The End Of Liberalism

Today we are going to cover a lot of differing subjects, but all having to do with those idiot liberal snowflakes that think they have all the answers (and it’s all the same thing…government). In reality, the liberalism movement is dying out quickly. You can point to a lot of different places, but it’s all leading to the same location. Liberalism has been tried in this country for the past ten months, and it has flopped. Big time.

Here’s just a sample of how the crazies on the left are dealing with it, and who is to blame.

First of all, you’ve got a commentator on a cable news channel all upset “at Republicans”. Why? Because he says it was Republicans that have taken the word “woke” and changed it into a negative to the point that no one wants to use the word any longer. Well, that’s not exactly true. First of all, the word “woke” was a stupid word to begin with and never was going to catch on. It’s already gone the way of “cancel culture”, which died when it started eating it’s own. Actually, if liberals wanted to blame anybody, they could blame their own. James Carville is the one that said that “stupid wokeness” was the reason Democrats and Terry McAuliffe lost the election in Virginia. I don’t believe the Republicans had anything to do with it. Another liberal faux pas.

Moving on, you have Cher. Yeah…I know. She’s what? 75 years old now, hasn’t sung in a LONG while (which we are all thankful for), and she really is in need of someone to go through her communications prior to her sending it out to the world. Here’s one of her latest tweets:


— Cher (@cher) November 14, 2021

I’m not too sure Cher was exactly sober or straight when she attempted to be “woke” on this one. She got literally slammed by both the right and the left for a rambling, meaningless tweet.

Let’s look at Black Lives Matter. Remember, it was just about a year ago, this was the hottest group on the planet. They could have demanded that the White House be painted black and it probably would have been. Today? Not so much. Hawk Newsome, who started a BLM chapter in New York City was responding to Mayor Elect, Eric Adams’ pro-law enforcement stance on Dan Bongino’s show on Fox News. Because New Yorkers are fed up with the violence in the street, the soaring murder rate, and the fact that tourism, a major economic factor in the Big Apple, is falling through the floor because of the crime, they elected Adams to solve the problem. His idea was to do a 180 on what soon to be former Mayor, Bill de Blasio’s call to “defund the police”. Newsome’s call was to threaten bloodshed and riots in the streets because of Adam’s law and order stance. Yeah, that went over really well.

Then you’ve got Elon Musk’s jab at Bernie Sanders. Hadn’t heard about that one? Well, the Tesla superstar destroyed Sanders over his “wealthy need to pay their fair share” comment tweeting to him, “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.” No response from Sanders.

And it goes on and on. So…the question is, who do you blame on the Democrats’ side for all of the above? The answer isn’t easy. You can take the easy way out and blame Brandon Biden because of his total ineptitude that has only about 26% of Democrats wanting him to run for reelection in 2024. You can blame his partner in crime, K-baby Harris, who only has a 28% approval rating, 10 points lower than Biden’s historically low rating. You could blame Nancy Pelosi, the aging dinosaur and House Speaker who can’t veer to the left fast enough to avoid the barbs being thrown at her by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the Whackjob 5. You can blame Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for their socialistic views that started this whole drive to the left in the first place. And you could possibly blame Chuckie Schumer for his inability to lead his party as the Democrat’s Majority Leader in the Senate.

Or you could go to the source. You could blame the 81 million people that voted for Joe Biden in the first place. They are the ones that hated Donald Trump enough to put us in this mess. They are the ones that felt going to the bottom for four years was better than continuing on with a guy who’s policies were spot on, but who’s presidential style was totally lacking. They were the ones that elected Pelosi and Schumer, and AOC and her group, and screamed “Defund The Police” for a while until they realized that without police, crime runs rampant (duh?!) and yes, they are the ones that have put us in this mess. The country doesn’t move left without the country going along with it.

