Lincoln V. Trump…

I couldn’t believe the article that I read in The Hill this morning. Now, granted, with a house full of 18 people that came over for Thanksgiving week, my mind hasn’t really been on politics over the past week, but when I saw this one, I couldn’t believe it!

53% of Republicans think that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln.

I mean, I like a lot of the policies that Trump has put in place. He certainly is a leader. But as far as “presidential”? He falls on his face. He’s more like the elementary school bully that wants to beat you up after school because you didn’t give him your lunch money.

A whopping 75% of the American people still think that Lincoln was the better president between the two. And I would have to say I would be in that camp. While Trump has shown some leadership, and has instituted some policies, including turning around the abortion known as the Obama era, it pales in comparison to running the civil war and ending slavery.

I know we are living in a divided nation now, but for the Republicans to be that blind to what Lincoln did vs. what Trump has done is ridiculous. While I’m a Trump fan against anyone I’ve seen on the Democrats’ side so far (including Bloomberg and Patrick), he has a ways to go to being the best Republican president in my lifetime, not to mention history.

It kind of makes me wonder just how much the GOP folks are “drinking the Kool Aid”, just because he’s a more conservative leader than anyone the Dems’ are throwing at us. I just can’t see his picture on a $5 bill!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How To Fix The “Impeachment Thing”

If you look at polls that have been taken recently, about 85% of Democrats believe that Donald Trump should be impeached, tried, convicted, and removed from office. If you ask Republicans the same question, almost the inverse is true. Only 13% feel that way. Independents are about 39% in the latest poll, which means that when you put Republicans and Independents together, you come nowhere near the number of 50%.

Having said that, the whole impeachment thing is holding up everything related to Washington, DC. It has an effect on how many people are showing up and donating to the Democrat candidates for president. It has the opposite effect on fundraising efforts for Donald Trump…he’s setting all kinds of records. And in the end, if indeed Trump IS impeached, but not convicted, there will be an utter backlash against the Democrats.

You hear all of the talking heads saying that this impeachment thing is “a political tool”. Actually, it’s not. It’s a legal tool. Technically (ask the DOJ), you cannot indict a sitting president. You need to remove him from office first, and that’s what impeachment is. It’s the act of bringing up the charges, like what a Grand Jury would do, before the trial. But in the event that an impeachment doesn’t actually result in the removal of the president, there’s little backlash on the political side that brings impeachment. Oh, they may lose the House, or they may not. So, I’ve come up with what should happen.

Let’s say that all of a sudden, Donald Trump’s case becomes very clear. He’s certainly guilty in the court of public opinion that he’s abused his power, or colluded with Russians, or is insane, or a million other things that Adam Schiff wants him impeached for. Both Republicans and Democrats in this instance believe that he should face trial in the Senate, and it’s a bi-partisan effort. He’s tried and convicted and removed…then nothing happens to those in the House that wanted him impeached.

However, since currently, there is nothing that is a punishment for bringing impeachment upon a president, what happens if the Democrats drum up some charges, vote for impeachment without Republican support, it goes to the Senate and Trump is exonerated? Very little happens now. What I propose is that every member of the House that voted for his impeachment lose their seat permanently, and that the other party gets their seat for at least two terms.

Currently, there are 234 Democrats in the House. There are 197 Republicans, 1 Independent, and 3 vacancies. So, let’s say 220 Democrats vote for impeachment, everybody else votes against it. If Trump is found guilty, nothing happens to those people in the House that voted for impeachment…they were right. If, however, he is found “Not Guilty” in the Senate trial, those 220 Democrats lose their seats and can’t serve in any form of government again. In fact, in that case, the Republicans would then have 417 seats in the House for the next four years.

No, it’s not a perfect plan, but it would stop all of the caterwalling. You wouldn’t impeach a president on phony, drummed up charges. You’d want to do it as a bi-partisan effort. And you’d only do it if the “crimes” committed were so outrageous, that it warranted removal. You wouldn’t do it because someone like Hillary Clinton got beat.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does America Want Trump Impeached?

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether or not Donald Trump should be impeached. Of course, that is going to depend on which side of the aisle you’re on. When I look at the answer of that question I look at several things. Let’s look at not one, but all of the polls that have been taken over time on the issue. Let’s break it down as to what Democrats, Republicans, and Independents think, and how that has changed over time. The results are interesting!

