What’s The Difference Between Cuomo & Biden?

So, Andrew Cuomo is facing the hot seat over sexual allegations that he wrongfully tried to impose himself on some 11 different women during his time in office as Governor of New York State. And according to all of the reports out there, he will most likely either be resigning (or maybe already has by the time this hits) or facing certain impeachment from the New York State Assembly for his actions. Of course, this has nothing to do with the 15,000 nursing home deaths that Cuomo has been accused to being tied to, since he ordered COVID patients be placed in nursing homes. That’s a different matter altogether and frankly should probably be tried criminally.

But the question I have, is what’s the difference between what Cuomo is alleged to have done with those 11 women, and what Joe Biden has done his entire career?

We’ve seen dozens of photos and videos of Biden smelling women’s hair as they try to pull away. He’s kissed how many? Certainly more than 11. In fact, 8 separate women have come forward accusing Biden of sexual misconduct. Tara Reade has been the most outspoken, but apparently, when there is a call for resignation or for impeachment, it needs to come from more than eight woman. It probably should be in the double digits, right?

Can someone please tell me the difference between these two men? They’ve both displayed sexual misconduct…both have admitted to inappropriately kissing people or touching people, or even having other sexual relations with others not wanting it. So, while Andrew Cuomo is under the gun in New York and is about ready to be booted from office, Biden appears to have outlived the calls for his resignation or impeachment. I guess it shows the hypocrisy of the left. They want Cuomo out because of sexual harassment, but they haven’t said “Boo!” about Biden’s sexual harassment. It hasn’t even been investigated. Oh, I know, press secretary, Jen Psaki has said in a White House briefing that “it’s been litigated”, but come on, people. If you’re guilty, you’re guilty. If you’re innocent, you’re innocent. There is no in between here.

At the very least, the Democrats in DC owe it to the American people to be forthright and honest about this if they want any credibility when it comes to claiming sexual harassment in the future. You can’t write a piece of fiction, as Christine Blasey Ford did, totally made up and fictitious, and still have credibility when it comes to people who obviously have had unwanted sexual advances from someone else in your own party. Biden’s case has yet to be fully investigated, and Tara Reade has been “Hillaryed” which is what Hillary Clinton did to any of the bimbo’s Bill had slept with, and then tried to come out to the press.

What’s good for the goose, is good for the Biden in this case. If Cuomo is going to be ousted from office for sex crimes and misbehavior, Joe Biden should be right on his heels. In fact, for Joe Biden to call for Cuomo’s resignation, as he, Chuckles Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi have all done recently is an affront to women everywhere. Joe, can you tell me the difference between what Cuomo did that you feel is bad enough to ask for his resignation, and what you have done, which somehow isn’t?

Biden is a sexual predator. There is no other way to say it. He, and Andrew Cuomo, and Al Franken, and several others caught up in the whole #MeToo movement that seemingly has died out, need to be erased from our society by not allowing them to lead anything any longer. The question is, when is that going to happen?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

NYT Gets Into The Comedy Business

The Grand Old Lady of journalism hit a new low over the weekend. The New York Times, whose motto has always been “all the news that’s fit to print” ran an editorial that bordered on something you’d find in The Onion.

They called for the Democrat National Committee to put together an “unbiased, apolitical panel” to investigate the sexual shenanigans of one Joe Biden. So, you have to wonder if the Times editorial board has decided to take the show on the road…you know…maybe show up at one of the many comedy clubs in the greater New York City area (once they open up again), and start polishing an act.

All sorts of journalists, and we’re not talking about the “fake news” specialists here, but REAL journalists, mocked the Times for making such a ludicrous statement. I don’t think anybody with half a brain would have taken such a comment as serious. Certainly the DNC didn’t. Here’s what the DNC’s response was:

“This is an absurd suggestion on the face. Regardless of whether it’s the job of the DNC to do this kind of thing, it’s already been done. Joe Biden has been clear in responding to this allegation, he went through a thorough vetting process to be Obama’s Vice President in 2008 (which is a vetting process like no other)and lawyers and the press found nothing, and he has asked for transparency by requesting that all relevant documents be released if they exist.”

Now, that statement says volumes about this whole process. Would anyone with half a brain have expected Joe Biden to come clean and say that yes…he raped this woman in the basement of the United States Capitol and that he had an on-going sexual abuse problem? Would anyone disagree that the press and “lawyers” vetting Biden back in 2008 missed something if this certainly did exist? And by the way…just how good is the DNC at “vetting” Vice Presidents? Does anyone remember the name of Thomas Eagleton? How much vetting was done on that one?

I think the most interesting statement comes at the end where the DNC says that Biden has asked for “transparency by requesting that all relevant documents be released if they exist. That tells me that yes, Biden’s staff has been to the University of Delaware and has scrubbed any offending documentation. I mean, would a presidential candidate say something like that if there was the slightest chance such a document would indeed exist?

