Inflation Pauses…For Now.

It wasn’t anywhere near where the “experts” wanted it. Joe Biden certainly wanted to see better results. Democrats in Congress are still really worried, but for now at least, it looks like inflation is starting to take a bit of a pause. For now.

The April numbers came in this week and showed that inflation has cooled a bit. Back in March, inflation was hitting at an 8.5% clip. That slipped to 8.3% in April as prices only rose by 0.3% during last month. That’s overall. And the drop was not near where the “experts” thought it would end up. They felt that it would be closer to 8.1%, not the 8.3% it ended at. There were several things that caused it.

You may have noticed in April that gasoline took a drop of about 40 cents a gallon. Of course, by the beginning of May, it was back up to where it had been, so that’s nothing to really crow about. What is still disconcerting is that gasoline prices are up about 45% since last year at this time. Of course, Biden is blaming it all on COVID and Vladimir Putin. Except we don’t buy much oil from Russia, and COVID was actually responsible for a decrease in oil prices under Trump. So, why the increase under Biden? Simple. He doesn’t like oil.

You won’t find much relief at the grocery store. Food prices were on a tear, rising about 0.9% in April alone, and up about 9.4% in 2022. Since last year, food prices have risen over 10%. What is also a harbinger that this inflation cycle isn’t over is that in March, “core goods” (which is retail goods other than gasoline and energy) was only up 0.3%. That boosted to a 0.6% increase in April. That also translates into a 7.2% increase for core goods for the year. That’s not healthy.

Basically, if you take gasoline and energy prices out of the mix, you’re going to see us on track for a 10% inflation rate for the year. That’s also not very inviting. Democrats are scurrying to try and find a solution before November. It’s the worst bout of inflation we’ve dealt with since 1981, when Ronald Reagan was finishing cleaning up Jimmy Carter’s mess of a presidency. And it will most likely take a new president to clean up the mess Joe Biden is leaving behind.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

How Are You Liking Inflation? It’s Here To Stay

I know what Joe Biden said. I heard what Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell said. Apparently, what the real money people…the people that make money their profession, their career, and their livelihood have come out and said the idea of the inflationary spiral we’ve witnessed over the last year is not “transitory” as the Biden administration claimed. And as Powell has said, it’s not going to be “coming down substantially next year”. The people that work with this stuff every day for decades on end say, higher prices are here to stay.

I would say “Thanks Obama!” But I don’t think he had as much to do with it as Biden did.

Either way, I bet Obama is loving it. It will indeed systematically change America. It will change your lifestyle, your way of thinking, how much travel you take in the coming years. It will creep into every crevice of your being, from the milk you buy, to the college you send your kids to. It appears, according to the experts, like inflation is here to stay for a good long while.

It’s going to take basically a Ronald Reagan type of individual, working with Congress to stop the insane price increases (which are occurring for no good reason). And most of the money people that I have spoken with over the past six months or so have all been in lockstep saying the same thing. They were saying that this year, inflation would be 7-10%, and that next year it would be 10-13% with a recession thrown in. I’ve heard that more and more from more mainstream financial experts and talking heads over the last month or so.

For someone to come up and say that Biden and Powell were right in their assumption that this was just a cyclical thing that will be gone soon is hogwash. I don’t know anybody in their right mind that has the ability to turn this around that quickly once the prices start skyrocketing.

We’ve seen the inflation in what hurts us the most. We’ve seen in at the gas pumps, which is a direct result of Biden’s wish to push electric vehicles (EV’s), and we’ve seen it in the grocery stores because of “supply chain issues”, also caused by Biden’s economic policies. But clothing is up, travel is up (have you looked online for airfares recently?). About the only thing that you can actually save money on today are cruises, because they are ramping back up after being shutdown due to COVID. And it won’t be long before they are at 90% capacity and they’ll inch those prices back up as well!

No, Joe Biden has proven me wrong. I’ve always said that no one person can do enough damage to harm the United States during a four year term as president. Biden has managed to do so. For that, he ought to be arrested and thrown in jail. It’s just criminal.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Most Popular President?