Going back to August, 2018, there were 72.3% of Democrats that felt Trump should be impeached. 8.8% of Republicans felt that way, and 36.9% of Independents agreed he should. If you look at what happened when the Mueller Report was made public, the Democrats that felt Trump should be impeached dropped to 67.1%, a decline of 5%. Republicans actually went up to 9.5%, an increase of 0.7%, and Independents also fell, they went down to 33.7%, down 3.2%.

So, what has happened since the Mueller Report was released earlier this past summer? Well, of course this whole whistleblower thing erupted. And Democrats felt it was the biggest chance they had to impeach Trump. That’s what they’ve been telling the world, and it’s having some effect, but not as much as they’d like. While 79.1% of Democrats now fell Trump should be impeached…up 12% since the Mueller Report came out, and 12.5% of Republicans agree, up 3% since Mueller, the telling sign is Independents. You’d figure that Dems would want him impeached, and Republicans wouldn’t, and that holds true. And while Independents numbers went up to 41.5%, a 7.8% increase since Mueller, it’s far below the 50% number.

So, when you see reports that more people are supporting impeachment these days, it’s true…it’s just not a majority of people. In fact, because the Democrats’ number is so high, which is what you’d expect with all of the lying and caterwalling going on, if you take them out of the equation, there’s only about 24% of Americans that feel Trump should be impeached. And if you take the GOP out of the mix because they are equally as biased as the Democrats, almost to the same level, it’s only 41.5% within 5% of their low over the last year.

Here’s the interesting thing the polls aren’t showing you. While there has been a spike with Republicans, and Independents, their numbers have already started to fall off as news that Adam Schiff has been lying about his relationship with this whistleblower, about the fact that Trump has released the transcript of the phone call with the Ukrainian president, and about the fact that it looks like Joe and Hunter Biden is more involved with this than Trump is. The numbers for both the GOP and the Independents are actually reversing and going down. It’s as if these folks realize that it’s just another Chicken Little scream that the sky is falling.

That probably won’t stem the tide of impeachment. It’s interesting to see that the majority of the American public however, isn’t for impeachment, regardless what the media (who’s biased) is telling you! Once again, the truth wins out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Latest Poll Numbers…Do They Mean Anything?

As the flock of Democrat candidates chow down on fair food at the Iowa State Fair this past week, I found it very interesting the pandering that went on. And then I thought with all of the fanfare going on…just how reliable are the first two states at predicting the eventual nominee.

I only went back to 2004, and obviously since that time the incumbent has run twice and there has been an “open” field with no incumbent twice. Here was what I found interesting in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

First of all, the current field in Iowa, according to RealClearPolitics shows that Joe Biden is in the lead with 25.3% on the average. He’s followed by Elizabeth Warren with 16.3%, and Kamala Harris with 14.3%. Bernie Sanders has 12.3%. That hasn’t changed much over the past month or so, so the State Fair hasn’t had much of an impact. Everyone else is in single digits.

Back in 2004, John Kerry won the Iowa Caucus. He became the nominee that year. In 2008, Barack Obama won Iowa. He became the nominee that year. In 2012, Obama again won, being the incumbent…and in 2016, Hillary Clinton won, also becoming the nominee that year. Result? Iowa does a pretty good job at picking Democrats’ who later become the nominee.

So, what about Republicans? Well, obviously this year, Donald Trump is the incumbent, so the numbers don’t matter, but in 2016, Ted Cruz won Iowa (Trump finished second). In 2012, it was Rick Santorum beating out Mitt Romney. In 2008, Mike Huckabee won the state, and in 2004, it was George W. Bush because he was the incumbent. So, while Iowans do a really good job of picking the eventual nominee for Democrats, they pretty much suck at picking the GOP’s standard bearer.

Now, let’s move to New Hampshire.

Currently in New Hampshire, Joe Biden is the front runner with an average of 21.8%. Bernie Sanders, from neighboring Vermont is second with 19.3. Elizabeth Warren is third with 15.8%, and Kamala Harris has 9.0%. So, what’s New Hampshire done in the past?

