Have we sunk to the new low that all you have to do to uncork an outstanding nomination to the US Supreme Court is to come up with some cock-n-bull story about high school dalliances? That’s why Senator Diane Feinstein has done by outing this Stanford University professor who is claiming that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh groped her (and according to her, would have raped her had he not been so drunk). I have one word for this whole kettle of fish.


First of all, it smacks of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill…to the point that Hill was also a college professor. Second, as in Thomas’ case, it was held until just before the vote. And third, unlike the Thomas case, it was a Senator that brought it to the forefront and outed the accuser. This really reeks of something bad I’m smelling.

Let’s look at it. Why are we only now hearing of this? Why, if this woman has been so tormented throughout her life didn’t she come forward when Kavanaugh was before the Senate for confirmation to the Federal Bench? If this was such a huge ordeal, why does this woman not have one soul that can also remember the incident? And let’s face it… it was supposedly happening 35 years ago when she and Kavanaugh were in high school. Are you kidding me? The FBI has vetted this guy and plowed into his past looking at everything he ever did not once, not twice or three times, but SIX separate times. They have turned over every rock. They have looked under every leaf. Hell, this guy is the squeakiest clean boy scout if there ever was one.

How can hundreds of women that he dated in high school, and college, and since his education, while a legal professional come forward and say that he has always been upstanding and treated them well.

And now we learn that this professor is a dyed in the wool snowflake who’s taken part in anti-Trump marches, signed petitions about separating children from their parents at the border, and has been a staunch donor of extremely liberal campaigns for not just a year or two…we’re talking decades.

The other problem I had with this is the fact that her lawyer seems to be as partisan as she is. While she rails against Brett Kavanaugh being such a bad person and trying to “rape” her client 35 years ago, she fails to mention that she was wanting to give Bill Clinton and yes, even Al Franken a pass on their sexual dalliances. Now wait a minute! If you’re such a fan of the #MeToo movement, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, how can you call it OK when a Democrat does commits sex abuse when there are plenty of witnesses, and go on the offensive when your client has NO witnesses, is a dyed in the wool liberal who’d do anything to see this guy not get confirmed, and it supposedly happened in HIGH SCHOOL? C’mon…can’t you get more creative than that?

You couldn’t have written a better script for a “gotcha” moment than this. And now the GOP has to hold this insane hearing next Monday to listen to this woman’s testimony. This has all the trappings of the typical Democrat “win at all cost, even if it’s a lie” mentality. The least they could do is come up with a different play, rather than some 27 year old play that led to absolutely nothing except Thomas’ confirmation.

Feinstein should be investigated and impeached!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!