The Revolution Has Already Been Fought!

I hate to say this, but there are several of the people that read this blog that believe the only way to “fix” our system is to have a revolution. For the right to take on the left in a revolution. Thomas Jefferson said,  “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” And I know I’ve traded comments with several of you regarding an “upcoming revolution”. But I have news for you…

The Revolution has already been fought. And we lost.

I know that’s not what anybody wants to hear, but I can point to some stark differences between the right and the left and show you that it’s already happened.

First of all, I point to the Whackjob group headed up by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It started out in 2018 with her and Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. They were joined shortly by Ayanna Pressley. In 2018 they added a couple others, most notably Cori Bush. Now, in 2022, four more have joined the ranks. Granted, up to 10 people in a body that holds 435 isn’t what I would call a major shift, but you have to look at the way the right does things versus the way the left does things.

When the conservatives take charge, they set to work undoing all of the programs, or as many as they can, that the liberals put in play. They may cut taxes, or relax some regulations, but that’s about it. When the liberals are in charge, they take steps. Oh, they may not achieve their goals during their term, and they are OK with that. They take a step this time. They’ll add to it next time until WHAM! You have Obamacare. Remember? That started back in the 1950’s when disability was added to Social Security. Slowly Medicare and Medicaid came into being. That started to get expanded in 1992 with Hillary Clinton. Then it failed quickly. Did the liberals give up? Nope. They bided their time. They waited. It took 17 years before they were about to pass Obamacare. And conservatives haven’t been able to do anything to unwrap it.

The same thing will happen over and over again in any number of areas. It’ll happen in economics. It’ll happen in tax and spend. It’ll happen with the border crisis and criminal reform.They will get their way. Conservatives want to have something healed today. Liberals don’t care if they get it this cycle or 20 years from now. As long as they get it, that’s all that matters.

And there is the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives play the short game and try to “fix” what’s wrong thanks to the liberals’ mis-steps. Liberals keep plugging away at whatever it is they want to accomplish. Well, there’s that and the fact that when conservatives lose, they accept it and move on. When liberals lose, they cry and moan about it until they have the numbers to fix it their way. Of course, the other big difference, and I can’t emphasize this enough. When conservatives usually implement something, it’s pretty good policy. When liberals do, most of the time it’s going to cost us all a lot of money.

And that is why, even though we all feel that there is a revolution coming, it’s not. We’re wrong. The revolution has been fought. The fact that AOC’s clan has basically doubled in size in four years ought to be very concerning to everyone out there, even, and especially the Democrats. If you’re a modern Democrat in today’s society, you’re a dinosaur. You’re dead man walking. And it won’t be long before they swallow you up and spit you out, just like they’ve been doing for the past four years. The time to fight is now. The time to fight dirty is now. Because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up one day and realize that you’ve already lost the war. That’s something none of us want to have happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Vax Mandates Fair? Not Really!

I had an neat lady that I went to high school with send me an idea for this one, and gave me a rather interesting angle on it. So, Maggie, thanks so much for the idea, and miss seeing all you guys from AHS!

OK…Joe Biden wants all employers with 100 employees or more to require their employees to get vaccinated fully or face weekly testing. Why? Simple. He made a campaign promise that he can’t keep. And so, he’s been out there trying to get the CDC to issue mask mandates, and more travel restrictions, and vaccinations mandates, all because he really looks like a horses hind end since he said that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan for COVID, “but I do”.

He didn’t.

And with only 50.4% of the population fully vaccinated, and about 64% getting one of two shots needed, we are a ways away from what Fauci calls “Herd Immunity”. Whatever Biden and his gang have been trying haven’t worked. He blames Republicans, but that’s not all true. There are plenty of liberals and Democrats that have not been poked with this vaccine. Their reasons are as varied as you can imagine. Some don’t like the government telling them what to do. Others don’t feel that the vaccine has been fully vetted and that it was rushed to market. Others still have already had COVID, so they are actually more resistant to the virus than people that got poked. It goes on and on. And it’s not an ideological thing either.