You have to wonder, don’t you? Joseph Robinette Biden got over 81 million votes less than a year ago in the presidential election. He beat Donald Trump by some 7 million votes. When you look at history, and granted, the population was a lot different in the figures I’m going to show you, but it’s a pretty amazing feat.

Let’s look at a few presidents from the past and contrast and compare, shall we?

Let’s go to the election of 1860. Abraham Lincoln was elected President that year with 1.8 million votes. The population in the country was 31.4 million people, which means one of the most important and successful presidents of all time got 5.7% of the nation’s vote. In 1864 when he ran for reelection, he received 2.2 million votes or about 7.0% of the country’s vote total.

Fast forward to what Democrats call their “icon president”, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1932, Roosevelt garnered 22.8 million votes out of a population of 122.7 million people. That was good for 18.6% of the nation’s votes. In 1936, he got 27.7 million votes out of the same 122.7 million people, which was good for 22.6%. And in 1940, he got 27.3 million votes, which counted as 22.2% of the nation.

Let’s check one or two more. In 1980, the election that saw what the Republicans call their last “icon president”, Ronald Reagan got 43.9 million votes out of a population of 226.5 million people. That was good for 19.3% of the nation. In 1984, he garnered 54.4 million votes for 24.0% which at the time was the highest percentage any president since George Washington had received.

Now lets go to 2020. Joe Biden won 81 million votes out of a population of 331.5 million people. That is 24.4%! So, Biden received a greater percentage of votes than anyone in history, including Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or any other president you care to name.

Is that possible?

My hunch is no. Let’s look at some very unscientific data from YouTube. If you look at just five at random posts from the past week and a half, from various sites (networks, local TV stations), look at the number of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” that are received:

In each of these cases, Biden has received a whopping “thumbs down” vote, even though some of the examples don’t show that many folks taking time to register one way or another.

Further proof will come in the latest Quinnipiac poll that was released on 9/15. It shows Biden’s approval rating now at 42%, less than where Donald Trump was in September of 2017, his first year in office (Trump was at 43%). And this from a guy that has 20% of his voters claiming that they were duped and they regret voting for Biden in the first place (that’s 16 million votes if you’re counting at home).

What does this show? Biden’s performance in office has been worse than any other president in recent history…and we’ve got several that were terrible in the last 50 or 60 years. I know Dems’ love JFK, but let’s face it, his presidency wasn’t all that successful. You’ve got LBJ, who never ran for reelection because his poll numbers were upside down due to the Vietnam War. You’ve got Richard Nixon who was forced to resign, followed by Gerald Ford, one of the most inept presidents we’ve ever had…and then Jimmy Carter, the Democrats’ answer to Ford who was equally if not more inept. Then you’ve got the abortion known as Bobo Obama, who’s entire presidency was pretty well wiped out with a few signatures of Donald Trump’s pen.

That’s a lot of miserable presidents, folks! We’ve done a pretty terrible job of electing our leaders over the past half century or so. Six of the twelve presidents dating back to 1960 would have to be thrown in the “terrible” category. I’m including both parties here because both parties should hang their heads in shame. And Joe Biden is the worst of all of them? So, how does this guy get 81 million votes?

My only answer can be that yes, there was some voter fraud, I’ve never denied that. But it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the election. My personal feeling was that the animosity toward Donald Trump was so rampant among Democrats and Independents that Trump actually energized Biden’s base and the undecideds. No one can deny that Trump was unpresidential and toxic when it came to his leadership style. That has always been my take. More people voted against Trump than for Biden.

The question is, will we see the same thing happen in 2024 or will America be fed up with Jokin’ Joe?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Biden FINALLY To Address Congress

It’s not really called a State of the Union speech. That will come next year. But traditionally, newly elected presidents address Congress during their first year in office, usually sooner rather than later. They basically don’t give the “state of the union” since they just got the job, but they lay out their vision for what they hope to accomplish. It’s actually about the same as a SOTU, just not called that.

Bobo Obama gave his address to Congress on February 24, 2009, some 35 days after being sworn in. Donald Trump gave his inaugural address to Congress on February 28, 2017, some 39 days after being sworn in. In fact, going back some 40 years to the inaugural address of Ronald Reagan, every single president has addressed Congress in their first 40 days in office.