The good news in all of this is, we have pulled back the curtain in Oz. We have seen the “wizard” and it IS just an old bald man stumbling and bumbling his way through things. But we can indeed fix it, and unless the GOP does something stupid in the next 12 months, by all indications we will be fixing it. Part of me prays the Republicans don’t step on their own male members in the meantime, but then I remind myself how poor the Democrats are at good ideas. They passed their good ideas decades ago. Now all we are getting from them is beer foam. Time to take out the trash!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Youngkin Wins In VA; Ciattarelli In Toss-Up In NJ

In what has been viewed by most as a referendum on Joe Biden and his policies this year, Glenn Youngkin single handedly turned Virginia into a red state again by defeating Terry McAuliffe for the Governor’s mansion. And in New Jersey, where Phil Murphy was supposed to easily become the first sitting Democrat to win reelection since 1977, it’s a toss-up and too close to call as Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican, holds a slim 1,200 vote margin early this morning.

The Youngkin win could have been predicted. He was picking up all sorts of endorsements and steam after Terry McAuliffe made one of the worst gaffes in history saying, ““I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The flub came during a debate with Youngkin in September. The result was unmitigated hatred toward the former Clintonista.

The toss-up in New Jersey wasn’t supposed to happen at all. Murphy had been a relatively popular governor and looked to be able to breeze to victory there. But with the Biden administration and the Congressional Democrats screwing up at every turn, Jack Ciattarelli, closed the gap to within four points the weekend before the vote. The mere fact he was able to make it a horserace in a very blue state is remarkable to say the least.

So, what does this mean, and what will the Dems’ do next?

Those are the questions to watch. First of all, yes, the governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia do have national implications for next year. The mere fact that either race was close is very telling on a national level. And though it was McAuliffe’s education gaffe that cost him the election, it shouldn’t have been close enough to matter. And the things we need to watch for coming up the road are first of all, how many Democrats in the House and Senate decide they’ve had enough and announce their retirement between now and the end of the year. The second thing we need to watch is how the Democrats react to this and that could go one of two ways.

In the first scenario, my guess is that anyone that’s been in the House or the Senate for a good while, are older, and don’t want to go through a campaign they may end their careers on, will probably hang it up. They will say they want to spend time with the family and meet the grandkids, you know…the usual stuff. But they will be saying it. And it will mean fewer incumbents running for office, especially in the House.

As far as what this means between now and next November’s election day, it could go one of two ways. The first, and least probable way is going to be that the Democrats moderate greatly. They realize that the precursor to their midterms was disastrous and they realize that the progressive socialist movement isn’t doing them any favors. I don’t expect that to happen.

What I DO expect to happen is for Biden to realize that anything he does is pretty much going to be mocked and ridiculed and that if he wants any sort of agenda to get passed, he’s going to have to ram it through as fast and as hard as he can, 2022 be damned. That’s where it gets dangerous and interesting.

Nancy Pelosi has been Biden’s loyal soldier throughout this whole ordeal, and trust me, she’s had a hell of a year. She’s found out that there is a segment of her party that she cannot control. She can’t just snap her fingers and tell them that the funds for reelection will dry up if they don’t follow here because the socialists in the House don’t care. They won because they convinced enough socialists in their district that they had the answer. They all ran on shoestring campaigns, and it doesn’t bother them to hear they aren’t getting DNC money right now. So, you’ve seen Pelosi veer far to the left of where she normally is, imitating Biden, and his march to the left.

However, in the Senate it will be a different story.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will be joined by others as the parade of socialist ideas drones on and on. Slowly, but surely, people like Joe Tester from Montana will have to join the crowd if they want any chance at all of being reelected next year. And the Biden agenda will stall once again.

Very little traditionally gets done in an election year, and I expect that though the Democrats will try, it will not be very successful. Those folks that remain in the House and Senate that are up for reelection have to know what their constituents are going to say when they go back home if they buy into the Whackjob 5 and Bernie Sanders’ way of thinking. It won’t be pretty. That will just add to the furor we currently see in America today. It’s funny that just one year ago, the shoe was on the other foot, and it was the Republicans who were in total disarray.

But that’s what happens when you have a president that doesn’t know where he is half the time!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Well, that’s what happened on Thursday.