But the main question is, is it being handled fairly?

The simple answer is no. Unemployed folks aren’t being forced to get a vaccine or tested weekly or lose their jobs. People in small businesses aren’t being forced either. And don’t get me started on the illegal aliens flowing across our southern border. Some of them have been tested positive for COVID and are allowed to go into our communities. Why are they allowed to carry the disease with them and wander around free, and the rest of us are being told to quarantine in place?

You can’t use several different rules here. It’s one rule for EVERYBODY. Frankly my wife and I took the vaccine and have been fully vaccinated since April. That’s because we wanted to travel, and I have more than a little faith in the pharmaceutical industry. Neither of us have suffered any side effects or short term (it’s only been 6 months) effects.

As to should everyone HAVE to get vaccinated? I don’t believe so. I believe that is an individual’s choice, and as I have said earlier, I liken it to the inconsistency the left is showing with the abortion argument. They make the case that “it’s a woman’s right to choose what’s right for her own body.” OK. If that’s the argument you’re going to use for abortion, shouldn’t you be using the same argument here? Isn’t it the individual’s right to choose whether or not they get vaccinated? From a consistency standpoint it doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t say a woman has this right to do with her body what she wants, and then take that right away when it comes to something else that she wants to do with her body. That’s insanity.

That’s exactly what we are dealing with as far as Joe Biden’s policies regarding COVID are. He wants this to continue. He doesn’t want this to go away quickly. The reason is simple. The longer the government can exert control over you and me and tell us what we have to wear (a mask), what medical procedure we must do (vaccination), and limit our freedom of travel, especially if we aren’t vaccinated, the more likely it is we will accept these limitations to our freedoms long term. That’s wrong and it’s unconstitutional. THAT is why you see Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and the uber-leftists wearing masks when the cameras are on and taking them off the minute the turn off the cameras. It’s a control thing. That’s one of the things liberals do.

I don’t agree that you should make a rule for government workers, public workers, and places of business with 100 or more employees, and leave the rest of the country (and the illegal aliens who are bringing COVID into this country in droves) free to do what they want. And I err on the side of individualism. You want to give some people like politicians the right to not wear a mask? OK, then nobody has to wear a mask. You want to not be vaccinating a group of people (take your choice), OK, then nobody HAS to be vaccinated. It is your choice, and you should be able to discuss it with your doctor and make whatever informed decision you want to make.

And it only starts with COVID vaccines…it extends to everything in our lives. Make a rule, and we ALL should obey it, not just the ones we like. And yes, that includes the idiot politicians of both parties in DC!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Sanders’ Support Fading?

Back in April, Bernie Sanders did what Bernie Sanders apparently does best. He dropped out of the race for President of the United States. In doing so, he threw his support behind the only candidate left in the field, Joe Biden. In the ensuing weeks, Biden latched on to several of Sanders’ ideas in regards to how socialistic our country should become. While Joe never really backed a “Medicare for All” approach, thinking that Obamacare needed to be tweaked, he did like Sanders’ feelings on several issues including taxing the wealthy (making more than $400,000 this time around), and free college for all. He also liked Bernie’s idea of getting rid of college debt. Alas, it didn’t help in the poll numbers as Bernie’s Bros all said they’d be staying on the couch this time around.

Now, it appears that Bernie Sanders may be joining them.

Sanders has said privately that he’s not happy with the way Biden has been campaigning. He’s upset with the “centrist” approach Biden has been using on the stump, and feels that his lack of energy when he IS out of the basement is going to lead to another Democrat loss come November 3rd. And he’s not alone.

CBS News Reporter Kathryn Watson couldn’t say it on the air, but she certainly had something to say to those that follow her on Twitter:

And there is the crux of Joe Biden’s problem. Bernie is pissed at him because he isn’t liberal enough, even though he says if elected, Biden will be the most liberal president we’ve had since FDR (also a socialist). And Biased Media Reporter Kathryn Watson is upset because he appears not to be able to “outwork Trump”.