Except one.

Joe Biden will finally make the plunge, if he accepts Nancy Pelosi’s invitation, on April 28th. That’s 98 days since his swearing in. Most presidents average about an hour long speech. The longest was Bill Clinton who went 65 minutes. George H.W. Bush was the shortest at 48 minutes.

Biden hasn’t done much of anything in the way of public appearances since taking office. His first press conference came almost two months after he was sworn in, and only lasted about 20 questions from 10 hand-selected, friendly reporters. The questions, it’s been said, were given to Biden in advance, and his responses were in the teleprompter.

Whether Joe Biden can speak for an hour or not is unclear. He’s had major problems with speaking, even with a teleprompter, throughout the campaign, and while in office. In fact, his campaign stops were the shortest in history, averaging about 12 minutes in length.

One of the things that Biden will hope to do is strengthen his push for his $2.2 trillion infrastructure bill that he’s hoping to use to bolster his union friends who took it on the chin losing jobs with Keystone XL pipeline, and the coal industry, as well as continuing his bailout of education unions and other things he is defining as “infrastructure”, even though most economists shake their heads when they hear about it.

Whether or not Biden is up to the task and gets the “high praise” he received from his much rehearsed and much ballyhooed presser back in March depends on whether he can actually read for an hour straight. The jury is still out on that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

But Can You Compare The Two?

So, I’m sitting here the other day and listening to a radio show, which I do from time to time now that I work from home “part-time”. And I got to thinking. Who has been the greatest Republican president since World War II? Traditionally, I would say it’s no contest. We’ve had Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, George HW Bush, George W Bush, and Donald Trump.

Well, when you look at that field, I’d say we’ve not got a lot of greatness to choose from. And traditionally I’d go with Reagan. But Trump keeps surprising me.

The similarities in my own mind are really surprising. I wasn’t in favor of either of them when they first ran. I didn’t vote for Reagan in 1980 because I thought he was a “war monger”, and I was young and foolish. I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries because I didn’t think he had a chance in hell of winning. I was proven wrong both times.

Both Reagan and Trump did more in their first terms than anyone going back to Truman did in their presidency. I mean, you’re going to compare either Reagan or Trump to whom? Kennedy? Johnson? Carter? Clinton? Bobo? Please! The only one of those presidents who had a lasting effect on America was Johnson with a) the Civil Rights movement and b) his “war on poverty” which has done nothing to solve the problems of the poor and cost this country trillions.

Reagan was able to stop the malaise we faced under Jimmy Carter (and Gerald Ford), and Trump has been able to stop the malaise we faced under Bobo Obama. There is no way to believe that either Carter or Obama deserved any credit for the uptick in the economies that followed. Neither had a clue what they were doing.

Reagan’s foreign policy was fabulous. He brought an end to the Soviet Union. Trump has restored America as a leader in the world after Obama’s failed apology tours. Unemployment under Reagan during Carter’s recession went from a high of 9.8% in July of 1982 to a low of 5.4% when he left office. When Trump took office, the rate was 5.4%. It’s now 3.7%. That by the way falls under the definition of “full employment”, which is generally regarded as anything under 4%.

So, is Trump the greatest president since World War II? Too early to tell, but he certainly is giving Reagan a run for his money!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

A Second Term For Trump?

If you were to look at Donald Trump’s approval ratings, you’d probably say that there would be no way in hell he’d get a second term as President of the United States. And you’d probably be dead wrong.

Since long before the Obama presidency, you can no longer look at approval numbers as a guide as to whether or not a sitting president is going to get a second term or not. Entering into September of their second year in office, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had a 42% approval rating. Bobo’s was smack dab at 45%. Trump’s, depending on where you look is anywhere between 43-46%. So, all three predecessors with poor approval ratings got second terms.

So why in the world would Donald Trump get a second term? It’s simple. He’s playing President, like he played the CEO on The Apprentice. A lot of folks felt Ronald Reagan “acted” his way through eight years, playing the role of president…and I’m not disputing that. The Apprentice (with Donald Trump, not Arnold Schwartzenegger) was a highly rated television program, and Trump’s always promoting style was a big reason for that. Look at what he’s doing now…same thing.

