The End Of Political Correctness

Remember how it was so PC to not call your representative in Washington a “Congressman”? Remember how it was so PC to call those folks that have lived here longer than the white Europeans, “Native Americans” as opposed to “Indians”. And it’s grown from there to hate-speech (which is basically everything they disagree with), and making discourse on campus, and people wearing MAGA hats as Un-PC, and that couldn’t be tolerated.

Well it looks as if the PC movement is over.

A whopping 80% of people out there, including every single minority group…by a vast majority…say that Political Correctness is wrong and should be done away with.

So, it comes down to the question, who is making these determinations that the PC movement embraces? It’s basically uber-leftists and the media. They are the ones that tell us that we have to be careful of what we say so not to upset others…all the while they chase conservatives out of restaurants, harass people walking through airports, scream and shout at motorists driving through city streets, all in the name of PC.

The amazing thing is, that it isn’t just the old farts that are sitting in their rocking chairs that are saying this either. Millennials, Gen-X’ers, Baby Boomers, all feel that political correctness is something that needs to be stuffed at the trash heap.

So, my question is why now? What is it that right now is the fulcrum that the PC crowd has gone too far? Does it have to do with the uncivilized behavior of the left? I don’t think so. I think that once the PC movement started, it went too far…just like everything the left does. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing to the point where normal people start to feel that it’s gone too far. That’s exactly what happens every time the left gets in charge. They go way too far, and the normal people in the world decide they can’t take it anymore and vote them out of office. Conservatives have the opposite problem in that “normal people” decide they can “get more” from the left…and they do until they realize that they are the ones having to pay for it.

Let’s hope we get rid of political correctness as quickly as possible…it is LONG passed due to be tossed on the scrap heap of failed liberal ideas.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is He Draining The Swamp?

When Donald Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, one of his campaign promises was he was going to “drain the swamp”. It’s one of the campaign promises he has failed to deliver on. But, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing has certainly shown all of the weird and utterly useless critters that are populating the swamp. There are a lot. In fact, they aren’t all in DC!

Take a look around the country, and you see evidence of “the swamp”. These are liberal snowflakes that just can’t get over the fact that THEY lost the election. Hillary Clinton is still out there screaming that America needs to get rid of the Electoral College (because she lost). However, had the situation been reversed and she won the Electoral vote, but lost the popular vote, you wouldn’t hear a word from her on this. You’ve got liberals interrupting people’s dinner in restaurants, taunting Republican Senators at airports, basically badgering people for their beliefs and political thoughts. That, my friends, not only is rude beyond imagination, it’s terribly caustic to our society today.

Let’s look ahead a few years and see what becomes of this type of behavior that liberals are perpetrating today, shall we? Think about what happens in 2024 when a Democrat is elected to the White House, and the Democrats control Congress, but not with enough votes in the Senate to do anything on their own. What’s going to happen when that President nominates a strict liberal to the Supreme Court? Will that nominee have their life, and their family’s lives torn apart? Will salacious and unsubstantiated rumors fill their confirmation hearing? Will they be unable to actually confirm anyone because the Senators are squabbling over something that happened forty years ago?

Will the conservatives be hounding liberals at every turn? Will they chase our Representatives and Senators down the street…forcing them to have body guards and Secret Service protection? And what type of person will actually want to run for Congress knowing that they are going to be cornered in an elevator somewhere, and they don’t have the spine to say “No!” (I’m looking at you, Jeff Flake!).

Liberals don’t seem to care if society itself crumbles around them, as long as they destroy the life of a guy who by all accounts, hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, as has been pointed out here, there is more proof that the three women that have come forward with stories of sexual harassment have a more promiscuous sex life than he has ever had. Is that taken into account? And are we going to believe the women over the men when the politics are reversed and it’s the Democrat on the hot seat? If so, why wasn’t Bill Clinton arrested and thrown in jail? You DO know that guy has taken trips to that island off the Bahamas where they have sex orgies with underage girls, right?

Drain the swamp? No…Donald Trump hasn’t done that, and I seriously doubt he’s able to. All he’s been able to do is get the water level low enough to show us all of the bottom feeders and lowlifes that are actually populating the swamp. And yes….it stinks.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cuomo Needs To Resign

The Governor of New York either needs to apologize for comments he made during a bill signing the other day, or he needs to resign. Taking a swipe at Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”, Andrew Cuomo mentioned that “America was never all that great”.


Obviously, the Governor of one of the most populous states in the union has some mental issues. America was “never” that great? Really? So, when we basically rebuilt Europe after World War II, it wasn’t that great? When we gave millions of Jews a homeland (I know…the UN did it, but the US was behind it), that wasn’t great? It wasn’t great that we built the world’s biggest economy? We have the world’s largest armed forces to the point that when our allies need help, we drop what we’re doing and rush in to save the day at a moment’s notice. That’s not being great?