For the New York Times to come out and even suggest that a political party, I don’t care which political party you choose, could, at this late date, put together an unbiased and apolitical group to vet their presumptive nominee, since he’s the only one left running, is ridiculous. I don’t know what kind of drugs they are taking at the editorial board meetings of the New York Times, but they must have a great pipeline into South America!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What A Difference Two Years Makes

I want you to think back about two years or so ago. Remember the furror that erupted over Brett Kavanaugh? Remember there was this woman who said he raped her at a party in high school? And remember that no one could corroborate the story? Remember how the Democrats were all up in arms about “the seriousness of the charge” and that was enough to stop him from being a Supreme Court Justice?

What the hell has happened to the Democrat party in the past two years?

Today, their presumptive presidential nominee, one Joeseph Robinette Biden, Jr., has been accused by a former staffer named Tara Reade that he sexually assaulted her. Now, two years ago, it was the “seriousness of the charge” against Kavanaugh that forced Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to drop everything and race to this woman’s (Christine Blasey Ford) defense, despite the fact that the allegation was over 40 years old, and that there was no evidence or witnesses around to support it, and that Ford never said anything to anyone about it until Kavanaugh was nominated. I have but one simple question.

Where are Pelosi and Schumer now?

Here are the people that swore up and down that Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t qualified to become a Justice on the highest court in the land because of an unsubstantiated allegation with no corroborating proof. Here we have a woman that has screamed about this since it happened back in the late 1970’s, and we’ve got tons of proof of Smilin’ Joe touching, hugging, and kissing women who obviously didn’t want the advances, and we don’t have the same response from ANY Democrat in either the House or the Senate?

Go ahead, and try and tell me that the Democrats aren’t trying to play politics with this one. Progressives of the party, and people involved in the #MeToo movement are clamoring about this, wanting to have something done to Biden. At the very least, he shouldn’t be allowed to run for office. After all, if the mere suggestion of sexual allegation was enough to try and keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court bench, shouldn’t a sexual allegation charge against a candidate for President of the United States at the very least be investigated by the Senate, as was Kavanaugh?

Democrats are losing on this one. There is nothing that upsets me more than inconsistency for political reasons. And Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and every single Democrat serving in the United States Congress should be ashamed of themselves for having spoken out against Brett Kavanaugh over allegations that were proven to be totally false, and yet wanting to turn a deaf ear toward Joe Biden’s sexual dalliances.

This stinks of the highest disregard for justice. It ranks up there with Hillary Clinton not being charged for her federal crimes as Secretary of State. And trust me, voters will not forget come November.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Is Biden’s Past Going To Haunt Him?

Now that we know Joe Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee for president, we will probably start vetting him, and looking at him a little more closely. The former VP has a lot of baggage that will come out in the ensuing months, and that’s ok because Donald Trump has a lot of the same baggage. It should cancel out any criticism of Trump in that regard.

First of all is Biden’s business dealings. His net worth doesn’t compare to Trump’s, Joe’s is about $9 million today. But he’s made $15 million since leaving the Obama administration. Most of that was based on speaking tours and writings. He does sit on a couple of boards, which rewards him rather handsomely, though not quite as much as what Hunter got for sitting on the Barisma board over in Ukraine!

Some of Biden’s business dealings have been viewed as rather shady. I get that, but then again, some of Trump’s have been as well. I’ve always said, you don’t get to be a multi-millionaire by being nice to everybody. One thing for sure, Joe Biden is NOT a middle-class guy!

Biden has also had a well-known problem with women. His touching, hugging, and kissing women other than his wife, including co-workers, campaign workers, and others is well documented. And, there is another sexual harassment suit coming out if it isn’t out already. A lady by the name of Tara Reade (shown above) has come out and said that on at least one occasion, back in 1993, Biden pinned her up against a wall and penetrated her with his finger.

Now, I’ll say about Biden what I’ve said about Trump, and others, being a consistency guy. First of all, 1993 was 27 years ago. And while Reade did come forward back when the other six women came forward about Biden’s touching and hugging and the way he was treating women, she never really filed police charges. I would think if you had been violated like that, you most certainly would be charging the guy with something, but then again, I’m not a woman, and I can’t judge why something was or wasn’t done back then.

Having said that, it WAS 27  years ago. The statute of limitations has expired long ago on this. While it makes interesting fodder for a political campaign, I doubt very seriously that it’s going to go anywhere. And will it change the mind of a liberal that was going to vote for Biden anyway? I doubt it.

Donald Trump also had problems with his womanizing in the past…as we learned through the Stormy Daniels escapade, and the whole thing with Billy Bush. Neither is excusable, but again…it was well in the past. And it didn’t stop Trump from being elected, and I doubt it would be the issue that stops Biden from being elected. Well, that and if either party were going to hold their candidate more accountable for their actions in that regard, my hunch is, the GOP would be more staunch against that than the Democrats would…just sayin’.

So, digging up the dirt on either candidate probably isn’t going to be as easy as it was in 2016, which I think is a good thing. I’d personally rather this be about the issues, not who was taking advantage of whom back in the 1990’s. I’m convinced that what Trump has done in his first four years will outshine whatever Biden claims he did as Vice President under Obama (much of which has been dismantled under Trump anyway). But time will, indeed, tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!