He promotes the fact he’s going to meet with Rod Rosenstein, then doesn’t…but says, “Hang on…we’ll see…stay tuned next week!” How often has he done that? Jeff Sessions could probably answer that better than I could. And even though he infuriates the left just be turning oxygen into carbon dioxide, they all tune in to see what he’s going to do next.

As sad as it is to say, America has become a television nation. The news channels CNN, MSNBC, and yes, even Fox News have seen record setting numbers since Trump took office. So what’s the reason? Half of America is cheering him, and half of America is ready to throw their remote through the television set. But America loves the show, and as much as I don’t want us to become a nation where TV stars run the country, that’s indeed what’s happening. Ever since 1960, with basically one exception (Richard Nixon), we have elected the most photogenic, most personable candidate running each election cycle.

So, while Donald Trump continues to play TV producer with the government, he continues to get people tuning in. And when you look at it, you really can’t argue the facts. The economy is humming better than it has in decades; the “new NAFTA” deal with Canada was just announced…Mexico jumped on board earlier;  more and more world leaders are listening to what Trump has to say; and even the Chinese realize that the trade war that Trump may have started by increasing tariffs on Chinese goods, can’t be won by the Chinese because they send so much stuff here. We are one of their largest trading partners…but it’s very lopsided and they will suffer much more than we will.

All of that aside, come election time, my hunch is, if he’s not impeached, or has his presidency end early by scandal, Trump will be able to basically dismantle every single candidate the Democrats want to throw against him, the same way he did with Hillary Clinton. That means, very simply put…four more years of Donald Trump!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Some Fact Checking On Trump & Libs

There has been a lot of hootin’ & hollerin’ goin’ on in DC and around the country regarding “separating parents from their children”at the borders. In fact, one side says there is no law, one side cites a court case, one side wants a campaign issue to run on, one side wants to settle it. What is true, what is false? Here’s the truth.

First and foremost, Donald Trump is wrong when he says the Democrats passed a “law” that makes separating children from their parents necessary. It’s not a law, it was a court decision in 1997 called the “Flores Decision”. It was a class action lawsuit that dealt with “catch and release” of minors picked up by Immigration at the border. The only position I can find that it was Democrats that “passed the law” was that it occurred when Bill Clinton was president. But it dealt with issues in the 1980’s and that would fall under Ronald Reagan and possibly Jimmy Carter. So, no…Democrats didn’t “give us” this bad law.

The ruling said that the child should be temporarily placed with a relative or at least a friend instead of being locked up. If there was no relative or friend here in this country, and the parent or supposed parent would be either a threat to the child or would be imprisoned themselves, then the child should be kept in the “least restrictive environment possible”. And of course, the child should be released as soon as possible. That’s what the court decision said.

Second, there is a couple of very good logical reasons (instead of the emotional reasons that liberals and Laura Bush are giving) for separating children from parents. First and foremost is the fact is there are about 2,000 families being “separated” at this point in time. Most of those (more than half according to ICE) involve one or two adults coming across the border illegally, with a child that it turns out, is NOT theirs. They are picking up homeless kids on the way, and bringing them across the border, claiming that they are their kids. DNA testing shows that’s not the case. In that case, both the “parent” and the child are deported.

Another reason to separate the child from the adult in these cases is if the adult is found to have been guilty of a crime and is themselves incarcerated. You don’t want to lock up a child with an adult in an adult detention facility. All sorts of bad things can happen. Hell, all sorts of bad things happen to adults in that situation.

I think the reason that Jeff Sessions said in the first place that they’d be separating child from adult in these instances is because he was trying to send a message (obviously one that liberals didn’t understand) that if you’re going to commit a crime and come to this country, and you bring a child with you, you’re going to lose that child. That was meant to be a deterrent that basically you should leave the kid at home, or better yet, not come yourself. Liberals always seem to forget there IS a law regarding immigration and these folks have ALL broken that law!

