Is “For The People Act” Dead?

The short answer is yes…in it’s current form, it’s toast. That’s because Democrats don’t have even their own party fighting for this bill, and it’s far short of receiving the 60 vote threshold it needs in the US Senate. Joe Manchin has said that anything that isn’t bi-partisan isn’t going to have his support. That would leave the Democrats with only 49 votes in the Senate and it would fail.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past six months or so, ever since the Democrats scraped by with the narrowest of margins in the House and the Senate for Joe Biden’s first two years in office, they’ve been trying to figure out how to change the rules so they don’t have to worry about ever really campaigning for elections again. So, they devised “For The People” act. It basically changes the way federal elections are run.

It opens up the polls for at least 15 days before an election for early voting. It pushes expanded hours. It really pushes mail-in ballots, because that’s where the Democrats shined in the last election. And it basically allows everyone to be automatically registered to vote, even if they don’t want to be.

Republicans obviously see this as a ploy to totally destroy the election system and set up one-party rule forever. And it could end up like that if indeed this gets the votes to pass. It doesn’t seem likely. The GOP is totally against creating anything similar to that, and it looks like the left has taken notice.

Tim Kane (D-Va) has been fielding “suggestions” from his party on how to re-write the bill to make it more acceptable to the Republicans. They’ve looked at every angle, including how to cut the 800 page bill down to a more manageable size, and maybe go piecemeal, rather than sweeping change. That’s the one thing it seems the Democrats have failed to learn in DC. Sweeping bills are very difficult to pass, and require a lot of political capital. What does seem to still work is when you break things down in chunks and pass parts of that sweeping bill individually. That is probably where the Dems’ are going with this one, but they are still going to fall way short of the 60 votes needed in the Senate. Biden has said he’d sign the bill if it ever got to his desk.

Overall, this is a terrible bill. It’s a partisan hack attempt at trying to get the people in this country to vote Democrat whether they want to or not, and it opens up the floodgates to the potential of fraudulent voting, which seems like it’s always an option on the table when the left finds itself in a poor position (like now).

The best thing to happen to this bill is to go down in flames, without GOP support. The way to fix the federal elections is to make Election Day a national holiday. Give everyone the day off work, and when they vote in person (as 99% should do), you basically dip their thumb in indelible ink, like they did in Iraq. That way you can only vote once. No mail in ballots unless you have a doctor’s order that you can’t vote that day for medical reasons, and you must show an ID. No early voting is necessary then. All votes need to be tabulated by midnight local time in order to be counted, and if they haven’t finished by midnight local time, the votes that aren’t counted are thrown out. That way you get around the piles of votes showing up at the election headquarters at 4am, or bags of ballots that were stuffed in a closet somewhere are “discovered” three days later.

What needs to end in this country is election fraud. It should be punishable by a $10 million fine per occurrence and if you can’t pay it you serve 30 years in prison with no possibility of parole. And the party that was attempting it automatically loses whatever election they were trying to fix. THAT is the way to fix our election problems!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Manchin To The Rescue?

Joe Manchin (D-WVa) appears to be the lone guy (well, sometimes with Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who is fighting for his constituents rather than his party. At least that’s the short end of the story on the surface. Manchin came out this past weekend and said that he was going to be voting against S-1, the sweeping Voting Rights Act that basically would create havoc for anyone not a Democrat trying to get elected.

S-1, better known as the “For The People Act”, is the Democrats’ attempt to insure that voting by mail (which has lead to massive voter fraud in the past) along with automatically registering everyone of age to vote (again, leading to massive voter fraud), and “increasing access to the ballot box” for everyone (see above two topics), is heading to a vote in the Senate. Now, normally, if people were voting on party lines, this would pass 50-50 with Kamala Harris voting in favor as the tie breaker. But this isn’t normal times, and apparently, Joe Manchin is thinking with his head, not with his wallet.

The problem with S-1 is that, while it allows for early voting, and insures that those that Democrats claim are being disenfranchised with their vote can get to the polls, it does add several layers of concern besides those outlined above. The main reason for this bill is simple. It’s to make sure that Democrats are the only ones elected to Congress and the White House for the foreseeable future. And it does so, because of the fact it allows for voter fraud.

Now, I’ve said many, many times on this blog and elsewhere that in 2020 there was indeed voter fraud. Yes, I do believe that. I don’t believe there was enough voter fraud to overturn the election. Joe Biden won the election. There was never any proof given in any courtroom in this country that signified otherwise. I’ve read the transcripts. The arguments that people like Rudy Giuliani gave in public and the arguments that he gave in the courtroom where he could be slapped with a perjury charge were incredibly different. Why? If Giuliani had what he claimed to the media that he had, why didn’t he produce it in a court of law?

This act, however, isn’t the answer. If you’re looking at fair and unbiased elections, and I really do believe that MOST Americans are in agreement with that, you don’t want S-1 to pass. It doesn’t insure fair and unbiased elections. It insures biased, rigged elections at almost every turn. There is a very simple solution.

You make people vote in person. You make election day the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and leave it at that. You do not allow absentee voting unless there is a medical reason why a person of voting age, and registered to vote cannot get to the polls. And you make Election Day a federal holiday. Nobody works. You make it illegal to campaign or stand within 100 yards of anybody standing in line to vote, or harass anybody in line to vote. When you vote, you receive a purple ink spot on your thumb that wears off after 2 weeks. Nothing else can get it off. And once the voting is over, the machines, with a paper trail, are confiscated and taken to a secure place guarded by armed guards. There they are counted and reported immediately, and the tallies sent to a central location.

After those tallies are sent to a central location, the results are final and there is no allowing for any extra ballots to be counted. This insures that no one “finds” a bunch of absentee ballots hidden in a closet somewhere as has happened several times. Or that someone in the middle of the night drives up and delivers boxes of absentee ballots as was alleged that happened in Wayne County, Michigan in November.

Anyone caught tampering with voting is locked away for the rest of their lives with no chance for parole. If you make the punishment severe enough, you will see voter fraud disappear. It’s that simple.

S-1 is a bad idea. It’s not American. It’s foisted by people who want to control you in ever avenue of your life while they are held above the law. And we can all thank Joe Manchin for deciding it’s not what the United States Senate needs to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!