after all.

But there is a reason that Biden may want to keep Harris around, especially in light of the classified document scandal, and the Hunter Biden scandal. If you’ve got a person that everyone feels is terrible, and you want to insure that you won’t be impeached, having a trainwreck like Harris on the ticket could be a solid enough reason to go that route. Even though Biden’s staff hates her, she’s had trouble actually keeping her own staff together, and most Democrats say, while she’s a nice person, but she can’t be trusted to do the simplest of tasks, she does serve a purpose. You don’t want her as president, giving Biden an extra bit of insurance.

Either way, we’re going to find out soon enough. If Biden sticks with her, it won’t be out of loyalty. It’ll be because he feels that he’s going to be toast at some point in his second term should he get re-elected.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Klain Problem

Ron Klain is not a name that is known by most Americans. He is Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff. Look at that as the real number two position in government. He is with Joe Biden basically every moment of every day. He gives Biden his opinion on how things are and how things should be done. And a lot of people both inside and outside of the administration, say that Ron Klain is the guy that is controlling the puppet strings that seem to be tied to Joe Biden.

And Ron Klain is going to be leaving soon.

There are several reasons for this. Chiefs of Staff typically don’t last throughout the term of a presidency. Donald Trump went through four of them in four years. Obama had three. Klain has been on board for two years. That’s an eternity as far as Chiefs of Staff are concerned!

And the reason Klain is leaving now probably doesn’t have much to do with his wanting to get back to private life, or having to do with wanting to spend “more time with the family”, which is always a great line to use if you’re leaving government work. It’s the fact that he sees the handwriting on the wall when it comes to the Biden presidency and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it when the dog poo hits the proverbial fan.

Klain has caused the mess the country is in, as much if not more than Biden. But he had little to nothing to do with the latest scandal. Biden is the one that took classified documents, which is a federal crime, and stored them unsecured in his Washington DC office after leaving as Vice President, and in his garage and throughout his home in Wilmington Delaware. In neither location were the classified documents stored in what could be considered a secure manner.

Ron Klain has called the shots in the Biden White House since he got there. And don’t think for a minute that Biden has come up with anything on his own. Klain is the guy that has had to clean up a lot of Biden’s mis-steps, gaffes, foibles, and out and out lies. He and the whole communications department have had to work overtime to clean up Joe Biden’s loose lips. And I’m sure he’s thinking that he can’t keep doing this. It’s time he leaves, and that could very well mean that Biden’s ship sinks. Because that ship has been called so far, the USS Klain.

Now, having said that, I will readily admit that everyone on the face of this earth is replaceable. There isn’t one of us that can’t be replaced. And Ron Klain is no different. The question is, Biden has chosen Jeff Zients, someone with a lot of budget experience to replace Kalin. Is Zients going to let Biden call the shots? Or, as Klain, is he determined to be the shadow president?

I find it interesting that Biden has used the “hire by their gender, race, creed, color, sexual orientation” method for his Vice President, his current press secretary, and an appointment to the Supreme Court. Yet when it comes time to hire another Chief of Staff, the person he works closest with, he chooses to stay away from the above criteria. Interesting!

That is going to be what sets the tone for the Biden agenda moving into the second half of his term. And that is also going to say a lot as to how Biden approaches a House of Representatives controlled by the Republican party. To date, he hasn’t done much, if anything to negotiate his agenda with the GOP. We can blame Klain for that one. But we’ll have to wait and see if he digs in his heals, or if he relents and becomes the Joe Biden he said during the campaign can work across the aisle. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden’s Document Problem Got Worse

I don’t think you can really claim that the Biden docu-problem is the same as Donald Trump’s. First and foremost, you have to realize that the President of the United States has the ability to declassify ANY document out there. There is a process that should be followed, but if a president says a document has been declassified, that’s pretty much end of story.

That’s what Donald Trump claimed after the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

But Joe Biden was never president until 2021. So, the documents that he took from the White House while he was vice president wouldn’t and couldn’t have been declassified by him. He took classified documents, the same as Hillary Clinton did. In that regard, you can’t really say that the two cases of Trump and Biden are the same. They are markedly different.

And Joe Biden’s situation just got worse.

Last Friday, Biden’s attorneys, in an effort to expediate this nightmare of a scandal for Biden, decided to invite the Department of Justice in to go through every nook and cranny of Biden’s home in Delaware. And they did. They searched what is described as “all working, living and storage spaces in the home.” According to Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, “DOJ had full access to the President’s home, including personally handwritten notes, files, papers, binders, memorabilia, to-do lists, schedules, and reminders going back decades.”

They came up with several more classified documents. Some were from the time Biden served as vice president, some went back so far as to when Biden was in the US Senate!

And because of that, though he’s not saying so, Biden is considering putting off his announcement that he’s going to run for a second term. The optics are pretty terrible on that. He originally was going to announce right around the time of the State of the Union speech to Congress, usually a high mark in a presidency. But now, with this hanging over his head and the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, and could threaten to impeach Biden, he’s decided not to move forward just yet.

While it seems that the Democrats are the ones that love to impeach without any chance of conviction, this one may indeed be something of a huge problem for them. This one can’t be solved by the president waiving his magic wand and declaring the documents declassified. And therein lies the problem for Biden.

And he isn’t the only one with a problem. He still has two years left in his term, whether or not he decides to run for reelection. If the GOP decides to hold hearings and then impeach him over the classified documents, and the Senate actually follows through and convicts him, then you’ve got K-baby Harris on board as president for the next two years. The only way to avoid that mess is to get rid of Harris first, and I’d say there is plenty to impeach her on, including total incompetence. Then you can go after Biden, making Kevin McCarthy the next president for the next couple of years.

