Defund The Police Leads To Hiring Private Security

The cry has been going on for over a year. Democrat run cities all over the country have been wailing on how they need to “defund” the police. Cities like New York have chopped one-sixth of the police budget (about $1 billion) from cops, instead spending it on homeless, drug addiction, and other social programs. Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other metropolitan areas have followed suit. Ah, but there’s a catch!

Those folks doing the screaming are making sure that they are still protected!

Police roles have been chopped by about 400 officers in the city of Chicago. That means 400 less crimefighters on the streets of the Windy City this year than about a year and a half ago. So, the average Chicago citizen is nowhere near as safe today as they were 18 months ago. Yet, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot has been spending on average $2.5 million of taxpayer money each year to make sure she had a security team around her.

Meanwhile, in New York, Bill de Blasio has chopped a billion off of the budget for the cops, yet he spent over $300,000 of taxpayer money on his own security during his short, but failed run for the White House last year.

It’s been happening time and time again. Minneapolis City Council voted to gut the cities’ police budget. Then when crime started going through the roof, the very people that were screaming to defund the police, spent taxpayer money to make sure they were protected, by hiring private security firms to be their personal body guards.

What’s interesting is, you don’t find this going on in Republican led cities. Seattle, Portland, LA, and other cities couldn’t chop money from police budgets fast enough. And when crime started to run rampant as it has in every single city that has defunded their police department, they are spending millions of dollars to protect sometimes just one person! There isn’t any savings to spend on homeless, or drug addiction or other social programs. It’s all going to fund private security firms to protect the Mayors and the city councils. The average Joe on the street is left to fend for his and her self. Of course, these are the same Democrats that swear up and down that they are for the little guy. That is until they don’t feel safe.

This is just another example of how screwed up the Democrats are. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out there saying that we need to defund ALL police departments. Since January, about six months, AOC has spent over $25,000 just in security for herself. On a recent trip to Houston, she spent of $1,500. That’s yours and my money being spent. But she’s not talking about that. She’s talking about taking police off the streets to make sure you and I aren’t as safe as what we were just a year and a half ago. Where is the sense?

There is no common sense in defunding the police. Even Joe Biden, in his confused and addled state of mind realizes that and says that he doesn’t back that. But anything the socialist left can do to stir the pot, to make it even more unsafe than it already is, would be a victory for them. They don’t care about the little guy. They care about tearing down America.

The truly sad part of this entire debate is, most Americans can’t put two and two together and come up with four. They are starting to believe, little by little, leftist by leftist that the police are bad and that the police are the villains, not the perps doing that crimes. That’s when you realize that America has turned the corner. We can still save ourselves from going off the cliff, but if we don’t act soon, it will be too late. We have the ability to make Venezuela look like a world superpower compared to what we will look like in just 10 years!

Carry on world…but be afraid….very afraid…you’re dismissed!

Double Standard Thanksgiving

This year is such a strange year. Coronavirus has thrown pretty much the whole thing into a tizzy. And yet, we are still surviving…well, most of us anyway. And we will. But what is very disturbing is the double standard that is showing up in the late fall over our behavior.

I’m talking about the double standard that is on display between those that are making the decisions to tell people to forego Thanksgiving with their families this year, and those of us that are supposed to follow that advice. Because more often than not, it’s a double standard.

In Illinois, the Democrat Governor, JB Pritzker has told people NOT to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a sure way to spread the virus, and it’s not allowed in his state. Of course, he won’t be there if you decide to turn a blind eye to his travel ban…he’s going to Florida for Thanksgiving.

In Washington, Oregon, and California, there were 20 members of their state legislature that were invited to go to a corporate sponsored retreat. Nothing too unusual about that, except that those states have seen a huge spike in COVID cases recently, and have ordered people to stay at home. Those 20 people? Yeah, they’re going to the Fairmont in Maui for four days (at $600 a day for rooms), all on the corporate bigwigs that wanted to rub elbows (but not shake hands?) with them.

In the great state of Oregon, if you have more than 10 people over to your house for Thanksgiving, it’s such an egregious offense, you could actually be watching the second half of the Detroit Lion’s game from jail. But if you want to go out and riot and smash some windows of some businesses, that’s ok. There’s no penalty for violating the stay-at-home order for that!

In California, Governor Gavin Newsome decided enough was enough, and told restaurants they could no longer have indoor seating because of the spread of the virus. Of course, that doesn’t apply to the Governor. He then immediately went off and joined a bunch of his pals for a posh dinner inside a restaurant. When he was questioned about it, he said, “Well, I guess I probably shouldn’t have done that…I should have walked away”. Ya think?

