Despite Wins, Biden’s Poll Numbers Crater

Quinnipiac Poll just came out with their latest poll regarding presidential approval numbers. And despite the fact that Joe Biden seems to have had a pretty decent week or two lately, his numbers wouldn’t bear that out.

Overall, Biden’s approval numbers have fallen to 31%, his lowest ever. 94% of Republicans, 71% of Independents, and a whopping 67% of Democrats say Biden is doing a lousy job! He fared a little better among registered voters with 33% approving of his efforts and 59% against.

Biden’s handling of individual issues showed his weakness. Only 50% approved of his handling of COVID, with 43% against. 40% approve of the way he’s handling the Russia/Ukraine situation, 52% disapprove. On foreign policy, 33% approve, 62% disapprove.

But the two bottom categories are two categories that concern Americans most. On gun violence, Biden scores a 32% approval and 61% disapproval. And on the economy, which is going to probably be the largest campaign issue this fall, Biden is at a miserable 28%, while 66%, almost 2/3 of the electorate disapprove of it.

Is it any wonder the Dems are trying to find anyone that can run and do a better job than Biden? The problem, as I’ve said in the past, is they don’t have a bench at all. Voters have emphatically said that they don’t want to see people running again that ran in the past and lost. That would eliminate people like K-baby Harris, Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and of course, Bernie Sanders. It does seem to open the door for people like Gavin Newsome. But with his tarnished record running California, I can only assume there would be enough people that would reject his candidacy pretty quickly.

As far as a Biden/Trump matchup in 2024? Well, according to Quinnipiac, Americans are looking at someone different in both parties. Only 24% feel Biden should run again, while 70% say he shouldn’t. Trump doesn’t fare much better. 32% say he should try for reelection, while 60% say he should stay in Florida.

As far as favorables for say, the top four candidates? Trump is the most popular with 37% approval. He’s followed by Biden at 35% (as a candidate, not the presidential approval rating). Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis has 31% approval, but 35% of the respondents hadn’t heard enough information about him to make a decision. And K-baby Harris brings up the rear with just 27% approval.

It will certainly make an interesting primary season. You KNOW that Biden is going to be primaried, and I bet Trump is as well. It’ll be interesting to see if either of them is strong enough to get through 2023 unscathed.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Can He Win?

There has been a lot of speculation on whether Donald Trump will actually try for the White House again in 2024. He says he knows the answer, but isn’t ready to divulge it to people outside his most inner circle just yet. Fair enough. But there should be a bigger question looming out there.

Can he actually win the White House again?

Quinnipiac, admittedly a very liberal polling outfit asked the question most recently in October. It had been about five months since they had polled that particular question. In May, some 65% of Republicans wanted Trump to run. In October, that number had ballooned to 78%. 94% of Democrats and a whopping 58% of independents want Trump to keep playing golf in Florida.

Now, the question still remains. If Trump were to actually run in 2024, and he’s got basically six to nine months to publicly announce, can he actually win.

Based on the numbers I just shared with you, the answer is no.

If you were to add together all of the numbers from 78% of Republicans wanting him, some 6% of Democrats going along for the ride, and 42% of independents on his side, he is going to lose. Earlier last year, there was a poll that pitted Biden against Trump. I was surprised when I saw Biden actually up 46 to 45% in that poll, well within the margin of error. It was closer than the 2020 election, and it should be based on the abysmal job Biden has done in year one of his presidency, but showing Biden actually winning? That poll came from the Wall Street Journal. But a quick check of all of the polls done in December showed that Trump would indeed win, though the margin is incredibly small against Biden. Trump has no problem against Harris.

Harvard-Harris has Trump beating Biden by 3 points, and Harris by 9. Insider Advantage did a poll just before Christmas that had Trump up 49-41% over Biden (Harris wasn’t included). That could have had something to do with miserable supply chain situations just before Christmas! Either way, it’s probably a LOT closer than most Republicans would have liked.

The thing you have to actually gauge here that the polls don’t tell you on the face is, how excited is each side to go out and vote for either Biden or Trump. My hunch is the Republicans would be a LOT more excited to vote for Trump, even if they aren’t the biggest supporter of him. And I can’t believe that with upper echelons of the Democrat party searching to see if there is someone better than Biden to run in 2024, that the base is all that excited about Sleepy Joe. When you’re consistently getting approval numbers in the mid 30’s, it’s not good news.