The White House sent Joe “Brandon” Biden down to Congress to meet with Democrat House Members and Senators over his now scaled back version of his $3.5 trillion spending bill, along with his $1.75 trillion infrastructure bill. He was there because progressive socialists and moderate Democrats couldn’t agree on when to vote on what, and were committed that if they didn’t get their way, they would vote no on everything.

So, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had to pull the bill from being voted on for a second time. Not at all happy that the spending bill was coming before the infrastructure bill, which Pelosi had promised would be voted on together, progressives said they wouldn’t be backing either at this point in time. So, Pelosi, who only has like a four vote margin, had to pull the vote a second time.

They still don’t have confirmation that even if Pelosi does manage to get things passed in the House that the Senate will follow suit. While Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have been able to whittle the spending bill down from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, along with a $1.9 trillion tax hike (they say it’s mostly on the rich…do you believe that one?), they still are not in the “yes” category when it comes to voting. And without them, Democrats don’t have much of a chance. It has gotten so bad for Biden, he was even talking to Susan Collins (R-ME), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) about backing him. They, at last report are firmly in the GOP camp. Murkowski is up for reelection next year and is being primaried (again), and Alaskans are pretty much fed up with her shenanigans.

So, while you would think tax and spend would suit the Democrats especially well, this year, not so much. And as Biden said, the future of the Congress, both House and Senate, as well as “my presidency” rest in the balance of this vote. Biden had asked that this be wrapped up by the time he left for his meeting with Pope Francis in Rome, and his climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. He plans to meet with Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, and French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron before heading off to Scotland. Unfortunately, I don’t think Biden’s presidency rests in the balance of passing this bill or not. I think historians will already have written him off as a has-been prior to anything that happens with building anything back better!

And I must admit, this is a rather surprising turn of events for Democrats. Typically you would have expected Nancy Pelosi to wield a heavy baton when it came to getting members in line. But as I’m personally seeing in other areas of my life where strong people have turned weak, that seems to be the case with Pelosi. She can’t seem to bring the two sides together, and the Progressive Caucus in the House has like 95 members. She can’t afford to lose them!

Meanwhile over in the Senate, Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) is displaying a lack of leadership that is incredibly incompetent. Not being able to get even two Senators to go along with his backing a presidential signature agenda item is staggering. And when that didn’t happen, he even tried to cross the aisle, something Schumer is certainly not known for. He was rebuffed with extreme prejudice on that account. Not even Mitt Romney (R-UT) would take up a conversation with him.

So, Democrats are becoming the weakest they’ve been in decades, probably in my lifetime. They have no leader in either house of Congress to bring their members together. The two sides of the faction are miles apart on what needs to be done in order to “move the country forward”. It’s so bad that Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running for the Governor’s mansion in Virginia is pleading with anyone in DC that will listen that he cannot win his race without something happening on this bill! And his campaign seems in tatters after Fox News released an email that was supposed to be sent only to staff members. It was requesting information that was, shall we say, less than flattering for the one time Virginia Governor, and the response that was sent by mistake back to Fox News as, “Is there any way we can kill this?” Not a good look for someone who should be winning the blue state’s top job hands down!

And so it continues for Democrats. One bad thing after another. They can’t walk, chew gun, or tie their shoes while standing still. And yet, they want us to believe all’s right in the White House, and they are the best suited party to run the country. Hell, they can’t even run their own party!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Who HASN’T Biden Upset?

To say Joe Bide has upset Republicans and moderate to conservative independent voters is a no brainer. But it goes far beyond that. Joe Biden apparently has made it his goal to become the least successful president in United States history. And it appears that could very well be the only goal Biden can achieve at this point.

So the question is, who hasn’t Joe Biden upset in his first nine months in office?

Obviously conservatives, and independents. He’s fallen in the approval ratings to 37% among independent voters and just 5% of Republican voters think he’s doing a good job. But there is a growing list of Democrats and liberals that are upset at him as well. Let’s examine why.

Biden first got into office and wanted to be “transformational”. Do you remember that word being used by another recent administration? Bobo Obama used it throughout his 2008 campaign. And when he got into the White House, he tried. Two years later, and getting crapped on in the midterms, he realized that transformational change can’t happen in DC. Apparently, Jokin’ Joe missed that meeting.

