Are You Kidding Me?

Let’s analyze some facts for a few minutes. In the past few weeks we’ve seen a bungling president totally screw up a withdrawal from a country we’ve wanted to get out of for some time. We’ve seen inflation take off like one of those planes leaving Afghanistan. We’ve watched as crime in the streets of our major cities continues to spin out of control. We’re seeing the latest “variant” of COVID taking over the world, and our government’s response is to go back to wearing masks, even though there have been several studies that show that doesn’t help. And we’re watching the southern border turn to a colander, where anyone that wants to cross can, and not be criticized.

And what’s the big news of the day?

Mike Richards is stepping down as the new host of Jeopardy! because it was discovered that eight years ago he said some disparaging remarks against women and Jews in a podcast.

Is this what America has sunk to?

I have watched this go on now for almost a week. Richards, who was the executive producer of the show in Alex Trebek’s final season before his death, and Sony Pictures, who owns the show announced that after trying out dozens of people to sit in and host the show, they were going to elevate Richards to the top spot. But then something akin of a Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing took hold. Fans got up in arms over the selection. I guess they were looking for someone more like LeVar Burton, or Savannah Guthrie to take it, right? As if whoever hosts a gameshow really matters? Mayim Bialik was named after the initial reaction as a co-host, which makes sense. She’s the only one with a PhD, and is probably the smartest one of everyone that tried out, Ken Jennings included.

But I cannot believe that everyone in the country seems to be upset over this. I guess it was like this when Bob Barker left The Price Is Right, but again, I really didn’t care since I didn’t watch it. I mean, I like Jeopardy!, but I’m not that enthralled with whomever is giving the answers. You could pick people off the street of Ames, Iowa for all I care. And I have a hard time believing that most Americans give two shakes of salt who it is either.

Granted, the show is in it’s 38th season of syndication. That’s like unheard of. That and Wheel of Fortune, the other show that usually shares the 7pm-8pm time slot around most of the country is certainly an anomaly. But are we as a nation really that far off the rails that we are protesting who a gameshow host is? Really?

I would like to think we care more about a president of this country that can’t do an interview with the media without screwing up. He can’t answer the simplest questions on Afghanistan without walking away from a podium. He finds it necessary to go and hide in a basement or Camp David to avoid being criticized. His VP is as much a bumbling fool as he is, and hasn’t done a damn thing on the southern border, even though she has been tabbed as the “point person”.

Are we to the point that we’re more concerned with the lottery numbers in Mega Millions than we are about getting 15,000 Americans home from Afghanistan? Are we really to the point that we’d rather watch The Simpson’s or Jeopardy! than care about what happens at the southern border, or dealing with COVID? If so, forget trying to muster a fight against the socialists. We’ve already been defeated. Waive the white flag, lay in to a good hearty stock of rice and duck’s feet because the Chinese will be here to take over any minute!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!