We’ve seen this time and time again. Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor wants people to stay at home and not get sick, yet she’s seen celebrating Joe Biden’s (supposed) victory. And Chuckie Schumer, that over-blown bag of wind from New York? Yeah, he was dancing in the streets not wearing a mask. Yet, it’s a fine if you’re on the streets of New York without one. I wonder if he paid his yet?

When are we going to require that before our “leaders” decide to impose restrictions on our freedoms that they adhere to the same freedoms? How many Nancy Pelosi hair salon visits are we going to put up with before we realize that these people are idiots that don’t have the right to tell us what to do, and vote their asses out of office? If you’re going to lead, you first need to know how to follow. Apparently that’s advice that’s fallen on deaf ears.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

See What Backing Antifa Gets You

It doesn’t get you a lot of support, apparently. At least not in the riot-riddled city of Portland. The mayor there, Ted Wheeler is finding out the hard way, that backing “the protesters”, which has led to over 100 nights of riots and destruction in The Rose City, has also led to his downfall. At least that’s what the latest poll shows.

See, Ted Wheeler is up for re-election, and it appears he doesn’t have much support among the normally uber-leftist snowflake in his fair city. Only 26% approve of his job as Mayor. A whopping 63% have a negative view of hizonor.

Wheeler is probably best known for telling Donald Trump that he didn’t want his brand of “politics of division and demagoguery” in Portland. Trump responded by saying Wheeler was incompetent like Sleepy Joe Biden. The next day, there were hundreds of protesters outside of Wheeler’s condominium, calling for his resignation. Instead, he decided he would move so his neighbors could get a good night’s sleep.

And this is what backing rioters and looters, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa gets you apparently. So, it’s really strange that so many companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising designed to show they support this rather radical group. Now, I will be one of the first to say that I don’t believe that blacks should be treated any differently than any other race or ethnicity in this country. That said, I also believe that means you don’t put them up on a pedestal either. We are all equal. That means all the same. I get it they feel put upon, and they feel that the police are “out to get them”, and they are afraid to drive down the streets in some cities. That shouldn’t happen, but if they are afraid, you have to ask yourself, just why are they afraid. Is it because they are trying to avoid any contact with the police because of prior criminal acts? Or is it because the police are uber-sensitive to seeing people of color? Neither leads to a good outcome.

What all of this shows is that Ted Wheeler, like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, and Bill de Blasio in New York City are seeing is in trouble politically. When you have a lot of your staff quitting, the police force opting for early retirement, and your streets littered with rubble from nightly protests and violence, you probably ought to consider a different line of work. It is very likely that Wheeler will lose the election in November to urban policy consultant, Sarah Iannarone after failing to get 50% plus one votes in the May primary. At this point, Wheeler has a better chance of defeating Donald Trump for the presidency.

I would expect that other mayors like Lightfoot, de Blasio, Jenny Durkin of Seattle, and Lovely Warren the Mayor of Rochester, New York are all going to be looking for work after their terms expire. de Blasio is term limited, so he’s toast after 2021. Durkin is already running for re-election in Seattle. Warren, who’s lost a lot of her staff due to the violence in Rochester, has an election in 2021 as well. And Lightfoot’s term in Chicago is up in 2023.

What will be interesting to see moving forward is whether or not the anti-mayoral attitudes in these cities, and around the country will actually play out on the national stage with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Biden has finally come out against the rioters after spending months not saying a word about them. Trump’s law and order campaign seems to be taking hold and he’s narrowed a very wide 15 point gap to somewhere between 5 and 7 points in just a couple of weeks. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Blowing Up The Cities

There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for. That certainly seems to be the case with the urban populations around some of the country currently. And it’s funny when you look at and analyze it. The people that are doing the “blowing up” of some of our nation’s cities are of the same political persuasion as those in charge of those cities.

When you look at what has been going on in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and San Francisco, and Portland, you realize one thing very quickly. These are all cities that have been run for decades by Democrats. These are liberal enclaves. So, why are liberal mayors having such a hard time bringing the looters and rioters under control? It’s simple. They are agreeing with them. Because to bring them under control is to disagree with them, and they can’t be seen going against groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

So what’s the solution?