Instead of being transformational, Biden seems to have hit as the eye of the perfect storm in the Democrat party. On one hand you’ve got the moderates, and there are still a lot of them out there. These are people like Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and the like (and there are plenty in the House as well) that DINO’s (Democrats in name only). They believe in tradition. They believe in fiscal responsibility. And they believe in America. Then you’ve got the socialist snowflakes. They don’t believe in tradition. They want to destroy America so they can rebuild it into their socialist panacea. And they have no desire to be responsible when it comes to spending other people’s money. And there’s Joe Biden, stuck in the middle. The guy that told the world he could work across the aisle and bring Republicans and Democrats together can’t even bring his own party together.

And let’s take a look at the people that got him elected. Young voters (18-30), came to Biden in droves because he promised to erase student loan debt. He promised to make college free. He failed on both accounts. You’ve got the environmentalist crowd that was all excited when one of Biden’s first duties was to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project, even though it was well underway. He cancelled thousands of jobs on that one. But since then, his climate change initiative has stalled in Congress as the moderates and the socialists fight over the spending amounts. And it doesn’t look like his climate change proposal will look anything like he wants it to.

Biden wanted to transform our immigration system. He wanted to go back to the days of “Give us your tired, poor huddled masses yearning to be free!” Instead, he’s opened the southern border to just about every Latin American that has the ability to walk several hundred miles, bringing all sorts of COVID into the country. He doesn’t have a plan on how to solve the border issue, and hasn’t even visited the border in the nine months he’s been in office. And his Vice President, K-baby Harris, who was appointed early on as the point person to solve the border crisis, visited El Paso, Texas once. Just once. She was there for about 85 minutes, shook a few hands, and left. Nothing accomplished there.

Then you’ve got the anti-gun lobby. They were juiced when during the primary debates last year, Biden stood up and said he was going to do something about all of the shootings in this country. Of course, that hasn’t happened, and liberal run cities like St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles are still war zones with shootings and killings every single night of the week. No one has gotten rid of anyone’s guns. Not even in Chicago, where it’s still illegal to carry a gun in the city. That hasn’t stopped the shootings. And Joe Biden sits in his basement in Delaware wondering how it all went so wrong.

Then you’ve got the supply chain crisis. Over 100 ships are currently stacked up off Long Beach, California with literally tens of thousands of containers filled with merchandise. Maybe it’s a Christmas present you’ve ordered for your kids or grandkids. Maybe it’s a food item that’s coming in from overseas. Maybe it’s a sweater. It could be anything. But the lack of longshormen workers and truckers to move the merchandise is causing such a backup it’s going to take a year to sort out. And Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is content to stay at home on “maternity” leave with his gay husband and newly adopted daughter, saying everyone else has that right for maternity leave, why not me?

And then you’ve got the economy. Because of Biden’s unwillingness to adhere to fiscal responsibility, he’s printed so much money, and overspent so much on crap we don’t need (with more in the pipeline), that inflation which had been at about 1 to 1.5% under Donald Trump is now five times that and growing. That has slowed the economy. Jobs are plentiful because until September, Biden had been paying people extra just to sit on their couch and watch TV. The economy teeters on the brink of a major recession, and Biden doesn’t even realize it. His jobs numbers come in a half a million jobs below the estimate and he’s happy to have added a hundred thousand jobs to the picture.

We haven’t even begun to talk about foreign policy goofs. The botched Afghanistan withdrawal, where Americans are still there living in fear and in hiding from the Taliban because Biden left them behind. We haven’t mentioned the Critical Race Theory that socialist teacher’s unions have foisted upon Boards of Education all over the country. We haven’t talked about how it’s ok for rioters to loot and burn in the street and it’s only a misdemeanor, yet parents who show up to give their Boards of Education hell for not educating their kids properly are being deemed “terrorists” by the FBI?