Can this bode well for Biden? I guess the bigger question is, what can Joe do about it? His handlers said back in April that they were going to limit his campaign appearances both in number and in the amount of time he’d be in front of crowds, hoping that would lessen his chances at gaffes. It hasn’t played out very well as Trump hits the campaign trail in earnest, visiting several states, making great speeches, having energy, revving up his troops…just BEING Trump. In comparison, Biden looks old, haggard, and worn. It’s Kennedy vs. Nixon all over again.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

This Is What Needs To Happen To Stop The Nonsense

I’ve thought about this for a while now. We’ve spent much of 2020 looking at idiots looting and rioting. Oh, they SAY they’re doing it because they’re sick of the way the country is going. They SAY it’s because they are being mistreated by those in power and that they feel helpless. But when you look at the problems that blacks face in this country, I think the problem goes deeper.

Here’s what needs to happen to stop all of the nonsense that’s been going on in places like Portland, and Seattle, and Chicago, and New York. Oh, have you noticed those are all Democrat strongholds? Yes? That plays right into what needs to happen.

First and foremost, America has lost its way. We used to be a rather pious nation. I know I’m rather ancient, but I remember a day when stores were actually closed on Sundays so people could go to church. Churches were all filled to capacity. If you didn’t get there 20 minutes early, you were basically sitting under the Pastor’s nose in the front pew. Today, you can probably only name me one company that closes its doors on Sunday, and that would be Chick Fil A. Everyone else is open all the time.

America needs to turn back to God. I’m not trying to espouse religion on anybody, I’m not an evangelist. But we’ve lost our way primarily because liberals in this country (and elsewhere in the world) have pushed and pushed and pushed us so far to the left we are a shadow of where we were just a few short years ago. If America were to re-embrace God and the teachings in whatever book you follow be it the Bible, or the Torah, or the Koran, you would see America coming together as a nation.

That is the most basic step we need to take. The failure to maintain a relationship with the Creator leads to a breakdown in the home. It leads to broken homes, where the institution of marriage is just something we do to throw a party, not to take a vow before God. Today’s Millennials don’t understand this because God has never been a part of their lives. To them, marriage is totally unnecessary. Guys go out and get a woman they love pregnant and they live together as if they were married. At least until there’s a fight and one of them gets thrown out of the house. Then you have a broken home and no way to fix it because there was never a connection to God.

It’s happened in all communities, but I saw it first in the black community. That leads to a single mother trying to raise kids while being the sole breadwinner. Oh, it can be done. My mother was a single mother who raised three kids. And I like to think we all turned out pretty well. But most people don’t have the drive and fortitude my mother has. And when you don’t have a man present in a family situation, it hurts. The same as what happens when you don’t have a woman in the household. It’s why the marriage of a man and a woman is such a powerful thing.

When America decides it’s time to turn back to God, repent our sins, and accept the way we were meant to live, you will see all of this rioting and looting, and crazy stuff happening starts to dissipate and we will get back to normal. THAT is what’s needed in America. It’s not Joe Biden, and it’s not Donald Trump. It’s our Creator.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Understand Employment

I think most of us can agree that America was built on hard work. We survived as a nation, and thrived as the result of immigrants who came to this country to escape oppression, to build a better life for themselves and their families. They were willing to sacrifice and knew that the ordeal wouldn’t be easy for them. They were basically paying it forward. And it built us into the strong and resilient nation that we are today.

And that is something that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez missed in history class.

In case you missed it…last week AOC called on Americans to boycott going back to work. Somehow, in her addled mind, she feels that if no one goes back to work, it teaches the rich and powerful that they can’t oppress us. That’s because she views work as oppression. Let’s get one thing straight. Without hard work, without sacrifice, without putting our families ahead of ourselves, we wouldn’t be the country we are today. We’d be Niger…the poorest country in the world. We would have no work ethic. We would have no desire to be the best. We would lay around all day watching Oprah Winfrey, complaining that she never gives US a cuckoo clock!

