Oh, come on! You knew it wasn’t going to happen, right? I mean, you KNEW that Joe Biden didn’t have any magical answers on unifying the country. And, he just showed that his definition of “unity” was, “Do it my way, or I’ll leave you in the dust”.

Of course, I’m referring to the COVID-19 Relief bill that he rammed through Congress with nary a Republican supporting it in the Senate. So much for inviting people to the White House to have a confab over “working across the aisle”. See in normal parlance, “working across the aisle” means you give and you take. You don’t get everything you want and neither does the other side. “Unity” means we’re going to come together and work as one. We’re not going to be divided. We’re going to put our differences aside for a while. That is unless you disagree with me.

And that is exactly what Joe Biden did.

He said as much stating that hey, he wanted to work with the Republicans, but they didn’t want to work with him. Read that as, “They didn’t agree with me, so we left them in the dust, just like Bobo Obama, the world’s second biggest clown (next to Bozo) did with Obamacare.

So, I guess it’s safe to say that Joe Biden has no plans for unity. He has no plans for actually working across the aisle. At the very least, he didn’t show it on the one piece of legislation that could have very easily been a bi-partisan agreement. Instead, it was Chuck Schumer ramming down the throats of the Republicans exactly what Biden wanted, with no compromise, no thought of “working across the aisle”, no thought of “unity”.

So, is it fair to say, that the line Biden fed us during the campaign was more BS? I mean, he SAID he was going to send out $2,000 checks “immediately” if Ossoff and Warnock got elected to the Senate. They did. And now your check is going to be $1,400. Was that BS? He SAID he was going to unify the country. Do you feel more unified with the left today than you did two months ago? He SAID he was going to work across the aisle…just like he had over the past 47 years. Was that an example of what Biden meant when he said he was going to “work across the aisle”?

If you bought into the campaign rhetoric that was being spewed last year, shame on you. You should learn you lesson, and it’s not just the left that does it…it’s the right as well. But Biden was explicit in his comments. And he’s proven that he has had no intention what-so-ever to live up to those words. In essence, yes…he lied…again.

And this is exactly why the Republicans will take back both houses of Congress in 2022. They just received word that one of the still contested fights in the House of Representatives went to the Republican, which means there can be no more than four Democrat defections in the House. Oh, and there are two more contests still being contested with Republicans leading in both. So, the vote could drop down to a two vote margin for the left. And this is exactly why the Democrats have a hard time holding on to the White House. Going back 68 years or so (say 1952 because that was an election year) Republicans have had the presidency 40 of the 68 years, and the Dems have held it for 28. Reason? Well, as of late, it’s because you can’t trust them to say what they are going to do.

Joe Biden made a ton of promises in his campaign, and it’s going to be interesting to see how many of them get broken and how quickly. It certainly doesn’t look like he’s going to get schools re-opened in 100 days because he doesn’t want to piss off the teacher’s union. Nice to see who’s really running the country!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Unity? Give Me A Break!

Have you noticed the Democrats wanted nothing to do with “unity” and getting behind a president for four years, after their candidate, Crooked Hillary Clinton became the worst presidential candidate in United States history? And yet, after Joe Biden plays hide and seek with the American public, hiding out in his basement, and squeaking out a win over Donald Trump, it’s now all about “unity” and bringing the country together, and healing?

What a bunch of crock.

Look, I can fully understand the angst this party felt when they thought they had the 2016 election in the bag, and all of the pollsters were wrong. I fully get it that they were distraught. But the way they treated Donald Trump for doing nothing more than winning an election, was downright inhuman. There was nothing “unifying” or “healing” about their actions, including the riots in the streets, the so-called childish “resistance” movement that was foisted by people that obviously were spoiled as kids, and the idiocy that we saw played out in Congress, led by such dinosaurs as Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer. So, what makes them think that just because their guy won the election in 2020 by a hair, that they can all of a sudden declare that it’s a time for “healing” and “unity”? What gives them the right to actually call for anything? After all, they don’t (as of today) control the US Senate, and they’ve lost seats in the House and will, if history is correct, lose the House in 2022.

For Democrats to call for unity and healing for Joe Biden’s sake is ridiculous. And if they expect the Conservatives in this country to fall in line behind Biden, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. I can’t see any way forward where that happens. Oh, there won’t be rioting in the streets and looting like there was four years ago, because Conservatives aren’t heathens and sub-humans like the neanderthals that we watched four years ago…and continue to see destroying cities to this day. No, I’m sorry liberals…you snowflakes are going to reap what you have sown. Oh, you may think you’re getting unity, but you’re not. You’re going to get exactly what you deserve.

And I really do believe that it drives them crazy. That’s the one thing about liberals, you beat them fair and square and they cry foul. Probably it goes back to getting all of those participation trophies when they were kids. They feel they should be handed the world on a silver platter because they want it. Not because they deserve it, and not certainly because they have earned it. No, liberals are whiners and cry-babies. Don’t believe me? Go on any social media platform and watch the crying and the screaming, and the infantile behavior of any of them that didn’t get their way.

Unity and healing? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Oh, it’ll be different from “resist” and all the other childish stuff these brain-dead idiots attempted. But it will be much more effective. And in the end, the divide won’t get closer, it’s going to grow farther apart. And yes, sorry to say it, but it does look like we are heading toward a point where we will reach that point of no return where the only thing left is going to be revolution. And only one side will be left standing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!