The Democrats that elected Joe Biden saw a once in a generation opportunity to get their agendas passed. What they’ve received with their hard work is a guy that can’t work with his own party, much less the rest of the Congress. He’s out of touch with not only America, but reality. Even Joe starts chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” not realizing what those people in the stands at sporting events around the country are really yelling.

America has been upset by Joe Biden. About the only people that aren’t are Jill Biden, Ron Klain, Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. I have a feeling they’ll all be getting theirs in just over a year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

EXTRA! Dems’ Throw Expectant Mom & Dad Under The Bus

Pete Buttigieg should be lucky today that he took his paid “paternity leave” when he did. That’s because in order to get Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to go along with the $1.75 trillion spending plan, a couple of things have happened. First off, paid leave is now officially off the table in the bill. Secondly, as I saw reported on Newsmax yesterday, it looks like the billionaires of this country told Biden that he would lose their support if they didn’t back off on the “billionaire tax”.

Now, that is an interesting turn of events.

Climate change has been one area Biden wants to throw tons of money at…$500 billion to say the least! Some of the other big wish list items for Democrats have also been either pared back or shelved entirely. And it doesn’t look like they are gaining much ground on the Pelosi-initiated tax on “unrealized gain”, um, that means taxing you on income you have made on your investments (or even the increase in the price of your house), but you haven’t sold yet, so you haven’t realized it.

Republicans are standing firm in their opposition to both spending bills, but in an effort to get the bill through the Senate and to Biden’s desk before he takes off for his economic summit later today, the Democrats know they need to pare back. The problem that they are facing is, as they get people like Manchin and Sinema on board, they lose people like Warren and Sanders. It’s a very delicate balancing game that they are playing, and I don’t know anyone that I’ve spoken to recently that feels they are going to be able to stay on the high wire.

The whole “paid leave” part of the bill was a keystone of the Biden plan. He had touted it during the presidential campaign last year, and he’s waived it like a flag this year. Unfortunately, if you want to get things done in a deadlocked Congress, you’ve got to accept what you can, not what you want.

I told a few people who asked, out here in the desert that I thought there probably would be some decent tax increases up the road in 2022 because of all of this, and yes, they would most likely be retroactive, but that overall, it wouldn’t be anywhere near what I was originally looking at when the first iteration of this bill hit Congress. There was just too much largess and too little benefit in it. And it would have blown Biden’s promise (which he’s already broken) of not taxing anyone making less than $400,000 a year sky high. That would have been a deal breaker from the word go.

Democrats know they have to be able to at the very least sell the story that it’s “paid for” by increasing taxes on the rich. Everybody likes to soak the rich, except of course, the rich. And they are the ones that end up making the mega donations to the various PAC’s that get these folks elected in the first place. So, for Democrats, it’s another damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. You know you have to tax the rich (however “rich” is defined), but you can’t do it to the point where you really tax them. There has to be a loophole somewhere in there for them…a cookie of some sort so they can skate on the bulk of the increase. That’s not happening here.

As for paid leave, it was a boondoggle idea from the beginning. Whatever happened to the idea that Mom went into the hospital to have the baby, Dad paced out in the waiting room (or, when I became a father, go into the delivery room and cheer Mom on). The next day, Dad went to work to pass out the cigars. Doesn’t happen any more. Now, Dad gets to take six weeks off, same as Mom, because as we all know, one person working, and one person staying home doesn’t work…especially is we’re going to pay for something like paid leave!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Fauci Losing Credibility

Anthony Fauci was at one time (along with Deborah Birx) the “leading” authority on COVID in this country. Last year, the nation hung on pretty much every word the guy had to say, and he had plenty to say. A lot of what he had to say contradicted what he had said earlier, but he still said it, loving his newfound position as being “the guy in front of the camera”.

Of course, Fauci and Trump came to odds more than once, and I think Trump was getting ready to fire him, had he not lost the election to “Brandon” Biden. Since that time, Fauci’s comments have been more about getting himself in front of a camera, ala Adam Schiff, than anything else. His most recent escapade was to let the world know he HOPED we could be together for Christmas this year, but maybe not this year.

