AOC: Dump The Prisons!

Yeah, that wizzard of The Bronx has come out with her latest take on how America could be better. Get rid of prisons altogether, and let everyone out. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves, it doesn’t matter what you did, you shouldn’t be kept “in a cage”. After all, says AOC, “A cage is a cage is a cage, and people don’t belong in cages.”

Now, I see your face right now. 67% of your are rolling your eyes, thinking, “There goes that dingbat again!” The other 33% are just shaking your head wondering how this person gets dressed in the morning. I get it.

But this is liberalism.

If you really want to know why liberalism never works, never has worked and never will work, it’s really because of two different issues. I’ve mentioned the first one many times here, and that’s money. It always runs out of other people’s money. But the second reason is the more telling reason. It’s the deeper reason why liberalism is always doomed to fail. To be progressive…I mean, REALLY progressive, you’ve got to keep shifting farther and farther to the left. And the farther left you go, the fewer and fewer people will agree with you.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that I come out with a program that helps the poor so they don’t starve. We feed the poor. That’s a program probably most people would get behind, right? Then, to continue down that path, I’ve got to clothe them. Again, nobody should have to walk around naked or in rags, so you could probably get on board with that. Now we need shelters for them so they aren’t sleeping on the streets in winter. Everybody still along for the ride? Probably.

Now it gets interesting. Let’s say that we need to give them a stipend of $1,000 a month to help them get their own housing. Oops. We just lost some of you that subscribe to the theory “Give a man a fish…”, right? And then when we want to give them a cell phone, so they can have their prospective employers call them, we lose even more…and it continues. You started out with a noble gesture, and it got out of control. That’s the way the Democrat party works. It started out as actually a pretty conservative group of people. In fact, some say, they would represent the ugly side of the conservative movement…remember THEY were the ones that didn’t want desegregation in the south. THEY were the ones that fought FOR slavery. They were not the ones that originally fought for Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights’ reforms. It was the Republican Party that came to his aid on that one!

We’ve progressed to the point where most of the “progressives” have out paced their liberal roots and they’ve veered into socialism. They want everything, cradle to grave, to come from the federal government. They feel (though they won’t publicly admit it) that you are too stupid to take care of yourself, they have to do it for you. And you’ve become a slave to their generosity. It’s a way to keep them in power. Think I’m wrong? Look at Social Security. Look at Welfare. Look at Food Stamps. These are programs that enslave it’s participants. Take them away and people will revolt.

And people like AOC know no boundaries as to how far to the left they need to push. They’ll keep moving farther and farther down that road. And it’s to the point where most of America thinks she’s a WhackJob, and a pretty stupid one at that. Most people can’t believe she’s talking about getting rid of cars and planes, and busses. Most people can’t fathom a world where we rebuild EVERY single building in America! And most people won’t catch on with her program to get rid of prisons. How do you deal with offenders? You don’t. Because she’s soft on crime.

Welcome to the New Democrat Party.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Are Dems’ Throwing Election?

Think back about 10 years or so if you will. And we’ve discussed this a little bit this past week. The Tea Party was all the rage among conservatives. They were holding rallies and people were talking about how clean they were, how they policed the grounds after they were done. That was in contrast to the Occupy Wall Street gang that built a homeless village across the street from the New York Stock Exchange and lived in filth for months on end.

The problem the Republicans faced with the Tea Party movement was it jerked the party so far to the right, that the people in the middle, moderate Republicans and independent voters, were turned off by the candidates. And the same thing is happening today with the left.

Democrats that are more moderate than even Joe Biden don’t see a choice in the current field. Independents take a look at possible Democrats to vote for, then look at the economy and decide that maybe Trump isn’t that bad after all. A poll about a month or so ago showed there were a total of 16 million voters in this country who voter for either Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein in 2016 that were going to be voting for Donald Trump this time around.

Um…that’s a 32 million vote swing if true.

Most of that is not because of the candidates themselves, but of the leftist snowflakes that are out there complaining about Trump. An example would be Debra Messing. Now, we all know Hollywood is leftist and socialist, right? We can all agree that to be a Republican openly in Tinseltown basically means you are either uber successful, or never going to land a role on TV or in the movies. When Messing heard that Trump was holding a fundraiser in Hollywood, she wanted to start a blacklist of people that attended. She and Will & Grace co-star, Eric McCormack were all excited to tell the world they would “never work with those people that gave to Trump!” Later, amid a huge backwash of condemnation, she had to walk back her comments. But the damage was done.

We see it time and time again with these guys, and again, it’s not necessarily coming from the candidates. Members of Congress are constantly pushing a socialist agenda that makes people uncomfortable. They don’t want a Green New Deal. They don’t want to get rid of fossil fuels. They want to live their lives in peace and enjoy themselves. And when you get people from either party that wants to disrupt that by being too liberal or too conservative, they push back.