I think it becomes a “lesser of two evils” situation once again. Back in 2020, America knew what they were getting with Trump, and had pretty much forgotten what they could have with Biden, even though the clues were very evident. They went with the devil they didn’t know, and we’re all paying for it now. In 2024, is America ready to change back and reelect Trump, and for only the second time in history, make him a non-consecutive two term president (Grover Cleveland being the other one with Benjamin Harris sandwiched in there). The odds are probably pretty good at that. Either way, it is going to be a horse race, and I think a lot of it comes down to whether Biden is able to actually look and act presidential and stop wondering where he is all of the time. No one wants a president that needs to be reminded what day it is!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Can Biden’s Numbers Get Any Worse?

The short answer is yes. Actually, they are worse than what’s being reported to you. The latest Quinnipiac poll that was released a couple of weeks ago showed Biden with a 38% approval rating. Now, that’s bad by anybody’s stretch of imagination. You’re not getting your way with anything you want with 38% on your side.

But it gets worse.

When you take the latest poll numbers, and dig down a little deeper you find that the “strongly disapprove” numbers were at 45%. The “strongly approve” numbers were at 20%. And therein lies one of two rubs against the Democrats. The first problem is, if you answer polling at all, and say that you’re “strongly” either for or against someone, the chances of you switching to the other side are practically nil. That means that 45% of respondents in this poll have no chance becoming even a slight fan of Biden’s over the course of the next year. And 20% will never be against him. That’s a major problem for Democrats in Congress who will most likely lose both houses come next November unless there is an historic turnabout.

If you look at Biden’s personality numbers, his “likeability” if you will, it’s the same thing. While 46% deem his personality as “favorable”, and 53% say it’s unfavorable, the “very unfavorable” come in at 40%, while the “very favorable” come in at 26%.

Now, in all fairness, when you look at the latest poll involving Donald Trump (in The Economist, a very liberal publication), HIS “very unfavorable” numbers were as bad if not worse. He was 48% “very unfavorable” and 25% “very favorable. Almost identical to Biden’s. That means if Biden runs in 2024 against Trump, most people will view it as the “lesser of two evils”. Of course, that’s if you believe the Economist poll, and I’m a little skeptical on that one!

The other thing to realize is, and we’ve covered this before, Biden is upside down big time in every single category of policy on the board. Jobs and economy, healthcare, abortion, crime, the border crisis, the shipping fiasco, Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID, and even civil rights are under water. And civil rights is a Democrat issue!

But the biggest problem Democrats have going into 2022 is the lack of enthusiasm. Even the most enthused Biden fan isn’t ready to get off the couch and go and vote. That’s because a majority of Americans now think that government is trying to do too much. They think that government has gotten too bloated, too big, and too intrusive in our lives. And over 50% now say that they are worse off today than they were just one year ago. That’s an incredible turnaround. After all, we should be coming out of COVID, right? We have some ten million jobs available out there. We have an unemployment rate over 5%, and still no one wants to go back to work. Cities like Chicago are starting to consider initiating “universal income” to every citizen (as if Illinois isn’t going bankrupt fast enough?)

People are just not enthused with the way they see the government working. And that’s both parties. Both parties have over 60% of polling respondents saying that they are not happy with Democrats or Republicans. While that should give the Dems’ a little hope for next year, it’s not going to be enough to stem the tide of what could end up being one of the biggest landslides we’ve seen in 40 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

“He Has No Plan. I Do!”

Those words came roaring back to me today when I was reading an article from last Wednesday in USA Today. It was really amazing when you think about it. There have been more deaths in 2021 from COVID-19 than in 2020.

I think I need to repeat that.

There have been more deaths in 2021 from COVID-19 than in 2020. Last year, there were 352,000 deaths from COVID-19. So far this year there have been 352,000 and we are adding about 500 deaths per day nationwide. That means that 2021 will be deadlier than 2020.

And Joe Biden uttered those words in a tweet last year during the campaign. The fact of the matter was, he was telling the truth. He had a 200 page plan that someone on his team (not him) developed on how to defeat COVID. The problem was that about 195 of those pages were taken from the Trump plan, and the other five pages didn’t work. The plan was deep-sixed about two weeks after he got into office and read Trump’s plan.

