Blowing Up The Cities

There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for. That certainly seems to be the case with the urban populations around some of the country currently. And it’s funny when you look at and analyze it. The people that are doing the “blowing up” of some of our nation’s cities are of the same political persuasion as those in charge of those cities.

When you look at what has been going on in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and San Francisco, and Portland, you realize one thing very quickly. These are all cities that have been run for decades by Democrats. These are liberal enclaves. So, why are liberal mayors having such a hard time bringing the looters and rioters under control? It’s simple. They are agreeing with them. Because to bring them under control is to disagree with them, and they can’t be seen going against groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

So what’s the solution?

Well, first off, I would disagree with Donald Trump. I don’t think sending in the troops would be the way to do it. These people would view that as signaling the start of the civil war they really want to kick off. They are trying to agitate the government into fighting them, then they can get the public on their side (as happened in the early days of the BLM protests), and take down the government. That’s totally the opposite thing to do.

No, the thing to do in places like Chicago, and Seattle, and Portland, and yes, even San Francisco is you let them do what they want to do. Let the marketplace decide.

At some point, Donald Trump should step aside and let these cities deal with it on their own. That means no federal troops, no federal money, nothing. If these cities that elected liberals and socialists to run them want to back idiot groups like Antifa, then they get what they deserve. The solution is in the ballot box come the next election. Do you really think that Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, or Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot will be a shoo-in come their next election?

Now, taking that stance, yes, you do run the risk of actually getting someone more liberal. But at some point, even dumbed down liberals will have to understand that their way of life isn’t working and it’s turning their city into a cesspool. And, hopefully, if there are any conservatives left at that point, one of them will resonate with the voters.

But to go ahead and try and force an end to the violence that still permeates our nation’s streets is fruitless. Let the rioters have their way. Because as we saw with CHAZ/CHOP, and as we saw with Occupy Wall Street, these things are basically short-lived. One thing we know about these liberal idiots, they can’t stay out of their parents’ basements long enough to enact real change. To do that would require some real, honest-to-goodness convictions. That’s one thing these people don’t have.

Rather than agitate, ignore. The results may be worse in the short-term, but in the long-term, they will come around. Either that or there won’t be a city for them to ruin!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Guarding The Border

Donald Trump said, in a rather off-handed remark the other day, that he was going to send military troops to the southern border with Mexico to help stem the upcoming flow of illegals into this country. There is this caravan working it’s way through Mexico as we speak, that should reach the US in a couple of weeks. It’s people, not really from Mexico per se, but from other Central and South American countries that are seeking a new life. That I don’t blame them for. I blame them for the way they do it.

They come and illegally cross our borders in masses…like they did in Europe a couple years back. That didn’t end well either, did it? And so, Trump feels that he should fight fire with fire, and he needs to protect our borders.

Donald Trump is exactly right.

In fact, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama both used military to some extent to help protect the southern border. They both called on the National Guard to help out the Border Patrol. And so what Donald Trump is doing, while yes, a little bit of over-reach, is certainly well within his wheelhouse as President. And I for one, applaud him for it.

These illegals (and let’s face it…the left doesn’t want to call them that, but that’s what they are) feel they have some sort of right to be here. They don’t. They have a right to apply for a visa or citizenship, or to legally emigrate. They do not have the right to invade our country. And if they try to use force to get here, I would certainly support the military using equal or greater force to repel them. This is nothing more than an invasion.

Living so close to the southern border, we see it all the time. Oh, it’s relatively hidden where I live, but if you head south down I-10 toward Tucson, you see the signs warning you not to pick up hitchhikers, not to approach abandon packages, not to approach abandon cars or trucks, but to call Border Patrol. The mules that bring these people across have lookouts scattered in the mountains, and trust me…they are armed, and they aren’t afraid to use force to accomplish their task. To date, we’ve been wimps about it. It’s about time someone in Washington understood what was going on at the border and fought it as a war. That’s what it is.

Pure and simple, the faster Trump puts armed troops on the border and gives them the right to use any force necessary to defend our borders, the faster this charade ends. It was the same thing Obama tried in the “War on Terror”. If you don’t believe you’re in a religious holy war, but the other side does, that doesn’t mean you’re not in a religious holy war. It means that you are too damn stupid to realize the situation. That’s what is going on at the southern border of our country. Most of Washington, including one of my senators (I’m looking at YOU, Jeff Flake!), are blind to what’s happening. They need to wake up while we still have a country to defend!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!