That is one of the major problems with the left, and I understand where AOC and the snowflakes get it. It comes right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” book. One of the rules he wants to do is tear down our society so it can be rebuilt into a socialistic utopia. Except Alinsky forgot one thing. There is no such thing as a “socialistic utopia”. It doesn’t exist. In fact, in the long term, it can’t exist. Because to become socialist doesn’t mean the people aren’t oppressed by the wealthy. That’s exactly what happens. A few rise to the top and take from those below. That’s exactly what happened in Cuba, in Venezuela, in Russia, in China. Name the country that’s either socialist or communist, and you’ve got a country that has oppressed the masses.

It’s a shame that this college-educated bartender can’t see that! She, like most of the left, want Americans to be paid for sitting on the couch watching daytime TV. Why? Because when the government pays you to stay at home, you’re easier to control. You’ll do what the government says because if you don’t, your means to live is dried up. And that’s what pretty much everything the left is designed to do. They’ve dumbed-down our schools, they’ve tried to take away liberties, now they’re trying to restrict freedom of travel (another of Alinsky’s rules) through the Green New Deal, and they want to be able to tell you what you can and cannot do, so they can have total power over you. You’ll have no freedoms. You’ll have no desires. You’ll be a rag doll.

And that, my friends, is not what those immigrants that fought and clawed and came to this country, worked their fingers to the bone and sacrificed, did it for. They did it for you to be free…not oppressed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What IF Bernie Wins?

Sanders could make the argument that he’s two for two when it comes to the primary and caucus season on the Democrat side. So, maybe it’s time to face reality? Maybe it’s time to ask the question, what happens IF Bernie Sanders ends up being the Democrats’ nominee for president? And, God forbid, what happens IF Bernie Sanders is actually successful and wins the White House?

Well, if we look at the first part of that equation first, we can see that there is going to be an uproar in the Democrat party. Bernie is not viewed by mainstream Democrats as a Democrat. He’s viewed as an outsider. Now, quick question…can you name someone else that was viewed as an outsider in HIS bid for the presidency? Second, Bernie is a lot older looking and more “Andy Rooneyesque” than Donald Trump is. Trump hits you in the face with a brick when it comes to barbs. Sanders is like the crotchety old man that tells you to get out of his yard as he is sitting on the front porch. He’s not the kind of guy that you necessarily think of as a Kennedy-type of presidential candidate. Not like a Bobo Obama, or a John Kerry.

Where Bernie is going to run into real problems is IF he gets elected. Let’s just say that he gets enough young kids who want their student loans thrown out and college to be free, and he wins the White House. What then? Well, he can’t just do away with the loans. He’s going to need Congress’ help. And do you think that the traditionalists in Congress are going to want to help him? You thought the Never Trumpers were bad? You oughta wait to see this push to the left backfire! First of all, Bernie isn’t going to be able to deliver on any of his promises. He isn’t going to get the Green New Deal through because there aren’t the votes there, even if the House stays Democrat and they take over the Senate. Second, Democrats will treat him worse than the GOP treated Trump when he first got into office. He’s an outsider with the Democrat party. Oh, he loves them when he caucuses with them…and he loves them when he runs nationally for president. But the minute the campaign is over, he’s an independent again!

No, Bernie Sanders is going to have a miserable time accomplishing anything in office. The country isn’t going to be behind him at all, and certainly Congress isn’t. He will start to push the Supreme Court more leftward, as RBG and Stephen Breyer both retire. But beyond that, I can’t see how he’s going to get anything done. If you need proof for that, look at what he’s been able to accomplish in the 14 years he’s been in the Senate. Bupkus. Need more proof? Look at what he did the previous 16 years when he was in the House of Representatives. Bupkus. The man takes up oxygen and turns it into carbon dioxide…which he can’t do if he passes the Green New Deal. Other than that, he’s probably better suited to take a place in Statutory Hall.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Death Of Mainstream Media

As I sat and watched the coverage on Friday of the vote to deny witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump, it became very clear to me that two things have happened in our country. The first is the Democrats’ unwavering desire to get their way, even if they have to defy logic, reason, and the law in order to do it. The second is the death of mainstream media.