Hence the poll results. And if the socialist movement can’t do a better job of getting the Millennials out who actually support some aspects of these socialist programs (like free education for all, getting rid of student debt, and the environmental planks being talked about), they are likely to chase a wide swath of voters that would consider them to the other side, or worse yet for the Democrats, chase them away from the voting booth altogether.

That’s exactly what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016. She couldn’t muster the support that Bernie Sanders had for the Millennials, and the mainstream Democrats were turned off by her and her oodles of baggage she brought to the campaign. They stayed home and Trump won.

And if you go back to 2012, the same thing happened on the Republican side. The GOP nominated what they thought was a moderate Republican who could compete against Obama, not because Mitt Romney was a good candidate, but because he wasn’t a Tea Party guy that would push the party too far to the right to win a general election. So, you ended up with a guy that was a terrible candidate that was gaffe proned (remember the “47%” remark that haunted him?).

I love watching these Democrat candidates yank the party farther and farther to the left thinking all the while that they are achieving their socialist agenda. Apparently, they don’t have the common sense to see what they are really doing…insuring the reelection of Donald J. Trump.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Socialism: It’s Already Failed

Most of the Democrat candidates for president have described themselves as “Socialist Democrats”. They are falling in line with Bernie Sanders’ ideology that was popularized in his 2016 presidential run. There are four freshmen Congresswomen, known as the WhackJob 4 that are avowed socialists. And when asked about it, Millennials think that socialism is great. In fact, 40% of them embrace some sort of socialism (most of it dealing with either free college tuition or getting rid of their student debts).

Alas, what these idiot snowflakes don’t seem to understand is that socialism has already been tried countless times…and it’s never succeeded. The most recent collapse is in Venezuela, where two decades under Hugo Chavez, the country was the wealthiest country on the South American continent. Today, it’s one of the poorest. It’s people can’t find food to eat, housing is short, and even gasoline, which had been almost free under government subsidies has skyrocketed in price to about 38 cents per gallon. Actually, if you have a US dollar, you can buy 925,000 gallons of gas. The problem is getting it back to the US! A single “bolivar” (their monetary unit) will get you a liter of 91 octane gasoline (US regular is 87 octane). A single egg by comparison costs 200,000 bolivars.

Here in this country, we tried a form of socialism earlier this century. The whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco that caused the 2008 banking collapse was a socialist move that Congress foisted on the banking industry. Wanting to give every American, regardless of their ability to pay a loan back, the right to buy a house, Congress passed a bill requiring banks to issue sub-prime mortgages to people that had no means to repay the loans. When those loans started going into default, the banks had no recourse other than to foreclose on their loans. That meant that banks (which make money by the spread between what they loan money for and what they pay you in interest for keeping your money there), all of a sudden because large owners in real estate. And they couldn’t unload the properties fast enough to avoid a crisis. It took trillions of dollars and eight years of Democrat ineptitude to try and get out of it.

And yet, Millennials and liberals don’t think twice about wanting to get something for nothing…not realizing that anytime the government gives you anything, there is a price tag that has to be paid for up the road. This can be blamed on a terrible education system that has systematically dumbed down American school children. In the end, following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, the liberal snowflakes have learned that to keep Americans uneducated, unable to travel, and unsophisticated, they are more likely to be able to implement socialist policies. By that time, it’ll be too late.

So, socialism has already been tried in this country, and countless other countries around the world. It’s never succeeded because it always runs into the same problem. It never finds enough money to succeed. The governments are always too generous in handing out money to win the hearts and minds of the citizens. And, at some point, the balance tips and the bill becomes due. Then you have protests and riots in the streets as the proletariat protest and look to overthrow the government. IF the Bernie Sanders’ wing of the Democrats are ever successful enough to win more than a Senate seat or two, it’ll happen in this country as well. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and vote for the Democrat in 2020. See what happens in 20 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Imagine A World…

Yeah…it’s the old Donald Leroy LaFontaine opening line from his movie trailers (or actually a close copy). But still it says a lot on today’s topic. Today, I want you to imagine what the world would be like if America were Amerika…and the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens, and AOC’s of the world took over. Would you like a picture of that?

Just look at San Francisco. Take a serious look at what their streets look like. San Francisco is probably one of the most liberal cities in this country. They are probably, outside of Madison, Wisconsin, the most socialist town in America. And things aren’t going well for the “Golden Gate City By The Bay”. In other words…they stink.

Last year alone, there were over 28,000 instances of people pooping on the streets of San Francisco. Over the past eight years, that number has grown steadily. And the upwards of 8,000 homeless (just an estimate) are the ones taking over the streets. Drug use is rampant. Crime is on the rise, and city council and their mayor, 45 year old, London Breed, doesn’t have a clue how to stop any of it.