This is just one more thing that Joe Biden has failed at. The list gets longer and longer every single day. In fact, while dealing with COVID was the thing America felt Joe was doing better than Trump, that number is slowly slipping away. When idiots like Dr. (and I use that word loosely) Anthony Fauci says that “maybe” we can have Christmas together this year, it makes you realize that there is a segment of our society that wants this pandemic to continue at least past next November to preserve Democrat advantages in the House and Senate. Possibly they want it to extend past 2024, so that Democrats can maintain the White House as well.

Interestingly enough, Quinnipiac, which polls monthly on a number of presidential issues, and is rather liberal in it’s weighting, has found that the White House has now gone underwater on pretty much every issue. They list Biden’s approval rating at 38% making him the least popular president since presidential approval ratings were taken. Donald Trump’s was the worst at 41.1% prior to that. But it’s the other issues that are very telling.

As far as COVID-19 and his handling of it, America isn’t impressed with Joe’s plan. Now fully half of America feels he isn’t doing a good job with COVID. 48% felt he was doing a good job. That’s the first month that particular issue was underwater for Biden. But it’s the other issues that are telling even more.

55% versus 42% say Biden’s administration isn’t competent enough to handle the federal government. 23% approve of his handling of the crisis at the southern border. A whopping 67% disapprove. When you look at the economy, taxes, the military, and foreign policy, Biden’s approval numbers are all in the 30’s and his disapproval numbers are all in the 50’s for each category.

Only 44% approve of his leadership skills, while 56% do not. That’s an abrupt turn around from six months ago when 52% approved of his leadership skills. Also in April, 51% felt Biden was honest. 42% said he wasn’t. However, in the latest poll, only 44% believe in his honesty. 56% don’t.

The poll was taken the first four days of October from a liberal polling group. Want to think of what would happen if a conservative polling group had taken this poll?

In short, Biden has replaced Jimmy Carter and Bobo Obama at the bottom of the ladder in terms of the worst president in US history. And he was able to accomplish that in just nine months in office. Well, at least he holds the record for something!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Trump Keeps Gaining In Latest Polls

The latest Quinnipiac poll was released the other day and it shows that the impeachment inquiry is having a dire effect on the presidential candidates…well, all but Donald Trump. The poll shows that 51% said Donald Trump shouldn’t be impeached, while 45% say he should. This is up from 48% saying don’t impeach and 45% say impeached just a week ago.

As far as the elections are concerned, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have moved up in the polls, while Pete Buttigieg has slumped. Overall, Biden has 29% of the Democrat voters. Sanders is in second with 17%, Elizabeth Warren with 15% and Pete Buttigieg with 9%. Since the last poll on 11/24, Biden rose 5%, while Buttigieg slipped 7%. Warren and Sanders remained in the polls margin of error.

What’s interesting is that Donald Trump gets beat in head-to-head match ups with all Democrats, even Amy Klobuchar. And that is exactly what happened four years ago at this point. Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump 47% to 41%. But in all of the head-to-head match ups, Trump has picked up about 2 points in the last two weeks.

It’s interesting to note that almost every single Democrat candidate is upside down when it comes to likeability. Biden has 44% likeability, 47% unlikeability; Sanders’ is 44-48; Warren’s is 38-45; Michael Bloomberg is upside down 21-40. Only Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are right side up with Buttigieg getting a 31-29 rating, and Klobuchar’s is 24-23. Both are well within the margin of error. For comparison, Trump’s likeability/unlikeability is 40-57. This compares to a 35-57 when he ran for president some four years ago at this point.

So, what this poll tells us is pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. Donald Trump was down big time to Hillary Clinton at this point in 2015. In fact, most eventually winners were down at this point in their campaign. The thing Trump has going for him is that the Democrats are handing him a campaign issue with impeachment, and most Americans agree that he’s been screwed over by House Democrats. The mere fact that since the impeachment inquiry started a few weeks ago, he’s picked up two points across the board, all of it coming from independent voters, shows that he’s ripe to use that as a campaign issue, and it will translate into votes.

In fact, Republicans and independent voters seem more likely to vote this time around than they did in 2016. That doesn’t bode well for Democrats looking to win the White House, take some seats back in the Senate where Republicans are defending the majority of seats this cycle, and looking to maintain their hold in the House. It could be a clean sweep for the Republicans if this keeps up for another 11 months!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!