Let’s look at both of these issues.

Democrats couldn’t get to media microphones fast enough to declare that Donald Trump wouldn’t be “acquitted” because in order to be “acquitted” you have to have a trial, and you don’t have a trial without witnesses and further documentation. They totally forget that part of the whole trial process was the House’s job, and the House failed in their job. And they forget that the Senate sets the rules for the trial and just because a court of law runs a certain way, doesn’t mean that Congress runs the same way in trials they hold. If they did, then the President’s defense team would have been able to call witnesses, and cross examine them in the House inquiry stage of this fiasco.

The other thing I find to be sad, being a former member of the media, is the death of mainstream media. Journalists used to be non-partisan. As liberal as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite were, you never knew it by their on-air persona. Chet Huntley and David Brinkley were equally liberal, but again, they played it down the line when the red light of the camera was on.

In today’s media, it’s a free for all. You’ve got people on CNN and MSNBC that relish in the fact that they proudly wear their liberalism on their sleeve and damn anyone that disagrees with them. That’s not journalism. That’s partisan hacking. And what it’s led to is a total blatant disregard to societal norms that call for our media, the media that are supposed to be protected under the First Amendment, to be fair, balanced, and honest. In today’s world, you have a media that consistently makes up stories, spins views to their way of thinking without presenting both sides, and spoon feeds their viewership into believing that they are the right view and everyone else is wrong. That’s not media. That’s partisanship.

It is hurting all media. Newspapers have become dinosaurs, and this constant bickering partisanship that we see out of Grand Old Ladies like the New York Times, and the Washington Post has hastened their decline and their death. Neither newspaper makes money any more. They continually cut staff, and continue to spew their venom…not realizing that it’s the venom that is helping accelerate their decline. It’s not the only reason…there is a life cycle to media, and newspapers and magazines are at the end of theirs. They will indeed die out eventually, but it’s been sped up by ten or twenty years.

The decline in viewership at the three major network newscasts (ABC, CBS, NBC) has shown that while they still maintain a slightly larger audience than the cable newschannels, it is slipping faster than the Titanic into the sea. Meanwhile, viewership at CNN, once the flagship of news around the world, has become a joke. When you have people like Don Lemon, Morning Joe, and the like breaking down in laughter during a newscast segment? There’s nothing unbiased and news-worthy about that.

Media is dying because of liberalism. Our country is not liberally based. We are a country that is a center to center-right country, and always have been. Yes, there have been instances when the liberals have tried to drag us left of center, like back in FDR’s day, but what happened after he and Harry Truman left office? We went sliding back to the center and the right under Eisenhower. The same thing happened between Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon. And, the same thing happened more recently between Bobo Obama, and Donald Trump. The only problem is, the media hasn’t caught on to that. I guess they forgot to teach history in J School!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Dem’s Beat Trump In 2020?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is it’s very doubtful because what they would have to do in order to gain that victory. Judging where the Democrats are right now ideology wise, and in their hearts, I don’ think they are anywhere near where they have to be in order to be able to defeat Trump. But here’s what I think they’d have to do.

There isn’t one person out there that is pure evil. Okay…maybe Hitler. Maybe Pol Pot. Maybe there have been a few. But most people, certainly most people running for the Democrats’ nod aren’t pure evil. I really think they believe (even though they are wrong) that they have the answer to America’s ills, and they want to see what’s best for America. Still, that would mean they have to do stuff to get back on track with most of this country’s voters.

First things first, they have to realize Donald Trump isn’t the Devil in disguise. He has done some good things. In fact, he’s done more good than bad. And they may not like the fact he’s a neophyte politician who won the Super Bowl the first time he stepped on the field, but he did. They need to accept that fact and start treating him like a human being.