Well, first off, I would disagree with Donald Trump. I don’t think sending in the troops would be the way to do it. These people would view that as signaling the start of the civil war they really want to kick off. They are trying to agitate the government into fighting them, then they can get the public on their side (as happened in the early days of the BLM protests), and take down the government. That’s totally the opposite thing to do.

No, the thing to do in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and Portland, and yes, even San Francisco is you let them do what they want to do. Let the marketplace decide.

At some point, Donald Trump should step aside and let these cities deal with it on their own. That means no federal troops, no federal money, nothing. If these cities that elected liberals and socialists to run them want to back idiot groups like Antifa, then they get what they deserve. The solution is in the ballot box come the next election. Do you really think that Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, or Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot will be a shoo-in come their next election?

Now, taking that stance, yes, you do run the risk of actually getting someone more liberal. But at some point, even dumbed down liberals will have to understand that their way of life isn’t working and it’s turning their city into a cesspool. And, hopefully, if there are any conservatives left at that point, one of them will resonate with the voters.

But to go ahead and try and force an end to the violence that still permeates our nation’s streets is fruitless. Let the rioters have their way. Because as we saw with CHAZ/CHOP, and as we saw with Occupy Wall Street, these things are basically short-lived. One thing we know about these liberal idiots, they can’t stay out of their parents’ basements long enough to enact real change. To do that would require some real, honest-to-goodness convictions. That’s one thing these people don’t have.

Rather than agitate, ignore. The results may be worse in the short-term, but in the long-term, they will come around. Either that or there won’t be a city for them to ruin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Talk Leadership

The other day, I blogged about Joe Biden and his comments from his basement that he was a much better leader than Donald Trump. He would basically “unite the country” and bring peace to our land once again. And we kind of debunked his leadership, showing that he really hasn’t done much to be called a leader during his time in office in DC. He’s not really proposed a whole lot of legislation as a Senator, and as Vice President, he dutifully went to foreign dignitaries’ funerals, and smiled a lot.

But what about the Democrats?

Have the Democrats as a party been any better at leadership? My hunch is no, they have not. One can point to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and other cities that have long been liberal strongholds. Have they been successful? Well, in San Francisco, home to one of California’s Senators (Diane Feinstein), and the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Nancy Pelosi), they have drug needles on the streets, feces everywhere, and homeless camped out in droves because housing costs are too expensive…and there are no mental health facilities ready to help these people. So, they have a huge homeless problem. Los Angeles is the same way. In New York, you’ve got rampant crime under Bill de Blasio as mayor, and he’s swearing that he’s going to defund the police department over this whole George Floyd thing that happened 1,202 miles away. His police department didn’t have a damn thing to do with George Floyd’s death.

In Chicago, run by Democrat Lori Lightfoot, police there over the weekend were so enraptured trying to quell the rioters and looters that the neighborhoods went unguarded. As a result, 18 people were killed in shootings within a 24 hour span. That by the way is the deadliest day in Chi-Town in 60 years. And, when Lightfoot was interviewed on Dem-friendly MSNBC, what did she have to say about the whole “defunding of police” mantra? She said that “We can’t rely upon the police to provide public safety. That’s a 1990’s version of public policy”.


I thought the whole reason for having police WAS that they would provide public safety. If it’s not, then why are they there? Lightfoot’s answer? Those people need jobs! So, we’re going to put them on the public dole, but not expect them to do their job. They are there just to get a paycheck!

In Seattle, Antifa has declared that community to be their new “capital city”, and that’s where they are going to be based out of. It’s not surprising to find out that James d’Orma Braman was the last Republican elected mayor in Seattle. That was 1964, a scant 56 years ago! Since that time, Seattle has turned into a cesspool of rioters, and anarchists.

The country needs to learn that Democrat run cities are nothing more than cesspools themselves. They’ve devolved from thriving metropolises over time to absolute sewers of humanity. And the Democrats that have run these once bustling and energetic cities into the ground have done nothing to solve their city’s problems. You can take Detroit where the last Republican mayor, Louis Miriani left office in 1962. Since then, it’s been all Democrats, and Detroit always winds up as the number one “Worst City in America”. It’s been because of poor leadership from the Democrats that turned a thriving auto producing capital into a slum that has lost over a million people. In fact, when Miriani left as mayor, Detroit was the 5th largest city in the country. Today, they’re 23rd, and since 2000 have lost over 28% of their population!

You can’t look at a city in this country that’s been run by Democrats for the past 30 years or more, and see a thriving metropolis. Instead, you see the lack of leadership. The same thing will happen if the Democrats are able to take over our federal government. We will become the next Venezuela!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!