Either way you want to look at it, it dampens the chances of Biden getting a second term, and could very well invite other Democrats to step up to the plate to challenge him if not impeached and convicted and he does run again. And, while the Mar-a-Lago raid may have hurt Trump, it appears that he may very well escape that mess unscathed because of Biden’s foibles.

Just a few more reasons this guy really isn’t qualified to be president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harris’ Big Year?

I just saw a piece that K-baby Harris feels that 2023 is her big year! This is the year she starts a “reboot” and shows America that she is ready to take over as president if the need arises! She is so convinced that she has been mistaken over the past two years, that people have slammed her because she is a woman of color, and haven’t given her credit for everything that she has done that she is set to explode on the Washington political scene.

Nice of her to finally come to the party!

But let’s take a look at K-baby’s accomplishments over the past two years shall we? According to, K-baby has made the tie-breaking vote a total of 19 times in the first two years. That’s the most in American history. And that’s what they led off the “accomplishment” list with. Isn’t that just doing the job of a Vice President? I mean, VP’s aren’t really given a full-plate when it comes to job duties. It would be assumed that one would be there, right?

Beyond that, she apparently called 150 lawmakers to pass the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that included funding for such things as electric busses, and replacing old, lead water pipes. OK, that means she spent some time on the phone.

And that was pretty much it on the “accomplishment” side of things. Of course, she did go on that trip to the border, and talked to a Border Patrol agent or two. It only took her 14 months to get there after being named “border czar” by Biden. She also went to Guatemala and Mexico. That trip was widely panned by media on both sides of the aisle as she embarrassed herself time and time again. Then there were trips to Vietnam, France, and Singapore. Those trips were also roundly criticized as her not being ready to assume such a lofty position.

And who can forget the trip to Poland in March of last year? Remember the jeers she took from that trip? That was as close as she wanted to get to the Ukraine war. She met with leaders from NATO as well as several Ukraine soldiers. Her word-salad speeches could have been written by someone in the third grade they were so bad.

Then you’ve got the fact that 35 people have resigned from her office. I’m not sure but I think that’s a record in American history. They all came away saying that it was a “toxic work environment”.

OH! I almost forgot. When Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy, she was the acting-president for a whole hour. It’s amazing that the country is still in one piece. Two things wrong with that…first what is an 80 year old doing having a colonoscopy? I thought you got your last one at 70? And is the United States still in one piece? Not so sure on that.

So, that’s what K-baby Harris has done so far. Of course, I forgot to mention that she redecorated the Naval Observatory. I’m positive that took most of her time when she wasn’t helping Chuckles Schumer pass all of the inflationary bills in the Senate.

The big question I have at this point is why is this such a coming out? She obviously wasn’t ready for the job on day one, as she originally said she was. She’s basically failed at everything she’s done, outside of attending the US Senate when they needed her to break a tie vote. But she served in the US Senate prior to becoming VP, so shouldn’t she have understood how to do that already? I would have thought so.

Yet, there she is, saying that people will give her a break once she demonstrates that she can do the job. Well, K-baby, we’re still waiting. We haven’t been impressed so far. What ace do you have hidden up your sleeve?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Where Is Harris On This?

K-baby Harris was appointed in March of 2021 to be the “Border Czar”. She was tabbed by Joe Biden to go through and solve the border situation (and remember…it ISN’T a crisis). That way, Joe didn’t have to get his hands dirty trying to clean up a mess he made during the campaign.

Well, that was a wasted attempt. Harris went to Mexico and Honduras and met with their leaders over the situation and came away with the feeling that it was the leaders’ fault in those countries. It had nothing to do with the fact Joe Biden basically installed an open door at the border.

So, we have just witnessed the worst year in American history when it comes to illegal aliens invading our country. 2,760,000 illegals came across our border last year. That does not include the “got-aways”, those that ran rather than sought out Border Patrol agents. In all of that, K-baby went down to El Paso, when at the time, that was not where everyone was streaming across the border. They were coming across in southeast Texas, and southern Arizona. El Paso was pretty well locked down and normal. Then of course, everyone thought that Title 42 was going to end, and it was going to be a free-for-all. That failed to come to pass when the Supreme Court kept Title 42 in place until they could rule on it, probably releasing that ruling in June of this year.

And then you’ve got Joe deciding he’d better get down to the border so at the very least that he could say he HAD visited the border when he runs for president in 2024. It was one of the most white-washed presidential visits in history. The thousands of illegals sleeping on the streets of El Paso, were swept up and kept off the streets. Only selected Border Patrol agents, who are aligned with Biden were allowed to be near him for the photo op, and all of the illegals trying to stream across the border were sent elsewhere. Biden never talked to a Border Patrol agent that would have criticized him, and he never saw or talked to an illegal anywhere during his whopping 3 hour tour.

So, in light of all of this, I have to ask the question, where is K-baby Harris in all of this? She IS after all the “border czar” right? I mean, that title hasn’t been taken away from her. So, why is she spending time dealing with abortion, which has already been sent back to the states as a “states issue” by the Supreme Court. Why is she dealing with women’s issues when her primary role as border czar has not been accomplished. In fact, not only hasn’t it been accomplished, it’s been totally ignored except for that one trip that even the liberal press pooh-poohed as a failed journey. Where is K-baby Harris these days?

She’s nowhere to be seen. And, when you get right down in the weeds on this thing, that’s probably a good idea. Otherwise there would be giant “WELCOME” signs being posted at the border if she had anything to say about it.

In the long run, Biden and Harris have done more damage to this country than the last 10 Democrat presidents combined. They need to both be impeached, convicted and hung as treasonists.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!