Second thing they need to do is realize that America isn’t ready for this socialist movement. When over 60% of the population says they are turned off by this, there isn’t any way to win a presidential election preaching socialism. Currently, I think there are only two, maybe three of the 27 people running that are what most people would call “moderates”. The rest represent the far left wing of the party. That never bodes will.

Next up, the people that backed Trump over Hillary Clinton need to be apologized to. Yup, the “deplorables” have never forgotten that comment. and while Hillary is gone to the stockpile of Chardonnay to guzzle what’s left of her dreams, the party needs to realize the damage that did. You can’t win an election when you’re calling half the country crazy, deplorable, neo-nazi, and the like, just because you don’t like their philosophy. That has to stop. And you need to apologize about it.

Well, we’ve gotten some of the incidentals out of the way, on to the issues.

Climate change. Frankly about half of the country isn’t sure that climate change is just a natural phenomena that has been occurring since the rock we lived on cooled. No one, not a scientist, not a reader of this blog, not anyone has been able to tell me how in the world we’ve had ice ages, and gotten out of them without SUV’s and jet planes causing them. No one on the left admits that Mother Gaia has a mind of her own and is very cyclical about these things. Democrats need to tone down the rhetoric on climate change. You can’t prove necessarily that it’s caused by mankind. And you can’t prove that mankind can solve the problem.

Abortion. More and more people are getting on the pro-life bandwagon. And all the word play calling it “anti-abortion” isn’t helping. What has swayed a lot of minds are the bills passed in places like New York State, where they can now perform an abortion basically as the child is being born. Democrats, you need to realize what the GOP did long ago…it’s not necessarily a black or white issue, and it has nothing to do with “a woman’s right to choose”. It has to do with the God-given life that is in her womb, and putting an end to it is viewed as murder. Time to moderate your position here!

Let’s forget about “Medicare For All”. Obamacare was a farce. It was designed to fail from the beginning and Democrats know it. They wanted it to fail so they could get to single-payer healthcare. The problem is two fold. They’ve butchered healthcare for veterans, and because of that, our heroes are dying while they are being mal-treated. And second, the wait times for seeing a doctor for anything would be outrageous. There’s no fixing Obamacare, though it did introduce two good things; no pre-existing conditions, and no lifetime medical cap on the amount of coverage you could get.

Impeachment. I think most of the candidates have tempered their call for impeachment for now. But they need to realize that unless and until they get 2/3 of the Senate, it ain’t going to happen. And if they keep screaming about it, they could lose the House again as well.

Oh, and one more thing Dems…lose the attitude. It’s really annoying. You aren’t impressing anyone with your self righteousness. In fact, it’s really a turn off. If you think you are the smartest people in the room, look at the people following you. They barely made it out of a failing public school system.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The All Star Liar’s List

OK, I’ve debated writing this blog for a while. It’s simply because I don’t like calling people liars…but THIS site is dedicated to telling the truth. And the fact of the matter is, when someone lies, and they are in the public eye, and they are trying to shovel the truth under the rug for political purposes, I really need to throw the BS flag and call them on it. Hence today’s list of All Star Liar’s dealing with the Russian Collusion case. And by the way…thanks to Fox News and Marc Thiessen for the info for this blog!

HARRY REID: Yup, the former Majority Leader in the Senate, who is now in retirement right up the road from me in Searchlight, Nevada is one of the biggest liars the Senate has seen in it’s history. His lies are legendary. From telling the world from the well of the Senate that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid income taxes in over a decade to the latest crap he pulled regarding the Russian collusion story and the 2016 election. He sent then-FBI Director, James Comey a letter in which he said, “In my communications with you and other top officials in the national security community, it has become very clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government.”

ADAM SCHIFF: I have blogged about this lying sack of poo before. Two years ago, Schiff was on NBC’s Meet The Press and said, “I can’t go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.” And we are still waiting to see it.

