You Want To Riot? You Are Going To Pay For It!

I think I need to have a huge shout out to Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) for his latest bill being introduced in Congress. Now, I will say that I don’t think he has a ghost of a chance of getting it passed in the House of Representatives, but that’s ok because by voting against it, every single House member is going to show their true colors to the world. Hopefully it gets to an up and down vote on the House floor.

What’s the big bill? Banks wants to deny the extra unemployment benefits that those out of work have been getting since the COVID-19 pandemic broke, and the government started issuing $600 per week additional unemployment checks (now $400) to anybody that is arrested for, and found guilty of rioting. So if you’re unemployed and you riot, and you get arrested and convicted, you lose that extra $400 a week!

Frankly, I don’t know how many of those folks are unemployed. Most, from what I’ve heard are on the payroll of George Soros, and he’s paying upwards of $1,500 a week to them to cause trouble. Now, that may mean that they are running afoul with the IRS if they don’t claim that money as income and pay tax on it. I’m sure Soros isn’t withholding their taxes and paying FICA for them on that. So, I can see where these people if they are indeed collecting unemployment while rioting, could be in even bigger trouble.

Here’s the over-riding factor in all of this. We all know that George Soros is spreading his money around to raise angst in our country. Ours isn’t the only country he does this in either. He does it all over the world, just to raise his brand of anarchy. But I would suggest that Banks take his bill and increase it a few notches. What if those people that get arrested and convicted for rioting and looting lose ALL of their federal benefits and protections? What if they were to lose their food stamps, or their welfare payments, or their Obamacare insurance, or their VA benefits if they served? What if they were to lose other federal things like a tax refund? Of course, that would most likely never get through the House of Representatives either, since being a tax issue, it would have to come through Congress. But what if?

If these looting idiots in places like Portland, and Seattle, and Kenosha, and Chicago, and New York, and other places want to keep looting and burn their neighborhoods to the ground, shouldn’t there be severe punishment? Oh, and let’s understand one thing…

Some cursory research shows that police have killed a grand total of 9 unarmed black men in the past year. They’ve killed 19 unarmed white men in the same time. Why aren’t we mourning the loss of those folks? Want some other statistics? From the Department of Justice, Black on White Violent Crime has occured over 536,000 times in the past year nationwide. White on Black crime? About 52,000 times. That means that roughly 90% of the inter-racial violent crime has been Black on White. Why aren’t we hearing that? Seems to me that someone is playing fast and loose with who we are mourning and rioting about!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

This Is What Needs To Happen To Stop The Nonsense

I’ve thought about this for a while now. We’ve spent much of 2020 looking at idiots looting and rioting. Oh, they SAY they’re doing it because they’re sick of the way the country is going. They SAY it’s because they are being mistreated by those in power and that they feel helpless. But when you look at the problems that blacks face in this country, I think the problem goes deeper.

Here’s what needs to happen to stop all of the nonsense that’s been going on in places like Portland, and Seattle, and Chicago, and New York. Oh, have you noticed those are all Democrat strongholds? Yes? That plays right into what needs to happen.

First and foremost, America has lost its way. We used to be a rather pious nation. I know I’m rather ancient, but I remember a day when stores were actually closed on Sundays so people could go to church. Churches were all filled to capacity. If you didn’t get there 20 minutes early, you were basically sitting under the Pastor’s nose in the front pew. Today, you can probably only name me one company that closes its doors on Sunday, and that would be Chick Fil A. Everyone else is open all the time.

America needs to turn back to God. I’m not trying to espouse religion on anybody, I’m not an evangelist. But we’ve lost our way primarily because liberals in this country (and elsewhere in the world) have pushed and pushed and pushed us so far to the left we are a shadow of where we were just a few short years ago. If America were to re-embrace God and the teachings in whatever book you follow be it the Bible, or the Torah, or the Koran, you would see America coming together as a nation.

That is the most basic step we need to take. The failure to maintain a relationship with the Creator leads to a breakdown in the home. It leads to broken homes, where the institution of marriage is just something we do to throw a party, not to take a vow before God. Today’s Millennials don’t understand this because God has never been a part of their lives. To them, marriage is totally unnecessary. Guys go out and get a woman they love pregnant and they live together as if they were married. At least until there’s a fight and one of them gets thrown out of the house. Then you have a broken home and no way to fix it because there was never a connection to God.

It’s happened in all communities, but I saw it first in the black community. That leads to a single mother trying to raise kids while being the sole breadwinner. Oh, it can be done. My mother was a single mother who raised three kids. And I like to think we all turned out pretty well. But most people don’t have the drive and fortitude my mother has. And when you don’t have a man present in a family situation, it hurts. The same as what happens when you don’t have a woman in the household. It’s why the marriage of a man and a woman is such a powerful thing.