And America has made Fauci the brunt of a lot of jokes.

Late night talk show hosts have roasted Fauci over his inane comments, his do what I say, not what I do behavior, and his contradictions that make Brandon Biden look like Socrates next to him. America has been watching, and according to Rasmussen, his numbers are like Biden’s… totally upside down.

Now, a plurality of Americans (45 to 41%) say that Fauci has lost all credibility. I think they’re probably right. You can’t be in front of the camera as much as this ego maniac is, and not lose some credibility with normal Americans. That just doesn’t work. Why do you think that people like Trump had such a low approval rating? He was always in front of a camera. Same for Nancy Pelosi (MUCH worse than Trump’s rating), or Chuckles Schumer (ditto). It’s even worse when you either don’t have anything to say, like Pelosi about 95% of the time, or you sound like a blathering idiot like Schumer (about 99% of the time), or you are like Fauci and you keep changing the story hoping people will buy it.

I’m afraid that Anthony Fauci’s 15 minutes of fame faded long ago. Most people in this country don’t think much of him, he’s become the butt of jokes everywhere, and the longer he stays in his current position, the worse it gets. Want to know the worst part? This guy is 80 years old. He’s just a stone’s throw away from people like Bernie Sanders, Brandon Biden, and Nancy Pelosi. He’s ancient history, and he needs to step down. He should have retired a good solid 15 years ago. That would have insured that we could have had someone more prepared to deal with COVID than what we’ve seen with him.

It’s time for Fauci to go. And if Biden doesn’t do it, maybe his successor will!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So Who IS Running The Country?

Well, we know it ain’t Joe Biden, right? I mean the guy can’t tie his shoes. He can’t read a teleprompter without screwing up, and his policies have been an abysmal failure. In fact, according to the recent Quinnipiac poll that we highlighted yesterday, Biden is the worst president in US history.

So, who is running the country?

Who isn’t running the country would be an easier question to answer. We know it’s not Biden. We know it’s not Jill Biden, which would be a throw-back to Woodrow Wilson. We know it’s not K-baby Harris, who’s too busy redecorating the Naval Observatory to handle the southern border crisis. It isn’t Nancy Pelosi, because she’s lost control of her own party in the House of Representatives, and it isn’t Chuck Schumer. He can’t even manage Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, much less real problems!

So, that leaves out basically Democrats. Who’s left? By process of elimination, I have always felt it was George Soros. He’s rich beyond belief, he hates anything to do with America. He’s on death’s doorstep and has been for a decade. Could it be his son, Alexander? Maybe, he certainly is radical enough to follow in daddy’s footsteps. But he’s not smart enough to come up with these ideas on his own.

But according to Wayne Allyn Root, writing in Townhall, it’s someone (or a lot of someone’s) more malicious than that. It’s the Chinese Communist Party.

China has long had their tentacles into the United States. They’ve invested heavily in our debt. They’ve bribed politicians (just ask Eric Swalwell, the California Representative that had a Chinese spy on his staff for years). And they’ve gone after both parties. When you think of it, and take a look at some reverse engineering of the whole situation, China makes a lot of sense. Why is it that people like Joe and Hunter Biden, people like Arizona Senator, Mark Kelly went to China for funding? Because they had the cash, would give it freely if you promised them that you’d do their bidding in the United States. And once you’re in bed with Big Red, you’re in bed for life. They let fewer people out of their grasp than the Mafia does.

Why haven’t you heard much in opposition to the Chinese war games near Taiwan? Why hasn’t the United States complained about it? Why was there opposition to Trump calling COVID the “China Virus”? Does it have to do with the fact that most of the current evil we’re seeing around the country stems from Beijing being puppet masters for our current slate of politicians, including the “most powerful man in the world”?

And what is it that China hopes to get out of all of this? Taking over America or will they just be content being the most powerful nation on earth? Only those inside Tieneman Square know for sure. All I know for sure is that I am NEVER eating fried duck’s feet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Harris Ain’t Helping Much!