ERIC SWALWELL: The Democrat presidential candidate from California, and member of Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee has said, “In our investigation, we saw strong evidence of collusion”. He went on to question Donald Trump’s loyalty to this country, all but calling him a Russian spy. Sorry Eric. And you want to be my president?

RON WYDEN: The Senator from Oregon is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee said, “There is no longer a question of whether this campaign sought to collude with a hostil foreign power to subvert America’s democracy”.

MARK WARNER: The Democrat Senator from Virginia commented that “there’s no one that could factually say that there’s not plenty of evidence of collaboration or communications between the Trump Organization and the Russians”.

JOHN BRENNAN: Marc Thiessen correctly hit the nail on the head saying the John Brennan is the absolute worst scum of all in this. Brennan was a former CIA director, and as such had all sorts of access to top level information. He’s the idiot that called Trump’s actions “treasonous”. The only thing treasonous here is John Brennan’s comments. He should be strung up from the highest yardarm for that one! After it came out that he was about as flaming ass wrong about his comments, Brennan awkwardly tried to walk it back saying, “I don’t know if I received bad information, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was.” John…it’s called being overly political in an area you should have kept your big mouth shut. Now, you should have to pay the price.

I’d say that an apt price for all of these people are they can never work in politics of any kind again…no governmental work what-so-ever. I’d say they should give up all pensions, all retirement earned in those positions they held or hold, and never be given a position where politics enters into the picture ever again. On top of that, each of them should be fined $10,000,000 and the money given directly to charities designated to Donald Trump…or better yet, to Republican campaign of Donald Trump’s choosing. You want fair? You believe the truth hurts? I’m sorry, but just apologizing or saying you had bad information for two years isn’t going to cut it this time around. These people need to be hurt, and hurt bad. Anything less is just a total abuse of their power.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Name Recognition UP, Approval Numbers DOWN!

I’ve always felt that the way to become “popular” in political circles was to work hard, show the world that you care about them through your actions, and stay clean (meaning, don’t get caught up in scandals).

Late last year, we were introduced to a new way of thinking. It was one where you could have been a total unknown, burst onto the scene like a firecracker going off in a crowded elevator, and then getting everyone’s attention by not shutting up, even when the whole world knows you’re wrong.

And that was the introduction we all had to one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the short span of inside six months, she shortened her name to AOC, and became the darling of the socialist left. Not that what she said made all that much sense…not that she really has a ton of followers…but she’s a great salesperson of AOC.

So, what’s happened in that six month time period? Well, her name recognition has shot up to where 31% of Americans know who she is. That’s pretty amazing when you consider that just a year ago, she was slinging suds in some New York City bar and grill. What’s equally as amazing is that 46% of Americans have a negative view of her. And while her recognition numbers keep going up, her approval numbers keep heading south. The more she opens her mouth, the weirder her ideas become, the more she shows the world that she has no intention of following what she wants the rest of us to do, the worse off her approval numbers are.

And it’s usually that way with people on either side that say one thing and do quite another. Look at Nancy Pelosi. Look at Al Gore. Look at a bunch of people that say one thing and do another. Hell, they don’t even have to be politicians. Look at the Hollywood elite. They espouse all of these wonderful things for those of us to follow and jump in bed with them with, and then they jet off to ski weekends, or trash beaches, and do a hundred other things that hurt the environment, all the while telling us we only have ten years before earth is extinct (again).

What can you make of this? Look, there’s no doubt in my mind that AOC is going to rock it with younger voters for a while. She will say the right things, doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her, or says about her. And she only cares about spreading what she feels are socialist ideas. The fact is, she probably couldn’t define what a socialist, a moderate, or a conservative is if her life depended on it. She’s just not that bright.

And, you can make my words on this one…just as quickly as she burst onto the scene last year, she will fade from the scene. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but I’d put money on it that in a short time, she’ll be back applying for jobs in midtown Manhattan slinging suds!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!