Are Dems Worried About 2020?

I would think they should be when you look at it. Let’s take a semi-deep dive into next year’s election and what could be driving all this drivel about Donald Trump’s pending “impeachment”.

First of all, I think most Democrats would have to admit that the field of candidates that are out there for next year’s presidential election would be considered “weak” at best. You have a bunch of no names, people that have served one or two terms in the House, and very few know their names. You have a couple of Senators, that have become well known either because they have big mouths and love to spout off, or they are flaming, dyed in the wool socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And then you’ve got Joe Biden. He came into this thing as the odds on favorite to win the election, and since has done nothing but slip and slide and lose traction. Now, according to the latest polls I’ve seen he’s behind Warren nationally. That’s a first.

The Dems know that someone that’s so radically left as Warren or Sanders can’t win a general election. They’ll scare off the most important group of people out there… the independent voters in swing states. Places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are the places that are going to determine the next president, and those aren’t necessarily places where socialism plays well (well, it doesn’t play well outside of the Twin Cities in Minnesota!). So, yes… the Dems are certainly worried about 2020 as far as the presidential candidate is concerned.

There has been a lot of chatter recently about someone making an 11th hour bid for president on the Democrat side. Hillary’s name has popped up a few times, and she’s even spoken of it, saying, “I could beat him AGAIN”. Wait a minute. If she did actually beat Donald Trump, why is his residence 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and hers is in Chappaqua, NY? And there has been talk of Michelle Ma Belle Obama making a last gasp run. Doubtful at best. She was never one to get in the middle of anything except high school cafeteria food fights.

But that’s not all the Dems are worried about. If this impeachment thing goes sideways, and unless they can find something more damning that what we’ve seen it will, Dems are worried that their base may be fired up but the rest of the country will turn on them. A whopping 85% of Democrats think Trump should be impeached. That compares with 39% of independents, and 13% of Republicans. So, when you see polls that say America is for impeachment, that’s why. Almost every Dem out there is for it. HUGE numbers of Democrats are in the latest polls saying they want it, and it’s skewed the results. Watch the independent number…that’s the one to watch. If that one gets to 50%, it’s curtains for Trump.

And if impeachment does manage to go sideways, and Trump has a trial in the Senate and wins, the base won’t be as energized. That’s because they’ve been led to believe that impeachment IS removal. It’s not. Those of us in the know realize that. If they lose that support with their base and independents, they’ll lose the House. That puts them in a terrible spot. And that’s the main reason why Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want impeachment without bi-partisan support. She knows it’s the death knell for her reign, and you’ll see her retire if that happens!

No, Democrats talk a big game, and they double down when they get cornered. But they are also very scared right now. Are you telling me Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler aren’t losing sleep at night? They want impeachment SO bad, and if they fail, they look like idiots. And if they succeed in impeaching Trump and he wins the trial, they still look like idiots. And while Schiff’s seat may be safe, Nadler is going to be facing a primary battle back home in New York…something he really doesn’t want!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!