As the Vice President of the United States, you probably have the easiest job in America. While being the President is probably the hardest job in the world, being the Veep is a snap. All you have to do is show up at funerals that the President doesn’t want to go to, and support him. That’s pretty much it. You’re getting paid $230,700 a year to wait for the President to die or get booted out of office.

And K-baby Harris still can’t get it right.

Last week, while Biden was busy eating a dog doo doo sandwich on his signature $3.5 trillion boondoggle bill, and listening to his generals tell the world that no, he didn’t listen to them. He went off on his own regarding the Afghanistan troop withdrawal, leaving Americans stranded. And on top of that, he’s watching a poll from Harvard CAPS-Harris poll that showed a majority of Americans think Donald Trump was a better president than Joe Biden. So what was K-baby Harris doing to support her boss?

She was busy tearing down the relationship the administration has with the Jewish community.

A week ago this past Tuesday, while speaking at George Mason University, Harris got this question from a student: “You brought up how the power of the people and demonstrations and organizing is very valuable in America, but I see that over the summer there have been protests and demonstrations in astronomical numbers standing with Palestine. But then just a few days ago there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel, which hurts my heart because it’s ethnic genocide and displacement of people, the same that happened in America, and I’m sure you’re aware of this.”

It wasn’t the question that was so damning to the Biden team. It was Harris’ response: “This is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed, and it must be heard.”


And for the last 10 days, Harris has been trying to mend the fences with Jewish Democrats who were taken aback by her remarks (when she wasn’t taking trips back to California).

It has become painfully obvious the position that Harris has put the Biden administration in, and not just because of this remark. K-baby Harris hasn’t been able to have one success in the nine months she’s held her position. And worse yet, everything she touches seems to turn to feces in front of her. When Biden gives her a job to do, and I’ll be fair here…they aren’t easy jobs necessarily…she has screwed them up. And when he hasn’t given her a job to do, she sits idly by creating her own problems. She’s proven one thing so far this year…she’s not a leader.

And the problem for Democrats who are more and more realizing that Joe Biden isn’t the great leader they once thought he was, is that Harris isn’t the answer as far as a replacement. It would be relatively easy to invoke the 25th Amendment, and get Biden out of office based on his actions. But what isn’t easy is dealing with Harris as his replacement. And even if you manage to get her out of the way somehow, you’re dealing with Nancy Pelosi in the White House. It seems that at this point in time, sticking with Biden is probably the best option, even though it’s not a good option at all.

And it puts the Democrats in a grave position for 2022 and beyond. If they lose Congress, as many have predicted, they will basically tie Biden’s hands into issuing executive orders in order to run the country. That’s not worked that well for Bobo Obama, or Donald Trump, and it won’t work that well for Joe Biden either. It looks like a black cloud is following Joe Biden around right now. I’m just kind of torn as to whether lightening should put him out of his misery.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Means Testing Your Retirement

Democrats are in a quandary. Oh, it’s not the Republicans. It’s themselves. They are really wracking their pea-sized brains to come up with enough stuff to justify a $3.5 trillion spending bill. And who is going to pay for it? Well, taxpayers of course, but there is another group.

Senior citizens.

The people that do most of the voting in this country, are the ones that are going to be on the hook for all of the additional spending. It’s no secret that Nancy Pelosi is looking at cutting back on your Medicare funds in order to pay for other socialist programs the left deems “essential” to their agenda. But they are running into huge roadblocks. Moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) in the Senate and Kurt Schrader (D-OR) in the House have repeatedly said that they can’t spend $3.5 trillion on their overall plan while forcing senior citizens to take a bite on what Medicare is paying them.

Here’s the deal. The American Dental Association is leading the fight in limiting who gets dental benefits under the “new” Medicare. Yes, Congress is thinking of adding dental benefits (currently not offered under Medicare) to the roster of services covered. The problem that the ADA has is that Medicare pays a lot less than traditional insurance when it comes to forking over for the services, so the ADA is out to try and limit the number of people that will actually be able to be offered dental benefits (and others). They want to means-test whether or not you really need the help.