Look, I get that Cuomo and other snowflake liberals out there have this disdain of Donald Trump because he’s a neophyte politician who beat supposedly the smartest woman in the world and the heir to the Oval Office. Well, it turns out that instead of being angry at Trump, Cuomo and all of these other snowflakes…and you can read some of their inane and verbose comments here…need to look at themselves. They don’t even have the good sense to blame themselves for not electing the person they felt should win. Instead, they want to blame the winner and call him illegitimate. Well, that’s just hogwash.

See, it’s this overblown attitude that they are the smartest people in the world and we are idiots that can’t choose our own leaders with any ability that just riles them. They can’t believe that someone like Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. They couldn’t believe it when George W. Bush beat Al Gore. And I’m sure going forward, they won’t believe it the next time a Republican gets elected president.

What Andrew Cuomo said is wrong. He needs to apologize not only to the millions of New Yorkers (who by the way, couldn’t believe he said it), but to all Americans. Either that or he needs to resign his office and get the hell out of this “not so great” country. And the Republicans should probably make damn sure they send him a thank you card for giving them one hell of a campaign commercial come 2020. Cuomo has said he wants to explore running for President against Trump. That’ll be one fine commercial, I assure you!

I’m really getting sick and tired of these idiot liberals that want to trash every single thing Republicans do. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are in that mix. If Jesus Christ himself descended to earth and proclaimed himself to be a Republican, these people would probably want to crucify him all over again.

Frankly, I don’t agree with much going on in the Democrat party these days, but they aren’t totally without good ideas. Every once in a while, they come up with one. The last one actually was with Obamacare. Well, let me rephrase that. It was the elimination of the “pre-existing condition” part of Obamacare. The rest of the bill sucked. But these guys are so hepped up to think they’re are the solution to every problem in America, they can’t see straight. Ask a Democrat what good is going on in the country today and they won’t be able to tell you the economy is great, that actually the tariffs that Trump has proposed are indeed leveling the playing field and are having the desired effect.

That’s why they are snowflakes. Let’s just hope they melt before election day. THAT is what would make America great again!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

If The Left Thinks It’s Going So Badly…

I am always amazed at how politics clouds judgement. Take a look at any recent event that you want. If it’s something the conservatives have done, the liberals out there think it’s one of the worst things in the world. If it’s something the liberals want, the right wants to hang them. Both sides actually have decent ideas from time to time, and both sides CAN be right, just not at the same time.

What I have found amazing over the past 21 months since Donald Trump was elected president is what the economy has done. Do you recall what happened on election night? The Dow Jones futures took a HUGE tumble when they thought Trump was going to win. And the next day, the Dow closed up. It’s been more up than down since that time, though this year has been more sideways…maybe even a little down, it’s still up from 2016.

And what does the left do? They scream that the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. When Donald Trump and Congress passed some of the largest tax cuts in history (which is usually viewed as a good thing), the left screamed how it was all for the fat cat friends of Trump. Actually, no. It wasn’t. It was for a lot of the middle class people. And I’m saying that as someone who actually will be paying more in taxes this year than last year.

When that leftist leaning polling organization Gallup decided to ask Americans about it, I think they were somewhat shocked at the results. 37% of the respondents cited economic factors as the most important thing going well in America today. That’s the highest that has rated since 2004 by the way. That would leap frog over the second half of George W. Bush’s term, and all of Bobo Obama’s.

But still Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the left scream about how bad things are in America today…and how good they were under Obama. The truth of the matter is, there isn’t one economic factor out there today that is worse than it was under Bobo. It just isn’t the case, and both Pelosi and Schumer, and the rest of the snowflakes that are screaming about it, either don’t understand the first thing about economics, or they are so politicized by this process that they don’t care, they’d be against pretty much everything that the Republicans and Donald Trump accomplished.

Look, I understand politics better than the average bear. I’ve had friends in high places in government, yes, including meeting presidents, governors, senators, and representatives. I surprised a couple of folks golfing when I pulled out my cell phone and showed them a certain governor’s cell phone number. So, I get that the left needs to try and play Trump’s victories as a terrible thing for America. But let’s at least have some modicum of honesty here, shall we? I mean, I gave Obama credit whenever he did the right thing, which was, admittedly very rare. But I at least did. And I would do the same for Schumer or Pelosi if they ever did anything right besides bitch and moan. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I just wish the people of New York and San Francisco would wake up and realize what jokes they are! But then again, they DO help Republicans get elected, don’t they?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Left Cringes As Trump’s Popularity Grows

You’ve heard of the latest psychotic neuroses right? TDS or Trump Derangement Syndrome? This is where if you’re a liberal, you’re going bat-crazy right now that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. You’re in a constant state of denial, and you can’t imagine how the country could have gotten it so wrong.