Do we need a solution quickly? Sure we do. Nobody wants to see real, true families broken up. That’s ludicrous and anybody that suggests otherwise is playing an emotional card that shows their stupidity. But, if there is to be a law written to do it, who’s job is it to accomplish that feat? Well, as we learned with Obama’s attempts to write laws, then get slapped down by the Supreme Court, it’s the Congress that can end this today. Get a bill together, send it to the president to sign, and he signs it. Then it IS a law, and then the separation stops. Isn’t it easy when you follow the Constitution?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Think Trump Is Such A Bad President?

I love polls. Oh, they don’t mean squat in the whole scheme of things, but they’re fun to look at. I especially love polls that show liberals in total disarray and really out of touch. It happens more often than you might think.

Take now for instance. Depending on the polls you look at, Donald Trump’s approval rating for President of the United States is anywhere between 45 and 51%. And it keeps going higher. This is with (and this isn’t my figure, but figures from studies of news broadcasts) 91% negative news about him. There has never, repeat, never in the history of this great nation, a president that has had more negative news coverage over the first 18 months of their presidency of Donald Trump. Want to know the dirty little secret?

His approval rating after 18 months in office is higher than either Ronald Reagan’s or Barack Obama’s.

Both had approval ratings of 44% after a year and a half on the job. Which tells me a lot.

See, I look at polls, but I don’t usually think they mean a whole lot. I like to look at a lot of stuff. And what I see with Trump is both disturbing, and uplifting. It’s a dichotomy I know, but it’s true. The man is a dichotomy. On one hand, his constant and abusive tweets have most Americans shaking their heads. In a poll done by CNET, 69% of Americans thought Trump’s constant tweeting was a bad idea. I would tend to agree with them. It’s not that the tweets themselves are a bad idea. It’s what’s in the tweets. He doesn’t talk like a president would talk. He talks like you and I would talk. Maybe that’s what endears him to the people, I don’t know.

But when I look at the results of his policies, it’s hard to argue with the guy. The economy has totally reversed itself since the Obama implosion. Unemployment is at historical lows, and these aren’t the part-time, low-wage jobs that Obama had touted either. These are real jobs that have a real paycheck attached. And the stock market has risen from 18,873.6 the day of the 2016 election to above 25,000 today. that’s up 34% in 18 months. Not a bad investment!

Let’s look at what he’s done in other areas. Obamacare is just about over (thank God!). The abortion of a healthcare bill no longer will require anyone to participate as of the end of this year. Texas and a few other states are suing the government (and the government is taking their side), saying that when you take away the individual mandate, the whole Obamacare legislation is unconstitutional (which is what John Roberts argued when the Supreme Court first found Obamacare to be legal).

The EPA has loosened regulations in this country to the point where they aren’t harming the ecology, and yet, they aren’t strangling businesses either. Coal isn’t dead. Taxes have been cut by the largest amount in history. Over 50,000 illegal immigrants have been arrested in the month of May at the border.

And in foreign policy, Trump has gotten us out of the ill-fated Paris Accord, the TPP, and the Iran Deal (the worst deal ever negotiated), basically denying Bobo Obama any sort of legacy item at all.

No, I think Trump overall gets good marks through the first 18 months. If his meeting with Kim Jong Un goes well, who knows where this might lead?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What’s Old Is New Again?

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if there’s something to this nostalgia thing. It seems that we, as a nation, have become embarrassed with where we were as a nation over the past eight years under Barack Obama, and now, we’re going back to a time when we remember it fondly. When I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s, that would describe Eisenhower and the 1950’s. However, I’m talking now about Ronald Reagan and the 1980’s.

Think I’m joking? Look at what’s been happening…

We have a president that after the previous administration’s failure to right the ship economically, is doing so. In the 1970’s that was Jimmy Carter. 46 years later, it was Barack Obama.

We have a president that has a positive, “feel good” message about being American. Back in 1980, remember? It was “Morning again in America” when candidate Ronald Reagan ran for office. In 2016, it was “Make America Great Again” under candidate Donald Trump.