When America decides it’s time to turn back to God, repent our sins, and accept the way we were meant to live, you will see all of this rioting and looting, and crazy stuff happening starts to dissipate and we will get back to normal. THAT is what’s needed in America. It’s not Joe Biden, and it’s not Donald Trump. It’s our Creator.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Blowing Up The Cities

There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for. That certainly seems to be the case with the urban populations around some of the country currently. And it’s funny when you look at and analyze it. The people that are doing the “blowing up” of some of our nation’s cities are of the same political persuasion as those in charge of those cities.

When you look at what has been going on in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and San Francisco, and Portland, you realize one thing very quickly. These are all cities that have been run for decades by Democrats. These are liberal enclaves. So, why are liberal mayors having such a hard time bringing the looters and rioters under control? It’s simple. They are agreeing with them. Because to bring them under control is to disagree with them, and they can’t be seen going against groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

So what’s the solution?

Well, first off, I would disagree with Donald Trump. I don’t think sending in the troops would be the way to do it. These people would view that as signaling the start of the civil war they really want to kick off. They are trying to agitate the government into fighting them, then they can get the public on their side (as happened in the early days of the BLM protests), and take down the government. That’s totally the opposite thing to do.

No, the thing to do in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and Portland, and yes, even San Francisco is you let them do what they want to do. Let the marketplace decide.

At some point, Donald Trump should step aside and let these cities deal with it on their own. That means no federal troops, no federal money, nothing. If these cities that elected liberals and socialists to run them want to back idiot groups like Antifa, then they get what they deserve. The solution is in the ballot box come the next election. Do you really think that Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, or Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot will be a shoo-in come their next election?

Now, taking that stance, yes, you do run the risk of actually getting someone more liberal. But at some point, even dumbed down liberals will have to understand that their way of life isn’t working and it’s turning their city into a cesspool. And, hopefully, if there are any conservatives left at that point, one of them will resonate with the voters.

But to go ahead and try and force an end to the violence that still permeates our nation’s streets is fruitless. Let the rioters have their way. Because as we saw with CHAZ/CHOP, and as we saw with Occupy Wall Street, these things are basically short-lived. One thing we know about these liberal idiots, they can’t stay out of their parents’ basements long enough to enact real change. To do that would require some real, honest-to-goodness convictions. That’s one thing these people don’t have.

Rather than agitate, ignore. The results may be worse in the short-term, but in the long-term, they will come around. Either that or there won’t be a city for them to ruin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Welcome To CHAZ

It’s happened in one of the most liberal cities in the country, and it’s happened apparently with the mayor’s blessing. The new country of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) has been formed in a part of Seattle, Washington.

In CHAZ, there are no police allowed. Anarchy reigns supreme, and the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan said that the takeover of a four-block area was nothing more than a “block party” and a “summer of love”, a throw-back to the old Height-Ashbury days of the 1960s in San Francisco. Actually, it’s nothing like that.

The rioters have taken over a police precinct, changed the name on the building from “Police Precinct” to “People’s Precinct”, and have demanded that the building become a community center.

Donald Trump has told Durkan and Washington Governor, Jay Inslee that either they get control of their city back, or Trump would show up to do it for them. That brought a rebuke from the socialist mayor. In the end, the Seattle Police Chief told reporters that it was not her decision to abandon their precinct building, and it’s very evident that she is at odds with Seattle’s socialist mayor.

So, in the end, CHAZ has become the 2020’s “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It’s basically the same thing. The protesters will undoubtedly leave when the weather turns cold. Oh, the feelings will be there, but the one thing I’ve noticed about liberals and their protests, they don’t like it when the weather gets bad. So, I guess you could call them, “Fair Weather Liberals”?

Look, I get we all have the right of peaceful assembly. That does not mean you destroy and deface buildings. You don’t burn buildings for any reason, even the death of another black man in Atlanta, allegedly at the hands of a white police officer Sunday morning. That means you show up and march, you can carry signs, and you can chant. You don’t riot, you don’t loot.

Donald Trump is right on one thing with all of this. Anarchy cannot in any way shape or form be tolerated or allowed to happen, even if the socialist mayor of Seattle agrees with the protesters and looters and rioters. If that is allowed to happen, our country will city by city fall to Antifa. I have a feeling that’s not about to happen. I have a feeling that if it starts to happen, there will be more dead bodies in the streets and that would be a very sad day. Our country doesn’t need to go through another civil war, but if that’s what it takes to solve this mess, bring it on.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!