What that means in terms of dollars and cents is, if you make more than 300% of the poverty line (about $39,000 this year), you would be eligible for dental care and other benefits. If you don’t fit that criteria, you have to still go out into the private market and buy your own dental insurance. And it’s not just dental insurance they are looking at. They are looking at everything, including whether or not you’re going to be able to actually GET Medicare when you turn 65 or get to KEEP it if you’re already on it.

As Schrader pointed out, they want to “help people that really need it”, which means that if you aren’t destitute, or possibly an illegal alien, you’re not going to qualify for Medicare in the future. The same thing, by the way is going to happen with Social Security. We are currently 14 years away from Social Security running out of funds. That’s because when you pay Social Security taxes, it doesn’t go into a Social Security account. It goes into the General Fund…and can be spent on anything. It’s been that way for decades. As the workforce gets smaller and the Baby Boomers all retire, the number of people that support each retiree goes up. And by 2035, there won’t be any money left unless Congress does something about it.

Same thing is happening to Medicare. Democrats have reached that point that all liberal states reach eventually. They are running out of available money for social programs. So now they are robbing one social program to pay for another. Means testing is as old as the hills, and it is just the beginning. Retirees have, for years complained that the inflation rate goes up faster than their Social Security increases. Part of that is because Medicare Part B is taken out of your Social Security check, and if medical costs rise faster than inflation (which has been the case for decades), retirees have to do with less and less for living expenses.

Aren’t you glad you voted for a Democrat?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are Democrats Leaving Biden?

We know from polling, and I’ve blogged about it here ad nauseum, that Republicans and Independents are fleeing Democrat candidates, not just Joe Biden, but also for the House of Representatives, and also in the US Senate in next year’s midterms. What’s the reason?

Joe Biden.

Biden’s weakness as a leader has become painfully evident over the past eight months in office. So much so, that people in his own party are openly talking about trying to get someone to run for his job (not Harris) in 2024. Can you imagine the last time a sitting president who wanted to be reelected was not given the nomination? Well, I’ll clue you in. It was about 170 years ago and it happened to Franklin Pierce. In fact, it’s the only time in our country’s history it’s happened.

But Democrats are scurrying because of the failed and failing Biden agenda items that are slowly falling by the wayside on Capitol Hill. In the last couple of weeks, Biden’s plan to change immigration laws have faltered; the bi-partisan panel’s attempt to overhaul policing guidelines fell apart without reaching a conclusion; plenty of images of Haitian refugees that were living under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas with no hope of ever getting settled, and then getting flown back to Haiti dotted the headlines.

We haven’t begun to discuss the problems with Biden’s signature $3.5 trillion spending boon doggle; his $2.1 trillion tax hike aimed at corporations and individuals and couples making $400,000 or more a year; or attempts to raise the debt ceiling which could, according to the FED, cause economic calamity. All three of which are in trouble. And if Biden can’t bring his own party together to get them passed in short order, it’s going to add to the angst that Americans are feeling over Congress and the president right now.

Democrats are about 40% less likely to turn out to vote in the midterms because of the failures, according to a new poll. They are not at all juiced up to get off the couch at this point. Nancy Pelosi has already begun hinting that she’s going to be looking seriously at retiring in the near future, which tells me that she is not at all confident that her party is going to hold the House of Representatives for another term. After all, what 80 year old wants to go through losing her seat of power at that age, only to be stuck in a minority role? I can’t blame her for wanting to quit.

Even though the latest Arizona recount efforts showed that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump actually by MORE than the official number (and it was a Republican backed effort), Arizona’s newly elected Senator, Mark Kelly is facing a major uphill battle to get reelected. Well known Republicans in the state are lining up to take their shot at him, and it’s one of the five seats that the GOP has targeted to take over.

Joe Biden’s entire agenda is floundering, much like his leadership style. He hasn’t been able to bring people together. He hasn’t been able to solve any of the issues that he promised he would solve when he ran. He hasn’t been able to do a damn thing. All he’s touched has turned to mush. And Democrats, like Republicans and Independents, see it very clearly and are shaking their heads.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!