On the left, they nominated Bernie Sanders in 2004. He ended up losing the nomination to John Kerry. In 2008, they went with Hillary Clinton. She ended up losing the nomination to Barack Obama. Obama was the incumbent in 2012, so it’s not a factor, and in 2016, it was once again, Bernie winning New Hampshire and losing out to Hillary for the nomination. New Hampshire has failed to pick the Democrat nominee in the three open elections on the Democrat side since 2004.

On the Republican side, something interesting happened. In 2004, Bush was the incumbent, so he sailed through. But in 2008, John McCain won New Hampshire, and ended up becoming the nominee…and in 2012, Mitt Romney won New Hampshire, he also became the nominee. And in 2016, Donald Trump won New Hampshire. He ended up the nominee as well. They’re batting 1.000 over the last three presidential runs!

So…if you want to know who the Democrats will run, watch the Iowa Caucus. If you want to know who the Republicans’ nominee will be, watch the New Hampshire Primary. And the funny thing…New Hampshire went for Clinton in 2016…Iowa went for Trump. You would have thought it would have been the other way around.

We know one person that won’t win either…John Hickenlooper. The former Governor of Colorado quit this week in order to “ponder a Senate run”.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Let’s Talk Gun Control

See, we can talk about it here till we are blue in the face because it’s not ever going to happen. Oh, I know…the left wants it to happen…they THINK they can get Donald Trump to now go along with it because of the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. They cry and cry after every one of these shootings that we NEED to do something! And yet, nothing gets done. So, let’s see what needs to happen in order for it to happen.

First of all, the odds are pretty great that unless and until you’re talking solely about the person buying the gun, nothing is going to get by the courts. You have a right to bear arms in this country and that is never going to change short of a revolution taking place. The Second Amendment is going to prevail. So, the only thing that the left is going to really have in their pocket…the best case scenario for them is maybe an enhanced background check. Don’t we already have background checks? Weren’t the guns in this case purchased legally? And if we institute more “Red Flag” laws, who’s to say they are going to work any better than what we saw in any of the mass shootings we’ve witnessed in the past?

Here’s the major problem facing the passing of new legislation. Neither party trusts each other. The Republicans first of all, don’t want to have any new legislation. They want to protect the gun owners’ rights to have their guns. The Democrats certainly don’t want to reach a conclusion to this long sought-after solution now because it’s so close to 2020. They’ll be taking a HUGE campaign issue off the table. And they’ll be forced to crediting Donald Trump with being the guy that got the job done. You think you’ve seen Trump Derangement Syndrome so far? Have Trump pass a gun control bill between now and the election, and watch it go full TDS!

No, there isn’t enough trust among the parties to get anything of this magnitude done. Trump will talk to them. Trump will agree that something needs to be done, and the Dems’ will push and push for more and more, and in the end Trump will say that they weren’t serious. He’ll say that they went back on their deal and lied to him about what they were going to vote for and not vote for. And in the end, the news cycle on this one ends, and we’re right back where we started from until the next round.

Look, if Barack Obama couldn’t pass gun control legislation with owning both houses in Congress, all the weeping and gnashing of teeth that he had in his first two years, there isn’t going to be meaningful gun control. If he couldn’t get it done…not that he was a very effective politician, because he wasn’t, but if he can’t get it done with his party in charge, then a split house isn’t going to ever come to terms on this!

Gun control legislation this close to a presidential election is only there because the left believes they can use it against Trump and House members. They really don’t want the situation to go away because it takes away an election issue. Remember, these are snowflake liberals we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter what they actually do…it matters only what they say they WANT to do. And therein lies the problem in our government today!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Does The GOP NEED The Left?

I’ve heard this question debated in several different forums in the past, and it’s an interesting question. You can ask it about either the Republicans need the Democrats, or you can ask it about the Democrats needing the Republicans. Either way works. And in actuality, I’ve come to believe that yes…you do need the opposition…for several reasons.

When government is working well (which it hasn’t been for some time), you need to left in the case of the Republicans, to show the idiocy that they display and would lead by if in fact they were given the chance to lead. The Democrats need the right, basically for the same reason. Because both sides represent not the middle, but more of the fringes of the party. There are no more moderate parties in our political system. You’re either conservative, or you’re liberal.