After everything that Donald Trump has done to right the economy, you’re really upset because it was, after all, Barack Obama, not Donald Trump that turned the economy around (after eight straight years of stagnant growth…the worst of any president since Herbert Hoover). Even as you got a new, high paying job and got to quit the two part time jobs you got under Obama, and now you’re making a “living wage” thanks to the new factory that moved back to this country from Mexico, you can’t seem to believe it’s Donald Trump’s doing.

Even after you spent your tax break on a family vacation this summer, you carp about how the rich are getting it all, and the middle class got screwed. And just when you think that it couldn’t get any worse, Anthony Kennedy resigns from the Supreme Court, and Donald Trump is going to be the benefactor of choosing yet another Justice. That means that IF Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes it through the term, it’s probably going to be a solid 5-4 conservative court. IF RBG retires or dies in the next year and a half, then it becomes a 6-3 court. And IF Steven Breyer follows her (he’s 79 after all), then it becomes a 7-2 court, and you can forget about ever getting a decent decision out of them.

In the meantime, the Senate is busy pushing through judicial nominations to flood the lower federal courts with more conservative judges. And that was after Obama pushed to do the same thing on the liberal side!

And you wonder how the country got it so wrong? Why does it seem that Trump is actually winning, when he wants to tear kids away from their families at the border, and still wants to build that damn wall?

Well, the country is slipping over to Trump. According to a Harvard University study just released, his approval rating is up in the last month two points to 47%. While 90% of Republicans support him, Independents’ support grew by 10% in the past month, and yes, even Democrats’ support increased by 4%. And that was a study from Harvard, for God’s sake….those guys are supposed to be liberal!

IF (and again, that’s a big “IF”) Trump were to continue on this path for the next few months, it could spell a complete doom to this “Big Blue Wave” that Nancy Pelosi has predicted. I mean, when was the last time she got something right. When was the last time she was able to actually getting a sentence out without stumbling? Apparently, the “generic battle” for congress has evened up. Oh, and their approval rating? It’s the highest it’s been in 28 years! And how can that be with the Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress?

Liberals need to realize that where Barack Obama lost over 900 seats nationwide for the Democrats, making him the largest political loser in history, Donald Trump may well be better for the Republican party than even Ronald Reagan was. And that’s a feat even the most ardent liberal wishes they could top!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Someone PUHLEEZE Tell Me…

I’m in a quandry. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what all of these protest marches are supposed to accomplish? Oh, I get it that it’s a throwback to the 60’s when there were marches in the streets over everything. And then, like now, they accomplish very little.

That never seems to matter.

Take this past weekend. Tom Steyer, that uber-socialist, tree-hugging, eco-terrorist held a march in Washington, DC. What was it for? You’d think climate global change warming, right? Well, yeah, that was part of it. But it was also an anti-Trump rally. And it was also and anti-faith rally. And it was also a union rally. And it was also an LGBTQ rally. Sounds more like the Democrats’ national convention to me.

And my question is, what does this stuff accomplish? I mean, look, we had all of these gun control marches a few weeks back led by that kid from Florida who should be in school, but is rather enjoying his 15 minutes of fame (have you seen him lately? No? That’s because his 15 minutes are up!) We’ve moved on. And what has really happened? A couple of mis-informed companies told the NRA that they were no longer going to give their members discounts. Big deal! More people during that time joined the NRA, and more people during that time went out and bought guns. That seems to me to be just the opposite of what these gun control nuts wanted. So why protest?

And what good is going to come of all of the marches and protests that go on around the country? Oh, it DOES make the people taking part in the protest feel good for a day or two. They think they’ve accomplished something, but again, what has happened? Nothing. Bupkis. Zip. Nada.

And that, in short is one of the main problems I have with the Democrats and liberals in general. They’re really long on “feel-good” solutions that don’t accomplish anything, and really non-existent on solutions that actually solve problems. If you think about it going back, I’m trying to think of things the left has done that actually have had a long term benefit to this country. OK…I thought of Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights act, but the left (or the Democrats at least) opposed that at the time. Other than that, it seems everything they have accomplished has led to shortfalls, downgrades, and generally worsening of whatever was meant to be.

Need proof? OK. Let’s start with Social Security. Oh, it’s a nice idea to help out poor, never-employed widows (which was the original intent). It’s turned into a nationally government-funded pension system. And it sucks because it’s going broke. So is Medicare and Medicaid. Look at Obamacare. It never had a chance to succeed because it was poorly designed with the wrong goals in mind. And instead of helping people that couldn’t afford healthcare, it created a whole new class of people that retired early and can’t get decent healthcare insurance…forcing millions to go back to work just for the healthcare.

Everywhere you look, liberal ideals fall apart. They spend scads of money and for what? And then when they don’t get their way, they take to the streets to protest. And what does that show? Only that they don’t have anything better to do with their time.

Personally, I think it’s time liberals left the 60’s in the past and grew up. It’s time.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!