It’s gotten so bad in San Fran, that businesses are leaving; conventions are pulling out; and people are starting to leave. It’s partly due to the crime, the poop in the streets, the homeless problem that no one apparently can do anything about. It’s also due to the high taxes. Sales taxes combine (local, county, and state) stand at 8.5%. You can add another 1.188% of the assessed value of your property to that mix. If you add in the city’s flat income tax of 1.5%, and the state’s income tax that can be upwards of 12%, you can see that combined, you’re going to be paying roughly over a quarter of your income in state and local taxes. That’s before you pay your federal taxes!

This hurts…especially when you consider that at one point in the not too distant past, San Francisco looked very seriously at doling out a “living universal wage” to all of its residents. The city keeps looking at different ways to tax people because they keep running out of money.

And there you have a sneak peak into the world as it would be if socialists ran our society. Nothing in this world if free…not college tuition, not healthcare, not student loans, not housing, not food. Someone is paying for all of it. And unfortunately, we are rapidly reaching the point where the wealthy aren’t going to do it anymore. Need proof? Just spend a few weeks and read Atlas Shrugged. It’ll tell you all you need to know!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

The Sanders Conundrum

Bernie Sanders has been on the campaign trail for a few months now, and is doing well. Actually, he’s doing so well that there are several prominent Democrats that think he can win. And that makes them worried. Huh?

You read it correctly.

Democrats are afraid if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination that he would actually be able to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and that has them very worried. They are worried that Sanders may win the White House. We’re not talking about the Republicans worried here…we’re talking the Democrats are worried.

First of all, Sanders has been running a strong second in the polls every since he announced. And of the declared candidates, he’s leading the pack. Only Smilin’ Joe Biden tops him. And Sanders has raised over $18 million so far, outpacing the rest of the Democrat field combined. That has Democrats worried. So the question is, why would Dems’ be worried over this?

First of all, Sanders is very far left of where the mainstream Democrat party is today. These folks are as scared as mainstream Republicans were a decade ago when the Tea Party reared it’s head. Remember back then? The Tea Party started backing very conservative candidates and ran them in primaries. These folks were strong enough to win the primary, but couldn’t win over the more moderate voters in the general elections. In the end, Democrats ended up taking over the seats. Well, Democrats are concerned that this move toward socialism in their party is causing the same thing to happen to them, only on the left. Too many leftist socialists are in the mix, calling for programs like the New Green Deal or whatever Ocasio-Cortez is calling it this week. They’re afraid that if these folks get elected, they will muddy up whatever agenda the left actually has. And that won’t be a good thing.

So, there is a campaign afoot to try and get Sanders out of the race earlier rather than later. The feeling is that Biden can deal with the rest of the group. The Warrens, and Bookers, and Harris’ out there aren’t nearly the match for Joe Biden as Sanders is. And the feeling is that even if Sanders wins the primary and gets the nomination, in the end analysis, they probably won’t be able to guarantee he could pull enough moderates and independents to take the White House. But even if he WERE able to, even if the “Anti-Trumpers” out there rose up and voted in Sanders just because they didn’t want Trump (pretty much the same way they voted him in over Hillary), it would be disasterous for the mainstream Democrat party.

If you put someone from the uber-left in charge of the party, that portion of the country takes a hard turn to the left. And a lot of those folks, granted a lot of the older folks on that side of the fence aren’t ready for socialism yet. The younger kids don’t know what they’re in for, and haven’t done the research to see what it means. But it would actually rip the Democrats in two. And if you tear 48% of the voters into two parts, you’re going to get a part that doesn’t want anything to do with socialism winning every time. THAT is why the Democrats don’t want Bernie Sanders to take the nomination and win the White House. It would spell the end of the Democrat party as they know it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Now HERE’S An Idea…

I’ve heard an awful lot of ideas in my day. A few have been home runs. Several have been for extra base hits. And yes, quite a few are decent enough to score a base hit. But the overwhelming majority of ideas out there are bad ideas. And I’ve always said that everyone has a good idea every once in a while, but not all ideas are good ideas.

And it’s with that in mind that we crash headlong into the latest scatterbrained idea from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She wants the IRS to do your taxes for you.

Let this sink in for a minute.

Keep sinking…

Letting the IRS do your taxes for you would be akin to you telling your boss how much he is willing to pay you. I mean, after the escapade with Lois Lerner, after all of the negative press the IRS has had over the years, after all of the crap dealing with that particular agency, would YOU trust them to do your taxes?

Let me put this another way.