When government is working not so well, you have ballast. I talked about that yesterday. If you have just conservatives, you have a tendency to go overboard and push things too far to the right (and yes…there is such a thing as going too far to the right!). If you are liberal, well…we know they are always pushing things as far left as they can through incrementalism. By having two parties, you get a balance of a sort. It’s not a perfect system, but it does show a little bit of ability to bring whichever side is running things back closer to the middle. And regardless which side of the aisle you’re on, you have to understand that America is a slightly right of center country. We’re more moderate than either the Republicans or the Democrats would like us to believe.

And that is exactly why the current crop of Democrats are going to fail. It’s exactly the reason Barack Obama failed as president and had to issue so many ill-fated Executive Orders. He couldn’t get things through Congress, even when he had both Houses under his party’s control, because the American people didn’t stand for the “transformational change in government” that he was trying to sell to us. Had America realized what he was talking about during the election, he may not have won by as great a margin. I doubt he would have lost to someone as inept as John McCain, but it wouldn’t have given him any sense of a mandate.

The current crop of Democrats have pushed the party so far left, that someone like a Joe Biden seems almost conservative in comparison. He also looks very worn out and tired, and that’s what 50 years of politics will do to a person. But the problem is, most of the Democrats still in the field vying for the nomination, are much farther left than most Americans are. The Republicans learned that lesson some ten years ago when the Tea Party tried to push the GOP to the right. They pushed too far and it led to losing seats in both the House and the Senate.

In the end, as sad as I am to say it…the conservatives actually need the left, and the left actually needs the right to survive. Otherwise, one side pushes too far and we become either Nazi Germany, or Venezuela. Neither are very good choices if you ask me!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Immigration Crisis

OK, I guess we can officially call what’s happening on our southern border a “crisis”, since both Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that it is indeed, a crisis. That said, we need to understand the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen a little bit better, with my all too popular spin.

First of all, she wasn’t fired, she quit. And while Donald Trump may have wanted someone a little “tougher looking” and a lot less “feminine” down on the border dealing with the hordes of people trying to crash the party, we need to understand on basic thing.

It wasn’t Kirstjen Nielsen that failed at her job. Congress failed at their job.

See, it’s Congress’ job to write laws in this country. That’s something that throughout most of our 243 year history, Congress has taken seriously. It’s only been the last dozen years or so that the clowns in that big domed building in Washington are taking tax payer money for doing very little in solving problems. Oh, they’re great at positioning themselves as “for the people”. They’re wonderful at pointing fingers and playing the blame game. But when it comes to getting real work done? Nah…they’re not only late to the party, it appears they never got the invitation.

And so, while Nielsen steps down as head of Homeland Security, I feel sorry for her. No, she may not have been the right person for the job. And there may have been more qualified people out there. But for idiot snowflakes like Elizabeth Warren to say that the problem on the border is her fault just shows that Elizabeth Warren really doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Nielsen can’t legislate what Congress fails to legislate. She’s not a friggin’ liberal federal judge! Now, had the House and Senate actually TRIED to do something in immigration reform. If they had actually TRIED to solve the problem on the border rather than stick their heads in the sand and pretend there wasn’t a crisis, and just blame Trump for “creating a crisis” that now everyone agrees exists, maybe they would have gotten something done and actually earned a paycheck instead of sitting there calling out Trump for actually doing something.

Now, if you’re on top of your game today, you should have noticed one thing in particular. I’m not blaming the border crisis on the Democrats. I’m not blaming the border crisis on the Republicans. I’m blaming it on both. Both parties have been derelict in their duties, and both parties should share the blame in this one. That’s because both parties want to keep the status quo for different reasons.

The Republicans want to keep the flow of illegals into the country going strong because it provides a source of cheap, albeit illegal labor for businesses. Democrats see it as a source of votes once they get amnesty for the illegals and either get them citizenship or allow illegals to vote in our elections. Either way, both parties share the blame, and both parties have done a grave disservice to the people they supposedly serve.

Congress needs to get it’s act together and start working together. It doesn’t matter which party is in charge, throughout the history of our country compromise has always been the keyword. That has been surprisingly lost. Blame the Democrats, blame the Republicans, whichever you want. They both are at fault, and neither one of them is doing a damn thing to solve the problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!