Under Ronald Reagan, we didn’t mince words when it came to fighting foreign powers. Under Jimmy Carter, all we had was failure (remember the Iran hostage crisis, and the failed attempt to rescue them? I’m sure Oliver North does!) Today, we are dealing with failed foreign policy moves by Barack Obama that cost us (like the Iran nuclear deal, the TPP, and Paris Accords). Those were all ideals that Obama knew would never pass muster in Congress, so he never made them law, but rather executive orders. Under Donald Trump, he took those executive orders and threw them all in the trash.

OK, enough of politics. Do you need some other examples? What were the popular TV shows in the 1980’s? MacGyver, Murphy Brown, Magnum PI, and Rosanne, right? Geez, have you LOOKED at the lineup of TV shows lately? All four of those shows are coming back or are back and are doing very well! So, by the way is Hawaii 5-0, which is a retread from an even earlier time.

So, it would appear that there is this nostalgia craze to take us back in time about 35 years. That in and of itself isn’t surprising. We did the same type of thing musically about 15 years ago. That’s when the classic rock format really started taking hold with radio stations. Actually it goes back to the mid 1990’s. But music from groups like The Eagles never went out of style, they just went from the Top 40 stations to Classic Rock stations. They’ve ALWAYS been on the radio. And who do you think is making comebacks in commercials today? MC Hammer! When was he popular? Yup.

I understand we all want to go back to a simpler time, and we all look at our youth as that time (except the hippies from the 1960’s, because it wasn’t so simple back then…they just turned into mean-spirited Democrats!) The whole thing is that in this day and age, we are reminded so clearly of Ronald Reagan…who by the way was also embroiled in a scandal that never really went anywhere. Do you remember? It was called Iran/Contra. And while it may have taken down some minor players, the president remain unscathed. Same thing happens today with Russian Collusion.

The more we change, the more we stay the same! Just sayin’

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

No “President Oprah”…Thank God!

Oprah Winfrey has been asked by several groups to consider running for the presidency against Donald Trump in 2020. Her response came in a 60 Minutes interview when she said it’s “not in my DNA”. And, “God has not told me to run”.

Now, I’m as religious as the next person. I do believe that God talks to us and tells us stuff. I know He’s talked to me. But He has never told me to seek political office, or go for a certain job, or write these blogs. Frankly, I don’t think He cares if I do it or not. And I’m pretty sure (though I can’t say for sure, obviously), that He doesn’t care if Oprah does as well.

I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan. Let’s get that out there right away. I think she’s not anywhere near as talented as the world makes her out to be. She’s got a great publicist, and a great team behind her. But a) I hate her politics, and b) I don’t think she’s all that special. Of course, if you gave your audience cars and furs, and all the crap she dishes out, I suppose they’d love you too, right?

So, yes, I’m coming at this from a bias. That bias is that Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have the skills to be president. She doesn’t come from a background that lends itself to do anything like that. I know folks would say the same for Ronald Reagan, and I would disagree. They don’t realize that for ten years he traveled the country speaking to General Electric employees about the values of conservatism. He honed his speech so well, it was easy for him to give. Oprah hasn’t done any of that. And besides, we saw all too well what happens when former TV stars try to get involved with politics with Al Franken. That ended real well, didn’t it?

Oprah Winfrey may be smart enough to be president, she’s certainly less of a threat than Hillary Clinton in terms of stealing the White House china! But I doubt she’s got the negotiating skills, the political savvy, or the necessary skill set to pull off the job. Trump came from business. He is a savvy negotiator. And he’s got the skill set to be a good CEO. He lacks the political savvy and it shows. That’s what the left attacks him on consistently. Oprah would be a sitting duck because she lacks two of the three areas. Trump only lacks one. Of course, being a socialist, Winfrey wouldn’t have the media to worry about!

No, an Oprah Winfrey run for the White House would underscore the country’s decline in ways I wouldn’t even want to imagine. Have we reached the point that we look to Hollywood for our leaders now? Where have the statesmen of old gone. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, they’d all be turning over in their graves to hear that Oprah Winfrey was seriously considered by some to be presidential material. Well, let me rephrase that. They’d continue turning over. I doubt they’ve stopped spinning over Hillary Clinton running!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!