Several years ago, I called the IRS’ tax line to get a question answered for my taxes. I didn’t make much money at the time, and did the taxes myself. They were pretty simple then. My wife and I both worked, we had a few deductions, but it wasn’t anything really crazy…just enough to qualify us to use the 1040 long form. So, I called the IRS. The information the lady on the other end of the phone gave me (after a one hour wait on hold) just sounded weird. So I called a buddy who was a CPA. He laughed. He said, “Don’t EVER call the IRS tax line for help. First of all, they don’t know the tax code. Second, they give out wrong information over half the time. And lastly, you are responsible for them giving you the wrong information if you take their advice and it’s wrong.”

So, I want to trust the IRS with filling out my taxes? Sorry. I don’t trust the IRS to open the envelope with my quarterly payment in it. Why on earth would I trust them with information? That makes about as much sense as asking a barber if you need a haircut.

What we’re seeing here is another AOC crazy moment. She’s really starting to fill up a book with this crap. I mean, there is weirdo idea followed by weirdo idea. None of it makes sense to begin with, much less fiscal sense. Are you telling me that doing away with air travel in our country is a good thing? Are you saying that every single building needs to be taken down and rebuilt using state of the art, energy savings materials is cost effective or efficient? Are you saying that those kids that signed up for college loans so they can better themselves when they graduate should be able to just walk away from the loans? Are you saying that all college should be absolutely free? Who in hell is going to be paying those professors those half-million salaries (like Elizabeth Warren’s husband gets)?

No, I think the time to muzzle the Representative from The Bronx has passed. We need to put her in timeout for the next 20 months or so, and not let her run for re-election. I guess from what I’ve heard, there’s already a primary brewing in her district, she’s that unpopular there…and she’s only been in office three and a half months!

Look, this socialism crap that’s being spewed by the likes of AOC, and Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and Ilhan Omar is really entertaining, but you can’t believe that a majority of Americans are actually falling for this crap, right? I mean, tell me that I haven’t lost my friggin’ mind and that this is the way of the future?

Let’s just hope this is a crazy fad that we’re passing through…like tie-dyed t-shirts and pink hair. If not, we’re all in trouble!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What’s The End Game?

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the pre-election blather coming out of the media lately, they’re swooning all over themselves to tell how bold and exciting the ideas of the left are when it comes to how they will systematically change the way our Republic is run. Oh, the ideas run the gamut, and it’s rather scary if you think about it.

So far, and mind you, not all of the candidates are in yet and not all of their ideas have been vocalized, we’ve heard the Democrats want to tear down the wall with Mexico; they want to lower the voting age to 16, which is strange because they want to raise the age to own a gun to 21! Then you’ve got the whole thing about doing away with the Electoral College because they don’t think they can win elections with that damn thing standing in the way. You’ve got expanding the Supreme Court to 15 Justices because that way it would be easier for them to pack the court and get their majority back. They want to do away with the Senate “filibuster” rule, which basically slows down the whole process of passing laws and makes it a more deliberative act. Anything else?

Yup. They want to do away with the whole “citizenship” thing.

See, that’s what’s standing in the way of total domination. We have somewhere between eleven and fifteen million illegal aliens living among us. They shouldn’t be here. They entered our country illegally, and should either be deported or thrown in jail. But to be honest, we don’t have enough incarceration facilities to hold an additional fifteen million people. And to be honest, most of them are hard working people that just want a better life…I get that. But they ARE here illegally. And the Democrats realize that there is no way that they can ever win the immigration reform battle, so they just want to do away with citizenship. That kinda, sorta means that we’re doing away with the whole “country” thing then…right? It’s like we’re going to be more like one big commune in the 60’s. You’re free to just come and go as you want.

Well, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of all of those laws that hold us down and punish us for doing whatever it is we want to do. So what if you don’t have the same protection for your life and limb as you have today. Who cares if someone can rob your bank and take all of your money, or steal your identity and become you? It’s ok, because we’re all people living on Mother Gaia. As long as you realize that the government can solve all of your problems, give you a universal living wage just for changing oxygen into carbon dioxide (which by the way, you’ll be taxed for because you’re part of the whole climate change problem). And if you need food, or a ride, or better TV reception, or your husband snores too loudly, they can take care of that too! Think of how much money we can save if we don’t have to have armed forces to protect our borders! And we won’t need nearly as many police either. Everybody should make the same amount of money, and everybody should pay the same thing in taxes. And we’ll just share everything with everybody. It’ll be one big love-fest.

Except the people that are coming up with these ideas have no idea what they’re talking about and don’t realize that this crap has been tried for almost 100 years and it’s never worked anywhere at any time. It won’t work here either. And the people most likely to believe these idiots? They’re the kids that have been graduating high school and college without learning how to think, without learning how to read. They are the “dumbed down” generation who want everything handed to them because damn it! They’ve suffered!

Someone needs to teach these folks a lesson!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!